When you become disabled beware of doctors and those few words

When you’re lying in a hospital bed in a spinal unit or neurology or surgical ward, a lot of people with titles come by your bed and their sentences all start with words like “well you have to get used to the fact that now you’re a paraplegic/quadriplegic/amputee there are things you can no longer do”. They send you to pt and the therapist all while doing their best to be encouraging are trained teach us how to be happy while being able to do less than before.
As a child I was born with very serious epilepsy, dr Manson a great neurologist warned my mom “the child can never do contact sports, the child can never roller skate, the child can never ride a bike don’t get it excited” Because that was the thinking of the day.

Well this epileptic played full contact lacrosse and was damn good at it, this epileptic in her mid-fifties and has studied judo and several other martial arts for forty years and achieved black belt standard several times over. I rock climbed, I abseiled, I ran marathons I surfed, basically I took everything Sir James Manson said and wiped my ass with it.

My son was born with multiple asd’s and vsd’s (holes in the inner and outer walls of the heart) a faulty valve ,hydrocephalus, a mental delay, a speech learning disorder (echo-laly) and epilepsy and as he grew the worst case of addhd the hospital had ever seen since ne other 30 years before and that was me!
Those doctors after my son was in nicu for many months came around his bed, came around us at meetings and started their sentences with those famous words “your child has epilepsy severe cardiac conditions hydrocephalus and slight retardation he will never be the child you dreamed of, he will be sickly don’t let him play sports”.
He will never grow properly because of the cardiac condition, so he will be small basically wrap him in cotton wool and bubble wrap?
My son Adam is now 27, he is almost 6ft 4 he is over 250 lbs. he played Australian rules football he played roller hockey he learnt to fight and he lives in a remote country town he is now a high functioning Asperger’s adult and like me wiped his ass on the warnings the doctors gave us when he was born.
The world is always frightened about what they don’t understand, they always attempt to control that which they consider different but last time I checked one human controlling another is universally outlawed and referred to as slavery.
I tell people my body may be broken with wheels under my ass but my brain a very good brain merely hitches a ride, that’s what I find with most of us. I know a young woman who just started college, she has genius IQ she is happy she is a joy to know she rock climbs and does so many sports and does them like everything else in her life very well and oh by the way she was born with cerebral palsy. So you know at some stage in some hospital somewhere doctors gathered around her parents and used those famous words, but my friend whose name for her privacy I will not use is kicking ass and taking names in ever thing in life she does and smiling and giggling with that infectious giggle all the way.
Doctors and politicians and people with degrees fight o hard to take money from projects that teach freedom and independence to dis and otherwise abled because some where some time some version of those word were drummed into their small bigoted minds as undeniable facts.
Look around you people, hell in some cases look above you and duck,

nitro aaron2
look over the edge look at the people jumping out of the plane notice they have wheels they have crutches they have prosthetics they have white canes they live with and daily conquer diagnosis that less than fifty years ago would have had them in a rubber room eating jell and putting pencils in a box and making straw brooms for a career and school would never be considered because even if you were physically disabled it was assumed a fact that retardation was hiding somewhere within.
When I roll ten blocks to the rock wall gym to climb unassisted, or to the pool to swim 2miles a day I roll past grossly obese red faced coughing and hacking so called able bodied people that by the simple fact they stand upright and move unaided are deemed superior to me in all ways.
Well when you go to vote next year or go to a town hall or debate ask the candidate what are their views on the rights of the disabled, on the enforcement of the Americans with disabilities act. If you truly care for the disabled the wounded warriors the parents of small children born with disabilities show it by not voting for people who don’t think we matter.
A lot of people constantly shove religion down my throat well here’s one of yours

“He who refuses but one of mine refuses me”

Author: disabledaccessdenied

I am a disabled woman who through no fault of my own has wheels under my ass. I rely on the decency and common sense of local, state and federal goverments, as well as the retail community to abide by the disabled access laws and provide adequate ramps, disabled toilets, and not use them as store rooms or broom closets. This blog exists to find the offenders and out them, inform them, and report them if necessary and shame them into doing the right thing when all else fails.

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