Teacher sacked for being a lesbian will not be reinstated at Catholic school


Reposted from a story by Corinne Pinfold 12 June 2013, 6:06pm

Mia’s thoughts- Is this what america has come to, the world has come to teachers should only be judged on the standard of student they turn out. There is a disgusting double standard in the catholic school system,no make that the catholic church. The catholic church world wide has a multi million dollar budget to run retreat centers for pedophile priests so they can be sent back into the system once again, these are monsters who actually rape and abuse small children. Yet one well educated hard working monogamus woman who just happens to be married to another woman is fired for doing her job, a supervisor happenned to notice a death notice for her family member where her female partners name was mentioned and in an instant 19 years of hard dedicated teaching moulding the minds of our children with the highest scholastic standard goes out the window.
A straight teacher can have multiple extra marital affairs, he can have multiple divorces and nothing is said. Wake up world, when we have 8th graders who cannot read to a 4th grade standard and the highest drop out rate in over a hundred years can we really afford to throw away the best amongst our teaching brethren simply because of whom they love?

The Ohio high school teacher sacked after her female partner was named in her mother’s obituary will not be reinstated, the district’s Superintendent has ruled.

In March Carla Hale was fired from Bishop Watterson High School in Ohio after her partner, Julie Uncapher, was named in her mother’s obituary.

An anonymous letter about the obituary sent to the school’s diocese by a parent led to Ms Hale, who had taught physical education at the school for 19 years, being sacked.

Ms Hale vowed to fight against the discrimination and received the backing of 130,810 signatories in a petition to have her reinstated.

However, StateImpact Ohio reports that a short letter from the Superintendent of the Catholic Archdiocese of Columbus, Lucia McQuaide, has revealed that she will uphold Ms Hale’s termination.

Ms McQuaide said:-

Dear Ms Hale,

Thank you for meeting with me on May 30, 2013. After consideration of all the facts and circumstances, including our discussion at our meeting, this is notice that I have decided to uphold the termination of your teaching contract.

Ms Hale said: “I’ve attended graduation ceremonies for nineteen years. It was very difficult for me to be excluded this year.”

Her Attorney, Thomas Tootle, said in a statement: “Seeking reinstatement from the Superintendent is one more step in a process that we must exhaust before we can bring this matter to a meaningful resolution before a neutral arbitrator.”

The Central Ohio Association of Catholic Educators, Ms Hale’s union, has refused to back her

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