Disabled not Discarded! About Us

G’day  my name is Mia G Vayner, I am a fifty something out lesbian woman born in Australia   who has resided in New york since 1998. I have  lived with my life partner and wife Ella for almost 15 years.

My friends will tell you I have always had a disability, a quick wit and a sharp mind and a total inability to handle stupidity. If you’re asking about the wheels under my ass, its a hereditary neurological disorder that is degenerative and makes walking and standing the cause of severe seizures so the only safe way to get through life is on two wheels. This has been my life for about 5 years. So When you mix my friends opinion of me with the ever growing lack of care and concern by those in power for the rights of the wheelchair bound, my choices became scream or do something about it,  The first can get you arrested  so the blog was born.

I’m serving notice to those who say through their laws, their lack of adherance to laws, and by their complete disregard or simple lack of thought for the disabled, we’ll photograph, we’ll blog and we’ll tell the powers that be until you make it right. In the meantime, there are thousands of places like this where we come to share our experiences and then we go out and vote with not only our dollars but also our voices! Be on Notice!


12 thoughts on “Disabled not Discarded! About Us”

  1. As a medical social worker, I am aware of the problems facing the wc bound in this country. I remember in the 80’s several young men were harassing my first husband as he tried to go thru a door at the local mall. He wasnt in a wheel chair but used a cane and his neck was parallel to the floor due to arthritis. Thank goodness my son was with us. He wouldve beaten the crap out of them! I admire your spirit, your journalism and what you say. Keep it up.

  2. hi there I just joined your blog and I applaud the fact that you are speaking out about this subject..I to am confined to a wheelchair and I am on full SSD as well…I have been out of work for about 2 yrs now..and its not because I havent been looking for a JOB….its an employers playground out there and they can pick and choose who they hire…I am living in Tampa Fla.. you have no idea how many times that I have been passed over for employment simply because I am disabled..its ridiculous…..for legal reasons they cant just come out and say that but we all know this happens to us on a daily basis….I have over 20 yrs experience in the customer services field…I have mad skills and time and time again I am passed over for employment simply because I am in a wheelchair…sure I could just stay home and collect a paycheck..but thats not ME !!!! I want to work so badly you have no idea..I am climbing the walls with boredom..but I keep plugging away filling out application after application online looking for work…I would be a perfect working employee simply because I dont want to work because that I have to..I want to work because I want to…heck at this point I would probably work for free….I would love to volunteer but I cant do that either because of the money that it takes to pay for transportation with my local wheelchair van services…I wish that I had a car..but their is no way for me to get one…in this country right now if you are a single male or female at the ages between 30 and 60 yrs old(I am 53 yrs old myself) you are pretty much left out in the cold as far services and programs to help you.. I am also looking for a job with the help of Fla Dept of vocational rehabilitation…there hands are tied as well because of budget cuts….they used to be able to do all kinds of things to help disabled people get jobs….but now they are barely paying for my transportation back and forth to their office and monthly visits to meet with my JOB coach….I am just so frustrated about the lack of help for us out there…. I want to scream or beat the heck out of something….all that I see these politicians out there doing is going around patting them selves on the back for this program to help us and that program to help us…but nobody ever can find the programs that they are talking about…if I could get a car with a wheelchair rack on the back…you have no idea how that would OPEN UP my world to the possibilities…but I am not kidding myself that this will ever happen…the people out there that have the money to do this are never there when you need them…I mean I see programs out there to help disabled VETS get transportation and help retro fitting their homes.for access and I dont have a problem with that they deserve it…BUT…BUT what about us regular disabled people dont we deserve help as well…BUT WE NEVER get it…it reminds me of the fact that there is all these programs out there to feed starting children in other countries ..but a total lack of help for some of the children in this country…as a regular disabled person in this country dont I deserve help as well !!! well I could go on and on about this all day..but there is no point..it is what it is…PLEASE keep speaking out about this in this country..hell shout it from the roof tops if you could( but you probably cant because there isnt any wheelchair access to the ROOF !!!! LOL)

    1. Hey thanks for writing and I do know what you go through I lost a job as a sales person on wall st because of broken subway elevators. I have been turned away from restaurants after them saying they were accessible over the phone life can suck or you can suck on the nectar of life I am a chef and a martial arts expert but cannot do either but no I get paid to review hotel chains when they I open I sell advertising on my wheelchair wheel hubs . Life gives you disabled lemons make margaritas. As for reaching the roof I took up rocks wall climbing, we the disabled are the strongest of our race we proved it were still here as for a car I would buy a wreck talk to an unemployed group teaching motor repair and volunteer your car to be worked on if they make it accessible that way you’re helping those who need it and in return they help you. The Maori people have a phrase ” Kia Kaha”it means forever be strong so to you kia kaha, I personally wear a bracelet inscribed ” fear is dead” keep writing

  3. Regarding the car: ‘Disabledaccessdenied’ has a great idea. Also, there are churches who have young people looking for a project; don’t forget Boy Scouts who are working on their Eagle badge (?); contact your congressman —this is election year….

    1. the boy scouts are a homphobic group who I do not support and i do not understand your comments regarding churches and why should congressman only care inn an election year as an advocate i keep them working every day every year

  4. Hey Mia, I love your work and will share it on my face book page after I post this message.
    I’m a chick in a chair and have been for almost 14 years, come April…. isn’t Nick an Aussie? Coz, I think I met him when I was new to a chair and lived in Sydney. If it is the guy I believe I have met, then he was definitely larger than life…. and I loved his can-do attitude! Even though rock-climbing is not my cup-of-tea, I see myself a can-do girl too 😉 Choosing to work out how I can do something, rather than just seeing the brick wall in front of me. Anyhoo, just wanted to ask if this was the Nick I was thinking of? Love & respect to ya, Vi

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