How does a one armed gimp push in a straight line? #youspinmerightroundbaby

The four walls seem to be getting smaller and that is hard to do when the apartment is only 22 ft. by 17ft a shoebox can only get so small! The world seems smaller anyway when you have wheels under your ass so I used to do every adaptive sport I could find. That all ended in February when a hack surgeon called dr jobin drilled 5 holes in my shoulder and forgot to close one of them when he was finished.

Yes supposedly New York’s best orthopedic surgeon forgot to suture me closed when he was finished and his response was “oh I did didn’t I, my bad” at least you didn’t get anything nasty from my mistake.

So with all the talk about doctors turning their prescription pads into cash machines and the media intimating it only happens in poor neighborhoods the head of Columbia docs sent me home with a ten day supply of each of the following






Then of course he said all of these individually will either give me constipation or Diahorea so there were ten other pils to counter those disgusting conditions.

All in all almost 2 dozen different  pills and he kept refilling them for two months, then when you’re having the worst day of your life and you have one day worth of pain pills left and without notice he cuts me off after two months of giving out scripts legally and morally restricted to ten days max then he decides to make me go cold turkey? Is that a gate closing after a horse has bolted I hear?

So now over three months after the surgery, coincidentally the timeline in which he said all would be well and all pain would be a thing of the past, my left arm the one he drilled in has limited movement and has gone back to having similar levels of pain as experienced shortly after surgery. The doctors response is not to call me in for a checkup, no that would be ethical it’s to tell me “everyone’s different just wait”

So one month away from retiring to a small acreage on a mountain top in new Mexico where every day requires two good arms to wrangle large beasts and dig gardens and build fences for acres I can’t lift a coffee cup, but even worse 48 hours from steering a dodge power Ram 50 with a 2 inch lift almost two and a half thousand miles I still can’t lift the coffee cup?

So Mr Jobin, so called MD the surgery you told me would make me “better than at birth” better than six months before the injury” has left me a one armed gimp.

So the tens of thousands you recovered for fucking up my arm I hope makes you happy putz,  because You at this point have not only left my wife to manage a disabled spouse in a manual wheelchair now you have left her having to push the chair because with one arm you can only spin it in circles!

Attention readers This blog is written by an Aussie in New York called Mia noone else

well they say impersonation is the highest form of flattery, or these days it means you’re the victim of identity theft. I was contacted this morning by one diane taylor calling me rose not miarosa and she was asking to interview me! bonus

So I wrote back and corrected her saying my name was actually miarosa not rose, to which she replied noncholantly “oh not you rose hill the woman who is associated with this bog” Really now my thoughts evidently are being claimed by someone else? what a sick fuck ! if you want authorship of my PTSD, of the demns in my head, of the memories that give me night terrors then you must really hate yourself.

But be very clear readers, terrifying or not the words on this blog are mine, from time to time I ask intelligent people to contribute but noone but me is the owner of this blog.

This blog was started february 4th 2010 when after some brat teens tried to tip me out of my chair and I went terminal on their asses, my wife sat down next to me and said “mia with your lifetime of martial arts training and anger you have a choice get yourself a good criminal defence lawyer or find someway to vent”! we couldn’t afford to pay a lawyer so the blog was born.

So to whom ever rose hill is if you want to chat contact me, but don’t steal my being, don’t take my memories. There is a line in the Dolly Parton song jolene that says it best”please don’t take my man just because you can”

In the darkest minutes of my existence with a broken body and a bruised soul, my writing is the only thing that keeps me on this mortal coil. I really want to be on this ride called life as long as I can so please don’t take the thing that powers my ride.


Let’s worry about who is in the stall next to you in the toilet while your state is falling to pieces.


The following states have either put in place hb2 laws or are currently voting them in

North Carolina



Oxford Alabama city

The states that are voting or have already voted to bring in “toilet laws” where they are demanding to know what’s between your legs before you go into the bathroom, are by coincidence the states with on average the highest rates of teenage pregnancy, homelessness, crystal meth dependency, inner city crime, farm repossession, child and spousal abuse murder and gun crime  and yes last but not least morbid life threatening obesity.

