an unedited excerpt from Chapter one of “14 Days” a new novel by Mia G Vayner

  Here is a sneek preview of my latest novel that deals with survivng child abuse and dealing with TSA abuse and what I discovered when I sought out profesional help. Chapter One

The last 6 months had been the best of times and the worst of times, the good was 6 months on The sunshine coast of Queensland Australia.In Australia There’s a sense of humour the Aussies have, Shorty is really 6 feet tall, tiny weighs 400lbs and as we found out all too late sunshine was in hiding for most of summer 2011 on the sunshine coast!.

The distance between rural Australia and main street USA was never more apparent as we rolled off the Qantas flight from hell qf 108,actually  it came from Sydney. But when you’re on a flight for 14 hours and they forget to board any vegan food, and they give away your upgrade to 3 seats to yourself then They put you a wheelchair using disabled person not in your own aisle, but in  a group of 5 squeezed between a Hasidic couple with screaming toddlers and smelly businessman who Thought showering is a fad that will pass you quickly forget the harbour bridge and opera house. You start to think you flew over a ferryman on the river Styx with the faint lyrics to Chris de burghs “don’t pay the ferryman playing  in your ears.

We were met by a very apologetic agent from Qantas special services dept, who swore  the food was arranged and the seats were guaranteed .The short Mexican woman was cute and no more than a 100lbs  and had an annoying habit of texting and never making eye contact  but she managed to efficiently  get us through customs and get our luggage on the way to a routine (or so I thought) TSA  check point. I had survived 9/11 and my wife and sister in-law were right there, so I know what the worst bad security or no security can let happen is  but the TSA is a gangly half trained group that is as far as security goes as useful as sending a seventh grade quarter back out to face William the fridge Perry for all the good they do. Despite my misgivings  my audience before them was demanded, so I rolled into the cattle yard of a line up  and proceeded to put  my shoes laptop, and jewellery in the plastic boxes and waited to be pushed through into a special area where wheelchairs and their occupants were routinely checked.

  As I approached I noticed small aisles similar to a Pathmark checkout line, and immediately realised none were wide enough.”Excuse me officer. yes over here um the aisles which one?” SHUT UP AND WAIT TILL WE SPEAK TO YOU the Tom Sellicks wanna be barked. “But sir the aisles” I SAID SHUT UP AND WAIT The wannabe commando yelled, finally I blurted “the aisles are not wide enough for my chair”. He shouted over his shoulder “can we get this loudmouth through and out of my hair”? A short Hispanic man in blue pushed me around the office style dividers and back in the front end of the conveyor belts. all through this my special services agent was busy texting someone who made her smile. As I was imagining her conversation, a tall African American, or possible Jamaican women in her twenties said in a barely literate sentence “can y’all stand up”? To which I replied no I’m in a wheelchair. “Yeah but can ya stand?” ,again I said “as I said I’m in a wheelchair”.  She then knocked the wind out of my sails as she blurted loudly “I need ya’ll to git over in the corner and stand there for about 5 minutes while we all search ya chair” . I laughed and said “are you serious” she just mechanically repeated herself to which I replied I cannot .She then spoke onto her shoulder microphone and said “we have a suspicious passenger, I’m requesting a private room for a full search” as I heard her words my stomach jumped into my mouth, and I asked why? She informed me I had refused a reasonable request to stand up and walk over to the corner,  I said loudly “you cannot be serious do you not understand disability?” To which she replied “what I understand is none of your business I gave an order and ya’ll refused so you’re getting private and getting searched”. Just then the same short Hispanic gentleman walked over and enquired why a room was needed, and a short discussion ensued and I was pushed to the door of a occupied room and told to wait, when I asked what the room was for I was told this is where full body and cavity searches were carried out.

A sweat broke out I started to have shakes, I fought back the tears of fear remembering my brother a soldier used to say “if you cry you give the bastards the satisfaction “.

