it is ignorance like sue fraziers that makes life with PTSD hard

Below is a reply I just recieved on a recent story regarding two veterans thrown out of a southern fast food chain because of their service dogs.
Miss frazier the dark ages called they want the opinions back

Sue Frasier … 6m

This whole issue is ridiculous and absurd. Why does a service dog have to help a grown man eat a hamburger at a diner?? The premise of this teeters on the chronically stupid concepts we are now doing in this country as a knee-jerk way of attaching names to combat people. The truth is, not all PTSD have anything at all to do either with combat or even deployment. Some of these men have the most ridiculous of excuses EVER to be rated as having PTSD. Steer the cases to LIFE ALERT and let them join the services bandwagon of seniors and the elderly, and let’s all get real over the fact that dogs can

Author: disabledaccessdenied

I am a disabled woman who through no fault of my own has wheels under my ass. I rely on the decency and common sense of local, state and federal goverments, as well as the retail community to abide by the disabled access laws and provide adequate ramps, disabled toilets, and not use them as store rooms or broom closets. This blog exists to find the offenders and out them, inform them, and report them if necessary and shame them into doing the right thing when all else fails.

11 thoughts on “it is ignorance like sue fraziers that makes life with PTSD hard”

  1. Service Dogs serve a vital need for our Vets with PTSD…They can sense their handler’s emotions, and steer them out of a potentially dangerous situation…I think Ms. Frazier needs to learn the facts before she puts her feet in her mouth….Both Therapy Dogs and Service Dogs are valuable to many people who know their worth. So sorry for the ignorance of Ms. Frazier. Thank You for all of our Troops and rest assured, that if I am EVER in a place where that happens, I WILL STAND up and be a VOICE for our VETS and their Service Dogs.

    1. Thankyou for your honest reply, without every tool we can give them to go fight and come home to their families and live productive lives we are letting down our warriors you don’t have to agree with the war but we must always support the warriors

  2. Studies have shown that animals such as cats and dogs are great stress relievers. Someone who has ptsd may also have other underlying health issues where animals help such as ceasers strokes. Any person who is depressed may loose track of time and or their where abouts. A service animal can greatly help in most areas. Before jumping to conclussions maybe try putting yourself in this persons shoes. Dont try to take away something from others when you would want it fo r yourself.

  3. It’s just plain SAD that people like Sue Frasier are so ignorant (uneducated – lest I be called unkind). There is NO excuse in this day and age that someone in this country has such obviously poor level of education on any subject! Would love to know what you wanted to say about “get real over the fact that dogs can…”, or would I?

  4. PTSD is a very real and dangerous by-product of living through violent situations. While it’s more commonly known amongst returning veterans, it’s also found in your ‘average Joe’ who’s lived through life-and-death moments. I would love to ask Ms Frasier her thoughts on the following scenario: A veteran who is well trained in the art of fighting for survival and killing when necessary, faces heavy hand-to-hand combat overseas. That warrior then returns home and is convinced that every sound, every sudden movement, is a threat against his life. What happens in those situations? A kind civilian, or even a friend, approaches him from behind, not thinking, and the soldier reacts with instinct, and harms that innocent person by mistake. What happens then? The use of a PTSD therapy animal prevents situations like that from arising by making sure there’s no one behind his owner, scanning crowds for potential threats, and eases his owners mind that not everyone is out to do harm to him. If you don’t think therapy/service animals offer no support or purpose, or that mental disorders like PTSD are just a scapegoat, I’d love to introduce you to some people I know that suffer from PTSD. If you still think it’s an excuse after having a knife put to your throat simply because you touched someone’s arm, then all I can say is you get what you deserve!

  5. Hi readers this Is mia g vayner the founder and author of this blog, I was letting my friends in the military and civillian communities that like I live with PTSD reply to this ignorant woman and her attitude that”whats a dog going to do ?help him eat his burger in a diner?” but after consideration this plebian needs as my old baptist minister friend used to call “A COME TO JESUS MEETING”

    What can a dog do in regards to PTSD? well when I have my dark days whether they hit at home or in the middle of climbing a rockwall or on a subway at peak hour or yes even eating a vegan burger in a diner My beautiful Zeus senses my sudden mood change will suddenly move closer and pat or put his head on my lap and make getures of compassion to calm me down at home he will physically climb on my lap and pick up my hand in his mouth dropping it on his back as if to say “pat me I’m here for you”.
    When I am rolling in a crowd and I zone out with flash backs he is trained to take over pulling my wheelchair like a sled dog to the nearest wall or safe place away from the crowds and then stand on guard between me and anyone who may have bad intentions. when I am in bed and as is most nights I wake screaming at 3 am he is suddenly beside me on the bed gently pawing me as if to tell me it’s ok he has my back. and yes even in a diner when I was suddenly having day time flashbacks he stands on his hind leg and puts his front paws on my lap to comfort me. so what you say miss frasier? big deal whats he really preventing? we as a 5th dan black belt in four martial arts and a former bouncer and body guard to the elite who has also had military training I have previous to zeus’s existence found my self destroying a wall with three blows in public or grabbing my wife i a judo hold in the middle of the night until she finally awoke me. I have gotten into fights and put 4 or more people to the ground and once I was in a wheelchair when zoning out have suddenly snapped out of it in the middle of a busy street where as with zeus when that has started to happen he runs around the back of my chair and pulls me hard back to the curb. I could fill a thousand pages with the joy he brings and the safety and security he provides for me and those who love me and I firmly believe without him I wouldn’t be here. and this is only what he provides as far as PTSD he also is seizure alert trained and helps me with life in a wheelchair.
    service dogs save lives every day ,no every minute of every day they are highly trained medical and emotional aids. Every day 22 returned soldiers kill themselves and 2 still in country also these heroes fought survived and made it home only to die from the screaming memories that noone teaches them how to live with and so many civillians rape and incest and molestation and violent crime survivors live with the terrors for the rest of their lives. So yes miss frazier I have told you what they do after all my first instinct was to tell you what to do and where to go but that would simply let you wander off to keep spewing your hate ad stupidity.

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