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Snow On Access Ramps Poses A Problem For Student In Wheelchair


The winter storm has affected nearly everyone in one way or another. Many are still cleaning up, including college campuses.

The slow progress has left one student stranded at home. And even in the best conditions, for Megan Webb, getting around isn’t always easy.

She has definitely been impacted by the weather, particularly the snow. “I’m affected from basically the waist down,” she said.

Megan is a senior at Georgetown College. She was born with cerebral palsy. But that’s never stopped her from going after her dreams.

She is limited though, needing a wheelchair to get around. And after several inches of snow was dumped on her campus, her disability really slowed her down, even denied her access in some places.

The snow has all been plowed out of the streets and right onto the wheelchair access ramps.

During the storm, she’s had a hard time getting around campus, and has even had to miss a few classes.

“If I get stuck I have to sit in the cold and wait for someone to come get me,” She said. “And when it is too slick I cant even get traction to go over.”

A spokesperson for Georgetown College says they take the needs of their students very serious and and like everyone else, they are still cleaning up after the storm.

“You wouldn’t risk your car to get over a snow mound,” she said. “And I’m not going to risk my wheelchair.”

Her message was heard loud and clear.

The School said that no student would be penalized if they could not get to class because of weather related issues.

Mia’s thoughts- To people who think the story above is unusual, think again I have been housebound almost 6 weeks because of the ramp in my building and the uncleared local sidewalks.




Down syndrome sufferer Marky Roberts in centre of battle affecting South Australia’s intellectually disabled adults

CARING: Marky Roberts with his sister, Kathryn. Picture: DAVE CRONIN
MARKY Roberts cannot speak but he has a growing voice in his Victor Harbor community, which is speaking out to protect him.

The 38-year-old, who has severe Down syndrome, is at the centre of a battle affecting hundreds of South Australia’s intellectually disabled adults who face being chemically or physically restrained for even the most basic medical care.

Government-employed care workers are shifting away from using orders that allow them to use only limited methods to restrict patients needing medical help, instead opting for much more invasive intervention.

For Mr Roberts, it means he can expect to be sedated or strapped to an ambulance bed for medical care. Previously, he required only chips and chocolates to endure the process.

Now, if Mr Roberts needs medical help and his guardian, sister Kathryn Roberts is not present, his supported housing carers say they will opt for the more restrictive approach.

This means Mr Roberts would be put in an ambulance where he would be sedated or “netted from head to toe”.

Ms Roberts has labelled the move a “barbaric practice” but her bid for action from Disabilities Minister Tony Piccolo and requests for support from Dignity for Disability MP Kelly Vincent has so far provided little comfort.

Now she is gathering support from the Fleurieu Peninsula and dozens of families who were helped by the pair’s deceased parents, Mary and Lloyd, who were integral disability advocates in the region. The couple helped establish the Victor Harbor special education units and a care farm near their dairy farm at Inman Valley.

“We were told what the processes would be, that (the care workers) would refuse to help by using the low level of contact that would be required,’’ Ms Roberts said.

“I would have to employ someone else if I am away from the area, or cannot get to him within 10 minutes.

“A lot of parents don’t realise that once their kids turn 18, they don’t have the first say in the care of their children — it lies with the Guardianship Board. The laws are there so carers can touch and help the clients but no-one has the sense to use them as they are intended.’’

Mr Roberts’ GP, Dr Justin Shute, has supported the push for a review of the laws and suggests they need to be considered on an individual basis.

“You can see where the authorities are coming from with the laws, but in real life, they don’t work for all patients,’’ Dr Shute said.

“The implications of this intention to protect these clients with a blanket rule are significant for patients such as Mark. Unfortunately, the carers have to follow the blanket rule even though they know, for Mark at least, all you need to do is talk to him or hold his hand.’’

Mr Piccolo has responded to Ms Roberts with an explanation of the rulings but did not offer to discuss the matter further.

She said Ms Vincent had contacted her and said she would follow up on the issue

Cliff Richard: Investigation into sexual abuse allegations ‘increased significantly’, police say

first rolf harris Now cliff richard who next ?


PHOTO: Sir Cliff Richard says the allegations against him are “absurd and untrue”. (Getty Images, file photo)

British police say an investigation into sexual abuse allegations levelled against singer Cliff Richard has now “increased significantly in size”.

South Yorkshire’s chief constable David Crompton revealed the investigation had widened in a letter to the chairman of parliament’s home affairs committee.