With all that happening you better not pee in the wrong bathroom because it will to quote their churches ”BRING DOWN THE HIGH MORAL STANDARD OF THE COMMUNITY”  I would call the HB2 laws something the churches can sink their teeth into but with the extreme high levels of crystal meth abuse they don’t have enough teeth!

Seriously there are entire counties in these states not connected to water, sewage or electricity, and because of severe debt no longer have police departments, so that begs the questions who if the police cannot be afforded. Who will be called to do the genital check when Darryl, Darryl and their cousin Darryl think a trans person just went into the ladies with their cousin who is also their wife?

Get over yourselves Bible belt, rebuild the schools, and the hospitals and the factories and get the junkies off of crystal meth and all other drugs.

Stop the child abuse, stop the spousal and domestic abuse  and the gun crime because if you have to choose between a glock in the hands of meth head and a trans woman peeing at target give the transgender woman any day.

I’ve had a trans woman go off at me it hurts less than a glock and makes slightly more sense than a meth head.

Have the men making these laws actually looked in a women’s toilet? We don’t stand up to pee you don’t see our clits hanging out in front of urinals. The worse you might see is crumpled undies under the door because for some stupid reason the idiots who make toilets think we need an 8 inch gap on the bottom of the door.

If you want to keep losing millions you can’t afford to lose, ignore the protests and put bouncers on toilet doors. But if you are so fucking stupid that you can’t see how corporate billions staying in your back woods states can fix most of what really ails you, then you deserve to be back in the woods married to your sister divorced from your cousin.

Comments made by idiots who have never committed to anything



“Who cares if a soldier gets shot they get paid sop thanking them for their service”

“They get paid they do their job they come home why should we support them?”

My nephew is a marine, when he graduated almost 3 years ago some members of his graduating class were sent straight to Afghanistan. Statistically there is a high chance they’ll be dead in their first month! During the Vietnam War many soldiers died within 24 hours of arriving in country.

my nephew when he graduated Parris Island was making less than a cashier at Mc Donald’s, after tax and his job could kill him.

Since bush sent us into a war with the wrong two countries (none of the 9/11 high jackers were Afghani or Iraqi they were in fact mostly from the Arab emirates) almost 10,000 of our youngest and bravest have died over 160,000 have been wounded   and more than 30,000 of those are permanently disabled many having lost multiple limbs.

Even after surviving sometimes as many as 10 tours in this disgusting war and coming home technically at least in one piece, 22 of our finest commit suicide every day because of PTSD and another dozen who are still in country kill themselves, all for less than what a McDonalds cashier earns?

So to the deniers and naysayers who think they do nothing special, do you realize the team who took down Osama bin-laden were on average before tax making less than $40,000 a year on average half what a garbage worker in New York makes?

I’m sick and tired of everyone who says “They knew the risk” “they get paid” You don’t serve for the money, you serve for the honor and dedication to your country, your family, your flag, you serve because you believe “if you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem” serving his country has made my nephew a man his family can look up to.

So many come home in a wheelchair or with lost limbs and the worst treatment received is by those with unseen closed head injuries and PTSD. They are treated like they are making it up, they wait months to be evaluated(upto 40 months) and they are pushed into a broken VA system.

So while you sit on a couch in your mothers basement, unemployed and the only realm you defend is in dungeons and dragons, and the only pride you have is your bobble head collection. You get off on being the toughest person ever on a keyboard, remember you can do that because the greatest generation stopped japan from coming past pearl harbor and beat the germans ineurope and stopped the holocaust.

Well as a transgender veteran friend of mine has on her t-shirt “we serve so you have the right hate us” You have the freedom to be nothing and live home with mom and dad forever flaming people you’ve never met, because our military stands in harm’s way every single day of your life.

