11 year old angel commits suicide because of bullying When will it stop people?

 I found the The story below on the trevor projects site  and it has typing and crying, 11 years of age? she shouldnt even know what suicide is and yet because of disgusting bullies who think they are cool if they denegrate others she died from a broken heart killing her self because she couldn’t live with the hate anymore.

Jasmyn Smith, 11-years-old, Death by Suicide

According to her family and friends, 11-year-old Jasmyn Smith had endured a year and a half of  being heavily bullied, both at school and online.  According to the school superintendent:

…he didn’t know of any bullying with Smith. But kids at the school say the bullying can be pretty bad.

“But, kids at the school say the bullying can be pretty bad.”  If “kids at the school…” are telling you this, why isn’t more being done to prevent it?  How is it that 11-year-old Jasmyn Smith can endure 18 months of bullying that was so intense, she felt the only way to make it stop was to end her life?  Sadly, the beat goes on.  Young people are being bullied daily, regularly – both at school, and at home through cyberbullying – and no one can figure out a solution that will help keep these young people alive.

There are some who advocate that bullying, in and of itself, DOES NOT lead to suicide, that it can be a contributing component that leads up to the suicide, that usually there are other, underlying issues that play into the actual event, such as mental health issues.  In fact, I’ve heard from several families and friends of recent suicide victims, ones that I’d written about in this blog, who vehemently denied that bullying was what led to the event.  From my own knowledge and experience, I know that the suicide that led me to get involved in this anti-bullying, teen suicide awareness/prevention campaign, that of Jamie Hubley, was one such case.  The media reported bullying as the cause.  However, I know with 100% certainty that that wasn’t the case.  He had, indeed, endured some bullying because of his sexuality.  However, it was depression that stole his life.

That said, bullying is still very much an issue.  Whether it directly causes a suicide, which it DOES in some cases, or whether it turns out to be the “straw that broke the camel’s back”, it’s a major issue.  It’s an issue that needs desperately to be handled swiftly and decisively.  Yet, year-after-year, suicide-after-suicide, we hear the same standardized cop-out lines from the people who should be making a difference.  People who CAN make a difference but, through their actions, are choosing not to.

Stories of the effects of bullying, including suicide, are in the news and online daily.  Literally.  Daily.  There is absolutely no way possible for anyone to NOT know this is going on in our society and damage it’s causing.  On the facebook blog page, there are stories daily about bullying and the effects.  With it being in the news and online, and more, how is it that it’s still going on to the point where an 11-year-old girl feels her only way out is to end her precious, young life?  Why isn’t more being done about the bullying issue?  Why aren’t school officials taking a much more PROactive stance against bullying?  Why are parents not teaching their children to not bully others?  How many lives is it going to take before this issue is given more than lip service?  Laws are on the books in some states, but that doesn’t matter.  Policies are in place in many school districts, but that doesn’t matter.  So, then, what is the answer?  In the home. Starting with the parents.  And, it has to start now.  Too many lives are being lost for this to NOT be a top priority for everyone.

Her very emotional Sunday School teacher said of Jasmyn:

She was the type of child that every parent would love to have.

I’m sure she was.  She was only 11-years-old.  Life had barely even begun for her.  Now, her family and friends must learn to live without her.  Rest in peace, Jasmyn Smith.

Author: disabledaccessdenied

I am a disabled woman who through no fault of my own has wheels under my ass. I rely on the decency and common sense of local, state and federal goverments, as well as the retail community to abide by the disabled access laws and provide adequate ramps, disabled toilets, and not use them as store rooms or broom closets. This blog exists to find the offenders and out them, inform them, and report them if necessary and shame them into doing the right thing when all else fails.

2 thoughts on “11 year old angel commits suicide because of bullying When will it stop people?”

  1. I may not hold a popular view here,but it is not the role of the superintendent to know the state of every child. It is the local community, which starts with THE PARENTS! I am highly upset, because another child is lost to this world! Where were the parents!!??!! Why didn’t they advocate for their child? This is just another case of the kid’s world (all the kids knew about this at school) is SO separated from the adult’s. Where were the teachers, resource personnel, kitchen aides and cooks? Even the janitor!!??!! No one saw anything? BS!!

    People, kids and adults alike, saw and ignored. They probably thought, “oh, it can’t be that bad.” BS!!!

    There is a process in every school that governs behavior. Almost every school district hands out a bulletin at the beginning of the school year concerning behavior. Parents and children have to sign it and return it to the school How many parents actually read it? If they did, they would know the process of how to handle bullying of their child that would include in-service training for teachers and suspension and expulsion for the bullies! I know this, because I got a teacher almost fired and 3 girls suspended over a lot less than this poor child went through!

    But, that would mean, parents, you would have to act like parents! You would have to know what your child is doing online. You would have to ask questions and even demand answers when the child is not forthcoming. You would have to notice your child’s behavior AND pay attention to the signs of depression, bullying, etc. You would have to stop throwing technology at a kid and expect them to raise themselves!!!

    I am going to stop my rant right now, but I mourn with you, Mia, over another life lost. I am not so mad at the parents that I cannot send condolences to them for the loss of their child. I send condolences to the rest of the student body, the teachers and the administration. BUT WE HAVE TO DO BETTER! NO MORE LOST LIVES!!

    1. Unfortunately if you say “it’s the parents job you’re assuming the homelife is good, or the child has parents or that she isnt masking at home. Handing out a piece of paper works about as well as restraining orders useless, nearly every abused spouse murdered by their ex had a restrainingorder ask anycop they’ll tell you restraining orders are toilet paer they help noone. Teachers are trained if they were trained properly to observe childlren, and if they do their job they will pick up bullying. If they dont care about bullying lets break it down. Children being picked on pushed and shoved is old fashioned fighting, destroying their property is vandalism, calling them disgusting names is swearing all these against every schools rules in the country. So anyone is a reason for a teacher to intervene and if these happen in a class another breach of rules. So why when we give the activities a name”bullying” does the system suddenly cry foul and say were being over reactive?
      Anything that causes the death of a child is wrong plain and simple, and if you dont have a rule to stop it if you really care you’re an actual teacher who doesn’t phone it in that fact that a child died on your watch should be enough reason to damn well make a new rule. One that says if the actions of any one child or group so effects the life of another, and they become ill either physically or mentally to the point where they dies either from their own hand or actual illness prosecution is mandatory.
      There is no difference to someone actually causing their death by violence, and there fore remove the child from the chance to hurt others then charge the child and investigate the responsibility if any of all teaching staff and the home life.
      I don’t care how unpopular it is, if anyone else besides the children are found culpable they should never be allowed to be anywhere near children again for life. The marine chore and the armies and military services around the world live by the credo “leave no man behind” it works for them so lets start using it for our children. Take point guard in their lives parents teachers and doctors, anyone who is present actually damn well BE present and lets leave no precious child behind ever again.
      NOW THATS MY RANT OVER as a survivor of the worst bullying ever

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