If it took you five years almost six to get medical treatment wouldn’t you be pissed?


In December of 2010 I was on a city bus in Australia from nambour to maroochydore they are small towns about 20 miles apart. Now in New York 20 miles would mean suburbs the whole way, example Manhattan to sheepshead bay in this case however there was a fucking huge mountain between them.

So to leave nambour you had to pull out on the state highway, so we’re on a bus in a wheelchair  now the bus does not have any straps, us tough aussies even seriously disabled are meant to just straphang.

So were doing 80kmh (55mph) 0n a three lane highway and were in the middle lane, and two drunks ,one each side suddenly pull in front and stall. The bus driver of a 60 ft. long double bus joined with rubber slams on the brakes and the bus is starting to slide sideways and my arm is straining I’m using all my strength to hang on and suddenly my chair flies out from under me and hits the back window and my arm is twisting like licorice and suddenly I am airborne straight out three ft off the floor flying towards the dash as the bus is slamming to a stop.

I’m 6ft 4 long when flying, and this day I had aussie thongs on (flip flops) and the only thing that stopped my head going through the wind screen was evidently 6ft 4 behind the wind screen is a baggage rack and my big toe is caught my toe nail tears off and I fell to the floor.


The bus company tried to say “no one forced you to catch the bus so were not responsible” but they paid and I started to look for medical care but we were flying to New York the next week so stupidly I waited.

The first surgeon “dr pei” actually had the small dick to tell me “yes both rotator cuffs are torn but I only get very limited surgical rights at new York hospitals and I use them to restore peoples quality of life, disabled people don’t have a quality of life so why would I waste them on you there’s nothing to restore”

The second doctor was a dr Cuomo, actually a relation to our governor, she repeated

A version of dr Pei’s bullshit.

During this time  I got back into rock climbing injured arm and all and had a fall I went to another doctor who told me he was the orthopedic surgeon of Derek jeter and understood my needs and said yes your shoulder is damaged but no I won’t operate.

So I lived with it and I guess wrong or not my shoulders healed and about every 8 months with me climbing doing marathon and surfing and road racing my left shoulder would give out.

No matter whether good or bad one mistake dr’s and surgeons make when dealing with the permanently disabled wheelchair using community, is how they perceive the effectiveness of their treatment. One of the regular comments I get is “it’s only your shoulder you can still walk around and go to work”?

No I can’t they don’t get  it a wheelie with one arm spins circles, I can’t even push to the bathroom or answer the door with one arm so work stops, sport stops, life stops.

But to the doctor he’s using the same drugs and the same treatment he uses on abelists and therein lies the problem to a wheelie our arms are our legs. So when you tell us “I won’t operate just get on with life” they’re saying if you use a manual wheelchair fuck you spin in circles and stay home or reduce yourself to doing nothing without a nurse to wipe your arse when if he simply did what he spent 12 years at school learning and took half a day within three months I would get my life back.

So this bullshit has gone on since March 2011, then on September 15th a bunch of arsehole street kids harassed Zeus and I to the point where I was slammed backwards out of my chair and my left shoulder hit the sharp right angle edge of a steel gate post. With my considerable weight and the speed in which it happens, by that night I was screaming in pain unable to move my arm it took a month to and a half to find a surgeon.

again she swore she was a surgeon, she told me the buck stopped with her, and it was December 10th and she promised after the MRI she would have me on an operating table by Christmas.

Then it began all over again and guess what? after the MRI I have a very torn rotator cuff and now I have to meet a new surgeon (oh yeah I forgot, the so called surgeon wasn’t a surgeon she just did diagnosis) So I ask you abelists if it took you five years to get treatment for a common every day problem what would you do?

Anyway I’m in bed typing with one hand because I have such debilitating pain in my left I can’t lift it and still don’t have a date yet for surgery? More to come stay tuned.

Author: disabledaccessdenied

I am a disabled woman who through no fault of my own has wheels under my ass. I rely on the decency and common sense of local, state and federal goverments, as well as the retail community to abide by the disabled access laws and provide adequate ramps, disabled toilets, and not use them as store rooms or broom closets. This blog exists to find the offenders and out them, inform them, and report them if necessary and shame them into doing the right thing when all else fails.

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