“Sir Cliff Richard’s lawyers are aware that there is more than one allegation,” he wrote.

“It would be premature and potentially misleading to predict a likely date when it will be concluded.

“However, we are progressing as swiftly as possible.”

Sir Cliff, 74, has described the allegations as “absurd and untrue”.

“I have no idea where these absurd and untrue allegations come from,” he said in a statement.

“I have never, in my life, assaulted anyone and I remain confident that the truth will prevail.”

Officers raided Sir Cliff’s home in Berkshire, west of London, in August when he was on holiday, over allegations which dated back to the 1980s and involved an underage boy.

The singer was later interviewed under caution but not arrested or charged with any crime.

The raid on his house was filmed by BBC cameras after the broadcaster was given advance warning, leading to criticism from MPs who described that cooperation as “inept” and causing “irreparable damage” to the singer’s reputation.

Born Harry Webb, Sir Cliff has had 14 Number 1 singles in Britain and is the only singer to have topped the UK singles chart in five consecutive decades, from the 1950s to the 1990s

“Oh typical America that could never happen here”

As my readers know I am an Aussie, an Australian yes New York has been my home for almost 20 years and before that I travelled the world for a while so I have seen a bit when it comes to decency and human rights around the world.
When I became disabled and started writing this blog, I wrote both about Australia and New York and then I made a good friend in British Columbia’s disability champion Paul caune. So through that mix I got a good cross section of the disability fight.
I also write about the fight to end spousal abuse and child molestation and the same occurred, fighters from all over the world started to contact my blog.

We all have our struggles, and some like Paul’s fight to close the archaic Pearson center in BC are strictly a problem of theirs, but that’s not to say we as a world community of dis and otherwise abled people can’t learn from his fight.

Here in New York just from the sheer numbers of population, our fights tend to be more directed towards access and human decent treatment of the disabled by the rest of the population and things like the transport system. I also learned from Paul on how to talk to city hall and get shit done.
Recently, actually earlier this week I posted a story about a catholic priest in America who was arrested as a pedophile when his cleaning lady found pornography in the church residence. Now some posted intelligently because at this very moment my brethren in Australia are presenting evidence about pedophilic priests and the churches and governments inaction towards prosecution. But there was a lot of “oh typical America that could never happen here” really let’s see
ENGLAND- Do the words jimmy Saville and operation yew tree mean anything? The more the operation uncovers facts the more it comes out that the Scotland Yard, politicians and BBC executives of the day knew and not only did nothing they ordered others to do nothing.
Australia- well you’re in the middle of a royal commission so you know, but let’s see
The stolen generation- Was a sisnister period when aboriginal children who had two parents and a home with their tribal families were stolen, and taken to centers to be trained by the government to be servants for white families where many if not most were abused and molested.
The Australian foster care system and orphanages country wide For most of the 20th century, and especially where they were church run were cess pits of pedophilic rape and molestation by care givers and priests and even murders occurred. Unmarked graves have been found at many properties where children lived and worked under the guise of foster and orphan care and juvenile detention system, and the catholic church, the salvation army and other denominations and large groups of social workers and case managers used them as their own personal harems.

The United states- Has one of the worse records of the Catholic Church not only turning a blind eye to pedophilic priests but constantly promoting them around the country so in the end one monster molests over 400 children before something was finally done.
The catholic church while denying it out of one side of their mouths have for over 150 years spent more than a billion dollars a year on a rehab system for pedophile priests worldwide with over a dozen centers in the united states alone!
Pope francis himself this week released a statement that the vatican admits approxiametely 8% of priests worldwide are pedophiles, most think the number is much higher.

So to the small minded “it’s not happening where I live” people, unless you live in Narnia you’re wrong. There is nowhere on this planet where the greasy disgusting reach of the monsters cannot find the innocent and by living under a rock of denial you help them.

Nelson Mandela once said about those who not speak out against apartheid

“Silence serves only the oppressor never the oppressed”

Voters in British Columbia with disabilities need politicians to protect their civil rights, not parade in pink shirts


Paul Caune is the executive director of CIVIL RIGHTS NOW!
By Paul Caune

If the public truly wants to help people with disabilities stop telling us how inspiring we are and start squeezing your MLAs to pass our version of the Americans with Disabilities Act in your province. I don’t know what compels seemingly well-intentioned people to praise people with disabilities as inspirational because of their athletic accomplishments, or for being object lessons teaching patience.

Such praise, like Pink Shirt Day, are useless gestures that waste everyone’s limited time, energy and money.

