The square might be capitol but it’s name sake hotel is more like capitol punishment!

When she who must be obeyed and I originally planned this trip to great southern land , Ella in her usual style planned it to the last T better than the landing on omaha beach on D-day.days not hours were spent finding, comparing and finally booking the accomadation at every stop along the way the same with both international and domestic airfares both sides of the pacific.
Two weeks before we flew we rang to check one last time only to be told by our hotel of choice in sydney ,the central station hotel that it was closing for renovations even though 4 months before they would have had to know they were closing but took our booking anyway.

The manageress of the central station assured us she had found a clean accessible nice hotel as a replacement and as an apology she handled all arrangements, we broke all rules and followed her suggestion without doing Ellas normal militarized due diligence.
Well we sure learned never to do that again, when we rang to confirm before we left we were told the disabled accessible room, even with a double and a single was big enough for a wheelchair to roll around and had a fully upto code wheelchair bathroom and they cheerfully offerred to make it even roomier by removing the single.

See the pics from the advertisements on the internet below as we were to find out the hard way the pic below is living proof you really can put lipstick on a pig!
The old maxim that you’re first thirty seconds and the first person you speak to really do form you first ,last and only impressions of a business was never truer than at the capitol. Ours was a desk hidden in a corner ran by rude abusive barely literate staff, standing behind a desk where some years ago IVAN whoever he was carved he was there for all eternity to read and in a couple of decades that and many other carvings had been left for all checking in to admire as the pics below show.

capitol sq 13
The middle eastern family running it were loud and called anyone who asked a question a liar, they denied every part of the booking had ever been made and when we told them We were told we would have a choice of another room with a queen size bed in it we were screamed at again and told this was a lie.
capitol sq14
we dropped our bags and came back at check in and picked up our keys and went to the disabled room and opened the door, and found out not only did it still have the single bed in it but it was so over crowded that with my wheelchair barely fitting before hitting the edge of the bed you couldnt close the door to the room and couldn’t move another inch.
So back to the desk we we went to inform them. As we told them what had happenned and that we were assured the bed would be gone we were abused , and yelled at and the manager told us “no beds moved noone would have said it you making it up”.Only to be told the other room for our perusal was ready for checking. So obviously you can add to loud , obnoxious , unprofessional and ignorant zero communications between their own staff!

We checked in we went to our room and as we inspected the pillows had pubic hairs on them,
capitol sq 18
The pic above only shows one the management snatched the one with dozens of short curly hairs.
they had dark yellow sweat satin and were torn

capitol sq 5
the manager replied”these are acceptable by rydges standards.

There was no soap, no shampoo and no conditioner instead a prison looking stainless steel pump pack containing an industrial solvent that we were meant to put on our bodies

capitol sq 4
and when we opened it there were inch long strands of mold growing like seaweed inside it.
capitol sq 23

there was snot on the curtains and below is pictures of the desk and tv table that has been carved to pieces and never replaced or fixed.

capitol sq 19
The carpets were stained

capitol sq 17
the walls had damp patches causing soft plaster and large holes poorly patched repairs
capitol sq 9
capitol sq 16

All this was taking place as the pic below shows 2 feet six inches across the hall from a room marked cleaner! ironic isnt it?.

capitol sq 6
After our previous abuse at the hands of the day crew we took pictures and the physical pillows to the front desk and their reply? Were not five star we don’t do new” yes it was only $153 a night, but when we lifted the sheets off to check there were damp urine and sperm stains on the mattress and mattress protector.

We had to get the non english speaking korean cleaners back four times, and virtually lead them by the nose before we felt we could sit down without needing an industrial cleaner to feel healthy, and then we turned on the airconditioner and the last straw was when as the A/C came on pounds of dust and fluff
capitol sq 22
and dirt covered the room and we started to choke

capitol sq 21 the picture above is what fell out every time you touched the grill totry and clean it ourselves.
After we told the manager he replied “noone ever cleans A/C filters ,who does that?”
We had had enough, so we told him we were leaving for 3 hours for dinner and we wanted soap shampoo airconditioner and the room cleaned upto the health code when we returned, or our next stop was the health department. His reply was $4 bottle of wine?

