It matters Not That I Have Wheels And Roll In This Life, For In The Next Life I Shall Have Wings And Fly!


When you become disabled beware of doctors and those few words

When you’re lying in a hospital bed in a spinal unit or neurology or surgical ward, a lot of people with titles come by your bed and their sentences all start with words like “well you have to get used to the fact that now you’re a paraplegic/quadriplegic/amputee there are things you can no longer do”. They send you to pt and the therapist all while doing their best to be encouraging are trained teach us how to be happy while being able to do less than before.
As a child I was born with very serious epilepsy, dr Manson a great neurologist warned my mom “the child can never do contact sports, the child can never roller skate, the child can never ride a bike don’t get it excited” Because that was the thinking of the day.

Well this epileptic played full contact lacrosse and was damn good at it, this epileptic in her mid-fifties and has studied judo and several other martial arts for forty years and achieved black belt standard several times over. I rock climbed, I abseiled, I ran marathons I surfed, basically I took everything Sir James Manson said and wiped my ass with it.

My son was born with multiple asd’s and vsd’s (holes in the inner and outer walls of the heart) a faulty valve ,hydrocephalus, a mental delay, a speech learning disorder (echo-laly) and epilepsy and as he grew the worst case of addhd the hospital had ever seen since ne other 30 years before and that was me!
Those doctors after my son was in nicu for many months came around his bed, came around us at meetings and started their sentences with those famous words “your child has epilepsy severe cardiac conditions hydrocephalus and slight retardation he will never be the child you dreamed of, he will be sickly don’t let him play sports”.
He will never grow properly because of the cardiac condition, so he will be small basically wrap him in cotton wool and bubble wrap?
My son Adam is now 27, he is almost 6ft 4 he is over 250 lbs. he played Australian rules football he played roller hockey he learnt to fight and he lives in a remote country town he is now a high functioning Asperger’s adult and like me wiped his ass on the warnings the doctors gave us when he was born.
The world is always frightened about what they don’t understand, they always attempt to control that which they consider different but last time I checked one human controlling another is universally outlawed and referred to as slavery.
I tell people my body may be broken with wheels under my ass but my brain a very good brain merely hitches a ride, that’s what I find with most of us. I know a young woman who just started college, she has genius IQ she is happy she is a joy to know she rock climbs and does so many sports and does them like everything else in her life very well and oh by the way she was born with cerebral palsy. So you know at some stage in some hospital somewhere doctors gathered around her parents and used those famous words, but my friend whose name for her privacy I will not use is kicking ass and taking names in ever thing in life she does and smiling and giggling with that infectious giggle all the way.
Doctors and politicians and people with degrees fight o hard to take money from projects that teach freedom and independence to dis and otherwise abled because some where some time some version of those word were drummed into their small bigoted minds as undeniable facts.
Look around you people, hell in some cases look above you and duck,

nitro aaron2
look over the edge look at the people jumping out of the plane notice they have wheels they have crutches they have prosthetics they have white canes they live with and daily conquer diagnosis that less than fifty years ago would have had them in a rubber room eating jell and putting pencils in a box and making straw brooms for a career and school would never be considered because even if you were physically disabled it was assumed a fact that retardation was hiding somewhere within.
When I roll ten blocks to the rock wall gym to climb unassisted, or to the pool to swim 2miles a day I roll past grossly obese red faced coughing and hacking so called able bodied people that by the simple fact they stand upright and move unaided are deemed superior to me in all ways.
Well when you go to vote next year or go to a town hall or debate ask the candidate what are their views on the rights of the disabled, on the enforcement of the Americans with disabilities act. If you truly care for the disabled the wounded warriors the parents of small children born with disabilities show it by not voting for people who don’t think we matter.
A lot of people constantly shove religion down my throat well here’s one of yours

“He who refuses but one of mine refuses me”

To all who think they have the right to judge the transgender community think again

Attention readers, to those who when taking I or other trans people on in an argument if you can only sink to the lowest insults for comebacks GET IT RIGHT
The penis is not chopped off, all fetus start out life as female in the womb therefore all human bodies have the identical cavity in the lower torso.
In women the fetus develops womb fallopian tubes and uterus and vagina, in male children the genitalia and reproductive system is pushed out and down on the outside of the body. Both sets of genitals have exactly the same amount of nerve endings.

