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Crimes Against Us

Mallory Owens, Alabama Lesbian, Allegedly Attacked By Girlfriend’s Brother During Thanksgiving Dinner (GRAPHIC)

Posted: 11/26/2012 4:57 pm EST Updated: 11/26/2012 5:06 pm EST

Mallory Owens

An Alabama woman is recovering after allegedly being attacked by her girlfriend’s brother over Thanksgiving weekend.

Though details of the case are continuing to emerge, NBC affiliate Local 15 reports that 23-year-old Mallory Owens is being treated for injuries following a Nov. 22 assault by Travis Hawkins Jr. Owens, who was reportedly attending Thanksgiving dinner at the family home of girlfriend Ally Hawkins (Travis’ sister) at the time of the attack, suffered multiple skull fractures and crushed bones, and had metal plates put under her eyes because of her injuries, according to reports.

Hawkins, Local 15’s report notes, has been charged with second degree assault, though it remains unclear what may have prompted the attack. cites Owens’ sister says it wasn’t the first time Hawkins had attacked Owens, noting: “He never liked Mallory and Ally to begin with. Mallory would never do anything to hurt anyone.”

Avery Godwin added, “He should’ve been charged with attempted murder.”

A photo reportedly showing Owens in the hospital has since been posted on Facebook. “It is reported that the accused attackers family stood by, did not intervene, and have threatened the [victim’s] family,” the user wrote.

Fire kills 14 in German disabled workshop

Reposted from a story in the Australian From: AAP  November 27, 2012 5:05AM

FOURTEEN people have perished and several more are injured after a fire swept through a workshop for disabled people in the Black Forest region of Germany, authorities say.

About 300 firefighters backed by helicopters battled the blaze in the town of Titisee-Neustadt in southwestern Germany for more than two hours on Monday, as some wearing breathing apparatus pulled several people from the stricken building.The cause of the fire was not immediately known but there was a large police presence at the site. At least one explosion was believed to have taken place in a storage room.

It was still unclear whether chemicals were stored in the room, but the workshop’s activities included the treatment of wood.

Pictures showed smoke billowing out of the three-storey concrete building and firefighters helping the injured, some in wheelchairs, to helicopters and ambulances.

“We can tell you that we have 14 dead. The process of identification is ongoing,” Karl-Heinz Schmid, a spokesman for police in the nearby city of Freiburg, told news channel N24.

“We also have a large number of injured who have been taken to hospital.”

Authorities told AFP that seven people had been seriously injured, revising up an earlier toll by one. Most had suffered injuries due to smoke inhalation, according to police.

However, all seven were expected to survive, Focus magazine quoted police spokesman Alfred Oschwald as saying.

Another police spokesman, Marco Troll, told AFP: “The building is empty. There are no further dead.”

A source close to Caritas, the Catholic Church welfare association that runs the workshop, said there were 50 or 60 people aged between 20 and 65 in the building when the blaze broke out.

In total, the workshop employed some 120 people with disabilities.

The source said the majority were mentally disabled workers who were manufacturing wooden decorations for Christmas as well as other electrical and metal goods.

The building was relatively modern and fully respected the fire regulations, this source stressed.

Psychological specialists were treating relatives of the victims at the scene.

“We are dealing here with people who of course do not react rationally,” local news agency DPA quoted local fire chief Alexander Widmaier as saying.