 I started to beg, Memories of child hood molestation filled my head and I pleaded loudly for a full 15 minutes and I thanked the universe that whoever was in the room was either guilty as hell and being held or taking their time dressing because it allowed me time to plead my case.  The man in blue came over, I bit my lip to keep my composure and explained the stupidity of her request and that the only way I could comply was after neurological surgery because walking was impossible. He seemed to ignore me, and I heard the ignorant guard responsible for my plight tell him “she didn’t know what disability meant and thought wheelchairs were what rich white folk rode in when they got rich and didn’t want to walk any more”! I was almost into full seizure at the impending search, and then out of the mist a woman who looked like sweet mrs C from Happy days came over. Evidently she had overheard the ludicrous statements regarding why people used wheelchairs.  She apologised  and proceeded to conduct a quick wanding and I was on my way to the plane.

As we flew back to NYC  the hours ticked over the mist and fog got heavier, outside it was blue skies but the inclement weather was in my head in my life  and no sign of it clearing anytime soon. By the time we landed at jfk, they may as well have  invaded  every orifice and felt my most personal places because the combination of the flash backs to childhood molestation combined with my wild flying thoughts of what they could have done had me almost catatonic. As soon as we arrived back on the upper east side in our apartment, using the guise of jet lag I retreated further and further into the darkness of my mind and stayed that way until dirt and odour would pry me from my sheets.

 I would arise  only long enough for a shower a bed change and the smallest required meal I could find.  At an age where I would never see fifty again I thought the horror of my childhood was long gone, but in those early weeks my poor Ella barely slept.  I woke up screaming so often curled in the foetal position, that the few hours she didn’t  spend at her magazine were spent wearily assuring me the monsters lived only in my head and my past.

Let’s tap Tapfish on the shoulder and tell them they are not gods they cannot discriminate against the disabled

Today I was on my blog and I noticed a comment on a story about romney’s famous school bullying episode,  so I opened the comment and the below is that comment. 

 A disabled senior woman who for entertainment and brain exercise plays the popular online app “Tap fish”.

 And she simply in her intro to other players told them she was disabled, and she explained her disability caused typo’s. What ensued was her being ridiculed, abused and called a troll and other disgusting names that denigrate the disabled.

 Enough was enough, she brought it to the attention of the moderators and they told her to stop whining and stop playing the disabled card They wouldn’t tolerate it.

 She put up her intro but it was taken down and any reference to disabled or disability was removed and it was reposted all nice and cleaned up with no reference to her disabilities?after many back and forth emails the moderator told her “she wasn’t covered by hate laws or the Americans with disabilities act because she was a private person?

 well I have  got news for her, the ADA covers all and she is breaking federal law by her actions. 

 We need all who read this to let tapfish know their bigotry and disabled discrimination will not and cannot be tolerated and we will not.

 If you play the game quit, and tell them why you are quitting. If we don’t sit together they will walk over us.

Kathryn asked why and she was told people playing the sympathy card would not be tolerated ? Sympathy card? they would not dare speak to a person of color that way, they would not have the chutzpah to remove reference of color so damn well leave the disabled alone.

Below is her story in her words, I have deliberately left the typo’s in so you can see what she was politely trying to explain to the other players.   

 Accused of playing the disability card

4:46 PM (2 hours ago)

Hi, Mia? So, where do I begin? Who am I? I am a 69 year old disabled woman, but before I was 69, I was 39, and I was not disabled. I did know what disabled meant, though, because on my first job, in Beverly, MA, I worked for Wilkscraft printing, who also employed a man who was deaf as their dark room/stripper. I learned, early on, that PWDs can do some things but not other things, and be valuable employees if given the correct job.