So in Gender reassignment surgery NO IT’S NOT A SEX CHANGE the penis is carefully split along the back seam from head to scrotum the scrotum is opened and the testes removed, the inner cavity we all have is then turned into the vagina by inverting the skin from the penis and scrotum and one small piece of the head with nerve ending attached is kept to create the clitoris. The labia is made from the extra skin of the scrotum, and when it is done by an expert everything works and from the outside a doctor cannot tell the difference. So to my redneck friends who tell me YOU’RE NOT A WOMAN YOUR A DUDE WITH HIS DICK CHOPPED OFF somewhere a valet is keeping the space under a rock for you.

P.S. and to the women who say YOU’RE NOT A REAL WOMAN IM MORE WOMAN THAN YOU! actually you’re not, the average biological woman has between 87 and 90% female hormone and the rest male, when a transgender woman takes hormones her female hormone level in a blood test is on average 96% so last time I did math 96 is more than 87.

But here’s the thing readers the only person trying to exclude anyone and state their moral and physical superiority are the Christian and the rednecks and the bigots, we the Trans community whether male to female or female to male just want to live our lives.
I know of a trans woman walking her children home to her ex-wife when she was beaten to death by a new York cab driver with w tire iron in front of her five year old. When the police arrived the killer tried to say it wasn’t murder because we aren’t human? and one of the investigating officers wrote on his note pad in capitals MERCY KILLING. The papers reported not a woman beaten to death in front of her children even though the victim was post op, they reported a man with body alterations wearing women’s clothing was killed?

Huckabee says were of Satan but then says his god makes no mistakes? Rand a doctor himself says “were going through a phase”? Everyone has an opinion about our lives but could they stand the scrutiny on theirs?
One republican who keeps trying to make us illegal and says gays should be imprisoned was just caught with a rent boy in a motel and has a grinder profile, if you ask around the DC gay community the number one pick up place in Washington for middle aged or older gays in the men’s toilets in the capitol building?
Whoopi Goldberg said it best “if you don’t like gay marriage don’t marry a gay”
Buddhists have a teaching called stranger enemy friend and it is very appropriate for this it goes something like this “ you have a best friend for years and they suddenly do you a horrible wrong and become your enemy so you’re driving along a road crying sobbing and not paying attention and you have a horrible accident a stranger you have never met rushes to your aid and gives lifesaving cpr while waiting for the ambulance you called it arrives and you go to hospital and the doctor in the er who saves your life is the friend who did you wrong you become friends for life with the stranger who saved you”.
Words like hate and stranger and enemy and friend are titles created in the heart and the emotions, never from common sense and logic and can change in a second.
I know a Trans woman who is a surgeon who does heart transplants, another who feeds and clothes and houses the homeless and another who does probono law for abused children And many like me just want to be married live, be loved and go about our days. So before you judge stop and ask do you really have any right, any reason and does it make any sense?

Be careful what you wish for?

When I was growing up I was one in a tribe of kids who brought themselves up because our single mother was too busy being the princess of the parade, the highlight of the social circle, the president of the PTA, the president of the social committee at the sports club the one thing she wasn’t the president of or the cheer leader for were her kids! We weren’t brought up we were dragged up.
I left for school at 7am so my pedophile brother couldn’t get me, I stayed late so he would be at work. Tuesdays I was brought up by my lacrosse coach, Thursdays 6-7 lacrosse and 7-9 judo, Fridays straight from school to naval reserves, Saturday I was up at 7 am riding to the lacrosse club and didn’t leave until 9 at night and Sunday I was at lacrosse by 8am finished by 10 then ride 20 kilometers to judo till 4 then 25 home.
The only member of my family that was there as constant was my pedophile brother, he tucked me in every night then tucked into me every single day of every single year till I was 13.
I became a bad ass, I was kicked out more schools than any other child in the history of my state in one year and I still hold the record for the most expulsions. I round house kicked more teachers than I remember, I beat more bullies than I could count and walked out of more classes ran by morons than there are numbers. If it wasn’t for Mike Belnap and the huts (alternative mode learning) and my fellow huts ratz I would have been dead by 21.
At 14 I was throwing 17 year olds out of the roughest pubs for being under aged, I was bouncing hells angels from night clubs at 16, and guarding the world’s elite by 18. At the same time I was qualifying as a chef and getting my anger out on stage as a stand-up why do one thing when three feel better?, I guess I learnt that when I was avoiding my monster every day.
I had a sister who ran away and changed her name and played dead for 20 years, another who married the first sailor who fucked her then became gepetto and controlled that Vietnam vet from ptsd to successful fire chief and boat captain. I had another brother who went from navy to junky to hep c to hells angel in a blink of an eye.In the middle there was the monster who when he was too young to physically rape you any object he could find would do. Once he got his own gear working no one was safe, why let a little fact like being under 5 and related get in the way then there were his play things, myself and his sister!

