Scottish parents told “don’t tube feed your 15 month old disabled child your making customers sick get out and never come back”

Costa Coffee shop chain kick us out over disabled tot
Claire, Kenneth and Brayden Walker

Fury … staff at cafe threw Claire, Kenneth and Brayden out
Reposted from an Exclusive By PAUL THORNTON and ANDREW NICOLL Published: 22 hrs ago
  SHOCKED mum Claire Walker got the boot from a Costa Coffee shop — for feeding her disabled baby using a tube.

Staff ordered her out after claiming the sound of poorly Brayden’s lifesaving medical kit was putting a moaning customer off her latté.

They even warned Claire, 29, and stunned hubby Kenneth, 44, of Aberdeen, NEVER to return to the branch in the city with their 15-month-old son. Last night disgusted Claire said: “We were outraged but so taken aback we left.

“Nobody bats an eyelid at women breast-feeding in public.

“But when you feed a child through a tube they’re outraged.

“I was sickened that somebody could be so shallow.”

Brayden suffers from serious kidney condition posterior urethral valves and needs 24-hour care. His doting parents use a machine to feed him precise quantities of milk and vital medication through a tube.

Claire went on: “Brayden gets air through it while he feeds. A woman near us told staff he was putting her and her friend off their coffee as they could hear the wind in his tube.

“The staff said it was making other customers uncomfortable and could we stop and leave.

“They said not to come back — I assumed that they meant ‘ever’.

“Costa have not contacted me. An apology would be nice.”

Disability campaigners said the family’s treatment at the Bon Accord Centre cafe last week was “shocking”. Capability Scotland’s Richard Hamer added: “It seems the everyday lives of disabled children are too much for some people to stomach. Costa must take action to show they won’t tolerate such discrimination.”

Claire’s MSP Kevin Stewart said: “Common sense and courtesy shouldn’t have allowed this.”

A Costa spokesman apologised and said: “We are looking into this isolated incident.”

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The roll for the cure needs your help your money to keep the promise to roll for a cure for cancer

  If you have ever read my blog you know that to keep a dying promise to my mother in law Rita I will be on her birthday next year may 12th, starting to roll my manual sports wheelchair 3,400 miles in 97 days from Brooklyn new York to Santa Monica pier California. The goal of this physically challenging venture  to raise 1 million dollars for a cure for cancer in memory of mom. The money will be donated in her name so please help. Where ever you are in the world go to the website shown and donate what you can cancer doesn’t recognise borders . Thank you

Britain to host first wheelchair MMA fight

Mia’s thoughts- take notice my readers i hold blackbelts in multiple lartial arts and enjoyed competition and I was damn good at it If this comes to the United states I am starting my own stable of fighters.

UK promotion to stage world’s first Wheelchair MMA fights

UK promotion to stage world's first Wheelchair MMA fights

September 10th 2012

Hard on the heels of the closing of the Paralympic Games 2012 this past weekend comes the topical and no doubt controversial revelation that a promotion is to stage MMA fights between wheelchair-bound fighters for, as far as we know, the first time anywhere in the world.

“The Wheeled Warriors group and the Ultimate Cage Fighting Championships have joined forces to put on a series of bouts with fighters in wheelchairs and also amputees under MMA rules. It will take place later this year in South Yorkshire,” Fighters Only was informed today.

Colin Woods, head of Wheeled Warriors, said: “I have the pleasure to announce that after much discussion “Wheeled Warriors and the UCFC have agreed to join forces. This is for the benefit of both the fans and physically-challenged fighters across the globe.

“We have come together to bring both amputees and wheeled fighters into the ring to compete just like any other. I had the pleasure to attend as a ringside spectator to the UCFC’s most recent endeavour – UCFC 4 – which had 13 bouts of amateur and pro MMA action on the card and featured special guests from the UFC Ryan Badar and Clarence Dollaway.

“It is clear this concept is well-received and ahead of its time as very few would expect something of its kind to come to fruition so soon. To conclude, this is a great collaboration which surely will improve sports and will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. Both sides are gaining opportunities.”

The fighters will compete on specially-made wheelchairs that are adaptable to various sports such as basketball, football or even as an off-road vehicle for activities such as mountain-biking. Designed by SporTech DSC, they can also be used for both MMA and boxing.

Wheeled Warriors is the brainchild of Colin Wood who is determined that disabled people enjoy the chance to fight in MMA and boxing alongside able-bodied sportsmen and women. His dream is to see both MMA and boxing accepted into the Paralympics.

Wheeled Warriors now has branches in the United States, Hungry, Brazil, Canada, Australia and South Africa. It says it “will be setting up wings in many more countries in the near future.”

Wheeled Warriors are currently looking for sponsors for their fighters.

Picture: A recent wheelchair boxing contest

The internet can advocate for change but at the same time in the hands of bigots it can start a war!

ADVOCACY is double edged sword, I advocate for better lives for the survivors of molestation and spousal abuse and for the enforcement of the rights so hard fought for by the disabled community, and the rights of the LGBTQ. Because as a lesbian trans woman who was molested as a child and is now permanently disabled, I have lived the horrors that discrimination to these communities can bring.

But at the same time groups like the Arian nation or KKK, will call the racist venom they spew advocacy for a whites only world. Some racist of the worst kind made a video declaring death to the prophet Mohammed, and dressed it up as the prerelease video for a major motion picture. The clerics in Cairo and Libya took righteous offense, not realizing it was nothing more than cheap ten minute YouTube that would never be anything more. The US consuls in Cairo and Libya were attacked, in Libya the consul general was killed as were four consul staff.

Yes this post is political and religious in nature, but at the same time it shows that bigots with the same access to the internet in the name of so called “advocacy” think they have the right to change the world through incitement to violence.

When the world is drawn into the defense of those doing nothing but their day to day jobs, those goverments involved cannot concentrate on the job of looking after the lawful non violent citizens who live with their own disabilities and problems every day.

I don’t normally agree with the ranting of violent mobs, but the Muslim protestors in Cairo are calling on the United States to make a law that declares the production of any video or movie that deliberately calls for the murder or genocide of any race or religion to be illegal and this I think is a good idea.

Until we can come to a level playing field where we can show the world we do not hate you for who you worship we hate those who murder and falsely claim that their god calls them to violence noting will ever get better. Today 4 families 4 spouses and small children will not see their parents ever come home again, those wives and husbands are going through hell and the problems that can last a life time caused by the loss of a parent are only just beginning for the children.

So to the bigots I would normally chastise you   That’s ok though,  because I’m sure unless that lecture was monosyllabic you wouldn’t get the point anyway. and yes as it has been discovered this video was made by an israeli proving that even in a country like israel there is division of belief and  there are bigots and racists who call for death and violence based purely on the right to worship. The average israeli citizen has no problem with the rights of the   muslim people to worship, the arguement is with those who twist Islam to justify violence against others and some how call it religion

I am a proud supporter of the right of Israel to be free and have the rights of a sovereign nation and defend those rights, but to the israeli bigot  who made this video even others of the Jewish faith would stand against you in this matter for you are wrong now and always will be.

foote note since writing this it has been discovered the liar who made this move was not jewish he is an egyptian coptic christian who is a twice convicted felon who did time for meth dealing.