Many take personally burglary of disabled veteran

reposted from a story By Howard Altman

To whoever broke into Apartment 515 at the Bristol Place apartment complex in New Tampa: If you are the least bit tech savvy, you’ve probably already seen the pictures on the MacBook Pro you stole, the ones with the guy in the wheelchair missing a right leg.
The guy in the picture is Thongpane Thongdeng. His friends call him TD.
Let me tell you about Thongdeng, just in case you saw his picture and were wondering what happened to his right leg, which was amputated below the knee. Once you hear the story, you might want to bring the stuff you stole back right quick. Because there are a lot of people who are taking your act very personally.
A St. Petersburg High School graduate, Thongdeng joined the Army in 2007.
“I wanted to jump,” said Thongdeng, now 33 and sitting in his wheelchair, wearing a 101st Airborne Division baseball cap.
Thongdeng’s journey led him to Forward Operating Base Connolly in Nangahar Province, Afghanistan, near Jalalabad.
On the night of Dec. 2, 2010, Spc. Thongdeng and his comrades went to a village to find out what supplies the local police outpost needed. Then they went to another village to speak to elders there.
“We were the third truck in the convoy,” said Thongdeng, who was riding in a lumbering tan vehicle known as an MRAP. “After leaving the village, we came to two semi trucks that seemed to be broken down.”
After talking to the drivers, the convoy drove by. It didn’t get very far.
About 200 meters away from the semis, there was a tremendous explosion.
Not that Thongdeng saw it or heard it.
“I remember waking up and the truck was upside down,” said Thongdeng. “We were in a ditch. Everyone was yelling for help.”
He passed out, waking up more than two weeks later at the Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas.
His right leg was mangled. His spine was badly injured, confining him to a wheelchair. The concussive blast gave him traumatic brain injury.
Eventually, Thongdeng and his family made their way back to the area, with Thongdeng an inpatient at the James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital while his wife and five kids lived with her parents in St. Petersburg.
Doctors tried to save his leg, but the damage was too severe and he underwent an amputation at Tampa General Hospital.
Though his condition was improving, Thongdeng was forced to rent a one-bedroom apartment in New Tampa to be near Haley, where was still getting treatment. He couldn’t live with his in-laws because the house wasn’t wheelchair accessible and it was too far. His family had to stay behind because, on his salary, he couldn’t afford a place large enough to accommodate seven people.
A few weeks ago, Thongdeng went back into Haley. Still in a great deal of pain, he had to stay there as doctors tried out new medication.
That’s where you come into the picture, whoever it was that broke into the apartment.
While Thongdeng was in the hospital, you cut the screen to his apartment, walked in, tipped over his big-screen television, stole his new MacBook Pro, his Xbox, lots of other electronics, jewelry and even food from his refrigerator.
“I came home and saw I had been broken into,” said Thongdeng. “I was angry.”
So was Connie Trigoe.
A 14-year veteran of the Tampa Police Department, Trigoe was the officer who came to investigate the burglary on Nov. 17. When Trigoe arrived at the apartment, saw Thongdeng in his wheelchair and 101st Airborne hat, she knew this was more than the usual burglary.
“My dad was in Vietnam, my brother in Desert Storm, my brother-in-law is still in the military and has been in both Iraq and Afghanistan,” Trigoe said. “I grew up to respect veterans.”
Trigoe said that, “admittedly, I was a little angry over the situation. He sacrificed, lost his leg in Afghanistan and someone came into his apartment. That angered me.”
Wanting to do something for Thongdeng, Trigoe organized her fellow members of the 242nd Squad in District 2 and gathered up enough money to buy a new Xbox for the wounded soldier.
“When we gave him the Xbox, I shook his hand and thanked him for his service,” said Trigoe. “What humbled me the most was that he said, ‘No, thank you for protecting us on this side.’ That kind of caught me off guard.”
Thongdeng said he was surprised and joyful at the outpouring of support.
Following the police donation, Operation Helping Hand, an eight-year-old charity group that helps the wounded at Haley, made a $2,000 donation to Thongdeng, who police say lost about $6,000 worth of items in the robbery.
“The man is very quiet and somewhat embarrassed by the situation,” said Bob Silah, a retired Navy captain who heads the organization. “He needs help but was too embarrassed to reach out.”
Operation Helping Hand is ready to offer more help so Thongdeng and his family can find an apartment until another group, Homes for Our Troops, can build the family a new home once it finds land and a building partner for the project.
Those wishing to contribute can make checks payable to Operation Helping Hand. Mark check for “TD” and mail to Operation Helping Hand Inc., Attn: Bob Silah: PO Box 6383, MacDill Air Force Base FL 33608.
To whomever broke in and stole Thongdeng’s belongings – keep looking over your shoulder. You have made the police, the MacDill community and a member of the Screaming Eagles extremely mad.