A manager of security and protection once called me efficiently violent, everyone I knew was getting further away and inside I had a secret, outside I had a problem.
I was so hurt and so broken, so wrong in my heart that you could have been mother Teresa and I probably would have hurt you.
Then one day a light went off and when I could see I was alone, and and the light came from the top and I was at the bottom.
Those who came up with me knew the family I was from and who we were and what we and I were capable of. I swore to a life of non- violence, I swore to mend bridges and for the last 20 years I have.
Now if you were someone from my childhood or my teen years or my twenties two things come to mind, you know what could happen when anyone tries to hurt me or mine, so they are either tough and street wise and know how to handle themselves and live or they’re stupid ignore the signs that say don’t tease the dog beware it bites and do it anyway.
Well four years ago on face book a name popped up, a blast from the past someone who was there for it all, saw it all and knows it all and back then chose to walk away.
They said “hey mia forgive and forget “so we decided they would come from Australia to America, not just America but back into my world. That world is different now, I am permanently disabled, out loud and proud and Buddhist and haven’t round house kicked anyone since Clinton was president.
Whether they thought that made me an easy target or they are terminally ill and want to die, they came,they stole, they lied, and they destroyed my life or took their best shot at it, my new home, my new friends and then they had the balls to ask me for a few thousand to get home.
Well my dear ex friend you are alive now because of three people 1/Buddha
2/my wife Ella
3/ the respect I have left for the old friendship we had.

Why do people think because I am disabled I am low enough to kick? Why do they think because I give them my trust they wipe their asses on it? I am disabled not dead.
If anything has come out of the last three months it is that something Ella and I decided long ago is the only truth, we married under a tree on the 17th of April 1999 and her and I were the only ones under the tree.
I have friends who have helped in this crisis and to them I am both eternally grateful and sorry, grateful because they stepped in when it all hit the fan, and sorry they were ever put in the middle.
Even though they were there it became as clear as sunlight that the only people that can truly count on are each other because we were under the tree.
I have not slept before three am any night in the last three months, I have gained weight after fighting to lose it so hard for two years, and my every dream has been firstly about the molestation then ultimately it’s about the betrayal and me trying to work out why after all these years do they come back and see not the person they walked away from but a disabled woman in a chair and still think “fuck yeah take them for everything they got”?

Well my old rotund bespectacled friend, you must be having nightmares wondering “am I going home to a reception of her friends and family?” “Am I going home at all” “was any of this worth it?”
You see my old friend you are homeless, stinking, dirty, thousands of miles from home, and have tried your best to destroy the one person who ever gave a fuck about you, but tomorrow that person me, will wake up knowing they’re loved, starting to rebuild and still having the friends you did your best to alienate.
You however will simply wake up if you slept at all broke, alone and with a family who turned their backs on you.
Well played my friend, well played, don’t spend your ill-gotten gains all at once and may you live in interesting times.

Man in Wheelchair Forced to Crawl Off Plane

Reposted from a story already online by Brittany Jones-Cooper
Editor, Yahoo Travel
October 25, 2015

After United Airlines failed to bring him a wheelchair, D’Arcce Neal had no choice but to crawl off of the plane. (Photo: NBC News 4)

It’s the kind of thing that should never happen.

A man with disabilities had to crawl off a plane at Reagan National Airport on Tuesday after United Airlines forgot about him.

D’Arcce Neal has cerebral palsy and relies on his wheelchair for transportation. He says that as others deplaned, he was left waiting for the airline to bring him an aisle chair.

No one ever came.

Neal needed to use the restroom, so he took matters into his own hands. “I decided to get out and crawl down the plane, to my chair, got in it, and then just went about my business and left the airport,” Neal told NBC’s News 4. “It’s humiliating. No one should have to do what I did.”

Related: Woman in Wheelchair Forced to Crawl Onto Plane — Sues American Airlines

The National Disability Rights Network has received thousands of complaints about inaccessible travel. (Photo: iStock)

Neal is an advocate for people with disabilities and was actually returning from a trip to San Francisco, where he had just given a speech about accessible transportation.

“Half the time I feel like airlines treat people with disabilities as a secondary concern,” said Neal.

United Airlines said it regrets the delay in providing an aisle chair to assist Neal.