In June ’81, I recieved a tainted blood transfusion, not HIV but HVC, and by August was stricken with a host of what my Doctor called “weird” symptoms. I was tested for HIV twice, but no one then knew about HCV EXCEPT the US Congress and the American Red Cross. For the next 17 years I was constantly accused of being lazy and crazy, and I am still sensitive to that. Then, when I was finally dxed, I applied for SSI and was later informed that I was the guickest in MA to ever be approved. But there were other disabilituies to be discoversd, which include cervical and spinal radiculituis, Iritis,  and osteoarthritis all over, to name a few. I have a wonderful service dog, Shannon, a purebred siberian husky, who helps me with my locomotion, which I have to say she helps me walk and with my balance. LOL

So, what is going on now? My son gave me a new mobile phone, a beauty, a Samsung Galaxy S2. I downloaded Tapfish and two other games which my disabilities prevernt me from playing. Clumbsy fingets, etc. Damn, the radiculitis makes me feel like my arms and legs are brogen, and the osteoarthrits and irits combine to make it nigh imposible to hit what I am aiming at. pluss, profound fatigue, I just give up.

So, Tapfis is an interesting game, so I joined an on line (according to Posner’s ruling) public accomodation, Android Tapfishers Forum. In the intro I said please overlook my bad typos due to my disabilities. (Another man joind later and wriote he had arthritis.) After a while, one member started to ‘attack’ my comments, demanding I explain why I was being ‘incnsistant’ and ‘misinforming’ the members of the forum, and not to blame it on my disability, as my disability had nothing whatsoever to do with my ability to comment.


Now, my take on this is, if someone told a wheelchair used that s/he had to follow the rules and enter the building by going up the stairs like everyone else, most folks would understand that is wrong, but when I comp;lained about missys rude, abusive and uninformed comment, AND that I had asked her repetedly to stop, he accused me of playing the disability card. Hiowever, while he did not stop the abuse, he said he didnt find anything wrong with my comments. The mods on that site dealt with thios by punishing the whole community when anyone failed to obserye the rules, closed some threads and removed others for OT comments.


Talk about an overreaction. So, he and I had quite a few email exchanges. I toled him about the recent Ist Circuit Court of Appeals ruling, explaind to him he might be a privately run one line foru, but the ruling meant it was a public accomodation and he should be willingto provide REASONABLE accomodation.

Meanwhile, back at the forum, the bullies who had piled on missys abuse of me, created a new Tapfishers forum, and made an announcement that folks were free to leave the 1st forum.  Because they didnt like the nice mods no longer  allowing them to bully the disabled!

Yep, I signed up for the new forum, and in the introductions…..well reasd this, you will get the idea….

Quote message


Sent: Tue Jul 10, 2012 12:39 pm

From: Kaitrin

To: Red Hare 

Hi Red Hare:

I just wanted to let you know that your “reintroduction” post has been edited because, while we empathize with the difficulties your disabilities cause, we do not feel it is necessary to point them out on this forum as having these disabilities should not in any way affect your ability to use this forum. There are several tools that exist to help people with disabilities function effectively on the computer:

Computers come with “accessibility settings” that address a variety of issues

Internet browsers like Firefox and Chrome include auto spell-check options to catch obvious typos

Screen-readers are available for the visually impaired

“Speech to Text” tools are available for those who have difficulties keyboarding

We will not tolerate members trying to make themselves out as deserving of any special consideration when it comes to behavior.

Thanks for your understanding!~Kaitrin


Site Admin

Quote Red Hare

Re: “Re-Introductions”

Sent: Tue Jul 10, 2012 1:34 pm

by Red Hare

Katrin, could you please send me a copy of my original post, the one you are referring to, that has been edited?

thank you, Kathy


For whatever reason, I just really really do not want to let this one go.


Please note, I have re edited my introduction, but await a copy of my priginal intro:



Here is the intro by the admin

by Kaitrin » Sat Jul 07, 2012 9:35 pm

I’m Kaitrin  in my early forties, married with two teenagers, female, and live in Minnesota in the US. I’m a historian by profession

I’ve been playing Tapfish on the Android since October 2011, and on iOS since December 2011. I’m a bit of a techie as a hobby, and love poking around to figure out how things work.

I’m also the admin of this board, so if there are features you’d like to see, let me know!


Site Admin

Location: Minnesota

Tapfish Name: Kaitrin (Android); Kaitrin2 (iOS)

by Marximus1 » Mon Jul 09, 2012 2:12 pm

Marximus is here. Favorite fish: goat

Playing for 6 months now on Android. Level 74 at the moment.

