Adelaide dress circle apartments “palm apartments” The worst accommodation in Australia !

The palms apartments (The dress circle apartments) seemed an answer to the prayers of this ex-pat Aussie who was planning a trip home To Adelaide south Australia, you can cook for yourself, wash your own clothes and its walking or in my case rolling distance from both Norwood parade and the Adelaide restaurant rich cbd.

The sales rep Mara was told I was in a wheelchair and we chose there “executive one-bedroom apartment with a city view balcony” we were told that in early September when we called yes it was still under construction but they were fully booked as of the 1st of October and no construction what so ever would be happening while we were there.

So, we prepaid in full over $1,000 Australian on the spot, fast forward we arrived on the 22nd of November by their own words more than a month after construction and supposedly a month after they had been accepting guests so one would expect all would be smooth??one would think

Well the old saying is how do you make god laugh? You tell him your plans!

We rang the location as asked 30 minutes before arriving  and was told our “1-bedroom executive apartment with city view balcony” was ready, well as we pulled up in king William st Kent town it looked more like a building site than an upmarket accommodation there were no less than 5 tradies vehicles with the clear emblem of a construction company on their sides and at least a dozen steel capped, hard hatted workers with t-shirts with an emblem matching the trucks using power tools and carrying lumber.

An Indian gentleman greeted us and I asked him “are they still building?” to which he looked me in the eyes and bare faced lied as two builders walked behind him ”oh no, no building it was all finished a month ago” as the words left his mouth a carpenter got out of a pick- up with a builders name on the door wearing a shirt with the same builders name on it and he said to the Indian gentleman ”were the builders mate where can we park our Utes?”

So, we were told to drive around the back and pull into the underground carpark, the whole time the representative from the accommodation was denying emphatically that there was any construction as we pulled in there was timber, sheetrock and power tools everywhere with another 4 builders trucks and as a door opened the sound of a table saw filled the air and we saw a builder cutting 4by2 lumber?

Again, I asked the Indian gentleman and again he denied even surrounded by construction that there would be any construction noise and said they were all cleaners to which a tradie behind him muttered through his hands” bullshit”

So, we grabbed our luggage and went into the elevator to go to our 1-bedroom executive apartment with a city view balcony?? Or so we thought instead we entered a room looking like a hospital room with a balcony facing a grey masonry brick wall and a toilet which in the picture was straight out of better house and gardens looked like it was straight out of a hospital emergency room and if that wasn’t bad enough the bedroom had an 8x8ft clear glass window not in the outside wall  but in the bedroom wall yes the master bedroom had an 8ft sq. window from the loungeroom it reminded me of a mental hospital you might see in a movie and this one was 2 bedroom but one had 2 single beds ?an extra bedroom with 2 beds but he was telling us no one extra was allowed to stay or we would be charged 300 a night per person?

When we pointed out this was not the room we booked they replied “we know we decided to change your booking” they did this  without asking or consulting us but tried to pass it off as an upgrade!

We told them we wanted the room we booked and they told us this was all there was so we told them then you better find it and three separate executives from the company came in about every ten minutes all lying that there was no construction just that the other floors needed cleaning and when asked how the other guests had liked it in the month they had been opened we were suddenly told we were the first occupants and we would be the only occupants for most of our stay as they were not actually opened yet Mara referred to it as a “soft opening”

So, after 30 minutes of sitting in a cross between a hospital room and a bedroom with a window in it that looked like it was set up to shoot porn through it they took us up a floor to the room we should have had in the first place!

The construction noise was constant the apartment that we were assured was wheelchair accessible had a bathroom door that my wheelchair could not fit through so for the entire 8 days we had to put a kitchen chair inside the bathroom door and I would wheel up to the door and transfer then take my wheels off put the chair through the door put it back together

The first time we tried to cook the alarms went off we had the kitchen exhaust fan on  and the rooms exhaust fan on the balcony door open and yet the alarm went off and it went off constantly for 35 minutes,

Now consider this we were the only occupants  in the entire building and they knew I was in a wheelchair and their alarm was not connected to the fire brigade, and it was not obviously connected to their office because in almost 40 minutes no one called to see if the fire was real if it was the elevators would be not working so they would have had a disabled guest on a higher floor unable to use the stairs and they didn’t seem to care the recording attached to alarm was saying to evacuate and when we called the office we were told they were busy and would try to get there in about 15 minutes ?15 minutes later we called back and they were trying to come in 10 in 10 we called back and they told us if we were not happy we could leave?

The entire 8 days there was one problem after another and their only reply was “well leave” we were told during the fire alarm debacle by the man who finally came to simply take it off the wall every time we cooked so we did.

On our last day we came home to an aggressive almost threatening email saying the fire brigade had been in our room while we were out without our permission because a “system check” showed we’d “illegally” tampered with our fire alarm?

I told Mara on the phone we were told to by the maintenance worker to remove it when we cooked and she called me a liar told us we were whiners and they were going to black ban us from ever staying in any of their properties ever again?

Well Mara what you call whiners most would say

1/ people who simply request what they paid for

2/what they were promised would be ready was ready

3/ and not to be treated like an idiot by being bold faced lied to

On the last day there was a full-size construction crane blocking all and any access to front of the property now yes it was for next door but when the management was called they saw no problem that paying guests arriving to the front door were being blocked from coming anywhere on the block near the building? internet access  didn’t work and no two executives of the firm had the same access code and none of them worked which seeing as their business model is targeted greatly at business executives is a major down fall

the security door on the basement carpark which opened to a very dicey alley filled with old furniture and homeless people was broken and open from Saturday to Thursday meaning the vehicles were open to theft and vandalism and anyone could enter the building through the basement door.

the building was being so rushed to finish that there were paint splashes on carpets and tiles buckling from uneven grout and ovens and equipment not installed properly

when we told them we were having guests we were told there was a front door person on from 6am -6pm in the entire 8 days we were there there was only ever someone there for a total of two hours on a Monday.


Author: disabledaccessdenied

I am a disabled woman who through no fault of my own has wheels under my ass. I rely on the decency and common sense of local, state and federal goverments, as well as the retail community to abide by the disabled access laws and provide adequate ramps, disabled toilets, and not use them as store rooms or broom closets. This blog exists to find the offenders and out them, inform them, and report them if necessary and shame them into doing the right thing when all else fails.

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