Sadly, this kind of thing has happened before.

In June, Theresa Purcell announced that she was suing American Airlines after she was forced to crawl onto a plane.

According to Purcell, she was boarding a commuter plane from San Diego to Hawaii when the gate agent told her it was too late for them to set up the wheelchair ramp. Left with no other option, she had to crawl onto the plane as others watched.

In an interview with News 4, Dara Baldwin of the National Disability Rights Network confirms that this is an issue that has occurred on various airlines and that over the past year, complaints have gone up 9 percent.

“In 2014 there were over 27,500 complaints in reference to things like this, so it is not uncommon,” she said

My blog lost it’s way but I’m back

When I first started this blog there was only one rule, that rule was no one told me what I could and couldn’t write My blog was, as my wife told me my place to scream at the universe and not get arrested!
She told me “start a blog, or start a bail fund because your disability has you angry and when someone has the skills you have angry is dangerous”
So I started writing about what affected me, “me me me” till my greatest Buddhist teacher, my mentor my friend and my bar by which I measure all of life Colin Crosbie told me “If you’re going to throw a pity party at least get it catered”!
So I meditated and eventually had the epiphany that if I was to write I should write with the critique that was it happening to all disabled or were one section of our community being disenfranchised for no other reason than they were disabled?
From the first moment I changed my writing strategy my reader ship went from 20 a day to 20,000 an article, magazines and newspapers paid me for my work, other online publications quoted me as a source, I have been qouted in major newspapers in cities all over the world and recieved emails from frustrated parents asking for my help.Disabled access denied changed from a screaming room to place where we got shit done and we kicked ass and took names and it felt right.
In the last year My health has constantly suffered, and Ella and I broke our cardinal rule and we let others who don’t matter affect us. We let people who only had their own concerns at heart affect our bottom line, our dreams and our goals and posting became some days just about putting something with the words “DISABILITY” in it and for that folks I’m truly sorry you showed me you were pissed by your readership numbers.

This last three months were the worst, we relied on people that to whom honesty is only ever an optional last resort, we relied on them and we gave them our trust and our hearts and the controls of our dreams and our money in some cases our last cent. The end result was our hearts were broken and our trust was shitted on and our dreams were postponed again and again and our bank accounts because of this some months were swirling the drain.

Someone once asked me how did a topic qualify as being about the disabled? And my reply was “whenever any persons or groups actions so disrupt destroy or affect another’s right to and quality of life that person has been disabled and the longer it continues the more serious a disability,
After all when you think about it are not all bigotries and racisms and sexisms and homophobias disabilities in their worst forms?
When someone has their houses, their cars their belongings damaged defaced and destroyed just because they were born different or believe differently their ability to leave the house earn a living or simply live becomes so hard most days you ask why continue and many don’t then they are as disabled as a person who jumped into a pool wrong or crashed a car or was born with a disability and in some cases even more so.

So with this article I am relaunching my blog and reformatting it, this from now on is once again a place to scream but a place for all a place where I can scream about everything from my limb spasms to the stupidity of ben Carson and Donald trump because in reference to the latter my readers if they were elected one must ask how long before they turn the entire nation in a people severely disabled?
When I first started this blog I had a war cry


I didn’t invent it, people have cried this in anger to the skies since the days of the plebian council revolting against the romans or the French peasantry storming the bastille to the students occupying wall st. The reason why we the dis and otherwise abled people claim this is, no matter what color you are, whom you love who you pray to and whom you vote for I guarantee one or more of us is amongst you and to quote that carpenter hippy from Nazareth “wherever three or more of you gather I too shall be there !
Anyway as we say down under OOROO FROM THE GURU


This story was reposted from an article already online by new mobility magazine

Nancy Xia says she’s usually a lamb … unless that accessible stall is taken by someone who doesn’t need it.
If I could use an animal to describe who I am, I’d say “a lamb” — sissy, soft spoken, slow to anger, blah blah blah. . . But I am totally aware of the fact that there is another personality lurking behind that supposed gentleness, always ready to devour my prey when necessary. The claws had come out a couple times in the past and coincidentally it has always happened in a public washroom. Yes, I think you know where this is going. I turn into a lioness when people abuse the only accessible stall in a half-empty washroom.

