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North Carolina service dog calls 911 to save injured owner

Friday, October 26, 2012


NORTH CAROLINA (WABC) — A dependable dog in North Carolina dialed 911 for when her owner fell and couldn’t get up.

Spirit is half Golden Retriever and 100 percent hero.

Dorothy Davidson has had the pooch since she was just a puppy.

 Her loyal companion follows everywhere, even picking things up for her.

 When Dorothy fell in the bathroom, Spirit did what she was trained to do, calling for help with a special phone that features a big white button to alert authorities.

“I sent her in to tap help,” Davidson said. “She activated the phone I have for her.”

Dorothy leans on Spirit for both help and companionship. She suffers from primary lateral sclerosis, which is in the same family of disorders as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, but isn’t fatal.

The Florida-based group Dogs for Life trained Spirit how to use the phone.

Mia’s thoughts-  my service dog zeus will also be trained as part of his ongoing training as both aseizure alert and ptsd dog to dial 911 with a special phone. At 8 months of age he already runs to me when a seizure starts, and also when I have fallen out of my chair he alerts immediately and will not leave my side until help comes.

—Zeus, my trainee service dog is an 8 month old “malinois ” Belgian shepherd male.

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