Teen kept tortured and abused in 8-by-10 room for 4 years by Michigan couple


Susan Bardo (right) and Carl Pellinen are accused of carrying out a sickening campaign of abuse against a 15-year-old boy kept prisoner in their Escanaba, Mich. home.
A Michigan teen was tortured and abused in an 8-by-10 room made from tarps by his mom and her boyfriend for more than four years, police said.

Susan Bardo, 46, and her lover Carl Pellinen are accused of carrying out a sickening campaign of abuse against the 15-year-old boy they kept prisoner at their Escanaba home.

Both have been charged with torture, child abuse and criminal sexual conduct.

WLUC reports the boy was confined to the makeshift room – created by stapling down tarps to the walls and floor of an attic – with just a space heater for warmth.

He was only allowed out, onto the stairs, to eat.

“Neighbors were surprised there was a child in the house. They never saw toys or bikes. It was shocking to them,” said Escanaba police Capt. Jamie Segorski.


The pair reportedly told neighbors the boy was “downstate with his biological father” whenever asked about his wellbeing.

Cops were contacted by a relative, worried after not seeing the boy for several months, and raided the home on Friday.

The couple was taken to Delta County Jail and are being held on $50,000 bond. They will appear in court on Apr. 24.

The boy was taken for treatment at St. Francis Hospital and is now in the custody of protective services.

Investigators also want to speak to his biological father to try and shed more light on the case


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