It all started when I was still a student in University. The accessible stalls in my school were particularly luxurious, featuring their own sinks and vanities. One fateful afternoon, I was quietly waiting for a stall to free up. According to my observation under the door, the occupant was someone who managed to walk comfortably in high heels and worse, she was busy checking herself in the mirror. I was losing patience as my class had already started. Though I was mad as hell, the little lamb was silent under the knife of the slaughter. Then, another girl came out of her stall and noticed the situation. “Is someone in there?” she asked. “Yes.” She knocked the door with fierce passion: “Excuse me, someone needs to use this.” Within 10 seconds, the door was opened. The person came out, said “sorry,” but not to me, to the other girl. Though I really appreciated the help, I decided that I would never again let another person stand up for me. I have a voice of my own and sometimes I have to roar.

I became increasingly confident and unapologetic when confronting people in similar situations. The most memorable encounter took place when I was watching Les Miserable in an elegant theater. During intermission, I took the elevator to go to a lower level where the designated accessible washroom was located. This washroom had a wheelchair sign on the door. There was absolutely no excuse. As soon as I exited the elevator, I saw a nicely-dressed lady leave the line to the inaccessible bathrooms and walk toward the only accessible washroom. I sped up and tried to reach it before she did, but I was too late, she shut the door right in my face. I was boiling inside like a pissed-off volcano, about to explode lava all over the place. All the women lining up outside of the washroom saw what happened. They were expecting a scene. All of the sudden, waiting in line with a full bladder wasn’t a chore anymore. While waiting in my line, I was thinking hard about various ways of making her the most miserable character of the play. Finally, she came out, there was this “uh-oh” expression on her face. “Sorry.” She said it sheepishly. To be fair, she meant it. I said nothing but slammed the door really, really hard in a theatrical style. There! I exited the scene like a drama queen. It was sassy and classy at the same time. …

Two weeks ago, my best friend told me about her recent conflict over an accessible stall. She said this lady came from behind and got into the accessible stall right in front of her eyes, as if she was completely transparent. “WHAT!!” Immediately I had an image of this lousy piece of work — high maintenance, lots of makeup, repelling amount of perfume. … “What does she look like?” I wanted to confirm. “She is middle-aged, South-Asian, probably new to the country.” It shattered my expectation. “Hmm … perhaps, I should not take it too personally,” my friend said.

Afterwards, it got me thinking, could it be possible that some people had no idea what or whom an accessible stall is actually for? Thinking back, prior to my injury, did I ever abuse an accessible stall? I used to be very ignorant about people living with disabilities and I didn’t know how much those extra spaces meant for someone who uses a wheelchair. Also, judging by the fact that I was a little apathetic toward the disability community, I would say, I probably abused and misused the accessible stall without even remembering it. I was just lucky that I didn’t bump into a grudge-faced lioness waiting to tear up my day.

Since that conversation, I decided to be more forgiving and gracious toward people in circumstances like that. Perhaps a gentle reminder of what an accessible stall is for would be equally educational and memorable. Perhaps a lioness could settle with straw and grass because she’s a little lamb at heart.

Nancy Xia lives in Toronto, Canada, and sustained a spinal cord injury at the age of 18. Though the beginning of the journey was difficult, she endured and was able to see the silver lining of her injury. She says being a person with disability has humbled her and helped her see this world with a different perspective. She is now grateful about life and takes every day as a blessing. In recent years, writing has become her interest and passion. She is a blogger, a regular contributor of various publications, and is excited to become part of New Mobility and share her interesting encounters with everyone in the community

A Q&A with Catherine Frazee: Future of assisted suicide Arts & Life19 hours ago

Catherine Frazee, a Professor Emerita at Ryerson and former co-director of RBC Ryerson Institute for Disability Studies, Research and Education


By Leah Hansen

On Feb. 6 the Supreme Court of Canada ruled assisted suicide as no longer illegal. The decision came after the original case — includings two citizens with irreversible medical conditions — challenged Canada’s provisions in court in 2011.

By the time Supreme Court heard the case, it was October 2014 and both original plaintiffs, Lee Carter and Gloria Taylor, had died. The final decision in Carter v. Canada was unanimous — the prohibition on assisted suicide violates section seven of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The Supreme Court suspended its ruling for 12 months to give the federal government time to adjust legislation. Ottawa took action in July by appointing three people to a consultation panel. By mid-November, they plan to produce a report to the Ministers of Justice and Health — not giving recommendations, but instead laying out various legislative options.

The appointment of these particular panel members generated some controversy. Catherine Frazee, Dr. Harvey Max Chochinov and Benoît Pelletier were all appointed with different areas of expertise related to assisted dying. However, Frazee and Chochinov were formerly Crown witnesses in the government’s appeal of the original 2012 ruling, and have formerly expressed opinions against assisted dying. Various media outlets have decried their involvement comes with bias towards the issue.

