Good fences make good neighbors unless your neighbor is mine!

Last story I told you about the neighbor I have who has, I think obvious mental problems.

Says you you say! Well what do you call a neighbor who every night of the week around 3am rides his quad up our road and positions the headlights on high beam so as to light up our cabin like daylight?

Or finds rocks the size of footballs and lays them all over the road past his house so you can’t safely pass?

Or daily wonders around the area naked and if he sees you screams at you?

Well he has picked on the wrong girls, I a child of the Aussie bush who has basically raised herself since 14 and a Russian Jewish New Yorker who is first generation from parents and grand parents who survived the holocaust!

He can swing all the pathetic dicks he wants light us up as much as he wants we’re here we’re queer and we’re damn well going nowhere, light us up we’ll put a mirror to blind the fucker lay rocks on the road we’ll play hopscotch scream at us we’ll record the profanity and North Korean style blast you back with it at  all hours of the day.

But my loony toons friend if this keeps up our fence will be electric our driveway spiked and as many dogs as we can feed will Rome my bushland you love to walk through and trespass in.

We came here for peace and to get along to make enemies of no one but I have survived almost six decades by never losing a single fight ever! Whether verbal or hand to hand and my friend if you are to attempt a battle of the wits I suggest you make sure your weapon is loaded mine always is.

If he like us wants merely peace and tranquility I suggest a new more sane game plan we’re always ready to meet in the middle but only once the insanity subsides.

Anyway the sun is shining it’s in the mid 80’s and a beautiful day and he’s only pulled one stunt so far so it’s a good day so until next he walks on the wild side or I share our progress it’s ooroo from the mountain top


g’day folks yes its been  while but Ella and I have been building our mountain paradise.

We moved off the grid 7,500 ft above sea level to escape the craziness of new York only to encounter the only neighbor we have on the mountain top as crazy as a loon , if he sees you driving he is always naked he will swing his genitals round and round screaming “THERE YOU LIKE EM” or the other day I was driving down the mountain to pick up some builders working on our property and he was stark naked holding “himself ” in the middle of the track.

And now after putting up with the Pete school of how to be scary as a neighbor for two months  he posted on a community Facebook that he has seen me out of my chair so I must be a fake!!!!

well Mr “Pete”,  to Qoute Dr James Manson fellow of the royal college of neurosurgeons London queens specialist(that’s to her majesty not to anyone on the 7 train line in NYC) and head of neurology Adelaide Children’s hospital Adelaide

“there are over 1,000 medical conditions that will eventually require almost full time use of a wheelchair and less than 50 of those mean the patient cannot actually stand and in some cases walk”

My need for a chair has been described as two reasons

1/ juvenile spinal cord injury that was never treated properly and healed incorrectly and later in life caused ireperable damage to the nerves to the spine causing total loss of feeling and use of my left leg from the waist down.

2/ the nerve damage is now impinging on my right side and the doctor has said I will eventually lose feeling there as well but for the moment if I need to stand for mere seconds or transfer from my chair I can put weight on my right foot and can take one or two steps if I have a crutch or walking frame or lean on my wheelchair

3/ the last affliction is something my surgeon called neuro-spasticity which means if I do take those one or two steps more than likely I will experience an event similar to a grand Mal seizure

So crazy Pete the neighbor from hell has been hiding in the bushes ,yes naked on our land spying on us and he saw me out of my chair on my front porch remember he was trespassing sans clothes on my land hiding in the bushes spying on us and he thinks he busted me? when what he saw was me standing while my chair was lifted over an obstacle as i used the wall for support all in all 30 seconds max while he was breaking no less than a half a dozen laws in a stand your ground open carry state where if his naked ass was shot no charges would have been laid.

Remember folks not all disabilities are visible, some are degenerative and not all people who need wheelchairs are unable with assistance either human or medical aid to get out of that chair.

We’re disabled not dead

So before you loudmouth the person who pulls into the disabled space and walks away or you spy like an asshole on your neighbor and think you’ve solved the fraud of the century check your motives because chances are they’re not the one doing wrong you are!

Two girls go bush

Hi guys sorry it’s been a while it’s been a rough year,

We’ll when last we chatted I was telling you about the incompetence of NYC doctors ! You can change NYC for any city in the world when it comes to the care and respect of the dis- and otherwise abled just ask my mate Paul Caune in Canada or anyone of a dozen mates around the USA or back home in Australia.