Looking forward to watching the other forum fizzle…along with it’s resident Troll.

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Re: Re-introductions

by Kstatemom » Mon Jul 09, 2012 8:49 pm

Okay I’m really in the dark.  Mambo sent me a pm about the problems so I guess I’m glad I was on vacation. Anyways I’m 61 live in Kansas and have 5 children. The 4 oldest are Kansas State University alumis and the youngest is a student there hence the name. We have 2 dogs and a cat and 2 grandchildren. I’ve been playing tapfish since last June.

MIA’S NOTES- This shows that there was an environment of messages being sent about her disabilities and the problems just as the last message referred  to her as a troll


Below is kathy’s intro completely innocent and no whining about her disability

Re: Re-introductions

by Red Hare » Mon Jul 09, 2012 9:35 pm

Hi I am Kathy, aka Red Hare. I am 69 and currently an Advocate for people with disabilities. 


My son gave me a samsung S2 for Christmas, in January? or Feb, and I have been playing Tapfish since mid March. I really like it. I am on level 68? and have 48 tanks, which I like to name some of them. Favorite fish, stunt dolphins. Today’s favorite tank, KeyLargo (48).


My partner, a service animal, Shannon, a siberian husky andI care for my son’s dog, Sandy, a rescue from Tiajuana Mexico. Sandy is the one with red hare. I signed on to Tapfishers because while we can have neighbours on Tapfish, we can not chat with each other, and am hoping to meet folks with the same interest in Tapfish.

Last edited by Red Hare on Tue Jul 10, 2012 4:34 pm, edited 2 times in total.

Red Hare


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Re: Re-introductions

by seandicare » Mon Jul 09, 2012 10:59 pm

my names dominic i’m 38 male from upstate NY.


i’ve been playing tapfish since around Oct ’11.

i like it, but kinda think i’m getting burnt out from all the events. may need to take a breather.



 Private message

by beebee » Tue Jul 10, 2012 7:34 am

Re: Re-introductions

by BoXaToYs » Tue Jul 10, 2012 8:18 am

All righty I’m here too now. My name is Chris, I too live in upstate NY, I’m in my upper 30’s w/ two kids. Been playing this thing for 15 months and I also play Tap Ranch, Tiny Tower and Pocket Frogs under the same name.


I’ve been in the dark on the issue(s) on the other forum. I was shocked to see the sticky posted by the forum admin last week. Can someone enlighten me via a PM?


MIA’S THOUGHTS- Obviously this person thought the admin was out of line

by WebfootWiz » Tue Jul 10, 2012 10:27 am

I’m a relative Tapfish newbie. I just discovered the game during the Hero/Villain event when I was trying to see what it would be like to play a game on my new, shiny Droid Razr – right around Memorial Day, I think. I’ve made it to level 37 as of this morning and just finished breeding all the cardinal fishes, which was my first mystery breedable trophy. 


I am currently working two jobs and have very little time to pursue fun stuff, so I enjoy the game because, for the most part, it’s a very relaxing bit of pointless fun. (Even though I get a little too involved trying to complete the events — I need to work on that one! LOL!)


Thanks for giving us a new and happy home!



Re: Re-introductions

by PurpleBlue » Tue Jul 10, 2012 1:06 pm

Droij on Android forums

Purpleblue in the tapfish world.

purpleblue88 in pocketfrogs

Love the colors. Im in my 20s, going to graduate as a nurse soon,


So, maybe you find this small potatoes, but what rankles me is those boye who bullied the bus monitor defending themselves by claimin that ” We didnt bully her, everything we said to her and about her is the truth.” So, the truth is now justification for bullies to target disabled folks? heck, I am sure upset by this cyber bully thing.

Let me know if you are still interested, I have saved plenty of email from these “empathetic” people.


take care Kath

MIA’S THOUGHTS- if you follow the articles above it becomes obvious that despite one other player the majority thought the admin was abusive and out of line.  The email below is from the moderator where she believes she is exempt from any discrimination laws.



