High end SUV’s chrome rims blaring rap music and the driver on the cell phone, oh and a disgusting attitude to the disabled that’s how they roll

Yesterday I had a bloody amazing day I slept late left early had lunch at the great Brooklyn vegan eatery V then I went to Brooklyn boulders rock climbing  gym and climbed solo on the self belaying walls from 3pm till 6pm when Ella got there then we climbed together the day was perfect SO FAR.

Then we decided to go to a restaurant we had been too many times before, safe we thought? we ordered the vegan burger it came with the outside burnt the inside cold it fell apart and couldn’t be picked up like a normal burger then the staff laughed at us for complaining, so we left.

 As we rolled up 4th ave from degraw to the subway elevator at Atlantic pacific,  we got to the intersection of one of the side streets the crossing light said walk . As we went to cross a jacked up blinged out metallic painted range rover with huge chrome rims pulled up fast, it was blocking the cross walk.  The occupants were all club dressed Latino women all dancing to rap music in their seats, and the driver was illegally on her cell phone. I politely said “excuse me miss I can’t cross can you back up?” she exhaustedly looked sideways still on the phone and screamed while gesturing out the window” NO why don’t you walk around” walk around? So she is inconsiderate blind and stupid she is looking down at my wheelchair yelling for me to walk?

 She screamed at me in some Latino dialect pointing at the road all four other women screamed at me I heard “puta” every second word. I was forced with Ella playing traffic cop on fourth st Brooklyn at 8 pm on a Thursday night with heavy traffic whizzing past me To roll along the road in the the car lane in traffic rolling around her while being abused in Spanish.

For the next five blocks they shadowed us in the car, constantly driving up beside us the going around the block so they could come up behind us to scream again. With the high number of shooting murders in Brooklyn in the last year many of them drive by’s Ella and I were in serious fear for our lives. We breathed a sigh of relief when we made the MTA elevator, but were frightened every second on the train platform until we finally were on the Q train to Queens borough plaza.

Before you say “mia it was a one of event” read my blog, this kind of “I’ll park where I want stop where I want fuck you” attitude happens regularly. Just this Sunday a government car with a flashing light on its dash parked for two hours while in church blocking the ramp at a corner using their official dashboard paper to break the law.

We have been rammed by bangers in SUVs’ because they were blocking the cross walk but I got” too close to their”ride” we have been threatened chased and much worse all because they were wrong they were breaking the law and to go around would put me in a wheelchair in a lane of peak hour traffic so I politely ask”backup”.

The stop sign also has a white line it is normally a car length back from the cross walk and that is to keep the cross walk clear and safe. Coincidentally every person who has almost hit us as they sail into a screeching stop blocking a crosswalk, was talking on a cell phone while carrying on to screaming loud music.

I can’t get up and walk around but you can learn to drive and PUT THE DAMN CELL PHONE DOWN WHILE YOU DRIVE.  Stop signs are not a polite suggestion they are the law,And crosswalks are not parking spaces for you to “just dash in anywhere” and cell phones are banned while driving ,it’s law again not a lifestyle suggestion more a life saving law.

People will flame this story and say I’m racist, but to the very last offender they were either African American or Latino all dressed gang style all listening to rap and all driving large unnecessary off-road vehicles in the city and all had no respect for the rules off the road or anyone else on them. Do you  sense the “the world owes me everything attitude?” I do. The world owes you nothing except to take away your phone your ride, and until you take away the attitude and the stupidity make you damn well walk!

Author: disabledaccessdenied

I am a disabled woman who through no fault of my own has wheels under my ass. I rely on the decency and common sense of local, state and federal goverments, as well as the retail community to abide by the disabled access laws and provide adequate ramps, disabled toilets, and not use them as store rooms or broom closets. This blog exists to find the offenders and out them, inform them, and report them if necessary and shame them into doing the right thing when all else fails.

3 thoughts on “High end SUV’s chrome rims blaring rap music and the driver on the cell phone, oh and a disgusting attitude to the disabled that’s how they roll”

  1. Shocking, I know. Despite laws in many (if not all) countries against discrimination, it still happens, and being “newly” disabled, I am finding Disability hate crime on ths up.
    Fight ths good fight!

    1. Well I am sorry to say welcome to a club none of us ever wanted to be a member of. Some advice, work out what you can do and you want to do and find a way to do it. Ignore the naysayers who try to put you in a box because if you have become disabeld as an adult it is usually from some horrific episode in your life so the fact that you are here makes you one tough sob. Yes the streets are full of assholes,, if you’re in a chair my advice is learn how to be the most amazing in it, it’s speed and your agility in it can save your life. Roll fast and roll smart and by the time the assholes realise your a target your already 5 blocks away. Stay safe and talk again bye for now.

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