It matters Not That I Have Wheels And Roll In This Life, For In The Next Life I Shall Have Wings And Fly!


Doshi Diagnostics east coast general director of operations eats crow and pays cash


After the farce of that was passed off as medical care (see the stories below)
Doshi diagnostics on 147th st in flushing queens you are not ADA compliant or accessible

and the constant abuse and humiliation passed on by upper management the buck finally stopped with the East coast general manager who turns out to be of indian descent.
The manager spent a half an hour on the phone tonight he claimed to be horrified was terrified that the staff thought that the ADA was a puccini opera!
He stated the treatment I recieved was a screw up from the start to the finish and he was humiliated for me?hmm how does that work.
the end result is that I told him I would never step back into his establishment so his corporation is paying for wheelchair transport from flushing to manhattan and back at their cost and the entire staff are to undergo immediate disabilit sensitivity training and ADA awareness.

So once again a iliterate rude uninformed money grubbing corporation would rather pay at in the end than spend a little on training in the beginning.

Doshi Diagnostics manager blames the disabled

Just minutes ago the manager of Doshi Diagnostics on 147th st in fushing queens when confronted with their total lack of adherance to the Americans With Disabilities act or even knowledge of it’s existence immediately blamed me the disabled person. when the facts were presented to him he put my wife on indefinite hold and never came back? That is how the medical practice handles proven cases of disabled abuse.

Society stacks the deck against the dis and otherwise abled from being their own bosses

As a blogger and activist for the dis and otherwise abled I am constantly writing to encourage the community to build their own business, find something they do as a hobby and turn it into a business these days you can do manufacture deals where you never actually touch the product. The order goes through your website straight to the manufacturer they produce the product take their wholesale fee and transfer your profit to your account and they even handle mailing? Simple, right? You hope?
Let’s break it down, who remembers the annoying US mail ads where the guy says “YOU MEAN I DON’T HAVE TO GO TO THE POST OFFICE IT COMES TO ME?” And then an actor dresses as postman explains with a new computer add on you buy postage online with your credit card it’s loaded onto your terminal you weigh the mail it works out cost and prints the postage stamp and then the mailman is notified and come picks it up?
Doesn’t that sound wonderful?
Here’s where they make an easy idea shit
I knitted lap rug for a wheelchair and mailed it to Australia, I weighed it, I typed in the customs info the machine decided cost and printed the us customs declaration filled out and the postage both were attached and the mail man picks it up.
Three days later the mailman brings back, the package the post office can randomly refuse computer generated customs certificates? But they don’t tell you you’re meant to wait till the client gives you a horrible review on yelp and then you investigate and find the package in a room somewhere in the basement then you must go to the post office and you must line up and you must wait while they find it and blame you so you may as well have gone in the first place?
So I can stay home in my wheelchair and order wool and knitting needles online and have them delivered
I can advertise on a website I can build from my wheelchair at home on a laptop and receive orders and take payment from PayPal all from home.
Where the idea of a business to get yourself off Medicare or Medicaid or disability or any one of a dozen other benefits and support yourself with pride falls horribly down is when you trust the very same government who calls you a leach for being on the benefits and says your sucking the budget dry doesn’t have the ability to run a simple mail service as well as the disabled community they hold in such contempt does to organize a business so they can tell the fed to go to hell.
USPS and mr federal government we can in most cases support ourselves, we have the intelligence to pull ourselves up to self-employment and higher education but we need you to make ALL subway rail and bus stations completely ADA compliant we need you to make ALL building owners and employers strictly adhere to the ADA rules on wheelchair and dis and otherwise abled accessibility, AND we need all businesses to pay the dis and otherwise abled the same pay as any supposedly able bodied person who does the same job.
We got our shit together Have you? Don’t think so the USPS has some boogee motto “through rain and wind and sleet and snow they always do their appointed rounds” you brag about that so maybe you should stick to that because your attempts to branch out into the computer world sucks so very much.

Update on the incompetence of Doshi Diagnostics flushing New York

After the episode of total disability abuse on the weekend by Doshi Diagnostics on 147th st flushing queens

My wife Ella rang them today she got the practice manager and I quote

“Yes we have an image of wheelchair on front door I never knew it meant accessibility”

“People in wheelchairs can walk slowly down stairs can’t they?”