Who is being inspired? Is it is the persons who say they have been inspired by a voter with a disability? What has it inspired them to do? Anything practical to stop the injustices Canada has inflicted on citizens with disabilities for over 180 years?

It makes the person giving the praise get a warm and fuzzy, but increases the sting of the daily indignities people with disabilities get inflicted upon them by a smug and self-satisfied society.

Has all the inspiration caused by Terry Fox and Rick Hansen made, for example, ABA/IBI treatment for children with autism become a part of any province’s Medical Service Plan? Nope.

Has all the praise of Paralympians, and all the inspiration that they have given the public, resulted in the federal government making all its websites accessible to all Canadian citizens, regardless of disability? Goose egg.

Do politicians praise as inspirational those people with disabilities, or the members of their families, who are currently advocating by litigation or other means for practical reforms that would protect the freedom and dignity of people with disabilities, such as the BC families who brought the Auton case in favour of children with autism?

British Columbia takes endless pride in its being the home province of Terry Fox and Rick Hansen. When was the last time you heard a BC politician praise as inspirational the mothers who shut down the Woodlands school in New Westminster? These women actually did something great that served the public interest, but they are not held up as inspirational examples. In fact, they have been removed from history. As have the atrocities committed by government employees in BC’s institutions.

In BC, at the very same time every Liberal MLA was parading in pink shirts, the very same government is denying compensation to former residents of Woodlands for physical and sexual abuse inflicted on them by government employees.

There is nothing threatening about a Paralympian who has won a gold medal for our country. But certain special interests in our society find genuine advocates for people with disabilities extremely threatening. Because these special interests know they have done wrong and know they have lots to hide and a lot to lose.

Voters with disabilities don’t deserve a gold medal for getting out of bed in the morning. What voters with disabilities need is the support of citizens without disabilities to punish MPs and MLAs who deny freedom and dignity to voters with disabilities, and to put into power MPs and MLAs who will put into action ideas which will give voters with disabilities and their families the power to protect their freedom and dignity

Christian Homeschoolers Sell Daughter Into Arranged Marriage, Offer Discount Because She’s ‘Damaged’(she was molested as a child)

Recently, America’s secretive “Christian homeschooling” movement found itself at the center of attention when a 19-year-old girl created a viral plea for help proving she really existed. Her parents had withdrawn so far from the rest of society that they had refused to get her a social security number, a birth certificate, or any form of medical history – in essence, the girl, now a young adult, was an undocumented illegal alien, despite having been born in Texas. The neglect has prevented her from entering into society on almost every level: She can’t get a job, she can’t attend college, she can’t rent or buy a home or car.

But if people assumed that the parental malfeasance displayed by her parents was the worst the movement had to offer, a new whistleblower has shown that these fundamentalist Christian communities can be infinitely more damaging than that.

Jennyfer Austin was adopted as a child into just such a home and was from then on blocked off from the outside world. During her formative years, Austin grew up under strict, oftentimes severe, religious parenting that she says only got worse as her mother was “egged on” by homeschooling friends and church leaders.

Christian fundamentalists often opt for homeschooling over public or private schools because it allows them to control every aspect of their children’s lives. A study released in 2013 found that homeschooling has been growing steadily in recent years. 77 percent of parents asked why they chose to homeschool their children said that it was a desire to provide moral instruction that they believe “secular” schools lack.

For Austin, being shut away from the watchful eye of the public school system allowed her parents to keep her near. Even when she reached adulthood, Austin was prevented from going out into the world. Unlike many Christian homeschooling children, Austin knew that she had a birth certificate and social security number (because of her adoption), but her adoptive mother hid the documents as a way of keeping Austin close.

Austin’s description of life in her home sounds like something out of Saudi Arabia, not California:

‘Dating was a complete no-no. I might be able to have a parent-approved courtship and go places in public, but I couldn’t possibly do something like hold hands with a boy.’

She was forced to wear long skirts and blouses with high necklines and long sleeves. If she chose a skirt which went to mid-calf, she would have to put on knee-length boots so no leg was shown.

‘Even my swimsuit went down to my knees and had sleeves,’ she recalled. ‘I wasn’t allowed to shave. My grandfather felt that any part such as my legs that needed to be shaved should not be shown off in public.’

Most appallingly, at the age of 20, Austin was told by her parents that she had been “sold” to a man twice her age, a situation that Austin and others like her say is disturbingly commonplace. She says her parents’ asking price for her was $25,000, a fee that was much smaller than the average (around $50,000), because due to her being molested as a child she was considered within her Christian community to be “damaged goods.”

