Summer camp for disabled children or shopping for pedophiles? Who is caring for your kids this summer?

A recent study by department of healths in more than a dozen states in the lower 48, showed that less than one in 5 summer camps for children with mental and physical disabilities did criminal back ground checks! People with sex offender registration were found to be working in many of the camps others with felony conviction for violence and theft were found as well.

Did you ask your kids summer camp who is caring for him? Did you get a name ? you could have googled them and found in many cases they showed up in articles regarding their arrest. Did you, or do you ask what the qualifications are to work at the camp and if they did background checks?
Dead beat dads evading paying their own child support, were found in several cases to be using living at the camp to be off the grid so they could not be traced.

We all want our children to have a great summer, it’s a couple of months that could be joyous, but forget to do due diligence when you check out the camp and your child may pay for the rest of their lives, take five minutes to ask questions so police and doctors don’t have to do it later.

You say I attract trouble, I say what happened that so many think the disabled are fair game?

Noone who knows me will argue with the next statement, “I am a hot head I can’t stand but I don’t stand for bullshit” You can, to use the sweet American term “cuss” me out all day up hill and down dale but where I come from people have manners
When I grew up and when my son was brought, up you stepped aside for the aged, the pregnant and the disabled, you said please and thankyou and excuse me.
Yesterday Ella and I decided we needed new towels and sheets so we have a major shopping mall near us, like a small westfield. So we rolled about 20 blocks to get there.
As we got a block from the entrance we had to travel under a bridge, now the local county is refurbishing the underside so half the side walk is taken by construction fence, the amount left is so narrow if I go fast my wheels drop into the gutter so it is slowly slowly going.
As we got to the brick wall that is the start of the bridge the sidewalk narrows from 8 feet to barely 30 inches ( my chairs width) As we closed on the start of the narrow section with less than 12 inches between my chair and the wall a middle aged Chinese guy without saying a word stepped over my lap and my wheels coming so close to my thigh I would swear in a court of law he wasn’t wearing underwear because I felt the goods drag across my thigh!

By the time I said it he was ten feet in front, he turned and in a very heavy Asian accent started screaming something about “fuck you you no say thing you motherfucker fuck you shut the fuck up”
Stunned at the f-bomb tirade I said out loud “WOW WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT” so from then on he spent the rest of the 100 or so feet under the bridge and the 50 yards from the bridge to the crosswalk directly before the entrance to call me everything he could that had the word fuck or mother fucker in it.
As fate would have it we arrived at the police and security controlled crosswalk at the same time, but with three or four people between us. The whole time he kept up the f-bomb tirade, but it all changed as we started to cross the crosswalk, he realizing he couldn’t scare me started in on Ella he called her first a fucking whore stunned I said “ what the fuck did you say?” his reply “fuck you and your fucking slut” Well as my Adelaide friends can tell you, when we grew up you can f-bomb us all day but you insult our mom our sisters our wives or any other female member of the clan and you will apologize.
Whenever I cross any cross walk to get up the other side I have to speed up to make it up the ramp in one go, so as I did this he stopped on the other side continuing to call Ella disgusting names. I spun to face him and screamed “you called my wife what?” Before I could prepare he punched me with both hands in the chest and my chair flipped backwards and my head smacked the ground.
Well it happened infront of two licenced security guys one an off duty NYPD officer, he was screaming he did nothing wrong security told him to shut up.
The police arrived and he was charged with felony 1st grade assault and damage to property ( yes my poor chair).