Frazee, a Professor Emerita at Ryerson and former co-director of RBC Ryerson Institute for Disability Studies, Research and Education, spoke with The Eyeopener on assisted dying, her role on the panel and the allegations of bias.

Why is the right to die important for Canadians?

It’s apparent that the issue of assisted dying is one that goes to the very heart of our human condition. It involves questions of individual autonomy and choice at the same time as it highlights human vulnerability and suffering. Some people feel strongly that they should have the right to choose how and when to end their life and that in a compassionate and caring society, we must honour this right with sensitivity and support. Other people are deeply concerned that assisted death will be more readily available than palliative care, or other supports that relieve suffering.

What will the rights of physicians be once new legislation comes into effect?

Any physician will have the right, as matter of conscience, to refuse to participate directly in euthanasia or assisted suicide. How this right will be reconciled with a patient’s right to seek assisted dying is one issue that our panel is asking Canadians to advise on.

What ethical issues must be considered while forming legislation?

If there are ethical issues still at play, these are issues pertaining to how we put this new practice into effect. Research suggests, for example, that people who are strongly in favour of assisted dying are predominantly white, well-educated and economically well-situated. In a nation both legally and ethically committed to equality and inclusion, we will need to ensure that our new laws do not disadvantage socially vulnerable and minority populations.

There’s been media coverage around this perceived bias. You and Dr. Chochinov were crown witnesses in the original BC Court of Appeals case. Would you agree this is an impediment to the appearance of impartiality?

If both Dr. Chochinov and I had not had longstanding careers in which we have demonstrated our ability not to be improperly influenced by our personal views, then I think one might have questioned the nature of the appointment. But I’m confident we’re doing our job with integrity and transparency.

What was your position on this issue before your appointment?

It’s a matter of public record that I was working with the disability rights community in Canada, that I was representing both the Council of Canadians with Disabilities and the Canadian Association for Community Living, and that in that role, those organizations were opposed. They put themselves on the line to stand against an amendment to permit assisted dying. For myself, I think that is history. The supreme court of Canada spoke very decisively on this issue and it’s not for me to resist the fact that we are now in a situation in Canada where we’re going to have assisted dying. From February of next year, it’s going to be permissible.

22 Year Old Beaten And Shot By Group Of Men Is 20th Transgender Woman Murdered This Year

Police say it looks like Kiesha Jenkins was targeted before five or six men beat then shot her in the back.

Change the conversation, change the world

Early Tuesday morning, five or six men beat, then shot in the back 22-year old Kiesha Jenkins, killing her, according to Philadelphia police reports. Jenkins becomes at least the 20th transgender woman murdered this year, and at least the 21st transgender or gender nonconforming person. Almost all of them have been women of color.

“One man pulled out a gun and she was shot twice in the back,” Homicide Capt. James Clark told Philadelphia Gay News. The attack took place around 2:30 in the morning, and Jenkins was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Police have yet to identify the suspects or the motive for Kiesha Jenkins’ murder.

“We will leave no stone unturned,” Officer Tanya Little, spokesperson for the Philadelphia Police Department Office of Public Affairs told The Advocate. “The victim’s gender is definitely something that investigators are looking into and we will consider her identity under the umbrella of all motives. We are canvasing the area where the homicide occurred for witnesses and investigators hope to examine available surveillance videos.”

“Jenkins’s death,” The Advocate notes, “which marks the 20th trans woman reported murdered in the U.S. this year, comes less than two months after advocates confirmed in August reports of three additional black trans women killed in the preceeding months.”

Vice News reports “Jenkins is the 21st transgender or gender nonconforming person to be killed this year alone, and the second transgender woman killed in Philadelphia, according to the LGBT advocacy group, the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs.”

Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims, whose district includes Philadelphia, and who announced yesterday he is running for Congress, posted a strong message on Facebook.

“HELP: Her name is Kiesha Jenkins! She was 22 years old, and murdered in cold blood on Tuesday morning while most of us were sleeping,” Sims wrote. “Having famous role models and magazine covers hasn’t made Trans* lives safer! WE have to do that! Already this year almost two dozen transgender and gender nonconforming people have been murdered because of hate and bigotry. This is the reality and needs to be said out loud until everyone understands.”