Thankfully, Austin managed to escape from her appalling life, which was, to be frank, little more than an imprisonment. Escaping was nonetheless difficult. After refusing to marry the man her parents were paid to deliver her to, her mother said Austin owed the would-be husband a refund of his $25,000 down payment. Instead, she fled.

Austin is now married, albeit to a man that she actually chose to be with. She now says that she is focusing on rebuilding her life in a society that her parents had tried for her entire childhood to keep her from.

She says that because of her experience that she no longer identifies as a Christian. Her adoptive parents may not have been representative of all of Christianity, but Austin can certainly be forgiven for not wanting any part of it.

According to a report by the AHA Foundation, a group which focuses on protecting the rights of women, America is home to a large number of forced marriages. Concrete numbers are hard to come by given the secretive nature in which they take place, but the group identified as many as 3,000 cases in just the last two years. Many of the cases involve immigrants who maintain the customs from their home country, however there is anecdotal evidence to suggest the fundamentalist Christian movement is also implicated

A Catholic priest who is accused of molesting three boys had a large collection of gay porn, a court has heard.

Catholic priest had huge gay S&M porn collection, court hears

Father Anthony McSweeney denies molesting three boys

Father Anthony McSweeney, 68, denies molesting three teenage boys between 1979 and 1981 at Grafton Close Children’s Home.
According to the BBC, the priest admitted to Southwark Crown Court that he bought gay porn in Amsterdam’s Red Light District alongside care home manager John Stingemore.
He kept the porn collection secret until he was discovered by his parish’s cleaner at St Peter’s in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex.
McSweeney said he was “ashamed” of his habit, and became emotional during his testimony.
The priest also admitted that Mr Stingemore – who died weeks before the trial – had shown him a clip of child porn, but says it did not raise “alarm bells”.
He said: He replied: “It didn’t occur to me, I can’t answer why. I suppose I was a bit surprised, a bit shocked and I just got rid of it.
“I just blanked it out, I guess. I didn’t give it any more thought. I’m desperately ashamed.”
Father McSweeney denies all charges.
The trial continues



As she sleeps I sit in the dark peering in and out an in again yes she’s breathing, she shakes ,I stand in out again she breaths I sit and in the darkness I stay watching ready till light of day.
She stirs and I am there from bed to chair kitchen to shower, I sit I wait I peer
The tremors are slight then suddenly more she shakes, eyes roll she falls I’m there, I paw I bark I stay till you’re there No not a stalker or peeper but a lifeline for sure.
Without me she stays, she sits, she waits till night.
Never leaving, never going, her life a fright.
“Maybe she’ll fall, maybe she’ll tremor, maybe she’ll spasm no one there no one to care”
Loved one worries, wife cries out, without me by her side sickness, disability, maybe she dies.
I come and Learn I shadow, I care, whenever needed always there.
I help she leaves, she lives, because I’m there.
I could have been a police dog, a bomb dog, drug dog a marine, I could have been a guide dog helping them see
But Mia needed me needed to live and, I needed her, I needed to give.
Two together we make one, it’s not all work, it’s also fun.
Service dogs trained to give, to service men, paras, epileptics and kids.
A chance, a life, the ability to share.
Some say were useless politicians don’t care, not a penny more to train us, not a dollar more to share.
Call them ring them email and tell that without us for so many life is sheer hell.


When the Jews wrote that action novel about a carpenter with a cool beard who knocked up his girlfriend and was so slick with words he convinced them that a ghost did it, a holy ghost to be accurate there were a lot of really cool one liners included seriously I mean this guy could write for prime time.
There were lines like “he who refuses me refuses mine” and blesses are the cheese makers”? oops my bad that was life of Brian but the gist of all the parables was to serve this carpenter and his old man the ceo of good you had to first give away everything for your riches were in a condo complex called heaven waiting for you all dependent on how you served your fellow man?
Over the centuries there have been many cults who twisted this to their own benefit but the penultimate of cons ,the Jim jones of Kool-Aid consumption was Mr. smith a con man on the run for horse theft in wild west America(they hung you for it back then)
John Smith was a horny old dude as well one wife just would never rock his world so he invented the ultimate con wear secret underwear, marry a dozen wives and give your money to him and you could access the different levels of heaven, yes he was the original Amway dude, in his church you had to show two people who showed two people who showed two people who all had money and didn’t mind marrying their own sisters and he called it “JESUS CHRIST OF THE LATTER DY SAINTS” or as we called it in Australia” MOM THOSE BLOODY MORMONS ARE AT THE DOOR AGAIN”
Over the years I have had a fair bit to do with the Mormons, back home in Australia I was in entertainment and a famous rock star gave it all up cleaned out his bank accounts and gave it all to the Mormons, I knew him and then about six of Maori (native new Zealanders) sister-in-law’s all became baptized as Mormons , course that lasted until the after party where they were all caught blowing the elders and the elders were sent home the next day but I know their deal.
Teenagers are chosen for two year missions, the deal is you give the church two years and they streamline you into the best med school law school or college of your choice and did I mention liking the Osmond’s helps!
Well in 2007 Ella’s parents bought a condo next door to a Mormon temple where the elders have their living quarters about a dozen live there.