But QUID PRO QOU ,when they come back broken and hurt and needing support, it’s your turn to get off your ass tell your congressmen give them what they need . Stop taking funding from them and most of all unless you have the guts to enlist and go in harm’s way yourself shut the fuck up with the condemnation.

When you denigrate the soldier you denigrate those who love them, because as a famous marine general “chesty puller” once wisely said “Those who wait for those who serve also serve”

The 25th of April in my native Australia is ANZAC day, a day we remember and honor all who served and especially those who paid the ultimate price, but shouldn’t we really honor them every day?

They don’t get paid enough, it’s not just a job and you bet your ass they’re your responsibility as a nation when they come home saying “thank you for your service “ is nice but actions always speak louder than words.

So to the loudmouth on Facebook the other day, I’m from a proud marine family ,you have the right to be a loudmouth because people like our nephew to quote Franky goes to holly wood ”keep the vampires from your door”

Disabled Edmonton veteran has to prove again his legs are still gone

WATCH ABOVE: An Edmonton veteran blames a lack of communication between different departments when it comes to battling for his benefits. As Quinn Ohler explains, he believes the solution is simple.

EDMONTON- An Edmonton veteran is asking the federal government to streamline its processes so veterans don’t have to fill out as many forms to prove permanent disability.

Mast.- Cpl.  (Ret’d) Paul Franklin told Global News the pile of paperwork he has to fill out for different organizations on an annual basis is nearly a foot high.

“Every year I have to sign the forms, find the forms and write the forms saying I have no legs,” he said.

“My buddy Jeff yelled ‘car right,’ so I shifted left and he (suicide bomber) detonated his car,” Franklin said about the attack. “Boom! We get hit with 56 kilos of explosives.”

READ MORE: ‘War Story’ series turns focus to Afghanistan ahead of Remembrance Day

Franklin lost both of his legs in the attack and said the care he received afterwards was outstanding.

“With my doctors and team, we changed everything,” the former medic beamed as he spoke about the progress that had been made while he was still in the military.

Franklin retired in 2009 and the paperwork piled up.

“You’d think a simple form you have to fill out every year… no problem.”

But that’s not the case. The veteran said he has to go to the doctor and have him fill out pages of paperwork after being put through a series of physical tests. The amputee said he also has to fill out similar forms for different government departments and the insurance company Manulife.

“There’s a lack of common sense. The organizations involved have to learn to start sharing information.”

It’s about more than just one person as well. Franklin wants all veterans with permanent disabilities not to have to fill out the forms again and again.

“They can send me a form that says ‘in the last year, has your medical condition changed?’” Franklin said, explaing that only if the answer is yes should someone have to go through the paperwork and doctor’s notes. If the answer is no, he wants it to be a simple process that just involves checking off a box, signing it and sending it in.

Canadian Master Corp. Paul Franklin with his physical therapist, Bev Agur, of Edmonton, Canada, at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington on Tuesday, April 24, 2007. Franklin lost both legs above the knee while serving in Afghanistan in 2006. He was Canada's first war amputee since the Korean War. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

PHOTO ABOVE: Canadian Master Corp. Paul Franklin with his physical therapist, Bev Agur, of Edmonton, Canada, at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington on Tuesday, April 24, 2007. Franklin lost both legs above the knee while serving in Afghanistan in 2006. He was Canada’s first war amputee since the Korean War.
(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

In 2015, the veteran went public with his story. The minister of veterans affairs at the time, Erin O’Toole, promised Franklin he would only have to fill out the forms every three years, but Franklin said he’s back to filling them out annually.

“The solutions are so easy and that’s why they aren’t being done,” the veteran said.

There’s a new minister in charge now, since the Liberal party formed government and Veterans Affairs told Global News the issue in question falls under the Department of National Defence and Minister Harjit Sajjan, a veteran himself.

