I have become my relatives


When I was a kid my family already had enough members for our own basketball team and mum was pregnant. One day in a small country town called Clare my dad drove my mom to the front door of the hospital to have our sister and said “I’m out of smokes I’ll be back in a few” and till the day he died 40 years later he never came back home.

While mom was in hospital he took every stitch of furniture and clothing we had, because his girlfriend/bitch/slut/family wrecking whore needed them for her love nest?

Mum came home with 6 kids under 15, 4 0f us under 10, 2 under 5, to a housing commission home with even the kitchen sink stolen. She had no way to earn a living except her sewing  and her garden, so she got us kids in the back yard and had a game, who ever could dig over the largest patch of the green lawn in the quickest time got a prize, the prize was we got to plant seeds and seedling of vegetables.

Before mum had met my asshole of a father she was a qualified seamstress and tailor, so our front door became a revolving door. She made every wedding dress, graduation dress, party dress, bridesmaid dress in the 100 mile area of our home and we ripped up all garden and lawn and planted vegetables, strawberries and herbs.

With my sister in a stroller and me a beside her pushing an old English high wheel pram full of strawberries and veggies and herbs, she would go from pub to pub to pub at the back door because women were not allowed in the front back then and she sold her wares. A sympathetic friend who was a long haul trucker used to get her sales on his route and twice a month we would load his truck with the food we grew.

She made a livable wage, barely because their alternative was a truck that drove 200 miles round trip and they paid double for delivery.

We had relatives who knew we were broke and a few came with a “chicken they had extra” or a “lamb they killed extra” or a “side of beef they had extra” but from family that wasn’t a regular thing even though they owned and ran millions of acres of cattle and sheep properties, and we had an honorary uncle “George lowther” he was no relation he was just one of those friends of your parents who you were forced to call uncle”

Uncle George was a man mountain, 6ft 6 and 400lbs and his wife “aunty Barbara” was 4ft 10 inch and 80lbs they were hilarious when she was too much he would simply put her over his massive shoulder.

From my earliest memory aunty Barbara was sick, she always had a walker or a cane and a table with literally dozens of different medications on it, yet George despite his massive size was literally and officially as fit as a bull.

George worked at an army base as a maintenance man, and always was buying bingo tickets at the pub (in Australia you put 20cents in a machine and if the ticket spells bingo depending on the color you win from 50 cents to 100 dollars)

George always showed up at Christmas with a “turkey he won at the pub” or a Christmas ham or 10lb of sausages he was a mensch, as we say in Oz he was bloody true blue.

At his funeral we met the pub owner and the butcher and grocer he never won any of it he used to special order for as he told them “his angels in the city who were doing it hard”

But Barbara was always sick we figured she would die first, But one year George’s doctor retired and a new guy forced him on a diet and he lost 100lbs quickly and had a heart attack and died. We took over care of aunty barb and she was always sick, I used to ride over on my bike and mow her lawns and do her shopping and pick up her meds, and I used to think “I never want to be as sick her, I never want to be that house bound and reliant as others”.

I don’t know what happened to aunty barb, when I became estranged from my family she was still in an elder care village with her walker and her pills and her six dogs and two cats and four parrots.

Since 2007 I have been permanently using a wheelchair for my ability to get around, due to an inherited neurological condition complicated by a serious attempt to kill me which left me with spinal cord injury and I sit home during the day.

I used to be very active with judo and rock climbing and swimming and road racing and more in my wheelchair, until October last year when my shoulder was smashed up and in February I had reconstruction surgery.

Today as I write I am in my mid-fifties at home with two wheelchairs two canes one dog three cats and used to have two birds, I have a cupboard full of numerous drugs I must take daily and Ella does most things a healthy person would do for themselves, I have become Aunty Barbara!

The funny thing is aunty barb and Uncle George, lived basically off the grid way up in the Adelaide hills and coincidentally Ella and I are moving to a similar place shortly.

Is this what life is? As a child you’re shown what your future could be?  I feel as if I was visited by the ghosts of Christmas future as a kid and the rides to mow lawns and pick up shopping was the universes way of saying this could be you!

Aunty Barb, I believe lived to almost 100, so maybe there  is hope that Ella and I still have many years to raise hell, the difference is  we have no one on a bike to ride over its just Ella and I but then it always has been and probably always will be.

Look around at the elders you care for, look at how they live what their medical conditions are and ask yourself is that I am I being shown my life or just what it could be?

The answer is upto you!