“What is the ADA? Americans with disabilities act? I have never heard of it”

So let’s look at this, a major medical practice that provides radiology and nuclear medicine to one of the largest boroughs in all of New York City and the staff and management

1/ think all people in wheelchairs can walk down stairs

2/she has no idea what the international symbol for wheelchair accessibility means

3/ she has never heard of the Americans with disabilities act a federal law she not only has
to know about but abide by or be charged under federal law

4/ so they run a medical practice staffed by incompetent untrained uninformed staff who really are nothing more than checkout chicks in scrubs.

So to all my readers who think my stories are “one of a kind innocent accidents” this is akin to a bar

1/opening and not knowing they can’t serve under aged

2/ not knowing there are licensing laws

3/ not adhering to health department laws

4/ Not knowing there is a health department, but posting an A rating on the window they printed themselves because they saw it on someone else’s window

Doshi Diagnostics is part of a major group of practices all owned by the same Korean businessmen all equally as uninformed yet “I’m over reacting these things are all innocent accidents one of a kind?”
When you open a medical practice there is an assumption by the public that you have at least googled the Hippocratic oath which says “first do no harm” which in the case of Doshi Diagnostics is so far from the truth you would need an American sniper with a state of the art scope to reach the oath or any adherence to its even most basic of principles

Ground control to major tom over night the world lost major tom, the star the icon the gentleman, David Bowie dead at 69


From the end of the 70’s till early 90’s I worked with my brothers who were already known worldwide as some of the most professional yet at the same time efficiently violent body guards and professional security of their day. I was protecting people on and off stage that my friends I went to school with could only ever see from the bleachers at rock concerts or from the posters on their bedroom walls.
The percentages were never in favor of them being as nice as they were talented, in fact most I would have gladly thrown out of the building if it were not that they paid my wage! Billy idol should have been medicated, ac/dc although nice were poster children for addhd van Morrison, a true gent but his wife should have had a house fall on her in munchkin land Tina turner was a goddess but David bowie was a pleasure to be around.
At different times David had his demons, but he was English gent and little did I know we were destined to meet again.
Most of my protection contracts were within Australia it went like, this get on the private plane when it landed before the client got off to face the press, then protect them to the hotel then from the hotel to the stadium from the stadium back to the hotel. The next day protect them while they did the rounds of radio stations and tv then back to the airport.
Sometimes my job was done at the airport but many times I stayed on a tour until they left Australia, then again a choice memorable few I stayed on for the whole of a tour.
After a while they all became one, but never David bowie he gave me the kind of great memories that allow one to still smile when their 90 in a home for the permanently bewildered.
Many years later I had transitioned and met Ella, and we moved to New York where I got my first job doing my real skills as a chef. my job was as pastry chef and catering manager for a gourmet catering company in Manhattan we catered the twin towers a lot we catered the united nations and for many of the movies filmed around manhattan.
A funny story made for a Bowie reunion.
My first week in the business in NYC an order came in for a movie set for three dozen scones, nobody told me American scones resembled albino bear turds and what you guys call “biscuits” are real English scones. So any way I was in the basement bakery filling the order and the Latino kitchen hands were packing it for delivery, when the owner came down screaming at me what were these? Holding up my scones calling them pills. Now the exhaust from the baking ovens was vented from the basement out the back wall of the building and we knew the shop owned the brown stone behind but also we knew that a couple of very private famous people lived in cloister of buildings next door.
So as the owner was screaming at me one of the Latino kitchen hands who barely spoke English was trying to tell the owner he should come upstairs someone wanted to speak to him, now to digress for a moment I was brought up by an English step father so whenever I hear English accents my ears prick up and suddenly through the floor I could hear a very distinct accent talking and laughing and I was called upstairs. When I topped the stairs who should be talking to the owner but David bowie, the exhaust it seems had been sending the smell of English scones over his back yard all morning, and like Hansel and Gretel’s bread crumb trail he had followed the smell.
Well suddenly I wasn’t being fired but applauded, bowie bought every single one of the proper English scones and became an occasional client because I could cook real English treats such as a real Yorkshire pudding. He remembered me from touring and we discussed my transition for a moment and for a small time all was good in the world.
That was in 1999 and I left that job in 2003 but the memories remain Of a young aussie keeping major tom safe and singing, and a newly transitioned chef cooking him scones and homemade marmalade is the bowie I will always love, so instead of crying about his passing let’s take his lead and
“Let’s dance, put on your red shoes and dance the blues, let’s play under the moonlight the serious moonlight” thankyou David for the memories and the music.

