Parents sue drug maker after daughter with cerebral palsy dies ‘from overdose of Botox injected off-label to treat spasms’

Susan and Mike Fortuna of Shelburne, Vermont say their daughter Mandy suffered an unexplained health deterioration soon after treatment
The parents learned their daughter had been treated by the same doctor who previously caused a 7-year-old boy to overdose, lawyers say
In that case, Botox maker Allergan was forced to pay the family nearly $7million

Poisoned by Botox? Mike and Susan Fortuna, of Shelburne are accusing Allergan of failing to warn of dangers, negligence and breach of the Vermont Consumer Fraud Act in treating their daughter, Mandy
The parents of a Vermont woman who died last year have sued Botox maker Allergan, saying off-label treatment of her spams caused by cerebral palsy with Botox contributed to her death.
Mike and Susan Fortuna, of Shelburne, sued last week, accusing Allergan of failing to warn of dangers, negligence and breach of the Vermont Consumer Fraud Act in treating their 21-year-old daughter, Mandy Fortuna.
In November, a Vermont jury awarded a New York family $6.75 million in their lawsuit against Allergan. Their lawyer said 7-year-old Joshua Drake developed epilepsy after getting Botox injections for his leg spasms caused by cerebral palsy.
Joshua and Fortuna were treated by the same doctor, Dr. Scott Benjamin of Burlington, Vermont.
The last set of injections occurred on September 5, 2014, approximately three weeks prior to her death, according to a press release put out last week by the Fortunas’ attorneys.
The Fortunas claim their daughter suffered an unexplained deterioration in her health after from Dr. Benjamin.
‘She was continually gagging and choking, unable to clear her secretions,’ reads the complaint. ‘Her breathing was shallow and Mandy had trouble holding her head up. She began to experience seizures or seizure-like spells.’
The cause of death was not entirely conclusive and was ruled as atypical pneumonia, a common complication associated with Botox overdoses, according to their sui

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