Are geometry, spacial equations and the ability to know ones own body size no longer taught in school? Or have aliens from the planet ignorant pig landed and Quietly invaded?

My chair, wheelchair that is, sounds like bond, James Bond lol, is 28 inches wide my arms add another 6 inches as I push and Zeus walking beside me adds a foot. So on the wide foot paths of NYC and Flushing queens that leaves about 4 feet the other side.

So why is it when well dressed intelligent looking possibly even college educated people, walk toward my wheelchair rolling 4 inches from a brick wall they don’t walk around the side with 4 feet of space they think they fit in the 4 inches???

This, yes folks is an ongoing theme that is because the stupidity is growing in direct proportion to the population growth. So what you say isn’t that normal? more people more idiots? One would hope not but let me give you an example.
When you come above ground on roosevelt ave flushing from the elevator from the 7 train, the doors open to a wall sheltering two escalators that abelist use. So on my right is a cement wall,and on my left store openings and goods for sale spilling out. I try to stay about 4 inches out from the wall leaving at least 3 feet the other side of me.
The intelligent humans who can walk and chew gum simultaneously, see me and smile and walk around. Last night I was tired and moving fast to get home after 12 hours in Manhattan, when suddenly from behind me a man stepped over my chair from the rear through the 4 inch gap. He was at least 6 foot tall and 200lbs, and climbing through a 4 inch gap and abusing me in mandarin and flipping me the bird and finishing you with “fuck you bitch” Astounded I stopped shaken and checked my chair for damage, and Zeus for injury and rolled on. Fifty feet later, and by this time restaurants were closing and the curb side was piled 6 feet high with black plastic garbage bags.
So again I was 4-6inches from the garbage not wanting to roll through the spillage and there was about 4 feet on the other side now as doors were closed and goods for sale taken in, and suddenly a ear-bud wearing Chinese man dressed like a corporate exec again stepped over my lap in the chair between the garbage bags and me a gap of no more than 6 inches. He was wearing a heavy backpack that hit my face ,I had had enough and yelled “do you mind ?” he turned and ranted “you were in the way why should I walk around” and walked on screaming.
We turned right off of Roosevelt st onto union, and as we crossed the road four Asian teens walking side walk wide leaving no room for anyone walked straight into me and stopped looked up from their phones and just glared not moving. I had no ability to go around as they blocked the whole foot path. They pointed screamed at me in mandarin flipped me the bird and walked around me begrudgingly.

100 feet further up the union street sidewalk is the fire station the driveway into it has steep sides to push up and over, so I am struggling and pushing and again only inches from the wall which I do so people have the whole sidewalk to go around. A woman with a empty wire shopping trolley pushes through the 6 inch gap trolley and all, causing the trolley to bounce wheels and all over my head my shoulders and head.
One might assume that people this stupid rude and arrogant would look the same, maybe gang bangers or homeless or tough guy? No, everyone of these looked like your surgeon, your accountant, your lawyer and the last straw that broke the already hemaplegic camels back was a supermodel looking Asian woman in Louis bu tons and Armani walked into my chair from behind because she didn’t look up from her I-phone hitting me so hard my chair shook. She also knew the same mandarin curse words, and attempted to step through the 6 inch gap, having had enough I moved my chair so then she abused me because I didn’t want her crotch on my shoulder at least she had a pair of pants. The last two women who straddled me were wearing skirts and I’m still traumatized .
We made it home sat and looked at each other and said simultaneously “WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENNED SCREW ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE THE LUNATICS HAVE TAKEN OVER THE ASYLUM?”.

Before you flame me and say I hate Asians or Chinese people , I am a life long Buddhist who speaks the language, andlives in the neighborhood by choice. The only reason I identified the use of mandarin is my neighbors are also Russian ,Japanese , and Korean and Hispanic, yet as a rule it is only ever the Chinese that seem to be the problem. The last thing, if the Asian community wants to smoke that’s their death but when you swing the cigarette as you walk and it butts on my bare arm, yes I do speak mandarin and yes that was a curse word and noI am not your ashtray.
You might be skinny and short, but the backpack on your back isn’t. So when you swing around suddenly on the subway or in the street to scream “Wei nee hau didi?” or any other greeting, remember the hump on your back weighs 40 pounds and that thud was my head!

Author: disabledaccessdenied

I am a disabled woman who through no fault of my own has wheels under my ass. I rely on the decency and common sense of local, state and federal goverments, as well as the retail community to abide by the disabled access laws and provide adequate ramps, disabled toilets, and not use them as store rooms or broom closets. This blog exists to find the offenders and out them, inform them, and report them if necessary and shame them into doing the right thing when all else fails.

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