READ MORE: Meet Harjit Sajjan: Canada’s new defence minister and Afghan combat veteran

The Department of National Defence said the program in question is the Service Income Security Insurance Plan, where injured members are eligible to receive coverage.  In a statement, a spokesperson told Global News part of Minister Sajjan’s mandate from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is bridging the gap with Veterans Affairs Canada to ensure Canadian Forces members and veterans get the care they need.

“We are a new government with a new mandate and these issues won’t be solved overnight,” Sajjan’s press secretary, Jordan Owens, said in a statement.

When asked about the annual forms and streamlining the process, the Department of National Defence said it’s an opportunity for them to flag any changes to a veteran’s condition “without leaving ill and injured members in a situation where they need to go out of their way to track down someone within the bureaucracy in order to get the assistance they need.”

The Department of National Defence said an announcement would be coming soon regarding the issues faced by veterans when it comes to red tape.

PlayStation employee designs custom controller for gamer with cerebral palsy

Peter Byrne emailed Sony hoping to find a solution to a problem with his PlayStation controller. (Facebook/Peter Byrne)

Peter Byrne emailed Sony hoping to find a solution to a problem with his PlayStation controller. (Facebook/Peter Byrne)

A Sony employee has gone beyond the call of duty to create a customised controller for an avid gamer with cerebral palsy.

Gamer Peter Byrne, 21, contacted PlayStation two weeks ago to explain how his condition was interfering with his use of the game console’s controller.

“When I use the PlayStation 4 controller my game constantly pauses because my left hand hits the touchpad, which is frustrating for me,” he said on Facebook.

The email, which appears to have been sent to a restricted PlayStation email address, was received by Retail Marketing Operations employee Alex Nawabi.

Mr Nawabi said the email “struck a chord within”, inspiring him to custom-assemble a new controller for him for Mr Byrne.

A week later Mr Byrne received a box containing a typed letter from Mr Nawabi and a new DualShock 4 controller.

According to the letter, the new controller has a disabled touchpad, with the function now rerouted to a button on the back.

It purportedly took over 10 hours of labour and required three other controllers to build.

Employee Alex Nawabi helped find the solution. (Facebook/Peter Byrne)

Employee Alex Nawabi helped find the solution. (Facebook/ Peter Byrne)

Mr Byrne said he was deeply moved by the gesture.

“I honestly got choked up reading the letter as I did not expect anything like this to happen,” Mr Byrne said..

“Mr Nawabi really cared about my situation and did this on his own time to make my experience better.”

Cerebral palsy is an umbrella term referring to a group of disorders affecting a person’s ability to move


Disability advocates call for low pay sheltered workshops to be phased out to help workers into mainstream jobs


April 11, 2016 7:30am
reposted from a story published in the adelaide advertiser written by Miles KempThe Advertiser

Dignity for Disability MLC Kelly Vincent is calling for low paying sheltered workshops to be phased out. Picture: Mark Brake
DISABILITY advocates have called for the phasing out of the lowest-paying sheltered workshops after a report found they are hindering workers’ moves into mainstream jobs.

Dignity for Disability MLC Kelly Vincent said the worst, lowest paid forms of sheltered workshops, which paid workers $2 per hour, should be phased out.

“There’s no place in modern Australia for employment models using the antiquated so-called business services wage assessment tool — paying employees as little as $2 an hour,’’ she said.

“Just because someone gets meaning and purpose from their work, does not mean it’s OK to pay them a pittance.

Ms Vincent’s comments were in response to work by UniSA researchers — supporters of sheltered employment — who interviewed 64 workers for their study which will be published in the journal Social Policy and Administration.

The paper does not support the abolition of sheltered workshops, but states: “The key finding from this study is that being comfortable in sheltered employment does little to help disabled people transition into mainstream jobs’’.

Other Stories
“Placement of disabled people in sheltered employment should not be long term and possibly be discouraged for younger people.”

Co-author of the UniSA study, senior lecturer Dr Elizabeth Hemphill, said it did not support closing sheltered employment.

State manager of National Disability Services Peter Hoppo said it was lobbying MPs about the value of Australian disability enterprises


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