Some words these days are thrown around like trash, awarded to those who don’t deserve it guts is one but these people have it in spades

Some words have lost their value
Diva? To those of a certain age that’s Aretha Franklin, she earned it. To the young these days it’s some two bit rapper who’ll be gone tomorrow
Hero? To most young kids it’s a musician or a hockey player? But to me and many like me it’s the wounded warriors who came home, the soldiers who fought for their country, but equally so it’s the people who even when the medical community told them they shouldn’t be here, they never should have made it, they replied “screw you I have a life waiting to be lived”.

Below are some of the gutsiest people I have seen in a long time, they’re all amputees and everyone of them is a hero. I must admit for many years except for one childhood friend I had never met an amputee, but since becoming a permanent wheelchair user I now proudly call many friends.
Whether they were born with a physical deformity, or survived cancer or an auto accident or they are wounded warriors or for any other reason they get up and go and the really wicked sense of humor makes it an honor to know them all.
gutsy people-1
If you think the soldier in the movie battleship was just an actor and his legs were removed by computer think again this man is the real deal hero

gutsy people 1
gutsy people2
The meme below was shared by a amputee friend and I think it sums up the guts

So please check out the pics below, and hopefully next time you see someone with a prosthetic you wont think “oh poor person” you’ll think as I do a person who lets noone dictate life they live it on their terms.
gutsy people4
gutsy people5
I played lacrosse for over 25 years and know how challenging it is with two good legs this kid is my hero
amputee lacrosse
The woman below is a poster child for never give up 10 years and 27 surgeries guts personified
gutsy peopl6
gutsy people7
gutsy people 8