Doshi diagnostics on 147th st in flushing queens you are not ADA compliant or accessible

A week ago I found a lump in my left breast, Immediately I panicked my mum died of cancer after having it five times in her life, two of my sisters dealt with it and my oldest brother battled melanoma after all were a clan of beach mad aussie with so many brown spots on us we look like a dot to dot game.
Ella rang my internist and she immediately fitted me in, she did an exam and said at my age (50+) it is not uncommon to have benign cysts but with my family background we can’t assume so she wrote an immediate referral to a radiology practice for a sonogram.
Now we live in flushing queens and we after many phone calls discovered one literally the other end of the street that crosses ours merely hundreds of yards from home and we made an appointment for 12 midday today.
Ella did all due diligence
1/ are you wheelchair accessible from the street?
2/ do you even know what accessible means?
3/once in your building are there any stairs?
4/ are the rooms my partner will roll into large enough for her wheelchair and be treated?
The woman answered all of these in the yes ,the hell yes even and now please don’t call me racist this sentence is merely to identify the offending idiot, the woman who answered all these questions had a very clear white sounding speaking voice in a practice with a Korean name(Doshi) and mainly a Korean speaking staff.
Well when we arrived the top of the ramps landing was so small and the doors opened outward so that if you were in a chair both the door open and a wheelchair present couldn’t happen simultaneously that should have been the first hint.
Secondly when the door opened as you can see in the pic below there is a small (less than 8 feet wide by 10ft long) waiting room which in fact isn’t a waiting room it’s a landing in the middle of a stair case
Now Ella also pointed out my weight is more than 250lbs and at no time in the phone call did they even mention stairs at all, when we got there they had one of those stair case elevator chairs with a weight max of 200lbs but they also told me my wheelchair wasn’t allowed I had to use theirs which had a weight limit of 150lbs and Zeus my legal service dog was forbidden?
So I am now home after a 20 minute exchange with fools who thought stair cases and wheelchairs were a good mix without a sonogram because as you can see I never got within two flights of stairs of a sonogram tech I still have a lump I’m still scared shitless and I have to start all over again but Doshi diagnostics still has a wheelchair accessible sign on their front door and five fools who make the three stooges look like Mensa members laughing at the disabled from the top of a staircase..

My reply to suck it up butter cup and other inane statements

In the past few days since the new year a lot of people on Facebook and twitter have put up statements that they are sick of the disabled complaining we should just suck it up or “put on our big girl panties and get over it” and 100 other inane and insulting platitudes that assume we the people who are dis and otherwise abled.
Before you judge us and our life styles perhaps you should roll a mile in our chairs, here is an example of how we are treated like fools by the medical community and others with the ability to make our days suck.
September 15th 2015 as I was leaving my apartment building with service dog Zeus a group of Asian youth who get their jollies by riding razor scooters and skateboards to close to the elderly on walking sticks and the dis and otherwise abled on walking frames and those of us with wheels under their asses and in my case they have taken to riding towards Zeus and swerving out at the last minute pulled their usual stunt to within 3 inches of Zeus he moved to protect me and they knocked my chair with force back over against the sharp edge of a gate post injuring my rotator cuff and causing a subcutaneous hematoma and severe pain and the inability to move or use my arm.
After a few weeks of trying to let it heal naturally (yes I know should have gone the same day) and the doctor suggested a MRI, here’s the problem as a child I was serially molested and locked in small dark places including the trunk of a car for a long period of time by my monster, so I have clinical claustrophobia and severe anxiety when I know I have to have any test in a confined space. As a result of my claustrophobia I have to be put under full anesthesia to simply have an MRI or CT scan, so my wife started calling, first she found the hospital with an MRI that could take both my weight my height and my shoulder width she even measured me in a laying down position and called the MRI suite and got confirmation I fitted.
She then called and found and anesthesiologist and made sure he took our medical insurance and he was booked we then contacted our orthopedic surgeon gave her all the details and made sure she put her official approval on it all and a date was given.
Two weeks before the date she rang and double checked everything, the day before Ella rang and reminded them I was claustrophobic and had anxiety and they assured us I would not have to wait any length of time.
My appointment was 10.15 for paperwork and 10.30 am to be taken in so we arrived at 9.55am to be sure filled out the paper work and waited, at 10.30 am we asked politely how much longer we were told 20 minutes as soon as the person in front of me was off the table I would be going in. At 11am we politely asked if I would be going in and was told abruptly “be patient you’re not special” at 11.30 am by this time I was spasming from anxiety and borderline pre seizure and was told again 20 minutes and there was 2 people in front of me, at 12 midday we asked and we were given the excuse the law stated only one person at a time was allowed in recovery so I would have to wait till each person in front of me had had an MRI gone to recovery and awoke and been sent home and she had no idea how long. I asked for a senior staff member we showed them the arrangements and the assurance I would go first because of the claustrophobia and anxiety issues and I was again told 20 minutes more.
At 12.30 I was having mini seizures and we asked and was told to be quiet and stop bothering her and she refused to check how long, at 12.45 finally the MRI tech came out and brought me in, then he spent 20 minutes in the back room trying to convince me I didn’t need anesthesia and when I insisted he said he thought I was too fat so I asked to see a doctor so then he told me he had 10 minutes of questions with him 10 minutes with a nurse and at least 20 with a radiologist and ten with the anesthesiologist and the whole while he sat me facing the MRI increasing my anxiety 100 fold.
By the time I went on to the gurney to be put under it was after 1pm I was put under and when I awoke in their “one person only” recovery there were 20 beds with a nursing staff of over a dozen?
I was told they never did any tests or the MRI because I didn’t fit? Didn’t fit we told the radiologist about all the calls and you guessed it it wall denied by the staff they claimed they never spoke to us.
They made Zeus wait with Ella outside on the street when at any other hospital he is always there when I awoke. I got upset they called security and when we left magically a doctor zeiffer head of radiology for the whole hospital came down to the street to ask what happened when it was explained and she heard all the pre planning and confirmations suddenly the hospital is waving the fees for it all tens of thousands of dollars and organizing everything again? Why couldn’t they have been this caring when it mattered rather than when it was needed to stop a potential law suit?
So the givers of platitudes will rush to say this is a one of? Oh god I wish it was as a transgender women I was once made to sign a form stating I would act male while in their hospital dress male and not take any hormones even though all this was illegal, another time when I it turned out I had the beginning of what I now live with a life threatening allergy to certain foods that causes stomach bloating and severe pain I was admitted to a er and woke up by the way at this time I was a pre op trans and a supposed doctor was telling me I was pregnant and it was ectopic ? Telling a pre op transgender woman that she had even had fallopian tubes and they had a fetus growing in them and they went to medical school??
Anyway there is a book larger than war and peace to even just break the surface of the biased and abusive treatment dealt to the disabled in and er anywhere in the world and god forbid your disability is mental then you’re ignored.