He ended the post, “#‎SayHerName”

The Evolution of The disabled and the attitude to them and their care

When I was a kid I had two relatives severely disabled, one more than the other. My mom had a distant cousin who had a daughter barby she was severely cerbral palsic, she was non verbal had no control of her body in anyway, but evidently had a steven hawkins genius IQ.
Imagine being trapped in abody so out of your control but your brain could take PI to the fiftieth decimal point? it must have been a living hell.
My other cousin was very cool very smary ,great to hang with but he had mild cerebral palsy and was blind. he was completely self sufficient, he cared for himself he made his own money, the one thing both had in common was if their parents had listened to the bureaucracy they would have been thrown away at birth.

barby was amazing and so smart, she couldn’t feed herself and one example of her intellect was when during one of her numerous hospital stays a bitchy lazy nurse who refused to feed her slopped a bowl of porridge infront of her and laughed”genius huh? then feed yourself” well we asked the nurse to comeback but barby had other ideas the nurse dumped breakfast on the over tray about an hour before we got there and when we arrived it was cold.
We went looking for her, when we found her she refused and said “she had better things to worry about”.

So we went back and were about to feed her when the bitch walked in, Barby got that famous mischievious look in her eyes and as the nurse got close she seemed to try and aim her arm and swing at the porridge, the first time she missed, the econd time was closer but the third time she swung the nurse wore it all over her front and barby started laughing hysterically and smiling like a cheshire cat, now who was the smart one?

my blind cousin turned out to be a expert on computers in the early days and made a good living, But because of the antebellum attitudes to the disabled barby died of choking when another impatient nurse shoved food in because she was in a hurry and there was no legal recourse because she was deemed so disabled her death from something like this was inevitable.

When my great grandma was an elderly woman in the sixties the disabled and elderly used to be pushed out like cattle onto the porch all day and left unattended for so long many sat in their own excrement but noone cared they were past their used by dates according to the medical model of the day.

The medical module for disabled care for most of the twentieth century were large goverment looking grey cement buildings many windowless where the disabled were warehoused never to see daylight unless it was family day when they would be cleaned up of their own waste put into real actual clothes and spoken about by nurses like they were mindless plebians who even if they were noticed were considered of no interest so they would be spoken about and over but never ever too, and any activities if they ever cared to think them necessary were usually barely one step above finger painting for toddlers.

During these early exposures for the world of the disabled,even though I was in my world as a chronic epileptic was treated as less then human so often I was still only seeing from the outside in to places with archaic names like “MINDA HOUSE” or the south australian “SPASTIC” center. or the center for the care of the “RETARDED” when ever they were allowed to leave they were transported like livestock in buses painted in garish cloros with these disgusting terms painted two feet high normally surrounded by flowers or puppys and kittens so stealth and retaining ones dignity were never an option.

When my son adam was born in 1989 he was born with aspergers, hydrochepalus mental and physical delay and two holes in his heart and a speech delay, so once again the world of the dis and otherwise abled became my world this time however I was the momma bear demanding that the level of care at least be upto date enough that one wasn’t required to blow dust off the binder of the text book written about it! by the time adam was starting regular school the world of disabled treatment and therapies wer slowly crawling somewhere near the century we lived in. We had therapists who cared ,doctors who shared and advances were actually achieved there were still the mausoleums and grey cement bunkers for the forgotten and thrown away but choices were at last at least offerred and discernible.
Fast forwar to the 2000,s and I myself am in the world of those who live with wheels under their asses and we have adaptive sporrts and spinal cord injury of america and life rolls on adaptive surfing and skating and adaptive rock climbing and the challenged atheletes foundation all modern cutting edge groups that refer to us as athletes not patients and were engaged not entombed we belong to society not to a sub culture. I’m not saying our world is perfect, far from it but we do at least have a world and it is allowed by those in power to rotate in the same galaxy as those who walk upright amongst us.
In the united states we have our civil rights carved in stone in the form of the Americans with disabilities act, we have our own sporting stars in the form of jesse billauer the founder of life rolls on and now the 2015 adaptive surfing world champion.