All it takes for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing!


Two teens walk into columbine high with pipe bombs and AR-15 bushmaster rifles and children died

Nothing was done

A mentally ill student went crazy at Virginia tech with a hand gun and students died and nothing was done

Every day in Chicago, Atlanta, New York, loss Angeles and nearly every major city in the nation our children and adults are slaughtered by gun violence and nothing is done

A mentally ill customer in a Colorado picture theater walks in wearing Kevlar body armor with AR-15 and many people died and nothing was done

A man sits in a Charleston bible study for more than an hour then gets up and shoots the people in the room and nothing was done

Two Isis sympathizer’s in San Bernardino county California walk into a work Christmas party and open fire and many die and nothing was done

A deranged so called Isis sympathizer walks into the pulse night club in Orlando and kills dozens of partiers and nothing is done.

A former soldier with hate for white people and police used his military training in sniping took a high position in Dallas and 5 cops died and nothing was done.

Of course promises were made, drumpf said if someone “just one” had been armed “kapow” the gunman would have been stopped? It turned out that there was an armed person, there was also a former marine and a former army soldier but still they died.

We the people elect supposedly honest politicians to carry out our wishes and protect our nation, but we have one vote THE NRA has billions of dollars.

Everyone screams “it was my second amendment right to carry a weapon “to own and bear arms “so let’s look at that

“A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the protection of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”

That was written in 1791, the country was 14 years old the average musket in the hands of a well-trained soldier took 30-60 seconds to reload and fire, there were on 11 states.

The definition of a militia in 1791

, That whenever the United States shall be invaded, or be in imminent danger of invasion from any foreign nation or Indian tribe, it shall be lawful for the President of the United States, to call forth such number of the militia of the state or states most convenient to the place of danger or scene of action as he may judge necessary to repel such invasion, and to issue his orders for that purpose, to such officer or officers of the militia as he shall think proper; and in case of an insurrection in any state, against the government thereof, it shall be lawful for the President of the United States, on application of the legislature of such state, or of the executive (when the legislature cannot be convened) to call forth such number of the militia of any other state or states, as may be applied for, or as he may judge sufficient to suppress such insurrection.

“Foreign nation or Indian tribe”

It shall be lawful for the president upon application to the legislature?

So the right to bear arms was to guarantee that on occasion that commancheros came over the hill on ponies, or the red coats snuck in from Canada with their muskets and powdered wigs you were ready for call up by the president, this also allowed you to hunt to feed the family.

Now I am not writing this because I am a gun hater I am writing this because I am a hater of mass murder and slaughter of small children.

I was a trained by the Australian  navy  to be accurate up to 1,000 yards with a Belgian slr 7.62 mm  rifle which in the 70’s was the weapon of choice for all commonwealth military forces.

I was taught “a gun is always loaded, even when it’s not

An automatic weapon is for war not for private citizenship to own

That less than 1% of 1% of the citizenship has the emotional wherewithal to point a gun at another human and shoot,Special Forces count on this so they can choose the best of the best

The NRA screams “licensing our guns and the next step is they’ll take them”? They license your car you still have it?  You are required a license to fish or hunt or operate a jet ski or be a hairdresser or a nail tech basically anything we do in this world it is a fact of life.

If you’re a non-felon, non -mentally ill patriotic American with no affiliations to terror groups  foreign or domestic what do you have to worry about?.

The thing that confuses me is no one believes a word a politician says? Right you are told that by your parents from the moment you can walk yet you drink the NRA Kool-Aid by the gallon? Are they not politicians in their own way? Are they not the ultimate spin doctors?

What happened to the good Americans that came around a person or family or community in a time of tragedy and did what was necessary to make sure the tragedy never happens again?

In Australia in 1996 the day after a mass shooting the parliament unanimously voted to ban all automatic weapons there has not been a single mass shooting since.

Yes criminals will always get guns but junkies will always get heroin but we still agree its bad and ban it

No one is saying we must be a gun less society, just for Christ sake some common sense. If someone is hearing voices , listening to isis  or planning to kill everyone who ever called them stupid or just did ten years in  san Quentin they shouldn’t get a gun.

Yes someone will reply that last night a man in niece France used a truck, should we ban trucks? Of course not but you can’t load 30 trucks into an extended clip and fire 600 trucks per minute at first graders can you?

