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We at Disabled Access Denied want to hear from YOU. Whether you are disabled, love someone who is, or are one of the wonderful folks that simply as outraged as we are at the lack of enforcement for disabled laws etc, please feel free to drop us a line.

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Our contact email has recently changed from yahoo toΒ G mail because of ongoing technical problems with yahoo we apologise if you sent us a email, please resend it we love to hear from readers.

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If you have photos that you would like us to upload of good guys doing the right thing or of those that blatantly disregard our community and think the laws are for everyone else, please do email us. We genuinely want to hear from you!

18 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Like what you are doing, but you need to explain who you are. The person who will be pushing the chair needs to become more out in the open, yes it about the Mother in Law, and Hodgkins, but you are doing this, people need to support YOU. Also, the site is hard to follow, because the menu overlaps the title of the page.

    1. This site is a safe landing for people with disabilities as well as their loved ones to come and share their experiences and look for help. I originally contacted these people and my case of discrimination against wheelchairs has been forwarded to a proper channel. I must say that not everyone uses a manual chair, most people I’ve noticed in my community use power chairs these days as well as mobility scooters. In fact I’ve noticed how there are more power chairs on the market as well as mobility scooters that Help people to be more independent. This is a safe landing site that helps people give each other support. If someone discriminates against you because of your chair, you need to do the first thing and stand firm why strong against whoever is discriminating against you. If this is in a public place, what I strongly encourage you to do is to refuse to leave and let them call the cops because cops don’t handle civil matters. When you tell them to call the cops, laugh in their face especially when the cops come to the establishment. You’ll laugh even harder when the cops say they don’t have a civil matters, but laugh at the people who originally call the cops, which would be the people who tried to run you off because of your scooter or power chair. Taking back our territory starts with us one person at a time. If someone illegally takes a handicap spot, you definitely have some options even if the cops refuse to do anything. One picture I saw online is where someone saran wrapped someone’s car when they were illegally parked in a handicapped spot. I thought this was comical when I saw it but I’m sure there are other options like calling a tow truck. If the cops won’t do anything and neither will the tow truck, then I guess it’s time for some serious street justice if no one else will help us on the spot πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. im sorry you feel this way I’m mia G vayner i am a out lesbian woman who through a neurological disorder that is degenerative has been in a wheelchair for 5 years. if you read my posts and my published articles on this page i state who i am dozens of times . as for the design of the page overlapping the title well it is a work in progress but this started off has a very small blog that has blown out to about to hit 15,000 hits in the first 4 months . Thank you for your comments i hope you keep reading thank you mia g vayner.

  3. Hi Mia,
    Great to meet you at chelsea market on 4/19/12.Thank you for introducing yourself to us. We went on your site and read
    about your book. Any available signed copies left? Let us know.

  4. Hi Mia,

    It was great meeting you today on the LIRR. Thank you so much for the advice!! I will definitely pass this information along to my sister and help here do some research on the sites you mentioned. Hopefully you can give some great words of wisdom to her one day.


  5. Hello disabledaccessdenied,

    I salute your support & website!
    My name Jay Stoyan from EqualiTV – our Mandate – employ, educate & promote people with Disabilities. Within our programming is a music show – ‘interviews & performances’. We would like to inquire about having high profile individuals support via an interview and perhaps a performance. We would like to attach iconic figure heads behind a great cause!
    And in return help support your Corporation!


    Jay Stoyan
    Senior Producer and Television Personality, EqualiTV
    ‘television and social media by, and/or featuring people w/ disabilities’

  6. Wheelchair discrimination

    Wheelchairs not welcome at RJ’s spray park located at Ashland Salvation Army Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center 527 E Liberty St, Ashland, OH 44805 (419) 281-8001

    ADA form filed with US Justice Department

    Reference 15-bb4jk-6wha
    Saturday 8-8-2015

    No answer from US Justice Department

    I then contacted

    I need to make sure that it’s clear that it’s the staff at the establishment that’s keeping wheelchair is out and not a lack of ramps. It’s the spray park out behind the Kroc Center where the problem is. Again, it’s the staff doing it.