There are many pictures of the hallways to and from the room below are just a few.
capitol sq 16

capitol sq 10
capitol sq 12
capitol sq 20

capitol sq1

capitol sq11

and attached are similar stories by other patrons all similiar the only nice thing they could say was “breakfast was good”
“Sydney visit”

2 of 5 stars Reviewed 2 weeks ago

Our first and last time here – it is very ‘tired’. Peeling paint, no sound proofing, an old bed and very worn carpet!
Location is great, the staff were okay and the a/c works.
It was a Rydges, but has gone downhill.
Our room was OK in size.
Unless it’s very cheap, stay somewhere else…

Stayed November 2013, traveled as a couple

“Very disappointed!”

1 of 5 stars Reviewed 2 weeks ago

Nothing about this hotel was appealing. The entrance and rooms were nothing like the photos posted on the website. I took a family member to Sydney to celebrate her 70th birthday and was totally embarrassed to think I chose such terrible accommodation. The room with single beds was very small, the carpet dirty and very worn. The bedspread had stains on it, not inviting at all. The walls were dirty and marked, desperate for a fresh coat of paint. There was no fly screens so couldn’t leave the window open. Was too scared to use the air conditioner because we could see how run down the whole place was, who knows when the air conditioner had been cleaned last! On checking out we asked for our bags to be stored for a couple of hours for which we were charged $2 per bag. The only positive is the location. Very close to the light rail which we used to get to the Lyric Theatre to see a show. Just a short walk to Paddy’s Markets and Chinatown. Would not recommend this hotel at all. Would rather pay more to get a clean bed and room.

Room Tip: Don’t believe there are any good rooms…
See more room tips

Stayed November 2013, traveled with friends1 of 5 stars Value
5 of 5 stars Location
3 of 5 stars Sleep Quality
1 of 5 stars Rooms
1 of 5 stars Cleanliness
3 of 5 stars Service

“A one night stay here is enough!”

1 of 5 stars Reviewed August 6, 2013

I booked this hotel for my daughter and her friend for a stay close to the entertainment centre for a Pink concert, through The location was very good but price wise it was below standards. She paid $206 for the room. Compared to $210 for an amazing room, with breakfast, at Four points in Darling Harbour , we had last December and $165, 2 weeks ago at the Crown Promenade in Melbourne, this price was pathetic!
When I asked the person for a room with 2 beds, was told that there were only queen beds left. Upon arriving they found that the queen bed was 2 singles pushed together anyway! The mattresses were very hard and they couldn’t sleep very well.There were hairs on the sheets, a stain on the shower curtain and the walls and carpets were filthy! They showed me some photos on their phones. The staff were not friendly at all! Will be giving this hotel a miss next time!

Stayed August 2013, traveled with friends

This place was a bonafide shit hole where I wouldn’t let my worst enemy stay, and no matter what you get offerred online and what doctored pictures they put up.

The only way to describe the place is to remind you of an old joke about three men sent to hell and they meet the devil, and he tells them they have three choices to spend eternity , The first hanging by your testicles over boiling oil, The second breaking rocks in hells fires. The third? he was led to a room of souls standing knee deep in human shit drinking twinings tea from fine wedgewood china and eating scones with home made jam with coddled cream. He thought for a moment and then said “this is fine” and he went to the buffet and poured himself a cup of tea and grabbed a scone, then just as he took his first sip a voice over the loud speaker screamed “TEA BREAK OVER BACK TO THE STANDING ON YOUR HEAD” Well in reality as we discovered to our dismay he was staying at the capitol square!.

Author: disabledaccessdenied

I am a disabled woman who through no fault of my own has wheels under my ass. I rely on the decency and common sense of local, state and federal goverments, as well as the retail community to abide by the disabled access laws and provide adequate ramps, disabled toilets, and not use them as store rooms or broom closets. This blog exists to find the offenders and out them, inform them, and report them if necessary and shame them into doing the right thing when all else fails.

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