I posted a brief account on face book an old high school friend whom I love dearly comented and another woman made a comment to the effect “you attract crazies” the comment annoyed me.
Why did it annoy me? Yes in the last 6 months I have been hit by a hit and run driver and now this. On the surface I attract crazies, but if we give into that we are giving into the real problem. That problem is we have a generation of people that have drunk the koolaid and think manners are a waste of time, and respect was just the bridge to an Aretha franklin song.
Parents these days allow the household electronics to raise their children, they outsource everything they can to after school activities and the closest kids get these days to playing out side after school is playing Farmville on their computer or smart phone.
There is no family module to tell the children that respect is necessary, that antisocial behavior such as described above should never be tolerated. It’s not just the kids, and I’m sorry you can call me racist but there is a link missing in the Asian immigrant community in New York.
I have lived in flushing, Queens New York for 9 years, 90% of my neighborhood are Korean or Chinese. No matter how nice you are, no matter how hard you try they never speak to non Asians. They never say excuse me, they never say sorry, they push past you roughly and they act like the fool above. Their children are left to run around stores they are never told to stop, they will run up and deliberately scream in my service dogs face or throw objects at him and the parents laugh. If you dare say as I had to yesterday ”please keep your child away from my dog “you get abused. No I am not exaggerating, no I am not being racist, don’t believe me? come visit and walk a little behind me.
They do not like to even see the disabled on the street, I have had them scream at me “I shouldn’t have to see ugly disabled you should stay home”.
The really sad thing Is I have been to their native lands and in those countries they are polite, it seems when they landed at jfk and were asked “anything to declare” they said yes I am American now I will be rude obstinant and uncaring. They turned the American dream into the American nightmare for anyone not of their race.
I chose to live here because of my experiences in their countries, I am Buddhist I live on Asian food and try my hardest to be a good neighbor, sadly it is truly a one sided affair .
So to my Aussie friend no I don’t attract crazies, society has fallen so far that people think so little of anyone other than themselves that they would sink morally low enough to condone attacks on the disabled and elderly. To blame the disabled victim is as equally heinous as telling a woman she got raped because of her mini skirt.
It’s not just America it is the entire modern world, wake up parents stop phoning it in stop allowing youtube and Instagram to shape the future of your children, and to my immigrant neighbors leave your manners in your luggage and unpack them respectfully you need them here just like you need them back home.

This week in the disabled world, just when you thought it couldn’t get worse!

So this week I have had a hotel clerk try to say there were no rooms because he would not allow a service dog, because he insisted they’re really pets?
A man who lives with spina- bifida goes for a test drive in a car and returns to find his wheelchair stolen? He was gone 2 minutes in the car?

A friend in Manhattan was refused service in a restaurant she had a booking in because two friends were in wheelchairs and it “lowered the class of the room if they were there?
Do we have to take out billboards that state
I Have lived with epilepsy all my life partial disability for 15 years and 8 full time in a wheelchair and unfortunately I find the only way it gets better is to steal every monet yourself, take no quarter train those in your life by example that you will not take their shit, you will not accept the back of the bus your body might be broken but your soul is only hitching a ride you are the same if not even better than when you once stood upright because now you truly stand for something.
Who steals a wheelchair? Who thinks the disabled lower the class in a room? Troglidytes that who sub human species who don’t deserve the communal oxygen they use they think we lower the class? They would need the stunt skills of wheelz fotheringham just to reach the bottom end of humanity.
Don’t be these people, choose decency remember these people are born of the same tribe as you, one of human decency they rely on yours because thiers it seems is never enough for them to rolol through a day without hitting the wall of idiots who assume the ability to be bi-pedal makes them superior, I’m sorry since my height was cut down three feet and whells put under my ass my eyes have been opened to the true status of this world and the ability to stand upright has nothing to do with your level of decency quite the opposite infact.
The only saving grace I find is the thankfully still existing small pockets of beautiful people I have found in corners of the world few and far between I am lucky to call most of them friend and when ever possible I share them with others, are yu a member of one of these groups or do you believe your ability to stand or walk or run makes you better than most?
It’s time to choose decency, it’s time to pay the piper your spot on this earth is not free it comes with the price of paying it forward, If you hide behind religious hypocrisy like so many do read your holy book whether it’s in Hebrew Arabic English or hindi I guarantee it charges you to live a life so that it demands a question, when your question is answered will you like the answer ? will yours be a good and caring friend or subspecies if you thought the first but it’s sadly the second time is running out grow up were all here together let’s act like it.

Scumbag thief steals the wheelchair of wcmx and nitrocircus hero Aaron wheelz fotheringham # bring slammy home

Wheelz fotheringham the amazingly talented wcmx stunt hero to tens of thousands in the dis and otherwise abled community needs our help the post below was just put up on his facebook .

