Its clear Prime Minister Abbott was not born in Australia because any Australian would be ashamed to act like him


Military forces the world over live by a rule “we never leave a man behind” and true to that are our soldiers “diggers” but even more so in Australia our citizens live by it “mates never let a mate down”
A mate is not a buddy, that just doesn’t do it justice a mate has got your back not just in a fight or out on a date a mate looks after your wife and kids when you’re sick he is there when the worst happens.
I have a mate mick, we have known each other for 40 years we separated because I emigrated for about 15 of those I found him recently on Facebook he found out I’m disabled and he’s on a plane to America to help me because he’s a mate.
The mate mentality doesn’t just exist between two people it permeates whole societies, in Australia we have a heroic group of people called the CFS, CFS are everyday people the barman the butcher the baker the plumber but when the phone rings during fire season or when there’s a car crash in a country area they put on their uniform and go fight fires and save the homes and businesses of total strangers. Some have fought major bushfires for a week only to come home and find their own home could not be saved.
We have pubs in Australia ,they’re not like bars or English pubs they take up whole blocks usually old colonial two or three story buildings that used to be stagecoach stops with colonial architecture they have a workers bar “the front bar” usually no women swearing is common the dress code is work boots and some even your cattle dog is welcome they can drink they can fight they can tell bullshit like no one else, then someone will tap on a glass and yell”quiet you bastards” and someone will stand on the bar and say something like “ you all no Johnno, he’s a regular a top bloke he crashed his car yesterday he’s off work for a while his wife needs some money don’t be cheap you bludgers” and they pass the hat around and the rent and the groceries get covered.
Pubs have social clubs and pool clubs and darts clubs and they are always selling raffle tickets because some ones kid needs a wheelchair or medical treatment or a special car with a ramp because that’s what mates do.
We have in the past whether you voted for them or not prime ministers who were born into this ethos who understood what being a mate was, they had unpopular laws and they taxed this one or that one but there were certain no go areas. The government left the ANZACS alone, they were the greatest generation they went to war they fought if they died we looked after the wife and kids if they came home broken we fixed them and even though they were ten foot tall and made of steel when they got to be 80 and the steel was a little bent they got what they needed without question the same goes for everyman and every woman and their families who ever fought for their country.
The disabled were out of bounds we look after our own, it took a few decades and few burnt bras but we came around and women’s rights joined the club. We have had a mix of Prime ministers
We had Gough Whitlam who said “god save the queen because nothing will save the governor general”
we had Malcolm Fraser a bloody awful prime minister but the one thing he did for the country was rally us back to remembering when those stand against us as a nation we will rise up we did unemployment , no nukes, world heritage we shut him down back to back.
We had Bob Hawke, a real dinky di Aussie who when we finally won the Americas cup said on TV “any boss who fires you for not showing up today is a bugger”
We had Paul “the undertaker “Keating and little Johnnie Howard
We had a woman and now we have Abbott
Abbott in the first five minutes in office he with a stroke of a pen got rid of over two dozen offices everything from the office for women’s rights to the office for indigenous affairs and the office for disabilities and many more.
He broke every promise he ever made he stripped the government to the bare bones, and now he attacks the elderly, the disabled, the veterans, you have broken the very code every Australian was born to live by, you have turned your back on the people who sweated and toiled and fought and died for the very country you with an evil smile choose to decimate.
I don’t care where someone comes from, I don’t care what god they worship or who they love or marry but if they choose our wide brown land to call home you better bloody do your homework and get with the program. You Mr. Abbott are a 10 pound pom you your siblings and mom and dad were allowed to emigrate for only ten English pounds as long as your dad worked for one of the several companies sponsoring it. Well even with inflation Mr. Abbott you got you money’s worth so why don’t you piss off back to England and give the remnants back to a real Australian so we can pass the hat around run a meat raffle let mates do what mates do and once again make this country worthy of a poem by banjo Patterson or dorothea mc kellar the lyrics of slim dusty the hard work from dusk to dawn of every cocky and station owner in the bush.
We gave you a chance and you let a whole nation down so grab your swag and go.

Author: disabledaccessdenied

I am a disabled woman who through no fault of my own has wheels under my ass. I rely on the decency and common sense of local, state and federal goverments, as well as the retail community to abide by the disabled access laws and provide adequate ramps, disabled toilets, and not use them as store rooms or broom closets. This blog exists to find the offenders and out them, inform them, and report them if necessary and shame them into doing the right thing when all else fails.

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