Over the last few days the united states and probably the entire world have been fed a company line of the koolaid the authorities want you to drink that “CRAZED BIKIES ATTACK CAR DRIVER”
But a story has just emerged and it has been documented by film from “go-pro camera on the bike riders helmets “ that in fact the SUV drive had hit and run over not one but three of the group and each time left the scene of the accident ! Today it was announced that the first rider hit is paralyzed for life from the waist down.

If I and say my lacrosse team are walking down 5th ave and a man walks up and stabs the first man in the spine and runs away then comes back and throws another one to the floor breaking bones and again runs away then finally comes running up and attacks a team mate so viciously he needs hospitalization but this time as he runs he trips and tries to attack another but you defend yourself and he is injured .
If the scenario was lacrosse team instead of motorcycle riders the headlines would have been ‘BRAVE SPORTS TEAM HHEROICALLY SUBDUES VIOLENT ATTACKER” bloomberg would give the team a medal and some millionaire would pay the medical bills, but we as a society have been fed the koolaid that if 6 or more people ride motorbikes their all clones of “sons of anarchy” or drug running gun selling outlaws?

My orthopedist is head of orthopedic surgery at a major new york hospital, but on weekends he rides a Harley with 25 other professionals who enjoy motor cycles. the largest motor cycle gang in America is the freedom riders, a group of military veterans who provide honor guard at military funerals. Heroes every one of them, including a couple of congressional medal of honor winners but a scruffier bunch of outlaw looking riders doesn’t exist than these guys.

I am not saying it’s right to drag someone from their car, but ask your self if three of your friends had been attacked by one crazed driver in a large range rover and one ended up paralyzed for life and he tried to run wouldn’t you consider it your duty to first stop him leaving and then disarm him from what ever weapon he held including the ability to operate a car if that’s the weapon he used?
George Zimmerman was allowed to kill a unarmed teen who was just eating skittles, in most states of America you can shoot a shadowy figure in your home without even knowing if their armed. If Mr retired banker shoots drugged out burglar he’s a hero but if that retired banker was wearing leather on a Harley or some Japanese crotch rocket no matter if he is right he must be wrong because the authorities have two rules.


The original Hells angels were all heroes, air aces who returned from world war 2 and purchased the motor cycles the air force provided to ride from their barracks to the airfield when the sirens would go off to take off for battle because riding a motorcycle was as close as they could get on the ground to the buzz of fyling fighters. When did we start lumping every intelligent adult into a category of sons of anarchy, just because they decided the wife needs the car for the kids and a motorcycle was cheaper to run?
In India nearly every Buddhist monk I knew rode a motorcycle when leaving the monastery, but if they did it here on the way to see dying patents in hospice the headlines would read FOREIGN BIKERS INVADE CANCER HOSPICE .

I’m not a fool, yes there are criminals who form bike gangs, just like Latino gangs in los angeles drive low riders or urban cool kids ride skate boards. Before we start calling in Chuck Norris to go ballistic on people for their mode of transport, how about we investigate who actually was to blame? As far as I’m concerned and most intelligent people have commented, if you and two friends are rundown and critically injured by a crazed person driving a large SUV your friends are not criminals for defending you they’re heroes!

Author: disabledaccessdenied

I am a disabled woman who through no fault of my own has wheels under my ass. I rely on the decency and common sense of local, state and federal goverments, as well as the retail community to abide by the disabled access laws and provide adequate ramps, disabled toilets, and not use them as store rooms or broom closets. This blog exists to find the offenders and out them, inform them, and report them if necessary and shame them into doing the right thing when all else fails.


  1. The mottorcyclist camera clearly shows the rider stoopping in front of the range rover! Motorcyclists are a tremendous problems in northern Manhattan. I doubt you orthopoedist drive as insanely as these idiots cylist on the sidewalk, putting wheelies on crowded streets and coming up to WCs to intimidate. When confronted they claim they are just having FUN! I know many responsible motorcyclists but that was not this group!

    1. actually the only thing you see on tv is the edited camera they were stopping him because he had just ran completely over a fellow rider and as it turned out paralyzed him for life they were trying stop him leaving if you believe the 30 second byte on the news thats your fault they slant it how their told. I have riden with large groups and cars are the problem many actually think the law says cars have the right of way. again what they showed on tv was after 10 minutes of the car driver screaming threatening and running over riders to push his way through the middle, and as for your comment “motorcyclists are a huge problem” they are only aproblem on the road to those who think because they drive a car their i the right if you drive properly and respect the space of other road users they are just another legal vehicle. as for the occasional idiot who pulls wheelies and harasses people he would be stupid no matter what vehicle he controlled don’t blame motorcyclists

  2. To miss em prentiss, I just rewatched the video again, pray tell when you drive in a traffic jam do you not stop and start ? are you not meant to keep safe distance of the vehichle infront to prevent just such a incident ? It matters not whether it’s a car or a motor cycle the distance you’re meant to keep is at least a distance in which you can safely stop.
    With the amount of bikes and cars on that freeway it definitely constituted a traffic jam, the suv driver in a traffic court would have been in the wrong for not keeping safe distance. So even if as you claim they were doing it deliberately(they were not) you could stop safely

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