Well we stopped complaining and did something about it, I’m sure over the last three years my loyal readers you were starting to think my off the grid mountaintop piece of heaven in New Mexico was all in my imagination but I assure you it’s real.

As of two weeks ago this transposed transgender Aussie dyke with wheels under her ass and my loyal sidekick Zeus the wonder dog threw everything we own and she who must be obeyed in our little red truck( also our cb handle) and took the road trip of a life to our mountain top and here’ll we’ll stay.

From today on disabled access denied is being re dedicated to showing the day by day operation of our mountain top , how it was designed completely wheelchair accessible how I with wheels under my ass with a little help from my beloved raise vegetables and horses and animals all as pets in our piece of heaven.

If I can do it, realize my dreams that is you can to.

When did stupidity become the rule of law?


Recently I was in hospital for a 24-hour video EEG to get actual facts on my epilepsy so as to refine my treatment, every time a neurological resident would come in to do a set of observations they would check my reflexes and even though they had to walk around wheelchair and my file said “spinal cord injury” they kept asking me to raise my legs as high as I could????

Recently I was admitted for the day to hospital to have a cardiac stress test, now when you cannot stand or walk the stress test is achieved by injecting certain chemicals that race your heart from 58 beats per minute to 175per minute and keeping it at that rate for 15 minutes while conducting an EEG.

Now the very fact that the doctors were doing that stress test and not the normal one would tell them I was disabled, but a certain Chinese 3rd year resident who looked so young I thought they had remade Doogie howser kept telling me to “lift and rotate my legs” after the third time of telling her that couldn’t happen a 1st year nurse had to explain to a 3rd year neurological resident why not??????

Two days ago, I was sitting in my pickup truck waiting for Ella to get back from swapping our cell phones over to a new company, when an angry Asian driver pulled up window to window and threatened to “kill my faggot arse and fuck me up bad and stab my dog” if I didn’t give him my parking space. He then told me he would be back in ten minutes and I better be gone.

Ten minutes later he was banging on my roof telling me he warned me, suddenly I saw two police officers about to walk past so I summoned them over.

While we were talking they saw the wheelchair in my truck, they saw the service dog beside me and as they refused to do anything. In the end their excuse was “what if he claimed you chased him, running after him and it was self-defense”????????

How are we meant to take these people seriously as professionals in their fields when they obviously are stupid?  Two of these groups are in place to save our lives in our weakest moments and the third is there to stop the crime catch the bad guys and restore order .

If the third fails and the first and second are incompetent then we will meet the undertaker and if they fuck up well we’ll never know will we!

When did stupidity become the rule of law?

I just worked out what is wrong with America folks!


On January 20th, we swore in a president that has never served a day in his life, never held any kind of office? Now don’t jump down my throat that’s not what I’m talking about but to paraphrase frank’n’furter It’s part of the symptom!

America has forgotten what a legend is, they have forgotten what an icon is, they have forgotten the meaning of diva, the REAL meaning. They worship at false idols.

James cordon just introduced Bruno mars as a legend while sitting next to Neil diamond? Don’t get me wrong Bruno is amazing but Neil diamond is a legend, Elvis was a legend, Jim Morrison was a legend, ray Charles was a legend, James Taylor is a legend Bruno mars is simply a talented performer who’s on his way. He needs to come back in 50 years when he has toured the world, inspired generations and defined a genre then maybe he might be MAYBE a legend

Recently some rapper who grunt’s “um yeah um yeah” every second word was introduced as a diva and iconic? Patti LaBelle has earned iconic diva status, Aretha franklin has,Tina turner has,not some low to no talent bimbo whose claim to fame is twerking while balancing a beer can on her butt

As I type tonight the reports say willie nelson is close to death? Now There is an icon, a legend, a talent who has defined country music and inspired generations the problem is Wikipedia has over ruled real knowledge and life experience.

A president is normally not even asked to run until they’ve been a mayor,then a governor or a junior senator and even then, many serve their whole life and retire never having sat behind the desk in the oval office.

Topping the ratings for being arrogant doesn’t qualify you for the oval office, winning your time slot doesn’t replace service, or the bachelorette would be president!.

