I’m Impressed.. Again

Hi all,

Yep, its me again.. Ella.

Today Mia, after not having been in the pool for a week, due to an injury, kicked ass. I, on the other hand, wimped out. Aside from rock climbing and wheelchair racing, Mia recently found a way of getting back into something she did well before life in a wheelchair, and thats swimming. As a partner of someone in a wheelchair, I have shared here over and over my personal struggles with both keeping Mia safe but also not standing in her way from doing what makes her happy like swimming.

Today we went over to The Avery Aquatic Center here in Flushing, Queens. Mia said she was giong to do two miles in the water and well, she kicked ass and finished. I on the other hand wimped out and just hung out in the water. Here is a picture of Mia coming down the lane:

By the time she was done I was already checking twitter and chilling out. What was really awesome was that I got to see all the fellow swimmers watching in amazement as Mia made her way back and forth up and down the lane. No stopping. No resting. No wimping out.. Since I was already on the sidelines I figured I’d take this video of Mia finishing her last lap: