People ask what is wrong with America. Simple we have abdicated the art of caring to the government

When I was a kid in Australia if a neighbor broke his leg a neighbor did his ploughing, got his kids to school and basically whether were talking about city or country neighbors helped neighbors.
Everyday people cared about everyday things, we used to have meat tray raffles and silent auctions and all the proceeds were given to a family in need, leaving government to do actual things like build roads and hospitals and schools and make sure education was actually happening.
Last month a woman was found mummified in her apartment having been dead fort two years? Two fucking years and the neighbors call themselves caring? If mrs baker across the road when I was growing up wasn’t seen for two days, mum sent one of us over to make sure she was ok. The Italian families in my street would adopt a widow or widower, if a woman died and had children the other mothers made clothes helped the young girls and cooked and the men would mow their lawns and do home maintenance and take over the role of the parent that had passed.
When I was growing up the politicians actually worked, they actually got shit done and people got involved at the local level what’s happened to us?
Recently in the dc school district 12 schools were in such bad repair that when kids in the ground floor sat in their classes the holes in the ceilings above were so large that cleaners can pass mops and buckets through it at night to save walking the stairs, yet a politician says “cut the school budget everything is fine”?
When locals start homeless shelters they’re closed for code violations, when a mother cooks from her house to feed the homeless she is closed down for not having health department clearances? Do the powers that be really think the needy care where the food was cooked or if the bed they get is close enough to the fire escape?
We talk about whole states having unemployment rates through the roof, yet the state next door has almost no unemployment? Why because people have taken “think global not local” too far, they’ve thrown the baby out with the bathwater.
When I was working on oil rigs I was flown across the world to poor third world countries and paid filthy amounts of money to do a job that a local who lived in the streets could be taught to do, my friend jr drives a thousand miles each way from home to work on the oil rigs when the area he works in surely has someone who can do the work.
We blame everything on computers, I called my doctor in Manhattan eight miles away and was on hold and in 20 minutes on hold I was told a dozen times “why call go online the website has the answers? Sure I’m not a hypocrite my blog is online but if we all stopped answering phones and taking bookings how many people lose their jobs? Then the government can whine about growing welfare numbers and then the republicans can call the former doctor’s receptionist a welfare cheat.
Let’s get back to caring for community, no let’s get back to even knowing the etymology of the word community, when you walk past someone in the street and they say hello don’t say fuck off say hello back.
If just one person had regularly said hello that old lady she would have had someone call the ambulance while she was alive rather than the cops for the smell when she had been dead for two years. Her power was turned off because she had it hooked up to direct deposit so it was only turned off when funds dried up, imagine how alive she had be if a real human at the store where you pay the power bill had worried she hadn’t been in for one week?
Imagine the condition of the schools roof if instead of having to apply for budget they simply organized a parent’s work party? Imagine if instead of swiping left or right on tinder or grinder to get laid we swiped left or right to decide which local works we could do or assist in? wow people getting involved. People caring? adopt a grandparent or elder person and do wellness checks, instead of playing candy crush on the train talk to someone, ,instead of getting two dollar shots of caramel in your macchiato buy a bagel and coffee for a homeless person?.
Every year Ella and I make up back packs containing hats, gloves ,socks and scarves and personal hygiene items for new York’s homeless to help beat the snow and cold of winter, this year I’m knitting 100 scarves myself and simply asked for people to donate not money but items to fill the bags?
The only people who spoke did so to tell me to mind my own business, that helping them was encouraging them? Wow When I was a kid I ran through a park and kicked a pile of newspapers like you would to a pile of leaves and my foot hit something solid, a dead homeless person had tried to keep warm under newspapers and had frozen to death during the night.
I never forgot it and yet when I try to make a difference I should mind my own business? well until that memory is gone from my mind it is my business, but the question is why are not those who live next door upstairs down stairs or on the park bench across the street from you yours?

Author: disabledaccessdenied

I am a disabled woman who through no fault of my own has wheels under my ass. I rely on the decency and common sense of local, state and federal goverments, as well as the retail community to abide by the disabled access laws and provide adequate ramps, disabled toilets, and not use them as store rooms or broom closets. This blog exists to find the offenders and out them, inform them, and report them if necessary and shame them into doing the right thing when all else fails.

2 thoughts on “People ask what is wrong with America. Simple we have abdicated the art of caring to the government”

  1. You have a lot of really valid points. We have indeed taken Think Globally not Locally too far. We have forgotten how to care for communities as individuals, instead we hand over those roles to law enforcement, social welfare organizations and charity groups. We spend more time tweets stories about injustice than we do actually doing real tangible things to change that reality. Yes, it is important to hold government accountable but we also have to start holding ourselves accountable. You don’t like the messy NYC streets, then don’t dump crap on the ground. You don’t like rude people, don’t pass it on. You don’t like the fact that people keep to themselves and don’t help law enforcement enforce.. then be a good citizen and get involved. You are absolutely right. Great point.

    1. you like me ella grew up in a ethic neighborhood where one nonna or grandma would sit at their window or on their porch and knew every kid and every mother and you got away with nothing. and if a child went missing the family immediately every man an woman immediately searched and you were found. we as a people escaped europe to form a better world but somebody needs to tell the population they had it and they threw it away!

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