Man with no hand was abused because he wouldnt take the hand he didnt have out of his pocket then tasered for resisting arrest but was told he wasnt under arrest?


When the police were called to settle a family dispute, the officer repeatedly screamed take your hand out of your pocket? trouble is the man doesnt have a hand. Read on the police brutality combined with stupidity is astounding.

Accused tells of taser agony

Michael Inman, Christopher Knaus

File photograph of police officer demonstrating the use of a Taser stun gun.File photograph of police officer demonstrating the use of a Taser stun gun. Photo: Craig Abraham

A disabled man – with one good hand and leg – has told a court he endured ”excruciating pain” while being tasered by police, describing it as the ”most frightening experience of my life”.

Anthony Bruce Gilkes was tasered by police as they responded to an altercation between Gilkes and his father.

The 35-year-old is on trial in the ACT Magistrates Court accused of assaulting his father, causing actual bodily harm, assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest.

He has pleaded not guilty and gave evidence to the court on Monday.


The court heard police were called to the scene after allegations of an assault.

Gilkes, from Newcastle, said he had been asleep when two police officers entered his room and ordered him into the dining area.

The court heard he did as requested and was seated when he saw his father enter a room accompanied by another officer.

Gilkes said he stood to follow his father when he was blocked by the officers and ordered to sit down.

But he was informed he was not under arrest.

The accused told the court an officer then repeatedly ordered him to remove his hands from his pockets. Gilkes said he could not react as instructed as his arms were by his sides and told police they weren’t in his pockets.

He told the court he then held up his right hand – effectively a stump – and said, ”I don’t have a f—ing hand”.

The father-of-two alleged Sergeant Steven Harris then smirked at his colleague and said ”He’s only got one hand.”

Gilkes said he was humiliated and reacted by slapping the officer on the face using the open palm of his good hand.

The court heard a struggle then broke out between Gilkes and another officer in the room.

The accused said he was grabbed from behind by the officer and dragged backwards before both men fell onto the ground.

Gilkes said he was then flipped onto his back and restrained by the officer placing knees into his abdomen.

He told the court the sergeant then yelled ”taser, taser”, before the second officer moved from on top of him.

”Then it was the other guy standing over the top of me with the taser,” Gilkes said.

”I just sort of froze … I didn’t make any movements.”

He said the feeling of being tasered was ”hard to put in words”, but described it as ”excruciating” and as the most frightening experience of his life.

Gilkes was told he was under arrest for resisting arrest, but argued he could not resist arrest if he hadn’t been formally detained.

He was then placed in a police wagon and taken to The Canberra Hospital for examination before being taken to the ACT Watch House.

The hearing continues next month

Read more:

British PM ambushed by ‘Tory paedophile list’


Mia’s thoughts- The house of lords is filled by men and women who by birth right and inheritance or by being honoured for their own actions by the queen, are granted a seat in the house for life and it can be willed to their heirs. The house of commons is like the American or Australian parliament or senate, you are elected by the people for the people. Monsters are not invited,yet if this list has any validity like so many groups of pedophiles discovered previously they are not hiding form the goverment they became the goverment.

 To use modern speak, they created the ultimate firewall between them and prosecution. Tear down the wall mr Cameron, let the villagers storm the castle and destroy the monster for their kind have preyed upon the good people long enough. Show them the same  mercy they show their victims -none. If any politician irrelivant of office is a proven pedophile take everything they have, it was gained by fraud because they swore to uphold the law of the when they got the job.


Reposted from a story in Adelaide Now and : News Limited Network  November 09, 2012 2:02AM

david cameron and phillip schofield

This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield ambushes UK Prime Minister David Cameron on morning television with a list of suspected Tory paedophiles. Source: Supplied

The Sun reports that Phillip Schofield, who presents the UK show This Morning, handed Mr Cameron the list after doing what he said was “about three minutes” of searching on the internet.

Schofield however could be in some serious trouble as the names on the list are partly visible to viewers.

Mr Cameron did not read the list and said accusations against senior members of his party risked becoming a “witch-hunt” against gays.

“I’m worried about the sort of thing you are doing right now, taking a list of names off the internet,” he said.

“If anyone has any information about anyone who’s a paedophile, no matter how high up in society they are, that is what the police are for.”

Mr Cameron said the government had taken action and that he was committed to sorting through allegations.

However he said that allegations, particularly made about incidents of abuse from the 1970s and 80s needed to be reported to the police.

“I’ve heard all sorts of names bandied around and what then tends to happen is everyone sits around and speculates about people, some of whom are alive, some of whom are dead,” Mr Cameron added.

“I do think it’s very important that anyone who’s got any information about any paedophile, no matter how high up in the country or whether they are alive or dead, go to the police.”

A government source said, “This silly stunt has resulted in people’s names being put out there. They will want to vigorously defend themselves.”

Transgender woman found dead, burned in France

Photo of the Roumere Forest where “Cassandra’s” burnt body was found

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — The dead woman, reportedly migrated from Peru, was found October 4th in a forest near Saint-Martin-de-Boscherville. The body appeared burned and while authorities are investigating and have made no official announcement as to the cause, trans activists fear “Cassandra” may have been burned to death.

News reports say she most recently a sex worker living in or near Rouen. Trans activists say a recently enacted law that is forcing sex workers to operate under more dangerous conditions. They also say they’re concerned about the lack of legislative action to head off the murders of trans people

If you love your children , if you love americas children support Domincks law


Dominick’s Law

1st Degree Child Abuse LIFE IN PRISON
2nd Degree Child Abuse 10 YEARS IN PRISON
Commit Child Abuse in Front of Another Child, You Are Guilty of the Same Act on That Child.  Forcing a Child to Witness Abuse IS ALSO ABUSE!

A letter from Dominick Calhoun’s family

 Dominick Richard Calhoun was a victim of child abuse in the most severe way. Our story begins on April 12, 2010, when our family lost a son, grandson, nephew, brother and friend. Our children only have us to rely on, so it is our duty to be the voice for those children that have none.

 If everyone from judges to child protective services (CPS) had just done their job, this sweet child would still be with us. After Dominick’s death, we started looking into the reasons why we were let down by the system that is supposed to protect children from violent homes.

 After Dominick’s death, Facebook pages came up in memory of Dominick. The two key pages were, “Justice for Dominick,” and “Dominick’s law.” Right from the beginning, we started getting support from families of other children that have gone through similar situations. As our sites grew in popularity, we started receiving inquiries from people asking us for help because no one would help them. I would personally speak with some of these people and cry over their situations. These many conversations drove our family to fight harder to change the way things work. I hear over and over how the courts, (CPS) and other agencies turn these people away. The end result is children suffer. This has to stop.

Ever since Dominick was taken from us, we have been busy trying to help local charities that help these very children that have been abused. In this journey, we have not been able to understand the magnitude of this very thing that took our Dominick from us. We then found out that existing laws to help these very children were in need of change, so we enlisted help from a wonderful lady, who helped us with the first draft of what would become Dominick’s Law.

 That’s when we started contacting state representatives. At our first meeting, we were very happy with the turnout of people who wanted to help us. I could see that we were going to do something special here.

 Our law is now beginning to receive action. With Lansing’s help, we will finally make this happen. Dominick did not have the chance to grow up and we will not get to enjoy even one more of the beautiful moments of his life. If Dominick’s Law had been in place, my grandson’s killer would not have been on the street to begin with.

 There is so much more that needs to be done other than this law, but it is such a huge step. My family and so many others grieve and cry every day over what has happened to our children. I know from living this nightmare every day that this has to change. Dominick’s law points us in the right direction.


The Calhoun family






Introduced by Reps. Lori, Ananich, Barnett, Bauer, Bledsoe, Brown, Brunner, Byrum, Constan, Cotter, Crawford, Damrow, Darany, Denby, Dillon, Durhal, Farrington, Foster, Gilbert, Graves, Greimel, Haines, Haugh, Haveman, Heise, Hooker, Horn, Hovey-Wright, Hughes, Huuki, Irwin, Jackson, Jenkins, Knollenberg, Kurtz, LaFontaine, LeBlanc, Liss, Lyons, MacMaster, McCann, Meadows, O’Brien, Oakes, Olson, Opsommer, Pettalia, Poleski, Potvin, Price, Rendon, Rutledge, Santana, Wayne Schmidt, Segal, Shaughnessy, Slavens, Smiley, Somerville, Stamas, Stapleton, Switalski, Talabi, Tlaib and Tyler


AN ACT to amend 1931 PA 328, entitled “An act to revise, consolidate, codify, and add to the statutes relating to crimes; to define crimes and prescribe the penalties and remedies; to provide for restitution under certain circumstances; to provide for the competency of evidence at the trial of persons accused of crime; to provide immunity from prosecution for certain witnesses appearing at criminal trials; to provide for liability for damages; and to repeal certain acts and parts of acts inconsistent with or contravening any of the provisions of this act,” by amending section 136b (MCL 750.136b), as amended by 2008 PA 577, and by adding section 136d.

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Sec. 136b. (1) As used in this section:

(a) “Child” means a person who is less than 18 years of age and is not emancipated by operation of law as provided in section 4 of 1968 PA 293, MCL 722.4.

(b) “Cruel” means brutal, inhuman, sadistic, or that which torments.

(c) “Omission” means a willful failure to provide food, clothing, or shelter necessary for a child’s welfare or willful abandonment of a child.

(d) “Person” means a child’s parent or guardian or any other person who cares for, has custody of, or has authority over a child regardless of the length of time that a child is cared for, in the custody of, or subject to the authority of that person.

(e) “Physical harm” means any injury to a child’s physical condition.

(f) “Serious physical harm” means any physical injury to a child that seriously impairs the child’s health or physical well-being, including, but not limited to, brain damage, a skull or bone fracture, subdural hemorrhage or hematoma, dislocation, sprain, internal injury, poisoning, burn or scald, or severe cut.

(g) “Serious mental harm” means an injury to a child’s mental condition or welfare that is not necessarily permanent but results in visibly demonstrable manifestations of a substantial disorder of thought or mood which significantly impairs judgment, behavior, capacity to recognize reality, or ability to cope with the ordinary demands of life.

(2) A person is guilty of child abuse in the first degree if the person knowingly or intentionally causes serious physical or serious mental harm to a child. Child abuse in the first degree is a felony punishable by imprisonment for life or any term of years.

(3) A person is guilty of child abuse in the second degree if any of the following apply:

(a) The person’s omission causes serious physical harm or serious mental harm to a child or if the person’s reckless act causes serious physical harm or serious mental harm to a child.

(b) The person knowingly or intentionally commits an act likely to cause serious physical or mental harm to a child regardless of whether harm results.

(c) The person knowingly or intentionally commits an act that is cruel to a child regardless of whether harm results.

(4) Child abuse in the second degree is a felony punishable by imprisonment as follows:

(a) For a first offense, not more than 10 years.

(b) For a second or subsequent offense, not more than 20 years.

(5) A person is guilty of child abuse in the third degree if any of the following apply:

(a) The person knowingly or intentionally causes physical harm to a child.

(b) The person knowingly or intentionally commits an act that under the circumstances poses an unreasonable risk of harm or injury to a child, and the act results in physical harm to a child.

