From trading blows at trader joes, to blowing tires and taking abuse from MTA

blown tire

The picture above Is the end result of this tale, Ella and I awoke this morning had a lazy first half to the day, we decided to go to manhattan and enjoy the day.
When we got there we had a great brunch at the bean coffee shop we then decided to roll to the farmers markets we had fun we picked up some vegan snacks from a baker in the market who I am addicted to,called BODY AND SOUL VEGAN I highly reccomend everything they make, we rolled into the park to eat our snacks.
We sat under a beautiful tree and talked about our upcoming Toronto trip and decided we would roll to Washington square park, Ella has been unwell all week and suddenly she was physically Ill, you know I probably should have taken that as an omen.
But roll on we did, we were on Broadway three quarters of the way to the park when we saw a luggage shop, I have been in the market for a backpack for the back of my chair (I have been using a recyclable trader joes bag, lol) We found something suitabe and the staff were lovely and we left happy with a very cool VICTORINOX bag attached. We turned onto 8th st and rolled down to university place and found a street fair in progress, we were delighted as we like nothing better than strolling NYC street fairs in summer.
We were about half way up university place when a ordinary looking middle aged man with some cross bred large poodle lab mix came near, as he got within leash reach the hairy mutt became cujo and fangs bared attempted to maul Zeus. I quickly pulled Zeus to safety and yelled at the owner to range in his dog, well mr balding middle age I wear brooks brothers and run a bank became all gangsta and used every curse word at Ella and I and Zeus and the world and yelled what he would do if I wasn’t disabled(that always makes me laugh because they think the chair would give them a chance in hell) But I digress. He used language that would make a sailor blush and a gang banger proud, but we rolled on. Ella bought a trinket and we soon reached union square again and decided to stop at trader Joes and then head home.

Well from the moment we entered the 14th st traders the excursion changed from shopping to an anthropological investigation Of the human species at its lowest common denominator. When did manors become extinct? as we were waiting for the manager to get there to discuss their vegan cheese false advertising a man pushing a trolley rammed my wheelchair forcibly before I could turn to see what was happenning he did it again and harder and as he went to do it again I stopped him saying “whats your problem” he grunted “I WANT TO GET THROUGH” ‘DID YOU THINK TO ASK?” why he replied you moved didnt you?
astounded thinking it couldnt get worse he kicked Zeus, now I was pissed my poor dog jumped into my lap for protection. As the manager approached not one but three other troglidytes rammed past my chair rather than asking, it even happenned infront of the man running the entire store and he said nothing. In the next 20 minutes in total my poor dog was kicked or trodden on 7 times, and my chair was forcibly rammed 12 times, in the end I lost it and yelled DOESN’T ANYONE IN THIS DAMN CITY HAVE ANY MANNERS?
The last woman to ram me who was a grey haired african American grandma shocked me the most, because she looked like a lovely old lady but out of her mouth came”YOU THINK I GIVE A FLYING FUCK? I DON’T ASK NOBODY I JUST RAM THEIR ASS, and my investigation finished with her profanity I watched New York society sink into the level one above a thug and just below a mentally challenged gang banger.
Ella realising I was about to go balistic and got me out of there and we headed to the 14th st subway station to head home.
We normally ride the N or the Q from 14th to Queens borough plaza then the 7 train from Queens borough plaza to main st flushing. The N as it was today heads uptown to lexington and 59th then under the river to queens.
After only 5 stops the speaker announced we would be terminating the trip at 57th st a station without any elevators for the disabled.
We got off the train and was told we just had to sit there a Q would come along to complete the ride,we had waited about 10 minutes when a black man in a conductors uniform asked us what we were doing? We told him, suddenly he screamed we had to go upstairs and over to the other side of the track to catch the queens bound train, I asked where the elvator were? he screamed “WALK UP THE DAMN STAIRS” I was sitting in a sports wheelchair and he was screaming at an obviously disabled person to “WALK UP THE STAIRS” When I pointed out that was impossible he repeated “JUST WALK UP THE DAMN STAIRS” then he screamed as if he was deranged “YOU GOTTA GET ON THE DAMN TRAIN AND GO BACK TO 42ND STREET AND CHANGE TO ANOTHER TRAIN”.
I told him we just got off it and we were told it was going nowhere, to which he told me I hadn’t got off the train I knew I had got off and I didn’t know what I was talking about “JUST GET ON THE DAMN TRAIN”.
I was furious by this time and told him to leave us alone he was harassing us, we got on the train and all of a sudden over my shoulder behind us he was screaming at Ella I told him to shut up and leave my wife alone or I would report him.
we got to 42nd street and there he was in his little conductors window yelling at us again, I was so confused I rolled straight off the train onto a sharp object and blew a tire.
So there I was On the Island Of manhattan 10 miles from home, Mid town on one of the busiest stations 42nd st- time square”THE CROSSROADS OF THE WORLD” with a blown tire unable to walk or stand could the day get any worse?
We slowly made it up to the mezzanine approaching a transport cop and asked him where the office was to make a complaint, well the ranks closed and for 15 minutes I was given chapter and verse why I shouldnt complain disgusted I tentatively rolled my broken chair to the seven train and headed for home.
Once in flushing above ground it was obvious I was rolling nowhere so we cabbed home with a lovely asian livery cab driver and finally made it through the day from hell.

Where do the MTA get off screaming, abusing cursing out and physically haranguing the paying general public let alone the disabled of New York? in the past I have made official complaint and all that happens is a letter a year later saying they found no grounds for my claims.
The MTA wonders why anger and violence on trains and busses is on the increase? yes I know violence is never the answer but the human body can only take so much.

Author: disabledaccessdenied

I am a disabled woman who through no fault of my own has wheels under my ass. I rely on the decency and common sense of local, state and federal goverments, as well as the retail community to abide by the disabled access laws and provide adequate ramps, disabled toilets, and not use them as store rooms or broom closets. This blog exists to find the offenders and out them, inform them, and report them if necessary and shame them into doing the right thing when all else fails.

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