In 2010 we inherited the apartment and we moved in. I have been in a wheelchair permanently since 2006 and one thing that became apparent the day I first rolled past the elders is they have never read the bible? Not a word, not a parable not a single our father.
When we first moved here the sidewalks were completely destroyed by tree roots and I had to on occasions get out of my chair and crawl because not even a stunt guru like wheelz fotheringham could have traversed those sidewalks, and almost daily the elders would see this and do nothing, offer no assistance not utter a word.
Then hurricane sandy hit and the trees fell over and the sidewalk what was left was destroyed for about another year and still no help in the huge blizzards we have had these past years the Mormons it became apparent have a “screw you attitude” to those not of their faith. They never shovel the side walk or the crossing, they never clean or sweep the litter the front of their temple, some 100 feet is a dangerous obstacle and a pig sty.

Today was the final blow, it was -5 degrees wind feel 25 mph with the winds blowing sideways. My face was exposed and my push gloves are fingerless and the only pants I owned clean were mid-calf.
The wind was blowing the new snow sideways into me while it blew the old snow drifts across the path and their usual garbage blew around like mike Bloomberg at a circular glory hole and as I struggled to push up a steep incline in front of the church a dozen Mormon elders in arctic wear with their “Jesus Christ of latter day saint ELDER BADGES on stepped around me like I was dogshit on the path. I said loudly “HE WHO BUT REFUSES ONE OF MINE REFUSES ME” “wow Christian faith at work” and they just waived and wobbled away trying to tilt themselves up a level in the Ponzi scheme that is their version of heaven.

Well I am not of the Christian faith but have studied it intensely, and one thing became apparent today they wouldn’t know it if it bit them on their tower of babble but hell they wear a tie a well.


hand in jail
Recently, two inmates in the Cook County Jail in Illinois filed separate federal lawsuits alleging the jail has not provided appropriate disabled access. Does the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protect the rights of inmates? Yes. In fact, the Supreme Court specifically ruled on June 15, 1998 that the ADA covers inmates in state prisons and local jails.
The Specifics of This Case
The first plaintiff in the case alleges his doctor ordered that he be provided a wheelchair and a cell with disabled access back in 2012. While he did receive the wheelchair, a special cell was not provided, making it difficult for him to use the bathroom, shower, get in and out of bed, and access common areas. Last August he fell in the shower, breaking his wrist. He also alleges violations occurred while in the Cook County Criminal Court. He was forced to roll his wheelchair up a very steep ramp and was held in a detention cell without an accessible toilet.
The second plaintiff has similar claims. He too has not been given a wheelchair accessible cell since entering the system in 2012. He was hurt when he fell out of his wheelchair during a transport last year.
Previous Case Sets Precedent
The 1998 case that resulted in a Supreme Court ruling was the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections v. Yeskey. Ronald Yeskey was sentenced to 18 to 36 months in a correctional facility. The state allows for first-time offenders to be placed in a Motivational Boot Camp, resulting in a release in six months. However, Yeskey was denied that opportunity because he had a medical history of high blood pressure. He sued and won, arguing that his exclusion from the program violated his rights under the ADA. The court explained, “No qualified individual with a disability shall, by reason of such disability, be excluded from participation in or be denied the benefits of the services, programs, or activities of a public entity, or be subjected to discrimination by any such entity.” The court went on to explain the ruling includes state prisons and prisoners.
Access Advocates is dedicated to equal access for all. Whether it’s access in a prison, restaurant, park, school, government office, airport or any other public place, the ADA protects the rights of the disabled. Contact us if you have been denied access because of a disability.


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