Someone just stole my wheelchair. Went to test drive a new truck left my wheelchair on the sidewalk with my keys on it. Came back two minutes later and my wheelchair and truck keys gone.. Please if you see slammy get her back to me this isn’t even a joke. I’m so distraught… #screwed

Aaron might be an amazingly talented stunt rider in his chair when the lights are on and the crowd is screaming, but remember readers when the lights go out he’s just one of us. Yes one of our community, he does so much for us and so many others in the disabled community now it’s our turn Bring slammy his famous green chair home.
He was stolen from what I know in Aarons home city of Los vegas below is the picture of the chair


To the scumbags that stole the chair look up nitro circus see who his fans are, I suggest you bring the chair back for slammy is one chair you can never sell he is too well known
#scumbagthiefs #whostealsawheelchair #dotherightthing

If you stole the chair and want to return it contact wheelz fotheringham on fb , if you know where the chair is do the same wheelz is a member of team box and nitro circus I’m sure either of these will gladly recieve slammy or info about him both are on fb

There’s an old saying when you assume you make an ass out of you and me!

G’day folks well this morning when I opened facebook a person whom I only know through facebook we have never met posted the article below? I have always thought this woman caring and compassionate she trains service dogs and we have a friend in common. I’ll let you read it then we’ll talk some more.

Some may take offense to this so I’ll apologize in advanced but we are all entitled to our opinions.

So as I’m walking Jersey this morning, I’m walking through waterfront park. I see several men in about their 40/50′s laying on the park benches sleeping. (This was at 7:30 am)

The first thought that pops in my head is I feel bad for them. Not because they are homeless and sleeping on a bench, but because they are doing it to themselves. I feel bad that they think this is okay (and to make others feel bad for them)

We all have choices in life. If you know your going down hill financially or even if it’s a sudden thing, get off your ass and hit the streets looking for a job until you find one. Someone WILL hire you! It’s YOUR choice what happens-no excuses for it.

I feel bad for these people that believe this is the way life has to be. A motivated person will make changes and do something. I know i wouldn’t allow myself to become homeless. I would work harder and harder to make sure I’m okay…

Sucks for them that they just don’t know any better.

well everything in bold is her article? lets look at it, 1/By her opening statement she knew it was uncaring judgemental thing to say
2/ Statistically more than 70% of all americas homeless are military veterans
3/ More than 80% of all homeless deal with untreated or if treated unmedicated mental illness
4/ Combine the two above, and you have 70-80% of all homeless are living with untreated or un-medicated mental illness and have seen battle so there is also an element of that mental illness that is PTSD and other battle related diagnosis such as survivors guilt.

Noone tells the young and the brave that when they enlist and go to battle and the first time they pull the trigger on another human or see their best friend blown to bits right beside them they will never be the same. Noone tells them that they will in some cases forever feel guilty because they survived, and as I can contest noone tells you you will wake up screaming 6 times a night for the rest of your life.
Imagine trying to keep a marriage and a family together let alone keeping ajob when everytime you hear a noise your brain shifts to battle gear and you run screaming thinking everyone is the taliban. First the job goes, then the house then the kids and the wife can’t take it anymore when you’re living with these kind of battle related illnesses outdoors living with noone to care for or be responsible for is the only safe solution.
Saying these people choose to live that way because they don’t know any better is an insult to what they have done for this great nation. I hope her comments were from a base on non-education because for a person to be this judgemental when they know better would be unforgivable.
I know these people she judged, I personally choose to move amongst them to let them know someone cares. Every year Ella and go out at the first sign of snow and give out dozens of scarves and hats and gloves we buy ourselves so they can make it through the cold.
Remember everyones favorite carpenter once supposedly said two things ,the first “he who but refuses one of mine refuses me!” and secondly “judgement is mine”. So to every veteran who slept under the stars last night may your mind know peace, and thank you for your service to this nation. To my judgemental friend I would ask you to walk a mile in their shoes before you judge but 3 out 0f 5 don’t have any.

The fourth of july Is American independence day, But for who?

The fourth of july commemorates the birth of a nation, a nation that was originally born by a select few who fled religious oppression which was rampant in the european society of the day.
But all they really did was bring oppression bigotry racism sexism and any other kind of ism you can think of with them, and then carefully craft them to a fine point over the last 400 years.
In very short time after arriving the only thing hunted more than wild turkey was the American native people, whether by blunder buss or small pox from the tens of millions of Indians here when we arrived there only numbers in the tens of thousands today. As we talk about illegal immigrants and putting up border walls if the Indians of old were alive, they would be saying “why didn’t we think of that” because the largest group of illegal immigrants in this country is the white people.