If you need an AR-15 or an AK-47 or an UZI to hunt you’re a god awful hunter who has no business hunting remember “one shot one kill make each bullet count”

I  have many gun owning friends all over the world, and to the best of my knowledge this doesn’t apply to them, they are all sane non isis non felon safe gun owners who know what they’re doing so please don’t unfriend me  I’m not talking about you.

Before you argue with me or scream at me ask yourself does the NRA run your life?. Do they pay your bills will they protect your family? If you answer no the next time they open their mouths ask yourself who they are really speaking for some gun manufacturer’s bottom line or the safety of a class of first graders?

A gun is a piece of metal and sometimes plastic and wood it gets stolen or broken you simply get a new one! look at your sleeping family whataisle do you replace them in? you can hunt with the same velocity bullet a 30.08 you just don’t need full auto if you have a glock you’ll stop an intruder or a violent offender intending to hurt your family and you’ll scare th crap out of a drug fucked burglar.  tell the NRA to mind their own house and stay out of yours.

The Power of words


I have been called a lot of things in my life



“fit thrower”

“spaz Kid”

“Mentally challenged”

“violent youth”




Then a lot of Phd’s got involved and they said


“Eidetic memory”



Then the teens and the twenties came around and it was






I started throwing out drunks on pub doors before I was old enough to get in myself, and I was winning martial arts comps and turning those skills into a security career on top of my cheffing on top of a dozen other thing because why do one thing when you can do ten things better? but one day I looked the  book being written in by my manager who got me protection work and next to my name it said-

“efficiently violent”

So I walked away and never did it again, I threw myself into entertainment but my manager said I was-

“gifted but troubled”

So then I figured the only way to throw the insults back at the world was to make them laugh so I had a career in entertainment and then I was




“in your face”

“total package”

Then I came out and my family threw me away like old sneakers, my wife threw me away like last weeks trash  and my career went down the toilet thanks to a homophobic manager.

You see I had been raising myself since I was 12 or 14 , when I was 12 I was riding a bike 20 miles round trip to and from judo practice on my own, today that would be abuse, from 10 we were taught to do our own laundry and the first  person home at night cooked dinner for a household of 8  even if you were still in third grade, then at 12 I lied about my age (I was 6ft2) and enlisted in navy reserves it was one night a week, one weekend a month it meant I had to catch a train 20 miles each way every Friday night never getting home before 1 am on my own. my mother knew she thought it was good for me to be out on my own.

When I came out to the family my mother gave my brother the job of “beating the gay out of me” she told him do whatever was necessary, he broke my back but that was nothing new he’d been raping me since I was three.

I don’t share this so you’ll ll line up and go boohoo, if you notice the only words never used by anyone towards me was love. So for some whiny bitch to say I was born with the silver spoon in my life and was an over entitled fool hurt me more than any rape or beating or lack of care ever has.

I know those ponces, as I would ride up on my bike to judo after 20 miles mummy would be dropping them off in the bmw, yelling ”remember play nice” judo was a dalliance to them to me it was an hour or two without a relatives sweaty body on top of me.

Silver spoon? You know I have one and I cherish it, not because I was born with it but a because a head chef gave it to me as a tasting spoon as a reward for busting my ass 14 hours a day in a kitchen without airconditioning, learning not only to cook but at the same time the language so I could understand what was being taught.

Words cut worse than knives, the only people who don’t get that were born with a silver spoon in their mouth, they’re too busy verbally putting down people like me to realize the power of a  vocabulary.

I am proud of what Ella and I have because we sweated blood for every inch of it, I’m proud of the real friends I have because they’re still here through the good and the bad.

Bmw’s don’t excite me I’ve had a couple I rather have a pickup like we have now, big houses don’t excite me owning my own piece of desert does. The highest thrill I’ve had lately is  a lady called Samela telling me my blog post was a good piece because you see she is a world class journalist.

Life when it’s handed to you means nothing ,the people who know it’s value earnt their lives, my friend Samela was working in her dads bookshop as child, my cousins were running large tracts of Australia before they graduated school  and my Ella was translating bank loans for Russian relatives and family before she was 12 and a Public relations exec before she was 21 because she simultaneously did a degree and worked 60 hours a week.

So before you open your mouth next time to put someone down look in the mirror, look where you are ask yourself “did I earn one stitch of this?” if the answer is no mommy gave it to me shut up and listen.The person you were about to put down ,the hard worker , the blue collar person ,the self-made person can teach you one thing you’ve probably never encountered, humility because for them to achieve in your world they had to start at the bottom of the shit pile

Is that a white line down the road or speed? Wtf I’ll sniff it


Eighteen years ago a newly transitioned transgender woman was living in a share house on Sandgate rd in Brisbane Australia.She was newly released from prison after all charges were dismissed and an apology from the state government was written, it took them several months of her in hell in a male prison for them to realize it is impossible to be in Asia and the gold coast at the same time?