The Hollywood walk of fame is polluted,we have snoop Dogg next to mickey Rooney and Adam Levine near Marilyn Monroe and john Wayne. Now don’t get me wrong snoop is hilarious, he’s talented but he doesn’t deserve a star.

There are a mere handful alive today who deserve their spot, but it seems your manager can buy your star talent has long been removed from the equation.

There is the problem, the average performer today is so uneducated they think an equation is someone from Asia! and all they have to do is “throw shade” on YouTube or make a sex tape and their future is made.

Two guys performing now on the Grammys were introduced as legends I have shoes older than one and never heard of the other


If you’re under 60 you’re not a legend, if you can’t build a house with record sales, real records you know the ones with lyrics and a chorus and a bridge you’re not iconic or a diva. If you can’t describe how the government works and what “constitutional “actually means you have no right being in office.

So, if you really want to make America great again

1/ demand an IQ test and educational standard to run

2/set a minimum amount of years of required service in senate and congress before you can run

3/ Don’t make someone famous because they can rhyme bitch ho and slut in a rap

4/ stop paying people more to protect a football than you do to protect the nations freedom

Until we get back to an era when we celebrate knowledge and salute valor and recognize that the people dying in battle for freedom mean freedom for all, freedom to live, to love, to believe, to marry, to worship you are spitting on the very graves of those who laid down their lives for those freedoms.

If you want to be My commander in chief and send me and all who have served or are currently in harm’s way back into war, you should be exempt if you have ever ran and hid when it was your turn.

All of them are created equal,. all of them are endowed with inalienable rights, and your fright to free speech stops at the line where your speech silences mine.

Your right to live is guaranteed as is mine, irrelevant of how I was born, whether I’m disabled, gay, straight, lesbian, transgender, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, black, white Asian or bi racial.

If the best solution you can come up with is to build a wall, then you’re the problem not the people on the other side.

If you think turning the planes back because the people on them say god in a different language is right then you don’t know god no matter what name you give him.

If you think  all terrorists have dark skin or speak Arabic, you have watched to many movies where the bad guys only wear black.

Timothy McVeigh was white Christian, and Kennedy was assassinated by a white man.

You see the mistake you make people is America never stopped being great,we the people did!

we lost our drive, we lost our understanding of the work it takes to be great and  that short cuts get you nothing more than short comings.

Greatness comes from sweat and toil,and the greatest weapon mankind has is a well-developed mind and as a famous man once said a mins is a terrible thing to waste.

So America collectively when you get up tomorrow the decision is yours,  you can develop your minds  or you can build a wall,

you can cure cancer or propagate racism and bigotry like the cancerous weed  it is!

The garden of greatness is yours to tend, or you can let it it whither or die but a reality show host who barely made it through college isn’t the second coming he’s the symptom to what is really wrong with world, We stopped aiming for the top and accepted second best in the stuff that really matters US

What comes next

Some people live relatively healthy lives and then suddenly at a certain age they have an event, a heart attack or a stroke or TIA so they get to enjoy a major part of their life.

Then there are others who Have childhood illnesses they grow out of and then they get to live.

Then there are those of us who live every decade with one diagnosis after another, when you are young you tell you yourself” it’s nothing” and when you get older you teach yourself to work around it. With epilepsy I took meds. I avoided strobes and couldn’t eat grapefruit because it voided the effect of anti-convulsants.

But as the decade’s fold one into another, and you start to fold a new diagnosis into every decade as well there is only so many folds you can do without turning your life into an origami fest. Then there are the ones that run in your family that you were never told about because to have an inherited illness was looked at as some kind of family shame, but when your life depends on it and they no longer take your calls it makes it impossible to find out what’s wrong, and by the time you do find out it’s too late.

Well I have spent almost 6 decades on this planet and the last decade I’ve had wheels under my ass and now I had a TIA and they tell me I have hypertension So now my life is an alphabet soup of doctors and my fear is that the doctors will only keep filling the alphabet up as I get older.

Those who know me will tell people that I can handle anything that I am indominable, but here’s the secret folks I don’t know how to handle it anymore I take more meds than I eat meals. I see more people in scrubs than I do normal clothes, and my life has become more discussions of symptoms than meals and I am a chef.

I wish for the days back when Ella and I gave each other permission to be silly ,to be the crazy aunts that our nephews love and to be the crazy dykes who did shit at a moment’s notice but right now if the present is a sign of the future I don’t know how to get back to that.