The founding fathers soon realized they couldn’t build a nation in frock coats and powdered wigs so slavery was invented at least for the north American continent, over 180 million slaves were imported and treated worse than live stock. In the 1800’s it was ok to murder a mans slave but touch his horse and you were hung? It took until the civil rights act of fifty years ago this week for a conversation to even begin, for if anyone reading this believes for a moment racism is dead in this country read the rest of my blog and contact me I help the mentally challenged!
Women in this 21st century still only earn on average 70 cents on the dollar as a man, and he can as of this week can get a hard on courtesy of his employers medical insurance but his wife can’t prevent the unwanted pregnancy it causes because that’s religiously abhorrent?
I saw a great meme about the hobby business that won in the supreme court it went
Rowe v wade was 40 years ago yet we are now once again attempting to put women in a second class in society with that tight fitting glass ceiling firmly in place? One wonders how the republicans explain it to their assumedly educated wives and daughters?

The gay society has fought for decades in the modern era at least just to be allowed to love without being persecuted, and slowly state by state we are achieving the right to marry.
We can now serve openly in the military(like there were never gays in the trenches?) the defence of marriage act has been decided indefenceable by the attorney general of the united states. Yet in southern states( mainly the ones that still include the confederate flag in their state emblem) a business can ask you to leave or not provide a service if they want to use the old”your lifestyle is forcing me to go against gods teachings “bullshit.
We have a president who unfortunately has been judged by a court of popular opinion of the heinous crime of “being president while black” he inherited bushes shit, two wars we had no business being in and imaginery weapons of mass destruction( bush was the only weapon of mass destruction, unless you went hunting with cheney)
The republicans and the tea baggers are screaming “no illegal immigrants” and they hunt our brown neighbours from the south? Statistically white illegals from europe England and Australia outnumber latinos 4 to 1 and don’t forget our friends from the indian sub continent, they also are here illegally in greater numbers than the latino people? Why are they not on our shit list? Because they are more highly educated, the good ole boy will forgive it because you are their dentist ortheir proctologist (god knows those assholes need good proctoligists) their favorite restaurant owner, and our beautiful friends from the south only deliver their services so they are deemed by the conservatives “an expendable nuisance”
My fellow wasps what happened to the original reason this great nation was formed? Have you forgotten what is carved on the statue in the harbor? Yes 19 monsters attacked our great nation and almost 4,000 innocents on that day died and a great nation was shocked to their core, but since that day we invaded two countries that had nothing to do with 9/11 losing over 6,000 brave men and women of our armed forced and leaving over 250,000 seriously disabled not one of the terrorists was Iraqi or afghani.
Yes we must be forever vigilant, we have our amazing men and women in uniform for that but before you attack someone next time because they are not the same skin hue as you take a look at evey graduation of boot camp? More non whites from other countries than whites. These people are ready to die for this great nation and yet just like the tuskeege airmen who when they came home had to sit on the back of the bus you will treat our service men and women as if they swam the rio grand to get here?
My nephew is blond hair blue eyed and a proud US marine, but before you send him membership for the KKK his mother was born in Russia his father in cuba but you will not find a prouder American than him.
So America on this day that celebrates the birth of this great nation, remember not only the men wearing white powdered wigs that signed the papers say thankyou to people of more than 360 nations that built it and continue to keep it safe till this day.
Happy fourth of july and thankyou to the men and women of the armed forces who keep it safe.

Tie the pedophile down sport, tie the pedohile down sport, Rolf Harris gets less than a year per case of child molestation!


The british courts today sentenced rolf harris to 5 years and 9 months after he was swept up in the operation yew tree that has polarized English society since an investigations into 80’s pop presenter jimmy Saville was outed as a child molesting monster.
Harris a friend of royals and a child entertainer for generations of Australian children was discovered to have been molesting children on sets of every show he ever made and even friends of his own children for over 4 decades .
Just when the survivors finally had justice or so they thought the 12 named victims that he was found guilty of molesting evidently to the courts do not even deserve a year each? Where’s the justice in that England forget two little boys 12 children are today crying wtf? Maybe the court of king caracticus would have been more judicious because this judge was literally phoning it in