Disabledaccessdenied announces the opening Of Mia’s handmade knits

Mia’s thoughts Attention friends, I need your help as winter approaches you will all buy new scarfes and blankets for your bed why not buy from small business that does quality instead of large “made in china ” department stores.
The reason I started this enterprise is not to make my fortune , I have made a couple and lost them already in my life and I’m rich with love.
Here’s the point, my wife for the last 8 years since I have been permanantly disabled has had to stay working for an abusive mysoginistic asshole who thinks nothing of making personal attacks in front of the entire staff and because of my disability I can not do anything about it for fear of losing her job and our medical benefits.
He laughs at the fact that he knows he has us between a rock and a hard place because of my situation.
So the sooner I can make a bit of money the sooner we can tell the prick to go fuck himself and runaway to new mexico.
every ten products I sell one equivalent will be donated to charity.
see the story below for details

To all my face book friends, whenever I knit and being a wheelchair user who has had a bad year with health keeping me in bed a lot I have been knitting a hell of a lot. Many tell me how amazing my work is. well I’m calling out to all those fans to see if they would like to become customers?
The Australian government is gradually cutting my pension which is my right to have to the bone and without it I have no income.
I spent most of this year knitting for the homeless my goal was 100 scarfes and I managed 75 40 inch long scarfs and along with hats and gloves we collected we gave them away to new yorks homeless.

So if you live in freezing cold climate or just need a new scarf or bed quilt let me knit it for you?
I have done my research, compared to what etsy and other online craft businesses charge My quilts are quality and affordable.
I can make a quilt in under a month

and scarves in two days
and lap rugs for wheelchair users in three days

and hey grandparents a wrap for the new grandchild to come home from hospital in in under a week, a one of a kind in less than a week
Any parents or grandparents to be, this was knitted to be an heirloom and bring the baby home from hospital. It is merino lamb’s wool fringed all the way around

I have just had some enquiries for the wheelchair lap rugs, quilts and baby wraps below is some of my work please contact me at if you’re interested
patch quilt
Here’s a quilt you can be proud of
pride quilt

And for all the pet lovers we cater for them too
cold zeus

here is the first scarf completed for a client

My work is quality and I work quick, if you’re looking for quilts as raffle prizes I can work you a deal. I am trying to get off of having to rely on a federal australian pension so the goverment stops controlling my life. contact me on and I can send you a yarn chart to choose your own wool and you’ll know what it costs me and then we can negotiate my time. thankyou for taking the time to look I hope you give me a try. I will send anywhere in the world after all you’re paying thr postage.