Apparently you know little about disability civil rights, it matters not if this forum is privately ownd run, it is a public accomodation.

Blocking me in response to my complaints re discrimination based on disiblity is retaliation.  Kathy


”Just go for it – we need more disabled MPs”

10 July 2012

The first full-time wheelchair user to be elected to parliament, Dame Anne Begg, welcomes the new ‘Access to Elected Office’ strategy introduced by the Home Office

The government has announced a £2.6m fund designed to help disabled people overcome barriers to becoming councillors, Police and Crime Commissioners or MPs. The money will help meet the extra costs that disabled candidates incur such as transport or sign-language interpreters.

As well as the extra cash, the government announced a new online training and development package designed for disabled people who are interested in a political career.

The fund and online training are part of an ‘Access to Elected Office’ strategy which also includes paid internships for disabled candidates on the Speaker’s parliamentary placement scheme.

The strategy was developed following a consultation in May last year, which sought views on a range of measures designed to help disabled people overcome the barriers to getting elected. In developing the package, the government is said to have worked closely with political parties, disability organisations and wider equality groups.

Dame Anne Begg is a Labour Party politician for Aberdeen South who was born with the rare genetic condition Gauchers Disease which has resulted in her bones breaking regularly. She has been in parliament since 1997 and has always believed that disabled people should not be excluded from society.

The first full-time wheelchair user to be elected to parliament, had this advice for other disabled people thinking of standing in elections: “Just go for it! Be active in your local community or political party. Do not doubt your abilities and worry about people’s perceptions. If you can show that you have the right qualities to be a good MP, people will support and encourage you.”

Tory MP Charles Walker – who suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder – was elected to the House of Commons in May 2005 and campaigns on mental health issues.

He said: “Political parties need to ensure that they open to all people with talent, insight and understanding. Disability should not be a barrier to entering parliament because what counts is the quality of the person and their ability to make a thoughtful contribution to public life and the good governance of our country.”

And Baroness Brinton, a Liberal Democrat peer who has rheumatoid arthritis, advised prospective MPs: “Find an adviser who really understands both your disability and the electoral process. You are likely to have to overcome subtle as well as obvious challenges: identify them up front, and tackle them.”

But she added: “I hid my disability as much as possible, because I felt it would be used against me by difficult opponents in a hotly contested seat. This meant that I did too much. If I was doing it again, I would find someone to be my disability mentor, and help me respond to the specific challenges I face.”

Maria Miller, the minister for disabled people said: “Sadly some people still hold outdated views that disability – whether it’s physical or mental – isn’t compatible with elected office. If this misguided idea is left unchallenged, it means a huge amount of talent remains untapped and a huge amount of potential goes unfulfilled.

“That is why Access to Elected Office is so important. Disabled people have a wealth of first-hand experience of what works and what doesn’t work in the delivery of services. They have experience of what support disabled people really need and experience of how best to give disabled people a voice.

“And it is just this kind of first-hand experience which is invaluable in elected office, whether it’s at a local level in local authorities, on policing boards, or at a national level in parliament.”

Announcing the extra funding, the equalities minister Lynne Featherstone said: “The 10m disabled people in the UK are under-represented in public life and today we are making an important step towards levelling the playing field.”

She added: “This is about breaking down the physical, financial and cultural barriers that prevent many talented people from playing their part in political life. Encouraging disabled people to make their voices heard will not only help individuals fulfil their potential but will enrich and improve our politics at local and national level.”

Featherstone said that she hoped the extra cash would enable more disabled candidates to come forward for the Police and Crime Commissioner elections in November.

Alice Maynard, chair of the disability charity Scope commented: “Disabled people face huge extra costs in everyday life as a result of their impairment and these extra costs can be amplified for those who want to run for elected office meaning they are woefully under-represented.