She had had her children stolen by her ex, her career destroyed by a lying homophobic manager and a price put on her head by her own mother to “beat the gay out of her” and when her brothers are two of the most famous muscle for hire in the country that was a threat not to be ignored.

A woman newly hatched, How to survive without (as she later found to be a misguided idea) the use of all her formerly masculine fighting skills was she would learn a scary proposition.

She met some people who taught her how to be a woman, they had friends who taught her how to survive the gay scene, and then at her lowest they had friends who introduced her to speed. For two years every day that she was awake she was putting a gram of pure uncut speed up her nose.

Life was a blur for her,she witnessed things she would previously have run from she would be up for a week, crash for three days, then do a gram and repeat it all over again.

She was the life of the party at every night club in the valley, she was known to all, disliked by some but as long as she was chemically assisted “fuck them and the rainbow unicorns they flew in on”!

Then One day she was at a party with her group of drug assisted twinks and drag queens and she saw some older gays talking. She was taking pictures, lots of pictures, it was her new hobby because her special friend at that time was a photographer who took crime scene pics for the federal police. He would on slow days  Take her pics to work as a favor and develop them. Three days later she was at headquarters explaining where she took the pics, why she took the pics and if she knew the older gays in the background by the pool?. Two days after finding out the total stranger in the background was one of Queensland’s most wanted people she went cold turkey she was clean for ten days.

ten day she thought I have this beat, then she was walking along a road high as a kite and suddenly was pulled into a car was held down and felt herself being jabbed with a needle, it seems they liked her  better when she was a junky.

The shot it turned out was her old friend speed mixed with heroin, a message? She was dumped in the carpark of a doctors surgery in a strip mall in the valley at 4am, luckily it turned out her doctor.

At 7 am when the doctor opened up to some quiet paper work before patients, she found the almost gone woman on the welcome mat. As the nurse arrived a few moments behind her they got the comatose figure into the back room. They drew blood, they put in a fluids and vitamins drip and they strapped her to the bed for the next 24 hours. That woman threw up, messed, sweated gallons, was cleaned up and did it  all over again and when they knew what the drug was they countered it.

That woman woke up shaking the next day, she was told where she was and how they found her and that the doctor believed the shot was meant to kill her.

That day was June 22nd 1998 that woman was me and I have been sober and clean ever since.

There are a small handful of people, all beautiful women that have my undying gratitude. They know who they are, they know I love them and one is my bashert Ella, the other I shall not name here out of respect for their lives 18 years later.

It took a lot to come clean with this and tell people, but it’s not for glory or bragging it is to show those still going through their own personal hells that if they just keep going and accept the help offered they can make it out the other side.

Pauline Hanson do you hate yourself that much?


There is an old saying that what one hates about another is really what you hate about yourself, and evidently it’s true. Pauline Hanson the mediocre chip maker /convict turned politician recently took a GEANOLOGY DNA TEST and found out she has actual Middle Eastern blood! OMG LOL.

Actually it’s not uncommon in Australia, one of the most famous families in the bush is the Rasheed’s their ancestors came to this country in the 1800’s along with hundreds of afghan nationals and camels(there are more camels in Australia than the middle east, we actually import camels to Arabia) the famous Adelaide to Darwin the train “the Ghan” is short for afghan because the afghan camel operators shipped necessary and sometimes lifesaving supplies up and down the track to the camps of the people building the railway line.  Like the Chinese who came in the 1800’s to mine gold in Victoria they blended with society, and inter married.  Australia was a melting pot with people getting on for more than a hundred years before bigoted troglodytes like Hanson ate the white supremacist cake and drunk the Kool-Aid.

Every few decades some fool yells “white Australia everyone not white get out” the funny thing is when I read their cries on Facebook yesterday I counted twenty Greeks a dozen Italians at least ten people of different Asian descent all yelling “throw the Muslims out”? how soon they forget? My home town of Adelaide in the state of south Australia recently put in place a new governor, a Vietnamese man who in the seventies came as a refugee following the war. They were treated horribly called “gooks” and “slope heads” and names much much worse but yet now we have Vietnamese celebrities on Australia’s cooking channel Vietnamese scholars and her majesties representative the governor an actual refugee?

