It matters Not That I Have Wheels And Roll In This Life, For In The Next Life I Shall Have Wings And Fly!

Some days just hurt

Yes I am permanently disabled so you say we know you’re sick, but I beg to differ disability when it’s well managed isn’t ” being sick” I work out I climb swim I race I just can’t walk. But then days like this when I have an injured limb and the flu make it harder getting from bed to sofa to wheelchair is hard enough on a normal day but try doing it with a bruised leg that couldnt be put down and a flu that makes you hack and cough every time I move just makes life harder. Normally something like this wouldn’t be a huge problem but when you are already limited in your ability to live normally you don’t realize how dibilitating something as simple as the flu and a sprain can be. I can’t wash I can’t clean my home and worst of all when my leg was at its worst I couldn’t use my chair and when your life depends on a wheelchair not being able to use it is akin to amputation.

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