The Roll For A Cure – New York City to Los Angeles — In a Wheelchair

My name is Mia G Vayner, Thats me on the right crossing the line in the NYC Aids walk. The most wonderful woman ever to treat me like her own passed from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma on August 17th  2007, She was my mother-in-law Rita.

Just before Momma died I made a promise that if there was a cure anywhere I would crawl over broken glass to find it, In her Russian-Jewish sense of humour she said “don’t crawl ride a bike you’ll cut your knees.” She passed 3 months later.

My goal is to arrive in Santa Monica  California on August 17th 2014, I would leave from New York City and roll to Santa Monica pushing myself all the way in my wheelchair.

 My goal is to raise $1,000,000 for research toward finding a cure to the hideous disease that took momma and thousands of other precious souls every year that disease is  Non- Hodgkins Lymphoma .

We need a Planning Committee, a Support Crew, and most important we need  backers to buy what we need  to start  and of course sponsors and donations to reach our fundraising goal.

I will be pushing my chair over 3,400 miles in 65 days  through 12 major citys.  We can place your company or corporate logo on the wheels of my chair, the back of the chair and the suit I will be wearing as well as all support vehicles and press materials. Even the team gear including my suit can be tailored  to represent  your company colors similar to a racing suit with patches and company emblems.

The links attached show how easy it is for wheelcovers and chair skins to be created in your company colors or with your company logo.    

We haven’t forgotten the private citizens. You can, of course donate, and be involved.  If You don’t have 65 days to set aside?  Why not join me on the road. Ever thought is there more than a marathon? Are you in a wheelchair and have already done a marathon? Why not “Pay the Odds to Beat the Odds,” and join the 10-1 club. Donate $10 for every mile (50 mile minimium) and roll along with me as I come through your state. By you paying the odds your dollars help cancer patients beat the odds.

This isn’t planned for ego or for any money making personal plan. This illness took a precious person from our lives and steals others every day in this country. If you think that I’m angry about the abuse of the disabled community,  anger ten times worse will be converted into the energy needed to keep my promise to momma.

This cannot be done without your help. Please get involved!!!!!!!!!

Here is a video Of mia finishing a daily 5 mile training session In Flushing Queens

You are welome to respond to this post or email us directly at

You can donate and find out more about how you can support the roll by going to

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