When I was a kid at school  (Early 60’s threw early 70’s)Italians and Greeks were “wops and spics” when my mom was younger ( the forties) the Yugoslavs and Germans and Jews were” kikes and Slav bastards and krouts”

You see  Pauline you can’t even be original “a nation that forgets it’s past is destined to repeat it” are you so eager to prove you can achieve something that you’ll choose hate as that achievement? Are you so uneducated that you can’t sit at the table and work out differences? Aussies sort out bullshit over a beer, in my day we would say “stop your bloody whining  and get off your ass” Pauline Hanson if you want Australia to respect you, you have to earn it. We are a sunburnt country, a colorful country, our dirt is red our oceans blue and our flag has stars on it we swear allegiance under the southern cross and we fight our enemies where ever they appear and  we never let a mate down  you respect your elders stand up for women love our kids and live life like we stole it.

Pauline Hanson there’s no place in a true Australian society for hate like yours, go read the honor rolls at the war memorial you’ll find Muslims and Chinese and Irish and Italians and Greeks and Slavs all fought and died for our great nation so who are you to piss on their memory if you don’t like Australia take your own advice and leave!

I love my Australian home but what were you thinking?


Two days ago in my beautiful land down under we had a double dissolution of parliament election, that means in short there was a complete vote of no confidence in the entire government and they all had to stand for reelection?

Now one would think when served with such a chance an intelligent thinking voting population would get it right, would dispose of the useless assholes and finally get their beloved country back on track? One would hope.

But as dawn breaks on a new country, they still haven’t declared a prime minister but they have dived into Pandora’s Box broken the seal and released a plague of biblical proportions on themselves called Pauline Hanson! Why oh why? she is a convicted criminal ( yes I know they over turned her conviction)But seriously the only reason her conviction was overturned was to find a jury of her peers they would have to have twelve people in cognitive comas in the jury box and seriously there’s not enough plugs for their life support.

Twenty years ago when this cognitive amoeba last was a pimple on the political face of Australia Asian immigration made up 3% of all immigration to Australia, averaging about two thousand people a year. Australia at the time was about to hit 22 million as a population, Her election platform was that by 2015 (yes last year) at the current  rate of Asian immigration Australia would be 97% Asian? An educated fifth grader at the time worked out that for really happen deaths would have to increase several thousand percent, births of white Anglo Saxon Australian babies would have to virtually stop and we would have to increase Asian immigration while stopping all white immigration completely by about 20,000%. And as long as she mixed it with some good old bobo cordial (Australians will get it) the bullshit was actually palatable enough to get her elected “please explain”

Well here it is twelve glorious months after the end of the world as she knew it and china towns ,little Vietnams and japans are still small corners tucked away in every city and rickshaws and tuk tuks last time I checked have not replace the falcon fairlane and commodore as taxi’s!

She was eventually outed as the criminal she was, her manager was a muscle for hire with a criminal record as long as her nose for violent crime and a member of the white Arian Nation group and eventually she went to jail, even there she wasn’t smart.

Then for twenty years she lurked in the shadows like that creepy uncle at Christmas who always wants you come see his puppies, then when she saw people stupider than her elected and she thought” fuck why not if the short bus is stopping at parliament house why shouldn’t I be on it”?

Australia pull your head out of your bums, remember immigrants built this nation.

Afghans built the railway the Chinese mined sovereign hill and the goldfields of the 1850’s and the Polish, Italians and Yugoslavs built the snowy river hydro-electric scheme. The English came out  as ten pound poms and ran the automotive industry in the Holden and Ford and Chrysler factories across the nation. Serioulsy folks we wouldn’t have fish and chips and fruit and veg shops without the Amazing Greeks and Italians and every single drop of wine we have ever consumed we can thank the Germans for so remember before you send Australia back to the “white Australia policy days of the 1960’s ask what you’re willing to give up?.

Is the United States of today even worth fighting for?


Yesterday the republican congressman running against democrat tammy Duckworth for this year’s election, made fun on twitter of her being a double amputee (she lost her legs fighting for her country as an attack chopper pilot)

Last week a republican in Texas said “the disabled are a financial drain on America and should not be encouraged or tolerated”

Republican candidate trump said “she bleeds out of all kinds of places” or “she’s a fat ugly pig”

A popular southern Baptist minister said when giving a sermon on the Orlando massacre” the killer didn’t go far enough we should kill all the sodomites”

I am in my mid-fifties, I was born a few years after the end of the Korean War (my father and most of my uncles fought in it) In Australia we have ANZAC day (Australian New Zealand armed corps) to celebrate and commemorate the heroes who fought and those who paid the ultimate price defending freedom.