Turkish President Recep Erdoğan praises Hitler’s Germany as having an effective government

MIA’S THOUGHTS- Well folks welcome to 2016, we all partied last night and I can guarantee that where ever you were last night after a few drinks serious conversation started and People wondering what is wrong with the world? they do it flippantly but never really want to hear the answer. Well below is the answer a modern day world ruler who thinks Hitler was a good ruler, an efficient goverment?
Unfortunately this fool is not alone iran ,iraq and many govemrents we give billions too agree with him, whether or not you agree with israel like the jewish faith is irrelivant because for any one goverment to think the answer to any problem is the complete irradication -genocide of another race or faith is insanity and that person or goverment has no place anywhere where they can even attempt to carry out their vision let alone ruling a country with military nukes and unlimited finance.

wants the death penalties for gays.
Iran has death squads and pays a bounty for every gay thrown from a roof.
Putin on one hand allowd a gay pride march, but on the other hand bussed in German neo nazi gangs and paid them to beat and assault anyone marching and instructed Russian police not to interfere.
The world is saying don’t judge all muslims because of a few and rightly so, there have been more murders in America and other western countries by those professing christianity than ever by muslims real or percieved,( oklahoma city, the several hundred mass shootings except san bernadino) yet no one cries for the death of all christians.
Let’s wake up America and all western nations,any country that makes hate speech filled outbursts like this mad man should recieve no aid, no help, no military protection until the offending leader is removed. Let’s worry less about a few madmen in black yelling “in sha allah” and start concentrating on the world powers who have allowed despots and madmen to be elected, because until we do groups like isis will be the least of our worries.
Reposted from a story By Tom Mendelsohn

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
Hitler’s Germany had an effective form of government, according to Turkey’s increasingly controversial President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Turkey’s leader, whose AKP party won a convincing election victory last year, wants to change the Turkish constitution to grant the country’s currently ceremonial role of president executive powers, making it more like the USA, France or Russia.

The president has previously served three terms as Turkey’s prime minister – currently the top executive job – and was prevented by party rules from running a fourth time. He pressed all last year to increase executive powers for his current role, in what opponents see as a Vladimir Putin-like attempt to remain in ultimate power of the country. The Russian premier has held power since 2000 by holding roles as both president and prime minister.

Erdoğan’s critics already worried by his authoritarian nature are likely to be further concerned at these new comments.

Erdoğan’s controversies

Erdoğan is no stranger to weird proclamations. He has previously claimed that Muslims discovered the Americas before Christopher Columbus, and that women are not equal to men.

He also vowed in 2014 to eradicate Twitter: “We will wipe out Twitter. I don’t care what the international community says. They will see the Turkish republic’s strength.”

He made the Hitler comparison on Thursday, when he was asked whether it was possible to combine an executive presidency with the Turkish state’s unitary structure. He said: “There is nothing to say that you can’t have a presidential system in a unitary state. There are already examples in the world. You can see it when you look at Hitler’s Germany.

“There are later examples in various other countries,” he told reporters according to Turkish news agencies.

The ruling Islamist Justice and Development party (AKP), which Erdoğan founded, is focusing on writing a new constitution for Turkey after it won back a majority in the country’s November parliamentary election – with the tentative backing of its main opposition CHP.

The current constitution was drawn up after a military coup in 1980, and while opposition politicians agree it needs to be rewritten, Erdoğan’s critics do not back the presidential system he desires, fearing it will put too much power into the hands of a famously authoritarian leader

T’was the night before christmas

And all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse,
No wheelchairs were rolling not a frogs leg moving, too much eggnog and all were snoring,
When suddenly from the rooftop a noise could be heard wait was it him, could it be? Had he finally arrived?
Had he landed it smoothly had he survived? You think I mean Santa the fat guy in a suit? But no what wheelies dream of is wheelz fotheringham landing slammy right on their roof!
Like a rock star and a hero he landed a double, hand planted the gutter and rim rode the chimney straight down to the lounge room to his jack Daniels and burritos!
Anyone can ride a double wide with reindeer all night, but it takes wheelz to land a box chair and make it look easy
All over the world in one single night, giving passes to his show, t-shirts and swag even managing hot chairs from his bag
So goodnight to all and to all a shredding goodnight


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