Hey TV movies and advertising why do you use fake disabled people on film? Who do you think you’re fooling?


I first got a bug up my ass about this when I saw an ad for a drug that effects blind people because they don’t know day from night so their body clock is out, it had a un- aided blind woman running down her cobblestone path in heels without a cane or a dog. Now before you jump on me,  yes blind or visually impaired people are quite able to get around their own familiar environments, but I grew up with a blind family member  he didn’t run down paths he walked carefully and slowly, and he always said cobblestones were blind persons hell.

In the same ad there is a cool looking young guy in a Italian suit with a supposed guide dog, and he is almost running through grand central but the shepherd cross guide dog (never seen crossbreds used) isn’t walking around objects he has to direct it and the dog is almost running and the ad makes it obvious that both the dog isn’t a guide dog and the man isn’t blind?

Another ad has a supposedly long term(25 years) paraplegic woman in a wheelchair, the problem is her supposed fulltime chair is a hospital type with high sides that make pushing yourself almost impossible and it just isn’t a chair we the permanently disabled would use, it’s the kind orderlies push you to x-ray in?

I‘m an actor comedian and have done 6 major movies, more than 1,000 hours of prime time tv and  hundreds of hours of voice over and 3 years radio voice over.

I am contactable, mike box is a known figure he could advise on what wheelchairs ? wheels fotheringham is an entertainer, otter bailey,the push girls(remember them) there are dozens of advocacy groups so why in a political climate where we are being accused of being a drain on the federal finances if were on disability is one of the richest industries in the world using able bodied performers to fake being disabled?

I have worked as a fight choreographer so actors look like they know martial arts, why not employ a wheelchair advisor who instructs how you sit what type of chair and how you push? Isn’t that part of the show equally important? Obviously not to most Madison ave agencies or Hollywood studios.

In a generation where tens of thousands of dis and otherwise abled soldiers, sailors and marines and airmen are coming home broken every day and movies about them are being made every day why wouldn’t you want to respect those who fought for us and get it right?

Our bodies might not work 100% but the brains are just hitching a ride in most cases and even with those with closed head injury why wouldn’t you want authenticity in your work? Get it together people we can make your product better and by doing so make our lives independent again its win win all around.

The patient suffers when The medical world creates addicts


Eighteen years ago a young trans woman who had been a speed addict using a gram a day of pure speed up their nose got clean and stayed clean for ten days, and during that ten days the dealer who kept the trans woman high was getting pissed so they found the trans woman and created a speed ball (a mixture of speed and heroin and injected the woman) the woman had never injected only snorted.

The local doctor found a dumped woman unconscious on her practice doorstep when she came in the morning to open up for the day, the benevolent doctor hooked the trans woman up to a drip of electrolytes and put her in a room for 24 hours and detoxed her, that trans woman was me and I have been clean for eighteen years.

That was until I had the misfortune to ever meet an orthopedic surgeon called dr jobin, he did surgery to repair a 97% tear in my left rotator cuff and repair a fracture to the scapula and a strangulated group of nerves connected to my left bicep.

All good you say ,well except for the so called doctor who left one of the five surgical wounds he created completely unstitched! Yes a surgeon left the surgical wound gaping open.

Then to handle the pain they told me would only last a few weeks but he sent me home get this one person with the following.






Acetametaphine-(hospital grade Tylenol)

And just kept telling me to take combinations of them in handfuls every four hours to handle the excruciating pain, when one would stop working the instructions were just take the next or a combination of the two.

Then after sending someone home whom the doctor had full knowledge of their addict past with the above drugs, he just decides to keep writing refills not for 5 days or 10 days but for 60 days then cuts them off cold turkey! And if you called to get medical advice about the ongoing pain the doctor delegated my personal intimate file to his receptionist to answer questions?

A non-medical high school educated woman having unfettered access to patient records and asked by the doctor to make medical decisions?

So I was on the hydro morphine first and went cold turkey off it when it ran out,  I went on the oxy codeine it just ran out monday, the pain is still excruciating and use of my left arm limited to the weight of a coffee cup.

I thought  I had detoxed but going from morphine to codeine  just kept the opioid tank full, thanks to a doctor with the moral and ethics of a 10th ave drug dealer I have been home for the last 72 hours sweating cramping crapping puking basically coming off drugs stronger than the sped ever was because of a doctor who would rather keep the drug companies happy than the patient safe.

His alternative is cold turkey then go to a so called pain management clinic where a woman younger than most of my shoes will teach me to think of “pretty things” when I want pain meds? Well miss pretty  things  you have your large body smashed against a steel post by a street gang then an incompetent doctor who forgets to stitch patients back up when he’s finished cuts not one but five holes in your shoulder and then sends you home alone to handle it yourself then see if pretty things do it for you?