(6) Child abuse in the third degree is a felony punishable by imprisonment for not more than 2 years.

(7) A person is guilty of child abuse in the fourth degree if any of the following apply:

(a) The person’s omission or reckless act causes physical harm to a child.

(b) The person knowingly or intentionally commits an act that under the circumstances poses an unreasonable risk of harm or injury to a child, regardless of whether physical harm results.

(8) Child abuse in the fourth degree is a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment for not more than 1 year.

(9) This section does not prohibit a parent or guardian, or other person permitted by law or authorized by the parent or guardian, from taking steps to reasonably discipline a child, including the use of reasonable force.

(10) It is an affirmative defense to a prosecution under this section that the defendant’s conduct involving the child was a reasonable response to an act of domestic violence in light of all the facts and circumstances known to the defendant at that time. The defendant has the burden of establishing the affirmative defense by a preponderance of the evidence. As used in this subsection, “domestic violence” means that term as defined in section 1 of 1978 PA 389, MCL 400.1501.

Sec. 136d. (1) A person who violates section 136b in the presence of a child other than the child who is the victim of the violation is guilty of a felony punishable as follows:

(a) If the person violates section 136b(2) in the presence of another child, by imprisonment for life or any term of years.

(b) Except as provided in subdivision (c), if the person violates section 136b(4) in the presence of another child, by imprisonment for not more than 10 years.

(c) If the person violates section 136b(4) in the presence of another child on a second or subsequent occasion, by imprisonment for not more than 20 years.

(d) If the person violates section 136b(6) in the presence of another child, by imprisonment for not more than 2 years.

(2) A charge and conviction under this section do not prohibit a person from being charged with, convicted of, or sentenced for any other violation of law arising out of the same transaction as the violation of this section.

Enacting section 1. This amendatory act shall be known and may be cited as “Dominick’s Law”.

Enacting section 2. This amendatory act takes effect July 1, 2012.

This act is ordered to take immediate effect.





Introduced by Reps. Graves, Ananich, Barnett, Bauer, Bledsoe, Brown, Brunner, Byrum, Constan, Cotter, Crawford, Damrow, Darany, Denby, Durhal, Farrington, Geiss, Gilbert, Greimel, Haveman, Heise, Hooker, Horn, Howze, Hughes, Jackson, Jenkins, Knollenberg, Kurtz, Lane, LeBlanc, Lindberg, Liss, Lyons, MacGregor, Meadows, O’Brien, Oakes, Olson, Opsommer, Poleski, Rendon, Roy Schmidt, Wayne Schmidt, Segal, Slavens, Smiley, Somerville, Stallworth, Stamas, Stanley, Stapleton, Switalski, Talabi, Tlaib, Tyler and Zorn


AN ACT to amend 1927 PA 175, entitled “An act to revise, consolidate, and codify the laws relating to criminal procedure and to define the jurisdiction, powers, and duties of courts, judges, and other officers of the court under the provisions of this act; to provide laws relative to the rights of persons accused of criminal offenses and ordinance violations; to provide for the arrest of persons charged with or suspected of criminal offenses and ordinance violations; to provide for bail of persons arrested for or accused of criminal offenses and ordinance violations; to provide for the examination of persons accused of criminal offenses; to regulate the procedure relative to grand juries, indictments, informations, and proceedings before trial; to provide for trials of persons complained of or indicted for criminal offenses and ordinance violations and to provide for the procedure in those trials; to provide for judgments and sentences of persons convicted of criminal offenses and ordinance violations; to establish a sentencing commission and to prescribe its powers and duties; to provide for procedure relating to new trials and appeals in criminal and ordinance violation cases; to provide a uniform system of probation throughout this state and the appointment of probation officers; to prescribe the powers, duties, and compensation of probation officers; to provide penalties for the violation of the duties of probation officers; to provide for procedure governing proceedings to prevent crime and proceedings for the discovery of crime; to provide for fees of officers, witnesses, and others in criminal and ordinance violation cases; to set forth miscellaneous provisions as to criminal procedure in certain cases; to provide penalties for the violation of certain provisions of this act; and to repeal all acts and parts of acts inconsistent with or contravening any of the provisions of this act,” by amending section 16g of chapter XVII (MCL 777.16g), as amended by 2008 PA 521.