“We are therefore delighted that the Government has launched the Access to Elected Office fund which we believe marks an important step forward in increasing disabled people’s visibility and participation in society. The key challenge facing all candidate offices across local authorities and political parties is how we can use this fund to attract more disabled candidates and diversify the often ‘closed’ world of local and national politics.”

disabled of boston protest transport price hikes

Disabled MBTA riders to protest fare hike

By Associated Press  |   Monday, July 2, 2012 

Wheelchair users and other disabled people staged what they called a “memorial” at the Statehouse today for the loss of affordable transit service. Fares for The Ride, the Boston-area transit system’s door-to-door service for people with disabilities, doubled on Sunday from $2 to $4.

 Other fares increased an average 23 percent under the T’s first fare hike in five years.

Meanwhile, state Secretary of Transportation Richard Davey said the first commuting day under the higher fare structure went smoothly, with no major problems reported.


The MBTA says a “glitch” with the T’s corporate pass program, which caused problems for some riders trying to transfer from commuter rail to buses or subways, appeared unrelated to the fare hike

Sometimes you meet someone and they open a whole new world to you

Those who read my blog regularly know I have an addiction, no not drugs I am 14 years clean from that crap I am talking about adaptive sports like  Rockwall climbing and now as of today swimming.

None of this would have been possible without meeting the amazing Kareemah Batts, I was watching one of those shows on TV that is a clone of the View one day and they were talking about Rockwall climbing and a place called the Brooklyn Boulders, They mentioned adaptive climbing I rang them and they connected me with Kareemah The first wall I climbed someone drugged me while I wasn’t looking with a drug called freedom, and these days I would climb a bus stop if the bus is late. It is mind blowing, and I am If I do say so getting good at it.

 I have made new friends all otherwise abled in some form, but the ability is purely outward because you would be hard pushed to find a more decent bunch of people anywhere in the world. The guys Mario and jo both amputees are an inspiration, these guys are wall monsters they climb like spiders and the mere lack of a limb is not an block to climbing. After watching  mario and Jo for a few seconds you forget their limbs  not there. The amazing Kareemah is one hot momma with a heart that’s huge and the patience of a saint, it wouldn’t happen without her drive and the generosity of Brooklyn boulders and the army of volunteers.Of course no Thursday would be complete without the amazing Nadia Bon,and her uber cool always ready to help brother and her poppa bear of a dad the only thing bigger than that man is the love and pride for the gorgeous Nadia in everything she does.

 week after week people drop in and out, some of us are weekly regulars this coming week Travis from The challenged Athletes Foundation

  and the amazing Alice shepherd of wheelchair dancer fame will be climbing.

Not only does this sport open my mind and my heart to the possibilities that the universe is the limit, I have for the first time in decades the feeling of siblings of a family.  They all climb walls and happen to be technically disabled, but if you can physically beat any of these so called disabled on a wall the drinks are on me they are equal to all and better than most.

As an Aussie I learned to swim as a toddler, and surfed and snorkeled and scuba  dived as normally as walking because it is part of the Australian life. Swimming is required curriculum at all aussie schools, I loved it and when I became disabled I thought swimming a hundred laps in a pool was a thing of the past.

This week Kareemah said the United states Para Olympic swimming coach was holding a clinic for adaptive swimming, and I could go for free and get one hours coaching. I was there, I didn’t care who I had to roll over the pool was mine.  The gods must have been smiling because it was being held at the end of my street in Flushing Queens a bloody long street about 20 minutes in my chair each way but I was in.

Well when I met Allan the coach and his gorgeous wife who was my personal trainer, we clicked and Allan knows my mate Tim Maloney from the Australian para-olympics team.

 Within five minutes they had me converting all the classic strokes so I could achieve them without full use of my legs, I was home like a fish put back in the river. I achieved about a dozen laps of the pool, with every stroke being watched and gently corrected.

The years rolled back it was the Clare pool in South Australia’s mid north, and I was 5 swimming laps with the junior swim team.

  life does get better when you’re disabled, just open your heart to others and let them open yours to a whole new world. When the wheels under my ass became permanent, I never thought for a moment I would climbing with mountaineers and receiving swim training from Olympic coaches and making a new family one member at a time along the way.

Thanks Kareemah,  none of this would ever of happened without you and the bonus today is that for full use of the pool and world class accessible gym and indoor running/rolling track it’s only $150 and they have a disabled pool lift for the wheelchair bound.

