Dear Mr. Bloomberg the MTA is not ADA compliant as it is stop making it worse!

The newyork Subway system claims ADA compliance but decide for yourself it has the following

468 subway stations

200 elevators

At 48 stations

On any day less than 17% work (MTA’S own statistics)

If you are catching the Q or N train to say Atlantic pacific station just over Brooklyn Bridge and you miss your stop you have to stay on all the way to Coney Island (almost 20 miles) because there is not one single wheelchair accessible stop after Atlantic pacific.

If you catch 6 train up the east side of Manhattan and miss your stop at 59th st, there is not another wheelchair accessible stop until 125th st

If you catch the 1 or the 2 or the 9 train on the west side of Manhattan and go past 72nd st, you have to stay on till almost the 200 block in innwood because there is not a single accessible stop until inwood which is the tip of Manhattan only separated from the Bronx by a 3ooft bridge.

Queens borough plaza on the 7,Q,N AND R train lines is one of Queens major hubs, but for 6 months on weekends they have been doing work (although you can’t see it) and the 7 train which normally pulls up opposite the N,Q,AND R changes to the upper deck 50 feet above where it normally stops. They don’t announce it and if like me you’re in a wheelchair wanting to do what is normally a 10 ft roll across the platform to the N,Q or R train instead you’re forced to crawl down 50 feet of stairs on your ass while if you’re lucky someone carries your chair.

Well except for queens borough plaza the 7 train is normally reliable, except this week the MTA said the train that is denoted the “FLUSHING QUEENS” train won’t go all the way to “FLUSHING Queens” and won’t leave from the main st Flushing station?

So if like me you have appointments every single day of the week as an advocate for the disabled, and also doctor’s appointments preparing for imminent shoulder surgery

Car service from Flushing to Manhattan is $50 each way plus 20% gratuity, access- a-ride is antiquated and cannot be used for strict appointments because it does a loop. They pick you up then drive through all 5 boroughs and Staten island before heading to Manhattan to start drop offs, and that is if you make the approval list most don’t these days and they have ceased service from Staten island because of a union dispute.

But I’m sorry Mr. Bloomberg That is in direct violation of the Americans With disabilities act.
I own an apartment in flushing, I pay taxes, we pay taxes so why is it one of the largest outer borough populations in New York can have its public transport turned off at mere hours notice?
Statistically 10-20% of the population live with disability, so that means 10-20% of Flushing’s population were grounded with the stroke of your pen, who gave you that right who? Not we the disabled, if you won’t honor hard fought for federal law and allow us necessary public transport access to simply earn a living then you don’t get our taxes.

Author: disabledaccessdenied

I am a disabled woman who through no fault of my own has wheels under my ass. I rely on the decency and common sense of local, state and federal goverments, as well as the retail community to abide by the disabled access laws and provide adequate ramps, disabled toilets, and not use them as store rooms or broom closets. This blog exists to find the offenders and out them, inform them, and report them if necessary and shame them into doing the right thing when all else fails.

3 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Bloomberg the MTA is not ADA compliant as it is stop making it worse!”

  1. I’m confused as to how old the material you’re working from is.

    I believe the MTA is up to something like the 78th of the 100 key stations (due to be completed by 2020). There at least 17 accessible non key station. There are also the stations where elevators were built and maintained by private developers.

    The #9 train existed from the 80s until 2001.

    There is no #1 stop in Inwood, but there is a 1/2/3 stop @ 96 St. Eventually there will be a stop on the downtown side of Dyckman. After 96 St the next stop is 231 St in the Bx! 59th St on the Lex is not accessible but 51 St is. (

    Today the systemwide elevator/escalator outage list ( has 3 MTA ADA elevators out of service & 1 Non MTA NYCT Equipment (Related Management @ Columbus Circle) is not working.

    If AAR takes you through the 5 boroughs there is somrthing very wrong & you should complain!

    There most certainly isservices to & from Staten Island!

    There are plenty of things the MTA/NYCT have & are doing in violation of the ADA. For example the way in which they are handling the issue of South Ferry. We certinly have enough to take them to task for but this blog does nothing to further our cause.

    1. are you even disabled ? or do you work for the MTA? So I might have said the wrong number by a couple of blocks the point is if we live in new york and we pay taxes we deserve the right to a working system? I do no good as a blog? wow I know the mta sold some of their elevators and they are even worse they regularly break down and as they are not government owned they have even less oversight I know the 9 hasnt run since 2001 and whether its the 1 the 2 or the mickey mouse line once you get past the fifties on one side of town and the seventies on another there is no service until inwood and 96th st is considered inwood qnd 2020 ?really that will mean 100 of 468 stations and by that time the second ave line will be completed so it will not even be 25% of all stops equipped forget about working. in the last three months I have checked the mta site every time I leave the house and yet when I get halfway there I am forced to crawl down or up stairways. and No they are not upto 78 they are upto 48 they brag about the high number of elevators and it makes it sound like a 2 for 1 ratio but when schimmerhorn and grand central and union square and penn station have over a dozen each the reality is a joke I travel every day on the system I use the 6 line I go up to the 90’s on the other side of the park and regularly find myself having to push back 10 or more blocks in any direction because their is either no elevator or when you get there the sign says it is out for a month or a week or till next year you can say I work from old material ,I’m human I may have a number wrong but whether it is half way or 2/3rds the ada says that all public infrastructure trains and buses must be accessible. Thankyou for your reply but perhaps next time less attitude.

    2. also the accessible access-a-ride as recent as this year a cancer patient who had regular chemo appointments was picked up from flushing queens at 7am and her appointment was 11am yet she was driven twice a week through brooklyn the bronx and queens and would be dropped at sloan kettering as late as 2pm on each occasion. when complaints were made it was explained that unless a sedan was ordered the access-a-ride busses were a group ride and everyone had to be picked up before drop offs began.

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