I was proud of my sobriety and now it has been shit on by doctor drug dealer and his band of happy dealers.

So if my tweets are short and sharp this week or I finally tell that annoying liar on Facebook to go fuck herself I hope you understand, except the liar that’s all true.

So my friends next time a surgeon hands you a bag of drugs so big it should have a stick through it to carry it tell them go fuck themselves because two decades of hard work is not worth pissing on. Anyway the yukky side of detox is me going to the bathroom for the twenty third time in two hours! No wait that’s about to be twenty four

ACCESSIBLE DESIGNS INC When the product is quality and the people are quality why go anywhere else?

 Two years ago I was introduced to a new type of wheelchair glove because of my huge hands no other fitted my huge mits. The gloves work because they wrap? yes they are gloves that you put your thumb through and the rest of the glove is just a wrap around the palm of the hand with the wrist incorporating a wrist support like weightlifters use, in short they were perfect.
They always go the extra mile, the first time I ordered us post lost my gloves ,here we go I thought the company would say “not our problem” far from it I payed for 7 day mail delivery they apologized and fedex overnighted them at a cost greater than the actual retail cost of the gloves themselves! now thats class.
When you make thousands of something, it is bound to happen that from time to time a faulty article will slip through to market, it’s just a fact of life no reflection on the company. in 2013 I was heading to Australia for my 35th high school reunion and I ordered new gloves the  gloves arrived and there were loose threads and as I put them onthey split in half. two days before flight time I contacted them with photos again they over nighted not one pair but two? and they didn’t charge me for either!
Now just before my surgery My gloves from 2013 finally fell apart from constant use So one day I was bored laying in bed with my left shoulder post surgery bandaged and in a splint laying there I thought “when this arm is better I’ll need new gloves” so I called the owner asked “how are you mia?” I told him about my surgery the gloves arrived with a printed note with the company emblem on the top and below it read “WISHING YOU A SPEEDY RECOVERY, PLEASE ENJOY THE NEW GLOVES ON US”  Once again a classy group of caring people going the extra mile!

About Accessible Designs, INC.

Accessible Designs INC

A San Antonio, Texas based company, founded, owned and managed by Todd Hargroder, a quadriplegic of twenty years. ADI designs, manufactures and distributes cutting edge mobility products for the wheelchair mobility industry and serves as a select distributor for high end mobility products, accessories and quality rehabilitation fitness equipment for the disabled individual. Each of these products is consistent with our mission to enhance the mobility, independence and well-being of people with disabilities by evaluating and addressing the root of problem in order to effect change and provide lasting solutions.

ADI’s San Antonio facilities include design, fabrication, assembly and business offices. Our fabrication shop is readied with the necessary equipment required to take concept drawings and quickly fabricate prototypes, as well as manufacture finished product.

ADI fab shop

ADI is passionate about the need for a fusion of advanced technology from other industries into the wheelchair and wheelchair product design process. ADI works closely with the worlds leading wheelchair design and manufacturing companies, The Human Engineering Research Laboratories (HERL) of the University of Pittsburgh, and The ROHO Group in the development of advanced wheelchair technologies and equipment.

Todd Hargroder

Todd Hargroder MX National

In 1986, Todd had a motorcycle accident, sustaining a spinal cord injury at the cervical 5-6 level. Throughout and since his rehabilitation process, he experienced numerous frustrations with both the quality and functionality of equipment available for use by people dealing with a disabling condition. He began utilizing his prior knowledge of the bicycle/motorcycle industry to modify existing products and design new products to more satisfactorily suit his needs and desire to regain independence. As his designs progressed, he experienced a local demand for some of his early products in the rehabilitation and therapy market and thus started ADI. This allowed and encouraged him to continue development of his engineering ideas and led to the distribution of his products throughout the U.S. market, in rehab facilities and through medical equipment suppliers, and through a broader scope of national and international distribution. Todd also has established relationships with VA Systems providing a wide range of products, serves as an ongoing consultant to therapists and veterans regarding individual mobility needs and works closely with the University of Pittsburgh, Human Engineering Research Laboratory, in the development of advanced wheelchair technologies and equipment.

Todd Hargroder

Todd feels passionately about the need for a fusion of advanced technology from other industries into the wheelchair and wheelchair product design process. Through his efforts and commitment to quality he has successfully positioned his company at the forefront of this long awaited and anticipated technological progression.

Todd holds several U.S. patents in the durable medical equipment industry and continues to enjoy the aggressive engineering of new cutting edge technology for the active wheelchair user. He is active in the community, serving as guest speaker for numerous local organizations to promote new inventors and entrepreneurs, and is an ongoing guest panel speaker involved in the spinal cord injury education.