Many are going to say this is a “Mia crying woe is me post” but nothing is farther from the truth, this is Mia having what my southern friends call a come to Jesus moment although in my case it would be Buddha. I simply want my life back I want my love back I want the fun back I want to once again reach for a fine Barossa valley cabernet sauvignon without worrying will it Affect my diagnosis to eat a plate of fine Italian food without worrying about sugars.

I want to grow old with the love of my love and not simply spend my time with a nurse.

Apple creates phones that have more power in one small phone than the computers that sent the first astronauts to the moon, is it too much to ask that someone can create some way for the dis and otherwise abled to live la dolce vita?

“Close enough is good enough”

On November 23rd I was sitting home at about 10pm and suddenly without notice had a Tia A”transient aschemic attack” or a mini stroke, the difference between a TIA and an actual stroke is that the offending blood clot with a TIA breaks up just before it gets close enough to the brain to do permamnent damage and cause a brain bleed,

The effects albeit temporary are the same,

drooping facial muscles

slurring of the speech

weakness of the muscles on one side of the body

with a stroke they can be permanant, with a TIA they normally disappear leaving only intense exhaustion within 72 hours.

I was in Hospital for 5 days at flushing general hospital, A word of warning, if you get shot stabbed and run over in front of flushing general crawl somewhere else. They had the bedside manner of Osama Bin laden at a Jewish high holy day and the combined intelligence of a fart in a bottle!

Don’t believe me? a Tibetan surgical resident Dr tenzin said the TIA was caused by and I qoute” your sedimentary lifestyle because everyone knows once your disabled and in a wheelchair your physical life is over and you can’t exercise or do any sport you just sit and do nothing”

The wanker above had obviously never heard of the Paralympics or  Christiian Otter bailey or Wheelz Fotheringham and when I tried to point out that I rock climb, swim, road race teach judo from a wheelchair and run my own off the grid  farmland he called for physc eval because in his words i had “delusions of normality”

I also live with irritable bowel syndrome and have to live strictly on a vegan version of the FODMAP diet, now in 5 days 15 meals 4 dietitians three doctors and two nursing directors they could not organize a single meal that was not dangerous for me to consume?

So finally I was out and home, then came the barrage of specialists , neurologists, cardioligists eeg’s ekg’s stress tests, cardiac doplers, ct scans so Ella got busy organizing appointments.

Now what I’m about to say is not racist becuase it concerns a Russian doctor and Ella is Russian, but when we went to a Russian neurologist and when they went to take my blood pressure instead of having the kind of machine doctors normally have they had a $29.99 walgreens special home unit and TIA’s being caused by hyper tension which is high blood pressure I inquired “is that machine calibrated the reply was “aaah close enough is good enough”

Then not knowing we spoke and understood Russian the the nurse the pa and the neuro stood in front of us and started to talk insultingly about us in Russian .

When we made the appointment we asked are they wheelchair accessible? and they said they were. When we got there The  doors were not wide enough, they had to remove an entire sofa from the waiting room and they knew we had a service dog and yet when they saw him they said to each other in Russian the dog had to go?

We  started to realise with one cancelled appointment after another if it seems to good it probably is. Most secretaries have never heard of the ADA and have no idea what accessible means, and if your doctor was educated in the medical school of Grenada or Guatamala and theyre not Grenadian or Guatamalan there is probably a good reason why they didn’t get into an American medical school and a greater reason why you shouldn’t go to that doctor.

Here’s some tips for what to avoid in a doctor when making appointments

1/ If the secretary cannot speak English or sounds like she thinks conjugating a verb is a form of birth control and you’re calling an expensive specialist not an internist in a ethnic community

2/If when you ask if their ADA compliant or accessible and they have to ask what the big words mean

3/If the country they went to medical school in doesn’t have a us consul or is on a tourist warning list

If you ignore all of the above and you show up

1/If the staffs attire is more at home in a strip club (the neurologist was wearing a mini skirt fishnets and thigh high boots)

2/The staff shove you in a back lunch room and staff keep walking in and out and boxes of supplies are stacked all over the room because it’s their”accessible room”

3/ The ADA compliant entrance to their building is the garbage dumpster cherry picker in truck loading bay in the basement

Then to quote the movies “run forrest run” because even in 2017 New York City this is what passes for competent ADA compliant medical care sadly.