Aarron Wheelz fotheringham the star of Nitro circus the wcmx god and a light at the end of the tunnel we with wheels under our asses can aim for when the abelists tell us we should sit in the corner and dribble because we can’t do the hard things, the fun things, whether wheelz has actually ever flipped the bird half way through a triple back flip or not, by the very fact that he does these mindblowing stunts perpetually flips the bird to the attitudes of old and the medical modules that scream Keep that gimp in adult diapers a hospital gown and out of sight for godsake”

I’m sure if Barby was alive today she would be on a surfboard being pushed out to surf at a liferolls on event, and my blind cousin would be some kind of public advocate for the rights of the disabled.
Finally were allowed to be who ever we dream we can be , were allowed to reach how ever high we can dream and if we decide to base jump from the peak when we get there there is an adaptive club somewhere to teach us how. Otherwise abled is the new PC term ,but unlike all other forms of P.C. I have ever seen before, this one doesn’t scream bullshit it keeps the bullshit away you see when something is “DIS” it is deemed less than but when it is other wise it equal just alternative.

When I am at the top of a rockwall noone knows whose the wheelchair is, so for those few minutes I am not “dis” I am equal

there no limits to what the disabled can do

there no limits to what the disabled can do

When I am on my mountain top ranch land in new mexico building my cabin I am not “dis” I am queen of the hill I own all I survey
nm50 top of my world

A Simple Map Shows Just How Shitty the NYC Subway System Is For People Using Wheelchairs


Reposted from a story online by Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan
Filed to: ACCESSIBILITY9/24/15 7:30pm

It’s hard enough for most of us to get to work on time using the subway—but imagine if you only had access to 25 percent of stations. That’s the reality for wheelchair users in New York, for whom getting around the city is sometimes a near-impossible task. [CORRECTION]

The passage of the Americans With Disabilities Act–which happened 25 years ago this year–hasn’t had much impact on the New York subway system. After the anniversary of ADA rolled around this summer, a number of compelling posts about the flaws in the act included links to an interesting map drawn by Matthew Ahn, a New York-based lawyer and subway enthusiast (and the holder of the subway challenge record for visiting every station on the map the fastest, at 21 hours, 49 minutes, and 35 seconds).

The map below shows only those stations that are accessible. As Ahn told me, he got the idea for the map after he discovered the MTA’s official “night map,” a beautiful blue-tinted version of the MTA’s subway map that shows altered night service. “I found it odd that the MTA was willing to put together a map for this purpose but not for accessibility purposes—although considering the number of inaccessible stations, it makes a lot of sense,” Ahn told Gizmodo.

Here’s the current MTA map:

And here’s Ahn’s map of the stations that are accessible to wheelchairs, which was very easy to make, he says. “All accessible stations are marked on the main map, so it was actually pretty easy to take it one by one and decide ‘do I erase this station? yes? okay.’”

Of course, as he points out, the opening of the new 34 St/Hudson Yards station in the time since he drew it means that there’s one accessible station missing.

While the MTA is struggling to literally keep the lights on in its 100-year-old switch system, updates to the system’s accessibility have been slow. Meanwhile, the bus system is fragmented, and accessible cabs are tough to find. In an in-depth report looking at the problem on the anniversary of ADA by the Huffington Post, we learn that the problems extend far beyond the subway. Uber, for example, doesn’t provide any accessible cars at all. And as the ride-sharing service begins to seriously supplant the taxi system, the chances of getting a wheelchair-accessible car is getting even worse.

William Peace, who blogs about accessibility and the rights of the disabled on his blog Bad Cripple, also noted the disparity in August. In his post, he rails against the general celebrations surrounding the ADA, pointing out how the law has done precious little in many cities:

The ADA was a start, nothing more than a start that has not been supported by the general population of the United States. What I hear again and again is the ADA is an unfunded social mandate. This disturbs me. The ADA is Civil Rights legislation designed to protect the rights of people with a disability. Frankly, the law is weak, poorly written, and ignored.
It’s been a problem for decades—but as new transit infrastructure emerges in the form of new lines and new apps, like Uber and Lyft, it’s time for us, and our government, to revisit the law and fight for one that actually affects change.

Correction: A previous version of this post stated that the number of accessible stations was less than 20 percent. It has been updated to 25 percent, to reflect comments from MTA spokesperson Adam Lisberg, who points out that MTA is ahead of schedule on its goal of making 100 Key Stations accessible by 2020:

The MTA New York City Subway has more ADA-compliant stations than any other system in the country. We are ahead of schedule on our plan to make 100 Key Stations accessible by 2020, with 85 completed, four underway, and the remaining 11 included in our next five-year Capital Program (which includes $561 million for accessibility improvements). Those Key Stations were chosen based on ridership, transfer connections and proximity to major destinations. In addition, we have made 21 non-Key Stations accessible, and have allocated $100 million in our next Capital Program for additional non-key stations.


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