Thank god the customer is always right because these wait staff couldn’t find their collective asses with both hands

Ella and I had a wonderful day, didn’t wake till we had a lesurely vegan hot breakfast aand perfect espresso’s dressed and caught the trains to the Union square farmers market to shop for organic seasonal vegan produce.
We started with further espresso and vegan Muffins at the bean coffee shop on 12th and broadway then back to union square portobello mushroom hood still with warm earth attached shallots the size of golfballs rhubarb calling to be part of a fresh pie organic navy beans red beans chickpeas and lentils we were like the proverbial pigs in mud vegan style we picked up vegan baked goods for lunch and found some park bench and chilled.

just like last week we headed for washington square park and just like last week we got waylayed by a street fair on 8th st. we stopped for a beer at POUR George a cute side walk bar chatted for a while then finally made the park.
washington square market

we spent an hour or two in the park hung out by the fountain and then decided to head off in search of a restaurant for dinner, and thats when it went all down hill.
We found a small eatery called the grey dog we asked the waiter by the door if he had vegan food he one by one checked and told us the home made veggie burgers were and the nine grain bread was dairy free so we ordered two and coffees as they were almost ready the waiter said “the little bit of butter in the bread won’t matter will it? “no I replied not if you don’t mind anaphalactic shock occurring on your restaurant floor so we left there, we went to the restaurant next door and they thought cheese wasn’t dairy but then I thought a saviour was in sight a real live greek taverna.
Ella and I said to ourselves a while ago when a situation starts bad we need to listen to the universe and roll away, well we didn’t this time we rolled up the disabled ramp to the door and saw it blocked by tables on the inside. Imotioned to a waiter he said it was too much trouble threw his hands up and turned his back, I knocked again and he gestured go away just as I was about to call hima “malaka” an attractive girl appeared saying they had another door with a ramp so we followed her (ignoring the universe) we rolled around the building and we found the ramp we entered and were handed menus by the malaka as we chose appetisers we asked if they had vegan mains the malaka pointed to a dish written in greek I translated the word for fis and asked “which one?” he said “the bass that’s vegan” I pointed out that if it ever breathed or lived it or any part of it was not vegan he looked confused so better late than never we listened to the universe and left.
They shared the ramp with the gastro pub next door we looked they had a portobello burger a waitress looking more at home as magenta in rocky horror complete with garter belt showing below a micro mini blocked our way bouncer style telling us no dogs your dog couldn’t come in after I explained about service dogs we asked about the portobello she assured me that the burger was vegan but it had a slice of cheese but they could remove it. So we entered a dim dark bar and was shown to a table and we spoke to the manager about herr slip up with the dog, lucky we did because after being solemnly assured the portobelo was vegan the mangeress informed me the mushroom hood was dipped in egg and milk after being covered with flour and cheese and then bread crumbed and deep fried and put on a bread roll made with milk and topped with cheese. astounded I told her what the waitress said instead of an apology she said “were not a good fit why don’t you leave.
just as we were about to go home and settle for a sandwhich two doors down the road was a manger behind the inn a saviour on a sucky day THE SAIGON MARKET, I have been to live in cooked in and loved vietnam and this was some of the best food outside of the silver city and the servings size anywhere else would have been a party platter for four.
saigon market
and they were so nice about zeus the owner asked if wanted a water bowl under the table. Saigon market is large simple and great what they don’t do is forget what makes provincal food the world over amazing and that is the honest blessed hardworking charm of those who prepare it serve it and work the floor. After a street of illbred unkowing rude abusive undertrained troglidytes, saigon market was a star to follow.
What all the others lacked because they cared more about glitz and their social media position saigon market considered basic how to run a restauraunt 101 a great man once said to be the best you dont have to do something different you just have to do the same thing right and with honesty, well the beautiful vietnamese people from saigon market do the same thing better but right and with honesty empathy and compassion 5th avenue and 12th manhattan don’t take my word go see for your self but be prepared to take home a large doggy bag.

Author: disabledaccessdenied

I am a disabled woman who through no fault of my own has wheels under my ass. I rely on the decency and common sense of local, state and federal goverments, as well as the retail community to abide by the disabled access laws and provide adequate ramps, disabled toilets, and not use them as store rooms or broom closets. This blog exists to find the offenders and out them, inform them, and report them if necessary and shame them into doing the right thing when all else fails.

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