My reply to suck it up butter cup and other inane statements

In the past few days since the new year a lot of people on Facebook and twitter have put up statements that they are sick of the disabled complaining we should just suck it up or “put on our big girl panties and get over it” and 100 other inane and insulting platitudes that assume we the people who are dis and otherwise abled.
Before you judge us and our life styles perhaps you should roll a mile in our chairs, here is an example of how we are treated like fools by the medical community and others with the ability to make our days suck.
September 15th 2015 as I was leaving my apartment building with service dog Zeus a group of Asian youth who get their jollies by riding razor scooters and skateboards to close to the elderly on walking sticks and the dis and otherwise abled on walking frames and those of us with wheels under their asses and in my case they have taken to riding towards Zeus and swerving out at the last minute pulled their usual stunt to within 3 inches of Zeus he moved to protect me and they knocked my chair with force back over against the sharp edge of a gate post injuring my rotator cuff and causing a subcutaneous hematoma and severe pain and the inability to move or use my arm.
After a few weeks of trying to let it heal naturally (yes I know should have gone the same day) and the doctor suggested a MRI, here’s the problem as a child I was serially molested and locked in small dark places including the trunk of a car for a long period of time by my monster, so I have clinical claustrophobia and severe anxiety when I know I have to have any test in a confined space. As a result of my claustrophobia I have to be put under full anesthesia to simply have an MRI or CT scan, so my wife started calling, first she found the hospital with an MRI that could take both my weight my height and my shoulder width she even measured me in a laying down position and called the MRI suite and got confirmation I fitted.
She then called and found and anesthesiologist and made sure he took our medical insurance and he was booked we then contacted our orthopedic surgeon gave her all the details and made sure she put her official approval on it all and a date was given.
Two weeks before the date she rang and double checked everything, the day before Ella rang and reminded them I was claustrophobic and had anxiety and they assured us I would not have to wait any length of time.
My appointment was 10.15 for paperwork and 10.30 am to be taken in so we arrived at 9.55am to be sure filled out the paper work and waited, at 10.30 am we asked politely how much longer we were told 20 minutes as soon as the person in front of me was off the table I would be going in. At 11am we politely asked if I would be going in and was told abruptly “be patient you’re not special” at 11.30 am by this time I was spasming from anxiety and borderline pre seizure and was told again 20 minutes and there was 2 people in front of me, at 12 midday we asked and we were given the excuse the law stated only one person at a time was allowed in recovery so I would have to wait till each person in front of me had had an MRI gone to recovery and awoke and been sent home and she had no idea how long. I asked for a senior staff member we showed them the arrangements and the assurance I would go first because of the claustrophobia and anxiety issues and I was again told 20 minutes more.
At 12.30 I was having mini seizures and we asked and was told to be quiet and stop bothering her and she refused to check how long, at 12.45 finally the MRI tech came out and brought me in, then he spent 20 minutes in the back room trying to convince me I didn’t need anesthesia and when I insisted he said he thought I was too fat so I asked to see a doctor so then he told me he had 10 minutes of questions with him 10 minutes with a nurse and at least 20 with a radiologist and ten with the anesthesiologist and the whole while he sat me facing the MRI increasing my anxiety 100 fold.
By the time I went on to the gurney to be put under it was after 1pm I was put under and when I awoke in their “one person only” recovery there were 20 beds with a nursing staff of over a dozen?
I was told they never did any tests or the MRI because I didn’t fit? Didn’t fit we told the radiologist about all the calls and you guessed it it wall denied by the staff they claimed they never spoke to us.
They made Zeus wait with Ella outside on the street when at any other hospital he is always there when I awoke. I got upset they called security and when we left magically a doctor zeiffer head of radiology for the whole hospital came down to the street to ask what happened when it was explained and she heard all the pre planning and confirmations suddenly the hospital is waving the fees for it all tens of thousands of dollars and organizing everything again? Why couldn’t they have been this caring when it mattered rather than when it was needed to stop a potential law suit?
So the givers of platitudes will rush to say this is a one of? Oh god I wish it was as a transgender women I was once made to sign a form stating I would act male while in their hospital dress male and not take any hormones even though all this was illegal, another time when I it turned out I had the beginning of what I now live with a life threatening allergy to certain foods that causes stomach bloating and severe pain I was admitted to a er and woke up by the way at this time I was a pre op trans and a supposed doctor was telling me I was pregnant and it was ectopic ? Telling a pre op transgender woman that she had even had fallopian tubes and they had a fetus growing in them and they went to medical school??
Anyway there is a book larger than war and peace to even just break the surface of the biased and abusive treatment dealt to the disabled in and er anywhere in the world and god forbid your disability is mental then you’re ignored.

Author: disabledaccessdenied

I am a disabled woman who through no fault of my own has wheels under my ass. I rely on the decency and common sense of local, state and federal goverments, as well as the retail community to abide by the disabled access laws and provide adequate ramps, disabled toilets, and not use them as store rooms or broom closets. This blog exists to find the offenders and out them, inform them, and report them if necessary and shame them into doing the right thing when all else fails.

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