As children we were taught to respect the elderly, honor veterans and speak kindly of those we don’t completely understand and the biblical principles of “judge not lest ye be judged” and “he who is without sin cast the first stone” a minister in my youth might have condemned homosexuality but he would have also from the pulpit told us to pray for their salvation.

Politicians ,now don’t laugh are meant to conduct themselves with dignity, never laugh at a war hero who lost her legs, never say of 51% of the population “they bleed out of all kinds of places” or “they’re fat pigs” When we vote in theory were voting for a person to make the right decisions for our safe prosperous future, a person who thinks like us who grew up like us who knows what we the people need to not only merely survive but grow and prosper under their protection.

Whether in my native Australia or my adopted United States, as a child and through my early adult hood you might not have liked or agreed with a politicians beliefs or campaign statements but you could be assured he had basic common decent core values, that even if your party didn’t get in there would never be hate speech or a call to slaughter or a statement congratulating a terrorist for the death of 49 innocents.

Many will scream I’m naïve, yes I know there’s always been the KKK  and the white supremacists but I’m talking about real honest politicians not fringe lunacy and yes for people of color for many years and even still today a lot of this is not always the case. There has always been and unfortunately always will be racists and that in its self is a nation’s shame but when the people running even hate their own race is there any hope left? Is there a nation to protect?

This is the 21st century cars drive themselves ,we can bank by computer get a degree online operate a drone in one nation flying over another, we transplant every organ except the brain in the human body but we can’t teach common decency to the people that we the people vote to stand up for us?

As a disabled and a trans person (the T in LGBTQ) who is in a lesbian marriage (the L) and my wife is an immigrant, a citizen but an immigrant nonetheless the plethora of hatred and bigotry and stupidity that is this election cycle hits home to us at every turn. People we must stand for something or we’ll fall for it all, trump is not a politician, hell he’s not even a decent human being!

Don’t think just about yourself think of your kids, a famous man once said “he who forgets history is destined to repeat it” to that point the Texas board of education who for some reason print and decide the content of the entire countries school books has re written American history and removed any mention of slavery instead calling “unpaid contract labor” and even says the slaves were well cared for? It refers to the holocaust as “an unproved theory”

If we don’t get out this November and vote and vote against hate, vote against bigotry and vote for a future where our children can have an actual real   education an education that sets them up for more than a job as a barista and a life of school loans we should be ashamed of noone but ourselves.

Trump- wants to remove every form of care the previous 44 presidents have fought to install to make this country great, he wants to arrest 11 million people and tear the family apart? Independent fact checkers (meaning no affiliation with either party) have proven 97% of his claims and proposals are lies or completely impossible.

Bernie- was amazing, he started a revolution, he moved millions that previously didn’t care to care with a passion. But Bernie fans,elections are a last man standing first to the ribbon wins no re do‘s system and he lost. So honor him with the same level of dignity he ran with and accept he’s done and get behind Hilary to keep trump from taking over 1600 Pennsylvania avenue

Hilary Clinton- yes she’s been there before as first lady, she was Madame secretary and she has been accused of everything short of the Kennedy assassination and Cuban missile crisis, but before you drink the Kool-Aid ask yourself the source of the so called facts  you’re basing your hate or dislike for her.

Remember trump and the 97% lie rate, and Burnie wanted her gone he’s a nice guy  but he wants the big white shiny house in Washington and all the ads are paid for by old white men like the Koch brothers who think women belong in bed and Jews well they don’t want them around?

Whoever you vote for in November, don’t vote because you think the candidate is good or great imagine a nation 4 years or 8 years on if what comes out of their mouth comes to fruition but first do your own fact checking and calculations and then look and ask yourself would you still want to live in the united states under that person and even more important would they still be united?

Remember last time someone stood on a soap box and spewed hate filled rhetoric in this country 20 million Americans died, brothers killed brothers,cousins killed cousins, neighbors killed neighbors  there was nothing civil about the civil war.

Look to your left, look to your right and across the street and imagine the people you call neighbors, the children your children play with and go to school with, if their brown and not white what would your neighborhood be without their input? we jokingly call ourselves a melting pot but maybe you forgot for all the colors to successfully blend together someone has to light a fire under it!