Manners and ill-bred monsters, the loss of one and the in- breeding of the other en-masse!

The Reddit masters are going to say I made this up they are going to say this couldn’t happen to one person so often, but again today a large ill mannered African American woman on a cell phone called me a faggot and an ugly bitch (obviously has gender issues) a C**t a mother fu***r all because she thought her over ample ass had more right to push a wheelchair using disabled woman completely away from the disabled service elevator at 74th st in queens.

I rolled up to the elevator and there was a woman 5 ft 5 inches at least 280lbs  pushing a toddler in a stroller, I politely rolled over and said “wheelchair can I please get to the elevator?” ( The same one that’s the federally mandated elevator, that is covered by a law stating first loading must be for the disabled, then the elderly and then the pregnant only after that can the able bodied board) but I didn’t assert any right, I had been having a reasonable day. So I smiled and asked for access, to which the woman on the phone with someone started saying loudly on the phone”oh just some fat bitch in purple in a wheelchair trying to push her arse In front of the line like that’s gonna happen phhh”.

I said excuse me miss I know you have a stroller but if I can’t get on first I can  position myself properly so others can get on and it is law after all. She screamed “Fuck the law you aint pushing in bitch” then she shoved her child with the stroller into me and kept shoving as she did she was screaming “she’s ramming me she’s ramming me” except I wasn’t moving my brakes were on. I as the door to the elevator opened said, I’ve had it I’m getting on, As the doors closed she repeated every disgusting hate filled slur and hate speech filled sentence and disgusting swear word ever invented.

We made it onto the seven train and we got to flushing. Ella and I always got to this corner fruit and veggie store near us, and I was sitting out front. I was wearing my purple climbing pants and my purple 3e wheelchair love hoodie in my purple wheelchair otherwise being Me,  when a voice behind me yells “what kind of pansy ass nigger wears purple in a purple wheelchair what kind of faggot ass ugly bitch does she think she is” this all before they even saw the front of me .
As the offending loud mouth shoved past me and Zeus he looked and repeated all his slurs and added “the bitch is ugly to boot damn fat ass nigger”. The offending idiot was calling a white woman a  slur normally directed against the wonderful African American people, he was not using the eubonic “niggah” which is not ethnic specific no he was using the hate speech form ending in er. His jeans belted below his thigh muscles showing skid marked bright blue satin boxers and he was insulting me? As he turned to start again his jeans suddenly fell to his knees and his girl had to hold them up. As he turned and grabbed his crotch, he got even more disgusting telling me that he wouldn’t touch and ugly bitch nigger like me.

So I rolled the last two blocks home and turned into my own building front walkway, and a Korean youth actually used me and my lap for steps and walked over me and I had had it. I blew up I yelled when did manners die? Really I’m your damn door step you insolent child? Then to my surprise a woman who has always when spoken to replied “No engrish sorry me Korean, engrish  bewwy baad” suddenly sounding like a sound bite from Bill and teds big adventure yelled “Oh like chill bitch just chill”

So let’s sort this out once again the lowlife population that regularly uses the 74thst subway station prove inbreeding is alive and well in New York city, and manners caring and compassion have died. Its each overweight foul mouthed behemoth for themselves, and god help the decent the disabled the pregnant the elderly because “ I’s gonna beat their ass if they get in my way”. Then we have the teen product of a fine education and marvelous parenting(insert acknowledgment of use of sarcasm here), I finally know why the modern generation lives and dies by their cell phones, how else are you going to phone in your responsibilities and parenting duties if you don’t have the best phone on the market?.

  And finally to the wonderful Asians in my neighborhood, I respect you if you wish to stay within your own people but you don’t get to play an extra from mash for fifteen years and only open your mouth to reveal a Californian surfer chick accent when you want to be a bitch. I have gone out of my way to be nice, I have wished you happy new year  but you have ignored me and blown me off. If you and the rest of the Korean community hate the stereotypes imposed upon you don’t create them and don’t use them when you want to make out you don’t speak English. In this country no one is asking you to become close kissing cousins when they wish you happy holidays, if you want privacy you simply smile and say thank you same to you and keep walking.  Now you have acted like you work in a Chinese laundry and have actually said “no speak engrish” while all the time being an obviously highly educated English speaking adult. You don’t get to claim high ground you are just plain rude and ignorant.

 How are we expected to exist when we put up walls we abuse those less than us we phone in our parenting to the point where our offspring act like the worse kind of criminal and you act in such an ignorant manner to a neighbor of many years whose only crime is wishing you New Year.

We are all Americans, we all came from somewhere else to claim the gold ring to give our children the best life the world can offer and once we are established reach back and pull up onto solid ground of freedom those we left behind. I speak a dozen languages today I asked a Latino in his own language to please move and thanked him greeted a Chinese boy in mandarin and greeted an Iraqi woman in her language while thanking the Indian waitress with Namaste and greeted  the Tibetan monk on the train with tashe delek. I just finished an email from my German friend Kristina and said goodnight to my poppa in Ukrainian I say this not to brag but to show I welcome you all I am open to all I hate none till they give me personal reason all I ask is that when I a wheelchair using woman ask politely to get in first so I can help you by turning my chair so more can squeeze I don’t have to fear for my life and that of Ella’s as I finish my request and if you couldn’t take your son straight from home to the church or to visit your most special friend without fearing what would come out of his mouth or that he would display prejudice then I’m sorry don’t let them out on the streets from me to suffer a cat can give birth it doesn’t make them a mother a mother is a woman who thirty years down the road can look and say I did ok I birthed and educated and released upon the world a loving caring well spoken compassionate human being. Until you do stop expecting we the people to clean up after them and take their crap.

Author: disabledaccessdenied

I am a disabled woman who through no fault of my own has wheels under my ass. I rely on the decency and common sense of local, state and federal goverments, as well as the retail community to abide by the disabled access laws and provide adequate ramps, disabled toilets, and not use them as store rooms or broom closets. This blog exists to find the offenders and out them, inform them, and report them if necessary and shame them into doing the right thing when all else fails.

2 thoughts on “Manners and ill-bred monsters, the loss of one and the in- breeding of the other en-masse!”

  1. Oh my god, that is just horrible! What the hell is wrong with these people?! Not that this is any consolation but they sound like miserable people with terribly unhappy lives. If they were doing well, or at least liked themselves and their lives at all, they wouldn’t feel the need to dump the emotional toxic waste they carry around inside all over everyone else. They are rotten people, and dumb as rocks to boot. Be glad you’re not them! I admire your courage, strength and resilience for dealing with the challenges you face with such stoicism and grace. I’m not sure I could get through the week without daily screaming and crying like a toddler during a temper tantrum, and/or shooting someone in the face, were I in your shoes!

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