This generation has no tough guys where have they all gone?

I just watched a security video on the news, a skinny runt with his jeans so low his jeans were belted mid-thigh went into a Judaic book shop on the Upper East Side beat up a senior citizen telling him he hates Jews and then rolled off on a razor scooter?
A razor scooter? Could you be any bigger of a joke? Do you really think you have any street cred beating up old people and riding a child’s scooter? You’re a joke, an embarrassment a hideous example of stupidity on two feet.
The news just had a story about a couple of teenagers who found an intellectually disabled woman who was homeless collecting cans, they pushed her into an alleyway and raped and sodomized her repeatedly?
Wow! it takes two of you tuff cretins to accost an intellectually disabled homeless woman? What was wrong did your right hand reject you? Your blow up doll have a puncture? what you did makes you the lowest scumbags on earth, I would call you animals but animals would never do this to the weak and feeble you are mistakes of nature, when you were conceived someone seriously pissed in the genepool you do not deserve to exist?

These cretins think they’re tough, gangsta, cool all that and a bag of chips? When in reality they’re less than shit you scrape off your boot.
I grew up in the seventies in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Adelaide Australia, campbelltown was majority Italian then with the occasional Greek family, there was also a biker culture the Aussie mentality back then was protect the week the feeble the disabled and the elderly because that was right.
If we had a beef with someone you stepped toe to toe, no machine guns no pistols no knifes they were for pussies, if you stepped up and pulled a weapon the others would step in. Arguments between people are settled equally by the people fist against fist, I am not promoting violence I am just demonstrating the difference between weak disgusting cowards who slaughter and rape the disabled and beat up the elderly and the actual real tough cool people they think they are because of their disgusting acts.
We got together pooled our money and built ten second muscle cars , these punks today get together pool their cowardice roll on their scooters from toys r us and commit disgusting acts of cowardice against the defenseless.
In the summer we would get on my brothers chopper call around to his club mates and head out on the road, at every intersection other Harleys and British bikes would pull in behind. We would star off two or three riders and by the time we had ridden four hundred miles from Adelaide to Melbourne there would be as many as a hundred.
We drank hard, we played hard. and yes we fought, each other. We raced our hogs we had fun we hurt no one else unless they hurt us but there were rules. Women, the elderly, children the disabled the feeble were out of bounds.
The kind of scum that were on the news today would have been found and delivered to the cops by us. We were not fans of the law but as much as we disliked them we hated child molesters and those who prey on the elderly and weak even more.
We had a widow in our neighborhood she was a hairdresser before she was married, so to pay the bills with her husband gone she rented a tiny store and bought second hand equipment and started her salon. Two weeks after itopened it was robbed smashed up and vandalized, the cops said they would never get their equipment back and probably never get the culprits. The Italian community got busy, 48 hours later a man tied up next to a van outside her shop was crying screaming how sorry he was that he did it, she got everything back, every cent back and the culprit rebuilt the store and then left town for ever.
That’s what real people with morals and a sense of community but also as tough as nails do, they don’t wear their jeans so low I can see their skid marks, they don’t ride children’s toys, and they don’t attack people who can’t fight back.
This post of course will not change them because the scum I’m talking about think school past grade 4 wasn’t necessary after all they all think they’re going to get famous they think being led out in handcuffs makes them a super star! No loser it makes you an abject failure and an embarrassment to your family your race and your society.
We as a people will never heal, will never move forward until we make it clear mass shootings will not be tolerated, that the elderly are only to be revered that the dis and otherwise abled are to be protected and razor riding disabled raping elderly bashing scum are to be stuffed back under their rocks then and only then can we truly call ourselves a united states a global community and people of love and compassion.

Author: disabledaccessdenied

I am a disabled woman who through no fault of my own has wheels under my ass. I rely on the decency and common sense of local, state and federal goverments, as well as the retail community to abide by the disabled access laws and provide adequate ramps, disabled toilets, and not use them as store rooms or broom closets. This blog exists to find the offenders and out them, inform them, and report them if necessary and shame them into doing the right thing when all else fails.

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