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Big Brother is Always Watching

This is Ella Coming to You Today:

As a US Citizen over the age of 18 (well over), I’m used to getting those Jury Survey Forms which, I admittedly ignored for a long long time. You know the ones, they ask you if you speak English, if you’re over the Age of 18 and whether you are a US Citizen. Although I never really understood why they would ask that question since I figured they would only mail them to US Citizens — they know who we are, right?

Well that question was answered when Mia got one of those addressed to her. I saw it and was totally amazed that they would send the same form to a non-citizen. The form tells you that they compile these lists from state tax records, voter registration rolls, DMV, social service beneficiaries etc. Given t that Mia isn’t on any of these lists there was even more confusion.

This morning, it was made clear — after a half hour on the phone with Queens County. This is when we realized that George Orwell’s 1984 exists and is at its worst. Apparently in NY State if you have ever been to a hospital or medical center funded in any part by state or federal dollars, your information is released to the state for the purposes of add you to their jury poll possibilities.

Really.. I’m sorry but when I or a loved one goes into a medical facility, I don’t fill out the paperwork so that some totally uninvolved state department gets my details. My health information and that of my loved ones is to remain between us and the medical institution. I’m not even comfortable with administrators at hospitals having access to our medical details, let alone a court system.

Big brother is watching in a big way and apparently we are delivering ourselves up unknowingly.

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