Am I not worth the words?


The Mahayana Buddhists believe that a being only gets a numbered amount of actual breaths in a lifetime that is why contemplation of thought, deep meditation on an idea and slowing down of one’s life are at the very core of their teachings

It is very hard for most westerners to grasp this concept as it is many other ideas based around respect for oneself and others, to put conscious thought before the spoken work is I sadly believe an idea gone the way of Tasmanian devil, something glorified in tales of old but sadly only remembered in books.

Speaking with forethought based on how much you value the intended recipient of your verbosity is an idea I think this generation cannot or will not grasp, what am I talking about you ask?

When I speak to a certain person in my life they irritate to no end with one of their habits as I speak they will sit and “ahuh, ahuh, ahuh ooh aahh mmmmm  uhuh uhuh  and if I ask what they thought they will say they answered me? I say “but when?” they reply “I said u huh” really am I not worthy, no is our friendship so unimportant to them that I’m not worth the time it takes to form actual words? We have with the coming and going of each generation so dumbed down our children that it has become acceptable to use “lol” and lmao and other computer speak in actual conversation, that once where we declared our love on stationery in a scented love now it is done with E-cards and emoticons, some even have sunk so low as to end relationships via text?

If I ask you a question how hard is it for you to form actual words with vowels and cons tenants?

Is not yes as easy as “uhuh”? It takes but a minute to call someone and remind them you care.

I have a woman I know, I have in fact known her since high school almost 40 years ago she is back in Australia and I am here in New York, she is facing health challenges and many people some in the same small town declared their support by Facebook their upset with crying emoticon and their support for her recovery with beating heart emoticons? But they were in many cases in the same post code as we call a zip back in Australia? I am sure they meant it all down to the last one but to me I felt she needed to hear a friendly voice saying “love you kid got your back and let us know if you need anything” because to me “she was worth the words”

My wife, she who must be obeyed, works in the business of publishing she sends emails and texts in her sleep it is so ingrained into her life, and she will text and email and PM people all over the world each day me included, but to me she is worth the call, worth the two minutes, worth the breath around the vocal cords to say “how’s your day darling, don’t worry I’m healing fine” you see our love is worth the words.

There are some places where the electronic age is pertinent, my friends in Nepalese monasteries where snail mail takes months, my beautiful nephew, a United states marine on deployment overseas somewhere, we stay in touch by Facebook, but the moment I know where he is we call or write because he needs to know that our love for him is unquestionable, our support for the job is doing goes without saying and we count the days till he is once again safely home.

In these times of electronic media people actually commit suicide over not having enough twitter followers or they call someone they have never met a friend because they clicked accept to their Facebook friend request, but is that what a friend is? Michael mormina, Wayne fuetril, Phil murphy, jo offe mike Belnap these are friends we went to school in the 70’s together Belnap was our teacher, there are others not as many years friends none the less. Then I have 500 others on Facebook with whom I chat daily, and of those I have actually met I can count on one hand, and then others by their unselfish deeds are set to become new friends as important in their own ways to us as my school friends are in theirs.

Remove stress, remove angst, remove turmoil and worry very simply, ask yourself “are they worth the words”? If they’re not their not friends their condemnation or ridicule cannot hurt if you put them in a category of no more important than the any other person on face book or the guy who drives my morning bus!

We as a race need to get back to valuing those who actually create, those who leave the earth a better place because they were here, teachers need to be raised up for we trust them with the earths future.

Our concept of hero is twisted, a sportsman who has convictions for spousal abuse gets$200 million dollar contracts but a 20 year old lance corporal in the united states marines gets less than 25 thousand before tax for carrying a gun and laying his life on the line for our protection?

Take time to put pen to paper, take time to read a real magazine, a real novel, send thankyou notes and call someone not text or pm but actually call. I

n Australia we just drop by for a cuppa? On weekends we buy a six pack load up the bbq and just go to a friend’s house. It will not be until you have worked out who are worth the words, Who are worth using some of those limited number breaths the Buddhists tell us we have that we can truly work out our own worth, our own place and our own value in this world.

Social media was only ever invented to be just what its name implies”a way to use computers to just say “G’day” a way to find others with similar interests without leaving your house. It was never meant to restructure your very being to the point where by if someone doesn’t hit like or enough don’t retweet you actually question your self-worth.

Try going out and finding a printers and a pen store and buying yourself a personal stationery kit, get up drive to the hallmark store, walk down aisles think about the person you want to send the card to and choose the card with them in mind and then sit and writing in cursive actually write a nice thought or wish and mail it.