The People of the State of Michigan enact:


Sec. 16g. (1) This chapter applies to the following felonies enumerated in chapter 750 of the Michigan Compiled Laws:

M.C.L. Category Class Description Stat Max

750.135 Person D Exposing children with intent to injure or abandon 10

750.135a(2)(c) Person D Leaving child unattended in vehicle resulting in serious physical harm 10

750.135a(2)(d) Person B Leaving child unattended in vehicle resulting in death 15

750.136b(2) Person A First degree child abuse Life

750.136b(4)(a) Person C Second degree child abuse — first offense 10

750.136b(4)(b) Person B Second degree child abuse — second or subsequent offense 20

750.136b(6) Person G Third degree child abuse 2

750.136c Person B Buying or selling an individual 20

750.136d(1)(a) Person A First degree child abuse in presence of another child Life

750.136d(1)(b) Person D Second degree child abuse in presence of another child — first offense 10

750.136d(1)(c) Person B Second degree child abuse in presence of another child — second or subsequent offense 20

750.136d(1)(d) Person G Third degree child abuse in presence of another child 2

750.145a Person F Soliciting child to commit an immoral act 4

750.145b Person D Accosting children for immoral purposes with prior conviction 10

750.145c(2) Person B Producing child sexually abusive activity or material 20

750.145c(3) Person D Distributing, promoting, or financing the distribution of child sexually abusive activity or material 7

750.145c(4) Person F Possessing child sexually abusive material 4

750.145d(2)(b) Variable G Using internet or computer to commit crime punishable by a maximum term of imprisonment of at least 1 year but less than 2 years 2

750.145d(2)(c) Variable F Using internet or computer to commit crime punishable by a maximum term of imprisonment of at least 2 years but less than 4 years 4

750.145d(2)(d) Variable D Using internet or computer to commit crime punishable by a maximum term of imprisonment of at least 4 years but less than 10 years 10

750.145d(2)(e) Variable C Using internet or computer to commit crime punishable by a maximum term of imprisonment of at least 10 years but less than 15 years 15

750.145d(2)(f) Variable B Using internet or computer to commit crime punishable by a maximum term of imprisonment of at least 15 years or for life 20

750.145n(1) Person C First degree vulnerable adult abuse 15

750.145n(2) Person F Second degree vulnerable adult abuse 4

750.145n(3) Person G Third degree vulnerable adult abuse 2

750.145o Person E Death of vulnerable adult caused by unlicensed caretaker 5

750.145p(1) Person G Commingling funds of, obstructing investigation regarding, or filing false information regarding, vulnerable adult 2

750.145p(2) Person G Retaliation or discrimination by caregiver against vulnerable adult 2

750.145p(5) Person E Caregiver or licensee violation against vulnerable adult — subsequent offense 5

750.147b Person G Ethnic intimidation 2

(2) For a violation of section 145d of the Michigan penal code, 1931 PA 328, MCL 750.145d, determine the offense category, offense variable level, and prior record variable level based on the underlying offense.

Enacting section 1. This amendatory act takes effect July 1, 2012.

Enacting section 2. This amendatory act does not take effect unless House Bill No. 5562 of the 96th Legislature is enacted into law.

This act is ordered to take immediate effect

Daniel Priotti, Veteran In Wheelchair, Assaulted On Halloween By Marine

Reposted from a story by Christopher Dabney: Cops

Posted: 11/02/2012 10:00 am EDT Updated: 11/02/2012 10:00 am EDT

Christopher Dabney Daniel Priotti

Christopher Dabney, 22, allegedly knocked 35-year-old Army veteran Daniel Priotti out of his wheelchair because he believed Priotti’s uniform and wheelchair were a Halloween costume.

