Pat Robertson: Don’t adopt sexually abused children that could grow up ‘weird’


By David Edwards
Thursday, August 16, 2012 16:12 EDT
 MIa’s thoughts- How dare this so called man of god,how dare he.  I am not christian I do Not believe in god, but I do know the bible back to front and when you call yourself to ministry and dedicate your life to it you agree to live with that as your manual.
The bible on every page re-enforces “we are all perfect in the eyes of god” and “suffer unto me the little children” and ” he who but refuses one of mine refuses me” but more apropo to this faux man of god is in revelations  god says”In the last days many will come in my name declaring they are of me they are not” pat robertson you are a disgrace.



CBN's Pat Robertson


Televangelist Pat Robertson on Thursday cautioned his viewers to think twice before adopting disadvantaged children that had been sexually abused or deprived of food because they could grow up “weird.”

During Thursday’s edition of The 700 Club co-host Kristi Watts read a letter from a woman who wanted to know why men stopped dating her when they learned that she had adopted three daughters from three different countries.

“Can I answer?” Watts asked. “I was going to say because they’re dogs. … That’s just wrong on every level.”



“No, it’s not wrong,” Robertson disagreed. “A man doesn’t want to take on the United Nations, and this woman’s got all these various children and blended family. What is it?”

The TV preacher then told a story about his “dear friend” who had adopted a son with brain damage and the boy “grew up weird.”

“You just never know what’s been done to a child before you get that child,” he explained. “What kind of sexual abuse, what kind of cruelty, what kind of food deprivation, etc., etc., etc.”

“So, you’re not a dog because you don’t want to take on that responsibility,” Robertson added. “You don’t have to take on somebody else’s problems.”

“OK, let’s get to the next question. I’m in trouble.”

NYC Adaptive climbing takes the dis and otherwise abled all the way to their dreams

You all know  that I am madly in love with Rockwall climbing, and you know If you have read my posts before That I owe everything to and angel with a prosthetic leg the beautiful Kareemah Batts.

Don’t let the Prosthetic  fool you, she can still kick butts and take names if that’s what needed to get you out of your woe is me attitude.

The Buddha said that when you embrace your strength and believe in yourself, all troubles will disappear like knots untied in the sky.

The knot below is how I am tied to my trusty belayer,

but as long as I get the knot right the top of the wall is the limit.

When you get into hardcore climbing, the routes(the map on the wall you choose to the top) you take to the top of the wall are  Graded with a letter and a number.

When I started I was climbing on a letter in the V3’s,  last night  I climbed V 5.6 the hardest climb I have ever done.

The climb blew my mind and my biceps my arms are still pumped out, And when you think It’s too hard just look around I can’t use my legs but the guys either side of me didn’t have any to use even if they could use them.

The friends I climb with never give up it’s not in their vocabulary,  they are my personal inspiration .

Lyndsay Winegarden is this weeks hero in the fight to stop teen suicide

 In a time when schools refuse to address bullying saying things like “oh they’re just being teens she needs to toughen up” and LGBTQ questioning youth are suspended more than supported teen suicide is at all time high levels. The professionals with degrrees are useless so thats when mothers step up and get it done and this mother and grand mother a tough disabled woman rolls over all in her way below she warns the world the only acceptable suicide rate amongst teens is zero so please read this share this and let the world know you have her back.More importantly let the schools know you have your kids back and the crap stops NOW.
the story below was reposted from wipe out  homophobia
STOP Teenage Suicide – The Founder.
Lyndsay Winegarden is a disabled, single mother, who is the founder of Stop Teenage Suicide,

Lyndsay started to get involved with support groups on Facebook when her son started kindergarten. “I am unable to work with my disability and I really wanted to do something that could give back. I spent a lot of time on Facebook pages that helped others, and one day I got a message from a young transgender woman who was suicidal. I was struggling with what to tell her and how to help, I was terrified. At this point I knew I needed help so I sent a message to Wipe Out Homophobia on Facebook. It was my favorite page and I knew they could help me. They gave me some wonderful advice, and thankfully the young woman did not take her life.”

That led her to start Stop Teenage Suicide. Lyndsay is someone who had been bullied at school and suffered through it. She has experienced the stress and the depression that accompanies bullying first hand. She suffers with fibromyalgia – a condition that manifests itself with profound fatigue and pain – and yet maintains an active involvement helping others through the vehicle of Facebook.



STOP Teenage Suicide – The Group.

STOP Teenage Suicide is a group of heartfelt, genuine and understanding people banding together on Facebook offering community and hope to those feeling lost, alone and/or confused about their purpose and direction in life. Supported by Wipe Out Homophobia; ‘STOP Teenage Suicide’ is administered by Lyndsay Winegarden, who maintains and updates their page with a straight-forward message: “I will not give up. I will not stop, until the rate of suicide for everyone is at 0% – especially for our children.” The mental makeup of those who commit suicide is an intricate web of emotions, suppression, pain, and suffering; the members of STOP Teenage Suicide are attempting on a daily basis to help untangle the compounded web, offer refuge and help individuals realize their importance and unique role within this world.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that each year approximately one million people die from suicide, which represents a global mortality rate of 16 people per 100,000 or one death every 40 seconds. It is predicted that by 2020 the rate of death will increase to one every 20 seconds. In addition, for every suicide there are at least 20 attempted suicides. The damage within these individuals is endemic of modern society, and rather than casting them off, STOP Teenage Suicide, and groups like it, are extending a friendly arm to those who need it.

So, what can you do?

Join STOP Teenage Suicide in solidarity on the internet and become a member of their community by ‘liking’ their fan page.

If you know or suspect someone who is thinking about suicide, try to find them help or lend a helping hand by listening to them. Sometimes it is the simplest gestures that bring value and lets a person know you and others do care about them and the importance of their lives.

Despite some of the pervading myths about suicide in the media and elsewhere, suicide is a very real problem that cannot always be medicated away or skirted under the rug. Once we as a global society address the fact that people do commit suicide or have thoughts about suicide, then we can begin to mend the wounds and help those who have depressed or suicidal thoughts and tendencies.



Need to talk? For Helpline Numbers Click On “Find A Helpline”.

Many people find that talking about their feelings can alleviate their distress. If you’re feeling in distress or suicidal now and need to talk to someone, people are ready  to listen.

Call your local number or email if you prefer.

Trevor Project gay lesbian teen suicide USA helpline

it gets better gay teenage suicide project

Gay Switchboard London Lesbian helpline suicide