Disability advocates call for low pay sheltered workshops to be phased out to help workers into mainstream jobs


April 11, 2016 7:30am
reposted from a story published in the adelaide advertiser written by Miles KempThe Advertiser

Dignity for Disability MLC Kelly Vincent is calling for low paying sheltered workshops to be phased out. Picture: Mark Brake
DISABILITY advocates have called for the phasing out of the lowest-paying sheltered workshops after a report found they are hindering workers’ moves into mainstream jobs.

Dignity for Disability MLC Kelly Vincent said the worst, lowest paid forms of sheltered workshops, which paid workers $2 per hour, should be phased out.

“There’s no place in modern Australia for employment models using the antiquated so-called business services wage assessment tool — paying employees as little as $2 an hour,’’ she said.

“Just because someone gets meaning and purpose from their work, does not mean it’s OK to pay them a pittance.

Ms Vincent’s comments were in response to work by UniSA researchers — supporters of sheltered employment — who interviewed 64 workers for their study which will be published in the journal Social Policy and Administration.

The paper does not support the abolition of sheltered workshops, but states: “The key finding from this study is that being comfortable in sheltered employment does little to help disabled people transition into mainstream jobs’’.

Other Stories
“Placement of disabled people in sheltered employment should not be long term and possibly be discouraged for younger people.”

Co-author of the UniSA study, senior lecturer Dr Elizabeth Hemphill, said it did not support closing sheltered employment.

State manager of National Disability Services Peter Hoppo said it was lobbying MPs about the value of Australian disability enterprises

Author: disabledaccessdenied

I am a disabled woman who through no fault of my own has wheels under my ass. I rely on the decency and common sense of local, state and federal goverments, as well as the retail community to abide by the disabled access laws and provide adequate ramps, disabled toilets, and not use them as store rooms or broom closets. This blog exists to find the offenders and out them, inform them, and report them if necessary and shame them into doing the right thing when all else fails.

2 thoughts on “Disability advocates call for low pay sheltered workshops to be phased out to help workers into mainstream jobs”

  1. sheltered workshops need to be closed they don’t nothing but subminimum wage here in the u.s. there is a law known as the fair labor standards act of 1938 they could earn 75% of the minimum wage in 1966 congress reduced to 50%of the minimum 1986 the law was changed to pennies per hour

  2. sheltered workshops lead to dead end jobs they don’t teach job skills it’s the same boring stuff over and over again i worked at goodwill industries of central n.c. in the united states they paid me $1.00/hour they paid me by the piece to assemble spindle adapters for 0.08 each they told me i have to assemble 500 in one hour i ‘m thinking assemble 4,000 spindle adapters in 8 hours that’s impossible goodwill industries is a for profit business i didn’t have a intellectual or developmental disability for them to pay $8.00/day the vocational rehabilitation lunch money program of $1.50/day is a joke they will refer you to a sheltered workshop correction sheltered sweatshop

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