Manhattan physicians group, Group of what? unprofessional dolts, stupidity really does trickle down from the top.

Well a lot of people think large groups of doctors under one roof make care convenient, one stop shopping if you like?
Or a collection of incompetent idiots all in one building you hope for the first fear the latter.

I grew up spoiled in the medical field my GP(Internist) is almost 90 and still practicing, and when I visited BJ recently after a 15 year gap when I was home he could from his memory alone recite every treatment he ever prescribed and every medication and dosage I had ever been on yes the one and only BJ Cormie of north east rd. medical practice campbelltown Adelaide south Australia.
Then there was my neurologist, SIR James(jim) Manson the head of pediatric neurology for the royal Adelaide children’s hospital (now the women’s and children’s hospital) in Adelaide south Australia. He was a world recognized genius in his field and he also treated me and my son who was also born with epilepsy. The gentlemen above cared, they were the best in their field yet both worked by choice in a small town in Australia with a population of less than one million.

So one would think if you could get that standard of care thirty years ago in a town of less than one million people, then in 2014 in New York with a population of over 8 million it would be base level for standard of care? Right.
Now I have lived here 16 years and have had
1/a surgical resident who thought a pre op transsexual was pregnant

2/a surgical resident who thought a week old cat scratch was fresh surgical scar from vein surgery

3/ a gastroenterologist who ordered surgical tests for possible cancer for a patient on magnesium when a first year med student knows magnesium causes diaharea and she was ordering the tests because of that.

4/ A doctor who wanted to prescribe Viagra to a post op transsexual

5/ a doctor who asked a paraplegic if they could walk to x-ray
and the list could go on for years.

This Monday past after over 4 weeks of waiting for a call back that would always be promised within hours, I received an appointment for a urologist that was so far away in a non-accessible subway area I had to roll 8 miles in a manual wheelchair to get there. Now the appointment was 2.30 so I got there at 1.30 to see if there was a cancellation, I was told no but she was running on time.
I had Zeus with me so the entire staff gathered around and cooed and restrained themselves from patting him barely.

Also to back track a little to do due diligence we went online to check out this practice and rang them to get their exact address. We were told 215 east 95th st east side Manhattan and on their website a beautiful up market building entrance is shown and on the phone the woman said “come to the door of 215 east 95th st and were right there”!
So I get to 215 and attempt to enter and no less than 4 burly security guards stop me, they demanded to know what I wanted in their building. I told them I had an appointment, they informed me that there were no doctors they were an upscale apartment building. I got out my I-pad and showed them the website, and the picture. Sure enough the picture and the address was the apartment building not the medical practice building.
So after ten minutes of muscle show they told me the medical practice was in the basement but had their own entrance on the next street and their number was not 215. So I was lead down the garbage elevator past the rooms with the buildings equipment and staff locker rooms, down a hundred yard passage way to a waiting room that was actually on 96th st and left.
There was no reception, no staff so I asked another patient and was pointed down another hallway which took me all the way back up the hill I had just come down but underground from reception to a room marked Q. So yes I had to roll past 17 other medical practices to find them, it had taken 22 minutes from entering the building where I was told to find them ! That should have been my warning.
Every 15 minutes I asked and was told dr trop was on time, during the wait a Russian woman came out and heard me speaking Russian to Zeus so she sat down in nurses scrubs and we chatted, she never told me she was the practice supervisor.
So Ella got there and it was appointment time, now at 2.25pm we were told she was running five –ten minutes late then suddenly at 2.30pm we were told she was running 2-3hours late and we should just sit and wait?
We asked to see the practice supervisor and who should appear but the Russian woman who had been telling 5-10minutes late right up till 5 minutes before, and according to her the three hour wait happened every day and we should suck it up?
Ella read them the riot act got their corporate number and address and we left. So Tuesday Ella walks to their midtown office and tells them what happened ,their first response was big deal why shouldn’t someone told 5 minutes suddenly have to wait 3 hours!now remember this isn’t a public emergency room this is an expensive private practice.
After Ella finished with them they had found a replacement doctor 25 blocks closer (only 6 miles to roll this time) and assured us the practice was informed the appointment book rearranged and a doctor had been read in and I had an appointment for tomorrow which is Friday?
Sounds good right

So that was Tuesday, Wednesday we get a call confirming in the morning ,then in the afternoon we get another call “that doctor never practices Friday you have to reappoint” ???

So not only does incompetence and stupidity trickle down from the top, so does lying? No doctor was read in or spoken to, no appointment book was cleared they just used the old “lie to them ” to get them out of the building.
yeah Hippocrates would have rolled over in his grave at this representation of medicine.

So, we have *medical practices who steal someone else’s front door for their website

* lie to you about where they are

*they suddenly after you have been there an hour tell you to sit down and shut up and wait 3 hours

*then their management lies to you
1/THEY set up appointments with doctors who know nothing about IT
2/they make arrangement on days their not there But you get called the troublemaker?


Author: disabledaccessdenied

I am a disabled woman who through no fault of my own has wheels under my ass. I rely on the decency and common sense of local, state and federal goverments, as well as the retail community to abide by the disabled access laws and provide adequate ramps, disabled toilets, and not use them as store rooms or broom closets. This blog exists to find the offenders and out them, inform them, and report them if necessary and shame them into doing the right thing when all else fails.

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