 So with membership to Brooklyn boulders a certainty in my future, and  my brand new rig all my own waiting next week and now member ship to a pool running track and gym at the end of my street  the universe had better watch out. Because what I can’t lift or swim through I’ll bloody well climb over. cheers

Adaptive Climbing Gives the Disabled Back their Spirit, their Drive, and their Self Worth. Now we Need you to Give so it Can Continue!

Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows I have become addicted to adaptive rock climbing with the amazing group NYC Adaptive Climbing founded and ran by the extraordinary Kareemah Batts.

I have written in over a dozen stories about the amazing joy I get from climbing and the remarkable people I get to climb with, but like all good things it costs money.

Every Thursday we take over an entire wall of the 22,000 feet of climbing space for 3 hours and that costs $750. When we visit another club to climb like what is coming up this month it costs $250. We as a group rely on the charity of strangers for volunteers to belay. Belaying is the act of another trained person who controls the other end of the rope you’re attached to. We need to buy our own equipment and we need your help to do that.

Climbing in queen’s excursion in July will cost $250

Extra climbing rigs for first timers to use cost $50-100 each we need 6

Climbing shoes cost $80-125 a pair we need at least 6 pairs

And we have an outside climbing excursion coming up later in the year to an upstate location. I’m not sure what the cost will be but I suspect a couple of thousand. Do you own a wheelchair company? An outward bound expedition company or are just someone with money and want to help the community? With help everyone from returned wounded warriors to cancer survivors and amputees to the amazing people like Nadia who climbs like a warrior even with severe Cerebral Palsy, we turn no one away. We’ll wear your t-shirts, we’ll work out some way to let the world knows you care but first you have to care will you? Please let me know and I’ll put you in touch with the group to make your donations count.

Supreme Court Upholds President Obama’s Health Care Reform

 Reposted from a story by Nancy-Ann DeParle June 28, 2012  01:23 PM EDT
Today, the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act ensures hard-working, middle class families will get the security they deserve and protects every American from the worst insurance company abuses. The Court has issued a clear and final ruling on this law.

For a comprehensive overview of the Affordable Care Act, visit and

Let’s take a look at what today’s ruling means for the middle class:

A major impact of the Court’s decision is the 129 million people with pre-existing conditions and millions of middle class families who will have the security of affordable health coverage. 

We should also remember that under today’s ruling, having health insurance is and will continue to be a choice. If you can’t afford insurance or you’re a small business that wants to provide affordable insurance to your employees, you’ll get tax credits that make coverage affordable. But if you can afford insurance and you choose not to purchase it, the taxpayers will no longer subsidize your care for free.

Given today’s ruling, it’s now time to focus on implementing this law in a smart and non-bureaucratic way that works for the middle class. 

As we’ve said, the Court has issued a clear and final ruling on this law. The last thing Congress should do is refight old political battles and start over on health care by repealing basic protections that provide security for the middle class. The President refuses to go back to the way things were.

Right now, Congress needs to work together to focus on the economy and creating jobs. Right now in congress, what’s at stake is how–at this make or break moment for the middle class–we break through Washington gridlock to move our country forward. Right now in Congress, what’s at stake is our chance to seize this moment to build an economy not from the top-down, but one based on a strong and secure middle class.  We need to create secure middle class jobs and an economy built to last where hard work and responsibility are rewarded, everybody gets a fair shot, pays their fair share, and plays by the same set of rules.

Right now, Congress should act on the President’s concrete plans to create an economy built to last by reducing the deficit in a balanced way and investing in education, clean energy, innovation, and infrastructure. It’s time for folks in Washington to work together on behalf of the American people.

Please check back periodically for additional information on today’s decision. 

Read the President’s full remarks here

President Barack Obama delivers remarks after the U.S. Supreme Court upholds the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” (June 28, 2012)President Barack Obama delivers remarks regarding the U.S. Supreme Court decision upholding the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” in the East Room of the White House, June 28, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)