You’ll have to use theservice elevators if you’re in a wheelchair “it aint sexy but you’re in a wheelchair it’s what you get”

On febuary 4th I had surgery to repair my left rotator cuff which my surgeon informed me was more than 95% torn. I have been laying home with my left arm strapped to my chest not allowed to move it or use it in any way at all since.

I was told to have my physical therapy at columbia doctors on 51st st, they’re part of the columbia hospitals in new york.

When I went to book it the sessions the japaese lady on the counter said “oh no you can’t come here we no take wheelchairs” >you’re a physical therapy unit attached to a hospital with a major spinal unit in the same suite as one of new yorks premier orthopedic surgeon and you don’t allow wheelchirs? why? because you get in the way of “normal” people trying to workout!

So after tearing that surgeon a new one I started ringing around (actually she who must be obeyed did) we finally found  agroup called orthology,  the manager at their chelsea operation said she had never heard of the Americans with disabilities act “it can’t be that important or I would know about it”are sure you’re not making it up? so I rang their corporate office and got an appointment to their 37 14th st office for next saturday, when asked if they were wheelchair accessible I was told “the elevators are a roll of the dice 9 days out of 10 they don’t work but yes were accessible” oh what floor are you on ground? I asked “no the third floor”

I asked how am I meant to get to the third floor and the man on the phone identifying himself as the ” manager of operations for the east coast ” he said “you’re in a wheelchair are we meant to make special arrangements for you? you use the service elevator it’s not sexy”

I asked him what he meant and he replied ” we can’t help everyone we have toilets that if you really need to go you’ll make them work but their in the hall not in our practice?”

But what about the elevators? I’m paying the same s the abel bodied person but so far I use the tradesmens entrance past the dumpsters, I travel up in the service elevator my toilet  is down the hall and as for accessible toilet stalls”if I need to go I’ll make it work?”

Do I get a discount? “no why would you?”

This is not the first time a few years ago lso when I needed physical therapy I discovered similar treatmentathalon8

see the story on this blog titled athanon or athalon? the scene above was how they wanted me to enter their building on a cherry picker.

We are trusting our bodies to these people, our wellbeing but they set up practices to treat peopel in wheelchirs fullwell nowing we can’t come in the front door there is not a big enough gap between machines for our chairs our toilets if they exist at all are down the hall and most times so are our change rooms and the elevators were expected to use are usually the same ones the garbage bags are put in and most times when we come they’re still there?


When did it become ok to take the money and treat us like cattle ?




Author: disabledaccessdenied

I am a disabled woman who through no fault of my own has wheels under my ass. I rely on the decency and common sense of local, state and federal goverments, as well as the retail community to abide by the disabled access laws and provide adequate ramps, disabled toilets, and not use them as store rooms or broom closets. This blog exists to find the offenders and out them, inform them, and report them if necessary and shame them into doing the right thing when all else fails.

7 thoughts on “You’ll have to use theservice elevators if you’re in a wheelchair “it aint sexy but you’re in a wheelchair it’s what you get””

  1. I’m terribly sorry to hear you went through this, I can just imagine how terrible it must’ve been! Have you tried contacting your states civil right’s department and reporting this? Another good idea i’m terribly sorry to hear you went through this, I can just imagine how terrible it must’ve been! Have you tried contacting your states civil rights department and reporting this? Another good idea to strengthen your case is to use your smart phone’s recording feature to your advantage and take pictures and videos and document everything. Don’t rely on this this surveillance videos that may not go back to far.

