Australian Care children caught in disturbing sex acts

VULNERABLE children in state care have been caught up in graphic and disturbing sexual acts, a leaked report has revealed.
It is also claimed children as young as nine have been caught up in late-night group sex while in care at two residential care units in Melbourne’s west and north.
The secret government report, viewed by the Herald Sun, also exposes disturbing incidents of older residents preying on younger children.
In one incident earlier this year, a 12-year-old boy was accused of raping a nine-year-old boy on a hammock.
The child made the admission to his mother during an access visit.
The Department of Human Services is now under pressure to explain why children with a history of sexualised behaviour were placed together in the same facility.
Staff said that information had not been shared among case workers and DHS had kept them in the dark about a police investigation involving one child who was accused of raping a 10-year-old girl.
A senior case manager said DHS had failed to tell staff about a previous rape allegation against the 12-year-old and the police investigation.
“They chose not to tell us because they knew we would have pushed back,” he said.
He said it was not the only time the department had failed to tell the service about sexual behaviour among children.
“It’s happened lots of times before where there have been substantiated allegations, but not a police investigation before,” he said.
“The greatest need is to get a bed, regardless if the kid is a survivor, a perpetrator or a victim.”
In another incident at a home in Melbourne’s west, four children aged between nine and 12 were caught taking part in pre-planned sex romps while under supervision.
A medical investigation following the incident confirmed a 12-year-old girl had been sexually penetrated and she was removed from the unit.
In another incident three children from the same unit all under the age of 11 admitted to running away from the facility for two hours and engaging in sexual behaviour.
The preliminary report into the incident recommended further training for staff about “sexualised behaviours” but said that staff had provided an “excellent environment for children”.
Opposition spokeswoman for community services Jenny Mikakos said she couldn’t accept that it was an “excellent environment”.
She said a lack of supervision by overnight staff was a problem and called on the minister to immediately increase staffing levels.
Minister for Community Services Mary Wooldridge said the reports were “distressing and devastating for all those involved”.
“Immediately after DHS was alerted, additional funding for extra staff was provided to the community sector organisation,” Ms Wooldridge said. She said steps were taken to ensure that the children were separated and all children involved were engaged in counselling services.
The Commissioner for Children and Young People, Bernie Geary, will also look into the incident as part of a review of children in out-of-home care.
Originally published as Care kids caught in sex acts

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