This Sunday is Mothers day , If you had a good one mazeltov but not everyone wants a hallmark meme shoved down their throat about how they should love theirs!

Please don’t get this wrong If you had a wonderful mom mazeltov I’m happy for you, I know they exist My motherinlaw was one I just never had one and I’m not alone.
My molestation started when I was three went till I was 14, 6 feet from my mother through an uninsulated plywood wall she claims to have never heard my screams. When I was seven she walked in on my brother raping me from behind and I was sobbing for her and she stood in the doorway and said ”ENOUGH OF THAT YOU HAVE SCHOOL IN THE MORNING” she closed the door and walked away the abuse went on that night for three more hours and in my life for 6 more years.
My brother moved onto my baby sister when I got big enough to fight back, she had to go to the ER once and the doctor told my mom she was muttering a name ,it was my brothers name and he was sitting beside my mom in the hospital and my mom told the doctors she thought it was some neighborhood kid?
When I came out as gay my mom told me If I was home she would have got my brothers to beat it out of me!
I had a friend I knew through sports, he had a mom with mental health issues I know he loved her but I know life with her was no hallmark moment, I know dozens of children who never made it out of puberty because of abusive parents they committed suicide or never survived the abuse.
No I am not whining , no I am not crying “who is me” I am just sick of the over 100 memes becrying how mothers are angels sent from god, If you want to tell us how great your mom is how about wording it like this “my mom was an angel” not “all mothers are gifts from god”
When our peers pressure us to tow the good child line, they bring back the terrors that we went through before becoming strong enough to break free and survive. They bring up in us doubts we have already dealt with about “are we just bad children” The old saying what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger is a crock of shit, my molestation didn’t kill me and it finished almost 40 years ago and yet the terrors still visit me every night and scream at me until I too awake screaming in terror myself.
I hope those of you who have great moms, have a great Mothers day with them. To those who had great moms and lost them too soon like my Ella I know it will be hard for you blessed be, and to those like me who had a woman who had no right ever having children or being allowed anywhere near them congratulations you made it out.

Author: disabledaccessdenied

I am a disabled woman who through no fault of my own has wheels under my ass. I rely on the decency and common sense of local, state and federal goverments, as well as the retail community to abide by the disabled access laws and provide adequate ramps, disabled toilets, and not use them as store rooms or broom closets. This blog exists to find the offenders and out them, inform them, and report them if necessary and shame them into doing the right thing when all else fails.

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