A U.S. Army veteran who uses a wheelchair was assaulted this week by a Marine veteran who thought the man’s wheelchair and uniform were a Halloween costume.

Florida man Daniel Priotti served in the U.S. Army from 1996-1998, and was paralyzed 10 years ago in an unrelated accident, the Gainesville Sun reports.

The 35-year-old told the Sun that he has worn his uniform on Halloween for years. Priotti says he was waiting in line at a restaurant in Gainesville early Thursday morning when someone hit him twice, knocking him out of his wheelchair.

Police say the man who hit him was 22-year-old Christopher Dabney, a Marine veteran who was wearing a pink tutu as a Halloween costume. Dabney reportedly believed Priotti’s uniform and wheelchair were fake, and got angry about what he believed was an offensive costume.

“[Dabney] should be stripped of being allowed to be called a Marine,” Priotti told the Sun. “This is not something a Marine does — they have more self control.”

The veteran noted that if Dabney were offended, he should have tried to talk to him about it.

“I could see [Dabney] saying something to me first — ‘Aw man, that’s messed up being dressed as a disabled veteran’ — and then I could say that I really am a disabled veteran.”

Dabney has been charged with abuse of the disabled, according to the Miami News Times.

He also told the paper that he does not believe his attacker should go to jail, but instead should have to perform community service working with the disabled.

Priotti did not suffer any serious injuries, and is keeping a great sense of humor about the incident.

“I got knocked out last night for wearing my army uniform, by a 22 year old marine vet wearing a pink tutu…lol” reads a post on his Facebook page

Paraplegic man stranded without wheelchair survives 3 days in New Mexico desert


The story below puts to rest any doubters who in the past have said”surely mia people don’t treat the disabled like that?” Well this happenned because he wouldn’t share his six pack!


Ricky Gilmore was ditched by a couple he met hitchhiking when he wouldn’t share his booze. They tossed him out of their truck and left him without his wheelchair on a desolate road.


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From his hospital bed  Ricky shows his ripped soiled blue jeans,Ripped and dirty, they’re what the paraplegic wore as he dragged his body along a dirt road, praying help would come after he was callously dumped in the middle of the New Mexico desert without his wheelchair.
“Ah man, I’m just a big mess,” Gilmore, 49, said. “I ache and I’m just in the first stages of healing.”
Gilmore’s body is covered in cuts and bruises. His wrist is sprained and he’s being treated for acute kidney failure from dehydration.
The 49-year-old, who hasn’t been able to walk since a bad car crash years ago, says the nightmare began when he was hitchhiking.
A man and woman picked him up, and Gilmore ended up inviting them over for steaks. Later, the trio went for a ride, and when Gilmore refused to share his alcohol, the couple decided to ditch their new friend, he says.
The man yanked Gilmore – who had left his wheelchair at home – out of the car and abandoned him on a desolate stretch on a Navajo Indian reservation near Tocito, before storming off in a white truck.
“It was dark and I was shivering and the wind was blowing so I just crawled to a bush and dug right there,” he said.
“It was cold that night.”
Without food, water or a coat, Gilmore was stranded for three days. Only twice, he spotted cars. He waved, but neither stopped.
“I started dragging myself,” he said. “I did the same thing all day and I only got about two miles.”
On the third day, a man in a blue truck stopped.
“I don’t think I would have made it another night,” Gilmore said.
The man called for help and Gilmore was taken to the Northern Navajo Medical Center in Shiprock. He said doctors told him his body temperature was only 94 degrees when he was admitted.
He’s filed a report with the police but just wants to focus is rest and getting healthy.
“[I want to] go home and pray, take inventory and just get a good night sleep in my own bed and heal,” Gilmore said.
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