Doctors Say Bariatric Surgery is Twice as Good as Lifestyle Change for Type Two Diabetes Cure – I Have My Own Surgery, Want to Hear?

Mia’s thoughts- What the hell are doctors thinking telling patients they have a surgery twice as good as diet and lifestyle change?
I invented my own surgery and cured my own Type 2 Diabetes in 30 months and lost 300lbs! Surgery & pill free.
Below is my “surgery” step by step:
Step 1: Get off your ass
Step 2: surgically remove the remote and the take away menu from your hands
Step 3:  clean the fridge out, clean the cupboards out, throw out the deep fryer, throw out the white bread, throw out the snack food and hey that water on you is sweat — strange isn’t it.
Step 5: Cook – actually plan a decent meal with three vegetables and no, ketchup is not a vegetable.
Step 6: Taco Bell fish tacos does not count as fish. Actually buy fresh, not frozen, not crumbed, not battered and use recipes?Confused, you know words on a page with steps to follow and guess what at the end food is prepared and you don’t have to tip.
Step 7: Cut your servings in half, get rid of all the fast food in your life. With a bit of brain power you can make it all with half the calories, ten percent of the sodium.
Step 8: Drink Water – throw soda out of your life. If you cut one 20 oz soda a day out that equals 50lb of sugar.
So lets round it up adults, take responsibility. There is no such thing as big boned as an excuse for overweight. I don’t care what your ancestors ate, they’re dead. Keep up the bullshit eating you will be too. Get the crap out of your house. If it’s not there you can’t eat it. Exercise – if you can drive to Burger King, you can drive to a park just as easy and its free and you can exercise there. And for god sake start using the oven and stove in your house  and cook it your self and NO FRYING.
Step 1: Act like a parent, they’re kids. You pay for their life, if they won’t stop buying crap stop giving them money!
Step2: Stop Lying – they’re not cherubs, they’re not “just a healthy boy.” It’s not “puppy fat,” IT’S PLAIN SIMPLE FAT.
Step3: If your school serves crap, have a meeting with your principal and your school district and tell them if they can’t serve decent healthy food your child is banned from it. If that happens, provide all meals yourself.
Step 4: Stop picking them up from school once they’re a teen, make them walk. Make them ride a bike or make them catch the bus. Make them sweat.
Step 5: If they spit the dummy and refuse you take the head phones away, you take the TV, you take the computer, you take the music, you take the cool sneakers and the cool clothes and you make a chart where every 5 pounds they take off and they keep off, they get one thing back. If they back slide they lose it again.
Stop phoning in your responsibilities parents. You had the fun, you had the sex, you have the kid – start parenting.
In closing before you read the article below, yes you’re pissed, yes you’re screaming “how dare this bitch tell me how to parent or how to take care of myself,” well get over yourself because the energy it takes to flame me and abuse me could be used Googling healthy eating so start now.
March 26, 2012 12:04 PM

New study: Weight-loss surgery may cure diabetes

Could weight-loss surgery be a cure for type 2 diabetes? That’s exactly what a new study, published today by the New England Journal of Medicine, suggests.

 The study showed that weight-loss surgery is dramatically more effective in the treatment of type 2 diabetes than a conventional treatment of diet changes and medication. Patients in the study suffered from severe type 2 diabetes, and most went into remission after undergoing one of two bariatric surgeries.

“It’s an unprecedented effect that we’ve never seen in diabetes before,” says surgeon Dr. Francesco Rubino, senior author of the NEJM study and director of The Diabetes Surgery Center at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center. “Remission hasn’t even been a word in the textbooks about diabetes.”

Doctors have been performing bariatric (or weight-loss) surgeries since the 1950s. Until now, the procedures have been considered just a treatment for morbid obesity.  The name ‘bariatric’ comes from a Greek term ‘baros,’ which means weight,” explained Dr. Rubino. “In the 1950s, there were anecdotal reports that diabetes disappeared after these surgeries, but it was considered a side-effect of weight loss.”

Four years ago, Dr. Rubino was interviewed by Lesley Stahl for a 60 Minutes report on gastric bypass surgery as a potential cure for diabetes. “At the time it was little more than an exciting pie-in-the-sky theory,” says 60 Minutes producer Shachar Bar-On, who worked with Stahl on story. Back then, Dr. Rubino had been performing the surgeries on diabetic rats, effectively reversing the animals’ diabetes with his scalpel.


 Now, the results of Rubino’s randomized, controlled trial on humans are in. The two-year study compared bariatric surgery to traditional therapy for diabetics. It was conducted by a team of researchers from the Catholic University/Policlinico Gemelli in Rome, Italy, and New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center.

Patients between the ages of 30 and 60 with severe type 2 diabetes were randomly assigned to three treatment groups: one group received gastric bypass surgery; a second group had bilopancreatic diversion surgery (BPD), in which part of the stomach is removed; and the third group received conventional treatment of medication and rigorously monitored changes to diet and lifestyle.

None of the patients in the last group went into remission, but patients who went under the knife saw dramatic improvement. For 95 percent of the group who underwent BPD surgery, their diabetes went into full remission. They were able to discontinue all diabetes medications and maintain remission of their diabetes for the two-year study period. Seventy five percent of the group that underwent gastric bypass surgery went into remission.

How does it work? Dr. Rubino says that researchers don’t fully understand the process at work, but he says the diabetics’ remission is independent of the weight loss from their surgeries.

“We found that the change in the anatomy of the stomach and intestines can improve diabetes directly,” says Rubino. “The stomach and intestine are not just there for absorption of nutrience. They also serve as an endocrine organ and make dozens of hormones. Those hormones are directly relevant to the regulation of the body’s insulin.”

Does this mean that even fit, non-obese diabetics should consider bariatric surgery?

“I would not recommend the surgery for diabetic patients who are non-obese yet, but that’s the goal of the next few years,” says Rubino. For now, the study authors recommend that physicians begin to consider weight-loss surgery as a treatment for diabetes in obese patients.

Type 2 is the most common form of diabetes, and it’s rapidly increasing around the world. “This is great news for all diabetics in the world,” says Dr. Rubino. “People think diabetes is chronic, irreversible disease. There is evidence now that diabetes is not always irreversible. In other words, it is not invincible.”

Author: disabledaccessdenied

I am a disabled woman who through no fault of my own has wheels under my ass. I rely on the decency and common sense of local, state and federal goverments, as well as the retail community to abide by the disabled access laws and provide adequate ramps, disabled toilets, and not use them as store rooms or broom closets. This blog exists to find the offenders and out them, inform them, and report them if necessary and shame them into doing the right thing when all else fails.

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