Try buying a few cards to keep around to send if you hear a friend has a baby or someone passed away they will always appreciate it.

I was watching nbc the other day and a couple who were over 100 years old had been married 80 years, and he had served in world war 2 and she had said what kept the love alive was she still has every love letter he ever wrote home from war tied up with a ribbon and from time to time they sit and read them to each other.

Ask yourself can your emoticons and smiley faces keep your love alive for 80 years? when you’re gone can they be kept to remind someone of you? Breath look around decide who is worth the words, the love, the effort, surround yourself with them and remind them regularly just how much they mean to you.

use your vocabulary to form wisdom, not grunts that confuse and you might just be part of something wonderful. Words can open eyes and hearts like nothing else can rather than using the seven pounds above your head to win candy crush use it to write something wonderful and win a heart.

I know I am writing this on a computer but for every keystroke I have ever taken there is a word of the queens English on a page somewhere, we only pass through this world we don’t own it we care take it for our children what will you leave them ?

Report: Parents of autistic boy, 5, claim school abuse

reposted from a story alread online authored By Ryan Lavis | lavis@siadvance.com
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on March 21, 2016 at 9:32 PM, updated March 22, 2016 at 12:41 AM
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STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — The parents of a 5-year-old autistic boy allege that an educational aide at PS 373R in West Brighton threw their son to the ground during class because he was licking his own hand, and that a city school official covered up the incident, according to DNAinfo.com.

Theresa and Paul Zapken reportedly plan on suing the city’s Department of Education over the incident.

The parents of a 5-year-old autistic boy allege that an educational aide at PS373R in West Brighton threw their son to the ground during class, according to DNAinfo.com.

The couple claims that the school’s assistant principal, Maria Dinneny, lied to them about the March 26, 2015, incident. She told the parents that the allegations were unsubstantiated and neglected to inform them that the aide had a previous student abuse incident, according to the report.

The couple reportedly only learned the truth months later when they obtained a copy of the incident report through a Freedom of Information Law request.

“It should have never happened,” the Zapkens’ lawyer, Michael L. Walker, told DNAinfo. “This is something that everyone with kids in the public school should know about.”

Bellevue Hospital Employee Indicted on Charges He Assaulted Special Needs Patient

Reposted from a news story already online By NY1 News
Thursday, March 24, 2016 at 01:35 PM EDT

A Bellevue Hospital employee was indicted Wednesday on multiple charges that he assaulted a special needs patient, according to investigators.

Officials said 37-year old Dwain Rodrigues choked a patient under his care at the Bellevue Hospital Prison Ward on two separate occasions.

The patient suffered a fractured nose and eye socket, as well as lacerations, according to officials.

Rodrigues was charged with endangering the welfare of a physically disabled person and assault

That’s the pot calling the kettle black!

two days ago I reposted and article from pushliving magazine online written by deborah Davis pics by photoability.net and just as I’m doing now I gave them full credit and in no way shape or form did  I claim credit for the article at the top it stated clearly it was reposted from her magazine and at the bottom It said “for more information about this story got to pushliving magazine.”

Almost immediately I recieved an email from one “deborah davis” telling me I used her story and shouldn’t have”

I replied I gave you full credit and made it clear that I never took credit then she started to say I stole her work? stealing would be if I claimed that the story was mine.

The diatribe continued then she posted on her facebook a passive aggressive piece about someone stealing her material and how I must have such a shallow life?then she hash tagged it someting about  no talent stealing?

So I checked out ms Davis and her youtube I checked ,the very first one she was using pharrels song “happy” was she using that with the artists permission? the very article where she made reference to me she used coco chanels name and corporate emblem? did she contact the estate of coco chanel? then further down there were complete stories taken straight from Msnbc, huffington post and several electoral campaigns?

also- health.com,knowpolitical,occupy democrats,thepeoplesview.net,hilaryclinton.com,associationfordisabledamericans

They are just a few ? all I did was as I have always done when a subject is important enough to e shared I coy it but make it completely clear that it wasn’t mine and post it I have had over 380,000 readers if ten percent of them read it that’s 38,000 newly informed abelists.

I will not apologize for spreading the word , I will not apologize for helping my community And if some blondin a wheelchair can’t see tht sharing is making awareI’m sorry for her this isn’t about our own ego’s this is about results and if even just one more person becomes enlightened to our rights then my job is done.

P.S. she so wants to help the disabled community she has since blocked me and changed all her security settings, and btw the three people who commented about shitty it was to “steal her story” when I went on their respective face book walls one alone had over thirty stories and articles and video clips taken from other blogs in their entirety? if this keeps up they’ll have have enough pots for a kettle store!