  2. Reblogged this on tychoastronaut and commented:
    Now that I know of the existence of a place known as the civil rights department, I strongly encourage everyone facing similar treatment to contact that department within their state. For example, If you’re in Ohio, it would be call the Ohio civil rights commission

  3. I was just thinking, have you ever gotten a hold of the Better Business Bureau in the area where this problem business is? They can help you file a complaint and they will investigate on your behalf. This is how you can report every problem business. I’m sure there are also other places to report noncompliant businesses to, but you should never have to face ugliness just because you use a wheelchair and need an elevator or accessible bathrooms. It sounds to me like these particular businesses have a very poor rating. If you can find out who licenses these businesses, you may want to take your findings and experiences to those licensing places so they can investigate and act accordingly

      1. I have an update to the Salvation Army Kroc Center discrimination situation:

        I since obtained a lawyer through access advocates. I can’t say he’s easy to get a hold of, voicemail is full, only got to speak to him once that I recall. It was supposed to be a three-way call between me and Hank, but I guess technology wasn’t really in favor of it. However, I did get to have a session with the lawyer who long story short is handling the matter but I don’t know when I’ll hear from him again.

        Since speaking with the lawyer, the spray park open June 11. I had no problem on that day or on Monday, the following opened day. I was able to take my scooter in the park but no one ever said that I would not get a real bad feeling about the guy on the cadet on Tuesday. I was prepared and pick up the recording equipment and switched it on or so I thought and tried to catch anything about him because I recognized a behavior pattern from last year before I was discriminated against. I’m probably going to have to get a body cam because the software keeps switching the camera off, saying the phone storage is full. The other downfall about this smart phone is that I can’t really see the screen out in the daylight, so I can’t tell if the screen is on or off. I would find out later when I could get somewhere I could see the screen that the phone had switched off the camera, there would be a notification. I guess the only thing to do is to wait for the body cams to have a special with the special storage disc, there was a sale before that the camera I looked at came with a free storage card. Not sure if or when it’ll go on sale again, but I told RadioShack that if it did I would buy the camera. Stuff with RadioShack may or may not go on sale, but I told the workers who waited on me about the situation with the Kroc Center and what the civil rights commission investigator who had my case before it was transferred had suggested, that I have my own recording equipment to catch my own video. I don’t normally mess with recording, this is definitely not my field so I’m definitely a novice.

        What happened Tuesday June 14, 2016 at the spray park

        I was approached for recording the man on the cadet when I recognized certain things from last year and recorded them before the discrimination. The lady who approached me, also was in on that’s discrimination, this year she approached me and said I wasn’t allowed to record, that the Salvation Army has a “no recording policy”, something I never knew before despite the recording us via video surveillance. If they have a no recording policy, why are they recording us, we never asked to be recorded and yet they’re recording us. When they first opened, I saw the computer screen of the video surveillance, and at that particular time, it covered the whole premises.

        * It seems like they’re up to us our agenda and they want to protect themselves from us, but they don’t want us protecting ourselves from them! Again, I was specifically told that I should have my own recording device and get my own video so that if I get something on video, it can be turned into the civil rights commission. Lack of video is probably why it was said there’s not enough evidence and we must come to an agreement that me and the other party must sign.

        I also tried to get her face on camera since she was the one who approached me but come to find out, the man lurking around the spray park area that I found sitting there just like last year before I was discriminated against, was there for another purpose, but I don’t know that (since no one said I would not be bothered again this year). I don’t know that guy was not starting something again, I just recognize something from last year because he was gawking at me like a hawk, (something that also happened last year). The lady who works behind the desk who also approached me last year is the same one who approached me this year and I was only doing what the lady at the civil rights commission suggested I do because since there was a lack of evidence, they had to close the case and I’m still waiting for that paper (which has not yet come).

        * I don’t know when the paper will come, but the lawyer who took the case said don’t sign anything without calling him first to let him know I got the paper, he wants to see the agreement before I sign it.

        Our new support group

        Me and a friend recently started a local support group for people with disabilities.

        We’ll be under the umbrella of a local church, my friend spoke to her pastor yesterday and he’s now seeing her vision. Not sure when we’ll have our first meeting in the church, but education is our key to raise awareness about different disability types and levels. Disability ratio is on the rise these days, and educating the public and each other will be key to giving each other the right support. My friend will be the group leader. As we grow, we may very well branch out into other areas.

        * I’ll be the one to start off giving information as to where to turn when people are discriminated against. As people get the information and find it works, they’ll be able to also spread the word to others

        Our group leader was working on a name for the new group, and came up with the name, “never give up disability support group.”

