Bikers Against Child Abuse: International Organization Comprised Of Bikers Supports And Protects Victims Of Child Abuse

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Mia’s Thoughts- In Campbelltown  South Australia in the 1970’s I grew up with family who after military service became hardcore bikers, my brother rode with a gang called the mendamas who later folded into the hells angels.

 There were also the reapers and the descendants and the iriqouis and later the hells angels which absorbed most of these, these were not accountants who rode these were the original hardcore 1%ers.

 These riders made sons of anarchy look like leave it to beaver. It was not uncommon to come home to 50 harleys and british bikes on my front lawn and there owners in our home. These guys were hard core, they would beat you senseless for touching their bikes. They had a code only they knew they were a clan, and hurt one and all of them retalliated.

I am not making them out to be Angels they were more like the stuff nightmares were made of, . But just everynow and then you caught a glimpse of a remnant of the humanity underneath.

I remember when my kid sister was first in 8th grade, she had grown over summer she had a body that turned heads but she was barely 12 years old. It was an aussie summer over 100 degrees  and we lived 1/4 mile from her high school it was just at the end of the streeet. This day was one where our yard looked like a harley and custom hog dealership and the kid came running in screaming and crying, big brother asked whats wrong she said a man in a car tried to hurt her within 2 minutes the yard was empty kid sister on the back of one  of the bikes.The offender was found and  he was dealt with and that night a wanted child molestor was found crying and sobbing on the door of the holden hill police station he just kept sobbing “I’ll confess just keep them away”.

 He was found connected to over a dozen attacks on children” when you ride you’re all brothers and that day we learnt the family of my brother is my family. I’m not writing references for these guys for saint of the year, but they believe in home and in letting children be children and the story below proves that in spades. live hard ride hard guys be safe.

Bikers Against Child Abuse

The shuddering growl of a Harley motorcycle is an intimidating thing. To most people it signifies the approach of bikers — long-haired and tattooed, leather-clad, and tough.

But when children who have been the victims of abuse hear the approaching roar of a group called the Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA), they know they’ve got back-up.

BACA, an international non-profit that uses a biker’s tough image to make child abuse victims feel more secure, has a motto that says it all: ‘No child deserves to live in fear.’

BACA members are usually asked to intervene by local law enforcement officials or even by a parent. According to the group’s mission statement, members will do everything from attending a child’s court hearings to actually staying with a victim if he/she is afraid.

“Our mission is to empower these children, allow them not to be afraid of the world, to stand up to the abuser and say you can’t do that me. I’ve got friends, I got backup; if you try to do that to me, you’re going to have go through us,” the Missouri chapter public relations officer, Mopar (the members use ride names for security purposes) told Columbia Magazine.

Bikers Against Child Abuse was founded in 1995 by a Native American child psychologist whose ride name is Chief, when he came across a young boy who had been subjected to extreme abuse and was too afraid to leave his house. He called the boy to reach out to him, but the only thing that seemed to interest the child was Chief’s bike. Soon, some 20 bikers went to the boy’s neighborhood and were able to draw him out of his house for the first time in weeks.

Chief’s thesis was that a child who has been abused by an adult can benefit psychologically from the presence of even more intimidating adults that they know are on their side. “When we tell a child they don’t have to be afraid, they believe us,” Arizona biker Pipes told “When we tell them we will be there for them, they believe us.”

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Membership in Bikers Against Child Abuse is a big commitment. If any of the kids are frightened, they only have to call and the bikers will ride over and stay outside all night, Pipes told

Besides not using force, the bikers only have one rule. “I don’t want to see any tears coming out of your eyes, and the child doesn’t either,” Pipes told a group of bikers during an interview with “Remember why we’re here: to empower the child. If you can’t handle it, keep your shades on.” There’s no crying in BACA.

Author: disabledaccessdenied

I am a disabled woman who through no fault of my own has wheels under my ass. I rely on the decency and common sense of local, state and federal goverments, as well as the retail community to abide by the disabled access laws and provide adequate ramps, disabled toilets, and not use them as store rooms or broom closets. This blog exists to find the offenders and out them, inform them, and report them if necessary and shame them into doing the right thing when all else fails.

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