The Borgata casino Atlantic City thinks the Americans with disabilities act is a polite suggestion not a federal law.

Yes I’m back readers, our 5 days in Atlantic City was fun but had so many screw ups to put them all in one article would make war and peace read like a business card!
As I am now telling you for the third time we planned the train trip for over three hours, well we were on the phone with the VIP department of the Borgata for an equal amount of time and as I always do I asked the following questions

1/ Are you ADA complaint?

2/ Do you know what the ADA is ?

3/ If I check in with an able bodied person and pay the same money, can I go everywhere and experience everything you have to offer the same as they can without assistance?

4/ When it comes to service dogs, are you fully compliant and aware of the language of the act in reference to the disabled travelling with service animals?

5/As per the ADA when i check in are you aware there are no restrictions on the movement of a service dog?

The energetic answers to all of the above is we are completely compliant, aware and onboard with all parts of the ada as it pertains to places of accommodation ,food and entertainment so we booked.
After we worked that out the woman in VIP even added “our slots can be rolled right up to and you can play without any restriction”
So we arrived at 10.18 travelled to the Borgata and as we approached the desk the looks at Zeus were as if a lion was loose.
As we checked in the Russian woman(not realizing both Ella and I speak and understand it) muttered about about “sabachka” nyet harysho which means “dog not okay” and starting dialing the phone and “asking about paperwork to sign to allow the dog” which is illegal.
There is no contracts allowed under the Americans with disabilities act that you must sign to allow a service animal on the property, we asked what contract she showed us one and it said”the animal remain in a locked crate at all times while in the room or you will be refused all service including security, room service , cleaning” ?
We asked her “how can a service dog serve its purpose if it’s locked up?” she replied “not our problem no exceptions” So I asked her “what if I am blind and he’s a guide dog?” she replied again no exceptions?
I explained “you do realize a blind person cannot get around a strange room without the dog the dog must be with them at all times to navigate obstructions?” she replied again “rules are rules no exception blind or epilepsy “

we told her under the ADA the contract was illegal to sign so suddenly she spoke into a walky talky “they’re refusing can I have a couple of security to help” so as any lawyer knows any contract signed under duress is null and void, so we told them we would sign everything but that section. Ella being a VP of a magazine knows contract law she quickly highlighted the section and wrote on it “THIS IS ILLEGAL AND WE ARE NOT SIGNING OR AGREEING to THIS SECTION”
so it took three hours and two managers abusing and one who threatened us with “if you don’t sign there is no room key in fact we will lose your booking” then as a person who checks in you are entitled to a gambling card so when you play slots you get comp dollars I had a passport a green card and the woman who threatened to lose our looked at me and smiled and said “you’re not American we don’t give them to non-Americans” as she said it the woman down the counter handed a handful of cards to Japanese tourists? before we could finally check in!

We were told our room was finally ready, so we went up and unpacked and changed, then we came down to play the slots.
Now remember the lady from VIP “all machines are so accessible you can roll right up to them” so we rolled up to the machine.Well at least until I ran right up to the steel chair bolted to the floor?

Bolted to the floor? How does that make it accessible if there is a chair in front of every single of the multiple thousands of chairs bolted to the floor 12 inches from the machine?
So we went back to front desk and pointed out to them that we were told they were accessible, they told us they would get the “casino general manager” so we waited.
20 minutes again we waited and a tall bald man in a black suit walked up and identified himself as the gambling general manager in charge of all games on the floor, he said he didn’t see the problem, we showed him a person in a wheelchair can’t reach the machine so therein lies the problem.
He called a technician who pulled out a tool inserted it and the chair popped out and I could gamble, so after a conversation the man identifying himself as a general manager told me he would tell the technical department and for the next four days every time we changed machines we would have a 2-5 minute wait and someone would remove the chair so we gambled on the machine.
20 minutes later we pressed the button for assistance to remove the chair on a new machine (remembering he said any machine in the building) 35 minutes later a woman came up and asked did we need a pay out? We told her no and what the GM had said so she said she would get a technician so 25 minutes later a technician came up and said he had no idea what to do so he called another technician who tried for ten minutes and said he couldn’t so after 5 technicians a cool well-dressed security guard in a good suit walked up and said “these chairs are black chairs they can’t be moved” now he’s not a tech. So he pointed to the same machine with a different chair walked up pulled out a black military blade stuck it in the chair lock and voila it was out and we gambled 1hour and 45 minutes 6 people paid to be qualified for the job and code no joy, one ex-cop with a blade and beautiful suit and 30 seconds and we had a machine.Then the smart security guard dropped a bomb, the so called GM was a liar he was just another guard the woman at the desk with the attitude and got to impersonate their gm.
So we were told lie after lie after lie, and we were forced to sign illegal documents under duress of muscle bound security and refusal of our room and this was just the first four hours.
Ella demanded a meeting with the real GM in the AM and we went to bed. To be continued

Author: disabledaccessdenied

I am a disabled woman who through no fault of my own has wheels under my ass. I rely on the decency and common sense of local, state and federal goverments, as well as the retail community to abide by the disabled access laws and provide adequate ramps, disabled toilets, and not use them as store rooms or broom closets. This blog exists to find the offenders and out them, inform them, and report them if necessary and shame them into doing the right thing when all else fails.

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