        When I told my new group later what happened at the spray park

        She previously warned me that they may have a sour agenda at the Kroc Center, and from what I described tell her, she turned out to be right. I think the Kroc Center knows they’re in trouble, they’re trying to shut me up and get rid of me even through the legal system if necessary. Even though I’ve done nothing wrong, I’m still a target for retaliation for trying to speak out and alert others to what happened last year. The lady who approached me at the spray park, she seemed a little embarrassed as I loudly spoke of some things she obviously whatever rather have no one else know, such as the agreement about the violations. I understand there’s laws against retaliation for speaking out, along with a fear act, but it seems like certain people at the Kroc Center are pulling out all stops and stopping at nothing to hide and even justify their sour agenda. They want to keep this swept under the rug and keep it hushed up.

        My question

        I need to ask someone who knows something because I can’t seem to find my answer online.

        When an establishment such as the salvation Army Kroc Center has their premises open to the public, I’m wondering by Ohio law, is it considered public or private property? They have a sanctuary, soup kitchen, gym, field house, and a spray park among a few other things. They deal directly with the public but there have been some staff that have discriminated against people with disabilities and they have been found in violation of two of the disability accessible requirements. This happens to be a community center.

        Thanks in advance for any information you can give


        My reason for asking is because the lady who approached me try to say that the property is actually “private property”. Right after she said that, I reminded her that it’s open to the public and that they’re dealing with the public. I must’ve embarrassed her because at some point she told me that I had to leave for the day and she threatened me with the cops. I told her, “go right ahead, they don’t handle civil matters!” I also told him to go right ahead and call the cops because I’ll tell them everything, reminding them of last year and while I’m in contact with, (which I think may have scared her).

        It seems funny they’re targeting someone who is different than them according to what a friend of mine was telling me, and they don’t want anyone who’s different than them. If the cops do end up getting involved, I’m going to be the one with all the information and I’m going to be the one pressing charges. I have a disability lawyer and I also have an open pending case about the clothes where the Ohio civil rights commission. That case has not yet closed since I’m still awaiting that paper that I must show my lawyer. Not sure what the holdup is, still waiting. My friend said it sounds like they want to take away what they have given, and there was definitely a lady who left the money for that establishment to even be built.

        * I shouldn’t have to be the one to banish, the people behind what’s going on should banish, not people who were wrongfully discriminated against who are simply just trying to protect themselves against future discrimination.

  4. i all, I’ve been away and keeping busy for quite a while but the Kroc Center good news with the spray park is that so far they backed off. They were found in violation of having no handicap parking in the back lot leading to the spray park and they were also in violation with a blemish in the side walk. They must fix this by Christmas Eve midnight of this year or they will be taken to court but not by me. I have not yet been back to Wooster fair, I ran into some money issues and my vehicle unexpectedly broke down. It will be pretty expensive to fix but much cheaper than trying to replace. I hope everyone’s doing well. I’m sure things will be looking up again sometime. I handed up having to stay indoors much of the summer, but I’m slowly gaining support and understanding with my disabilities, specifically my overheating one where I have a damaged auto nervous system caused by my drunken abusive mom during my childhood when she made me soap in scalding hot water for prolonged periods of time repeatedly throughout my childhood. My overheating situation is actually a different type of disability but an invisible one that can easily manifest into obviously visible. I’m finding out though that other people who have a similar situation are seemingly coming out of the cracks what their problem was caused from being exposed to hot environments. First aid places should be more accommodating and have seriously increased accommodations at public events even in small towns because you never know just how many people will need them and if all of the beds are taken, you really don’t want to swap up the ER either and take beds away from other patients who may need them. Why not make the accommodations patients need outside the hospital and just provide more beds at first aid stations? Accommodations really do need serious attention. Hospitals often retire old gurneys and ambulances retire old stretchers, why not put these to better use and add them into a first aid setting? This is called repurposing because you can avoid wastefulness simply by repurpose sing old equipment

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