    The other part of the accessibility problem is no handicap parking for the back parking lot where the spray park is. All of the handicap parking is for the main building and none for the back parking lot where the spray park is located. This is not fair to people with disabilities who drive through there and cannot find a handicapped spot especially on a busy day. It’s not right that people without disabilities get all of the parking while people who have legal access the pedicab parking have no reserve handicap parking spots for them. At first I never thought nothing of it until I started needing a chair myself and that’s when I started noticing problems. It’s not until you experience your own problem that you notice these things. I must be a voice for everyone else because I’m not sure most people know how to stand up strong for their rights and speak up.

    I strongly agree with a line I heard about putting up with our existence or expect our resistance.

    When someone runs you out of a public place because of your chair or scooter, what you need to do is use to your advantage that there are other people around. What I did was get very loud and screamed at the person from the top of my longs to raise awareness to the problem.

    What I also did was shut at the person running me out of the public access park that they’re not allowed to discriminate. The lady was trying to tell me that in certain circumstances they are and I screamed, “no you’re not allowed to discriminate against wheelchairs!” I’ve been in a fight with these people ever since and I don’t like getting into disagreements. I may have been born with the fighter gene, and I will use this to my advantage and the advantage of others. Normally I’m a pretty laid-back and relaxed person who doesn’t like to be bothered by problems. However, sometimes a situation will pop up and you absolutely have to do what you have to do to stand up for your rights. Even if this weren’t even a legal right, I would still be standing up and standing firmly standing my ground because that’s in my genetics. When I know something’s I’ll stand against it and especially when I discover it involves me and my rights.

    I just don’t understand why cops don’t handle civil matters, because I think they should. It seems like if you don’t have your own experience with some kind of physical limitation you won’t really know you have disability rights until something happens to you and you start seeing things from a different view. I strongly of courage people to contact any necessary parties including whoever finds this particular organization and have the organization defund the Salvation Army, specifically the one in Ashland Ohio.

    If you’re at this particular branch and you’re in a wheelchair, don’t let anyone run you out or dictate to you. If they try to run you out, refused to leave because cops don’t handle civil matters. Just tell them to call the cops, because the cops don’t handle civil matters, then laugh in their faces! This is what I’m going to do next time someone tries to run me out, I’m going to keep going and let them call the cops. When the cops arrived, I will definitely have video of proof backing up that I’m in the right, and they were in the wrong. Another thing you want to do is to have the department of civil rights programmed into your phone as well as any context from this particular website. That way, you can collaborate immediately with them and they can handle it. Most importantly, make sure to have photos and videos handy.

    * I should most importantly say that they Ashland Ohio Kroc Center is the only place that’s never discriminated against my wheelchair or scooter. This is the only place where I personally ever had a problem, no other place really gave me any problem except for these people. They’re the only ones in town who have a problem with wheelchairs.

    * I should also mention that there are a few places in town that don’t discriminate against wheelchairs, but they are not all wheelchair accessible. We are in a historical town, and there are still a few places that are not wheelchair friendly.

    1. Thank you for bringing this to my attention and based on you provided (and only based on this info), they do appear to be in breach of the ADA act. You state that you have filled out the paperwork with the ADA and even though I am not sure what state you are in, please contact a lady named Margi Tripani (ask for Margee) at CIDNY ( Tell her you have spoke to Mia and that you have also filled out the paperwork with the ADA but don’t feel you are being taken seriously. Margi is one of the 3 people that was instrumental in writing the ADA and making it law. She will get on top of it and advise you. Keep me informed.

      1. I actually filled out an online form, Because the way to actually forward a complaint to the Department of Justice is online. What you do is you save your file number. I have not heard back from Ohio department of justice and it’s been several months, Way past the normal 12 week maximum wait. I’m starting to wonder if maybe they can’t help in this particular case. It just makes me wonder because I’ve still not heard anything back even after this long. I have been noticing however, that a good many places stand up for disabled employees And employment rights for the disabled. However, it’s hard to find protection for people outside of employment. I don’t know why that is, but I’m definitely thankful for this particular site. I think the more sites just like this I need to start popping up if they don’t already exist

  7. I did receive something in the email asking me to contact an attorney but I don’t have long distance. I guess something will be worked out where a call could be scheduled. Another situation in my inbox is where I don’t have a printer to sign a letter. I will need a hard copy of that letter so I can fill it out and return

  8. Since I’m in Ohio, I will wait for further instructions from you just in case this is not the right contact since this particular contact you shared is in New York and I’m in Ohio. I did say that page to my bookmarks just in case you give me the green light to still go ahead

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