Kade shipkowski ,is missing have you seen him?

This is reposted from the facebook site Wipeout suicide


This is a picture of my grandson, Kade Shipkowski, who has been missing from the Lyndora, Pennsylvania area (near Pittsburgh) since Friday. No family members have seen or heard from Kade since Friday, and although there is police involvement in the search, it has not been successful. I am asking all my friends to copy and paste or share or whatever you have to do to get this post out, particularly if you have friends or contacts in the Pittsburgh or Butler County area. Today is Kade’s 17th birthday, and we are heartsick that none of us can share this day with him. If you think you know where Kade is, or if you have seen Kade, contact his father, Ryan Shipkowski at 412-260-7739. He is offering a cash reward for information of Kade’s whereabouts or send me a private message via Facebook. Please help and spread this post across Pennsylvania. I am a very worried grandmother. Thanks for your help

Author: disabledaccessdenied

I am a disabled woman who through no fault of my own has wheels under my ass. I rely on the decency and common sense of local, state and federal goverments, as well as the retail community to abide by the disabled access laws and provide adequate ramps, disabled toilets, and not use them as store rooms or broom closets. This blog exists to find the offenders and out them, inform them, and report them if necessary and shame them into doing the right thing when all else fails.

12 thoughts on “Kade shipkowski ,is missing have you seen him?”

  1. Jacob Samusenko, 17, also remains missing from Pennsylvania–Can you provide more info about the circumstances of your grandson Kade’s disappearance, as well as a more detailed description of him (e.g.height, weight, hair + eye color, etc.? I cover these particular missing persons cases for readers and sleuths @ KillingKillers.blogspot.com. The site gets a lot of views per day and much of the traffic has to do with to the issue of missing young men.

    Also, is there a facebook page dedicated solely to the search effort for Kade, as well as posters with his photo/s and reward information that people can readily download? Those two are a must!

    If you want to communicate, it will be speediest to contact me at the website above, preferably just comment under the Jacob Samusenko post first, as that is one of the most popular entries at the moment and will therefore get your grandson’s case instant attention.

    Kind regards to you and very best of luck–

    1. if you read this properly it is reposted it is not my grandson and there is a picture of him to describe him I am reposting this to help the family get the message out as for this other person I will research the name and see what I can do

  2. I hope it continues to be updated. Butler Police Department’s photo of him isn’t on there. I searched his name and the police department’s together and it brought me to a page that was no longer up.

  3. I’m from Memphis, Tn & I reposted this on my wall. My 14 yr old neighbor went missing Tues. We flooded Facebook & she was found Sat. I’m praying this boy is found quickly.
    Until ALL know HIM

  4. has this boy been found yet ? this breaks my heart i have friend who has been missing since dec 2011 and not one clue to his where abouts 😦 praying fo rthis family and prayign fo rthe best outcome

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