“Stop mixing politics with sport” “keep gay stuff out of sochi?” “come on Russia isn’t that bad”
For every bad act that comes to light the commentators have some rhetoric that Russia should be left alone? Left alon? Since when has the world, the United States, the United Nations left despots and dictators and monsters who commit genocide alone?
As long as there has been diplomacy, as long as there has been military We the people, We the world have stood up and said “not on my watch” In world war 2 when we found out about the death camps, about the Nazi’s plans to cleanse the world of the Jewish faith we the people of the world said hell no we got there late and more than 6million Jewish people and also people of color and homosexuals were systematically murdered and then burnt in the ovens. Their belongings were stolen, their land absorbed by the nazi state and the proof that they ever existed removed forever from the world, My own wife’s family lost many in the holocaust.
During the 1950’s the world watched Korea as the north Koreans with the backing of the Chinese attempted to remove from history the southern culture and form a communist Korea. Little did the world know that at the same time, as early as 1948 in Vietnam the north Vietnamese were starting to torture and imprison and ultimately murder anyone who disagreed with the communist views of the viet Cong.

Because of the worlds attention on Korea the Vietcong had almost 20 years to establish their evil hold on the country of Vietnam.Millions of southern Vietnamese were murdered for simply giving assistance to freedom fighters, or simply protesting the VC. But in all these conflicts we said “not on our watch” and sent troops andinstituted diplomatic sanctions and vilified those responsible on the world stage. Right next door to Vietnam were the killing fields of pol-pot again we were there

Over the years we have said no Noriega in south America, we got involved in the Serbian Croatian wars in the former Yugoslavia and found mass graves and declared people war criminals.

When The then USSR was in Afghanistan in 1980, the world said “Invade Afghanistan how terrible “ and many countries boycotted the 1980 Moscow Olympics including my own Australia so international precedent has been set.

The Us bombed Libya over their human rights violations, and they invaded Kuwait in the first gulf war and they on many occasions attacked Palestinian PLO strongholds, and after 911 they attacked Afghanistan and Iraq two countries coincidentally that had nothing to do with the attacks on the world trade center.
Our president , the United nations and the international court of the Hague set the standard for intervention, at when ever violence or abuse or discrimination is targeted at a group because of gender faith politics and many other qualifications, evidently the IOC doesn’t have the same strict standards.

Since before the wall came down and the USSR was supposedly disbanded, the human rights record of the country known as Russia and many of it’s states has far outreached that of any one of the aforementioned countries that we didn’t hesitate for second to caution invade or even declare war on.

If you’re wheelchair bound or dis or otherwise abled in Russia or any of the other former states of the USSR, then you have no rights. You are only allowed on public transport if it is not full or noone complains, children with downs syndrome or any other mental illness or disability or injury are put in orphanages with no medical care treatment or occupational or any other therapy whatsoever and most are left to sit in their own waste for days and weeks at a time.
When outsiders have been let in, they discover children up into their teens if they have survived unable to walk ,talk toilet or care for themselves with what turns out to be diagnosis that in any other country would be considered mild if caught early.
Mental health care for adults is draconian at best, people in Dickensian nightshirts no underwear in buildings more at home in a documentary on 18th century Europe than 2014. Mental health meds if given at all, only given to dumb them out, never with the intent to control or cure or treat in any way. Patients fed slops once a day, with visiting if allowed at all rarely happens and is never encouraged.

This alone would be reason enough to tell them hell no on humanitarian grounds alone, but when the world discovered in recent years that when Russias LGBTQ community attempted to hold a pride march it was revealed that local government with funding and approval from Moscow trucked in neo Nazi skinheads with the instructions to stop the march beat the people marching and if they died or were seriously hurt noone would be prosecuted.
This practice spread quickly in the same years sochi was awarded the games, suddenly Gay activists in Russia were arrested and imprisoned for anti government activities and journalists who wrote op-ed pieces in defense of the gay community were mysteriously found dead from unknown causes or unexplainable suicides?

Russian spin doctors spun these events as proof the lifestyle was dangerous, and the government quickly moved to impose some of the strictest anti gay laws in 100 years.
Putin has made claims connecting homosexuality with bestiality and pedophilia both which have been disproved in many cases for over 30 years.

Is this a Government that we should reward with an event that brings the world and money from international companies and prestige such as the winter Olympics?
Murdering the gay community, murders in Cambodia? Murders in Nazi Germany, murder in central America, murders in Libya? One of these is different yet the same.
All these countries committed or attempted to commit genocide on a section of their population and the world said “hell no not on our watch?” Oh wait I know whats different, we send drones into all of them ? No, one of them we gave billions of dollars of money to and the winter Olympics and the billions made from the associated tourism and hospitality profits yet they are all international criminals guilty of hate against the very people they were put in power to protect?

I call on all who read this to protest to stand up and say hell no, to write the networks, to post this story on your facebook, on your twitter and let people know of the outrageous hypocrisy that is the sochi winter Olympics.
The Olympic credo is to send the greatest amongst us, the best and fairest in their sporting endeavor to the Olympics to compete to show the world excellence is not only achievable but alive and well. No where does it demand they be judeo christian white born privileged straight people. It simply stated is an arena for our brightest most talented and best in their chosen sport to lauded with glory and shine.
This era of Russian law is nothing more than a fourth Reich, an attempt at the arian nation building Hitler failed at and we saw what happened last time we let that go for a while before we stepped in.



Author: disabledaccessdenied

I am a disabled woman who through no fault of my own has wheels under my ass. I rely on the decency and common sense of local, state and federal goverments, as well as the retail community to abide by the disabled access laws and provide adequate ramps, disabled toilets, and not use them as store rooms or broom closets. This blog exists to find the offenders and out them, inform them, and report them if necessary and shame them into doing the right thing when all else fails.

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