More veterans have been lost to suicide than all the deaths in iraq and afghanistan combined


Battle Buddy

An average of 22 Veterans take their owns lives every day.
More Veterans have been lost to suicide than in combat in both Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

Distress in some individuals can lead to the development of unhealthy behaviors including withdrawal from social support and ineffective problem solving. These behaviors may intensify the potential risk of suicide. The people Veteran sees every day (fellow veterans, co-workers, family, friends) are in the best position to recognize changes stemming from distress and to provide support. Any substantial or observable change in behavior warrants further discussion with the individual.
Look For:
-Comments that suggest thoughts or plan of suicide.
-Acquiring a method for suicide (e.g., buying a handgun).
-Rehearsing suicidal acts.
-Giving away possessions.
-Obsessing about death, dying, etc.
-Making amends or challenging people in an aggressive manner.
-Uncharacteristic behaviors (e.g., reckless driving, excessive drinking, stealing, UA).
-Significant change in workplace performance.
-Appearing overwhelmed by recent stressor(s).
-Displaying significant change in mood.
-Seeing situation as hopeless.
-Displaying poor impulse control.

Any one of these signs by itself may or may not indicate that someone is suicidal. Clearly, the more serious signs must be addressed with more urgency. But research shows that because the suicidal person may keep up a good front, even the less serious signs may be all you will see. If you are concerned, follow up and nip any problems in the bud before suicidal thoughts even start.

The Battle Buddy Foundation exists to serve our veterans suffering the ‘invisible wounds’ of war, Post Traumatic Stress, and Traumatic Brain Injury.
Join us as we work to raise awareness for the PTS and TBI, and serve our nation’s heroes suffering from these wounds by providing service dogs and Equine Therapy Programs.
*Your donation will directly support the training and placement of a PTSD Service Dog with a veteran.*
The Battle Buddy Foundation is registered with the Ohio Sec. Of State and our 501(c)3 status is pending.
Donations can be made online here:

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