Long hunted Nazi monster of the death camps caught in Hungary

Laszlo Csatary, Most-Wanted Nazi War Criminal, Found In Hungary

Laszlo Csatary, who is accused of helping send 15,700 Jews to their death at Auschwitz, has been found living comfortably in Budapest and the group that has been hunting him for decades is urging Hungarian prosecutors to finally bring him to justice.

Laszlo Csatary, who is accused of helping send 15,700 Jews to their death at Auschwitz, was photographed by Britain’s tabloid Sun newspaper, which identified him as Ladislaus Csizsik-Csatary, living in a two-bedroom apartment in a “smart district” of the city. The photos show the fugitive, now 97, standing at his door wearing just socks and underpants.

The newspaper quoted him denying complicity with the Holocaust-era killings but last week the Nazi-hunting Simon Wiesenthal Center submitted new evidence to Hungarian prosecutors on the man who is No. 1 on its most-wanted list.

The Center said Csatary was a senior police officer in the Slovakian city of Kassa (now known as Kosice), then under Hungarian rule. In 1941, he is said to have played a “key role” in the deportation of 300 Jews to Ukraine, where they were killed.

As a “commander” in the Royal Hungarian Police in Kassa, Csatary is accused of complicity in the deportations of thousands of other Jews from Kosice and the surrounding area to the Auschwitz death camp in the spring of 1944. According to the Wiesenthal Center, witnesses reported that he oversaw the Jewish ghetto with extreme cruelty, whipping women and forcing them to dig holes with their bare hands.

“Several thousand Jewish families have felt sorrow and hurt because of this man and it would be a disgrace, for the entire Hungarian nation, if Csatary were to escape justice,” Peter Feldmajer, president of the Hungarian Jewish Community, told the Sun.

Cstary was sentenced in absentia to death by a Czech court after the war. By then he had fled to Canada, where he worked under a false identity as an art dealer. He was discovered in the mid-1990s but disappeared before the Canadian government could deport him. His whereabouts were unknown for 15 years until he was tracked down in a quiet neighborhood of Budapest.

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“The passage of time in no way diminishes his guilt and old age should not afford protection for Holocaust perpetrators,” said Wiesenthal Center director Efraim Zuroff, whose group’s Operation Last Chance aims to bring the last surviving Nazis to justice before they die of natural causes.


Amputee sprinter Oscar Pistorius: Source of controversy or inspiration?

RePosted: Thursday, May 24, 2012 12:53 a.m.  UPDATED: Thursday, May 24, 2012 12:54 a.m.

South Africa’s Oscar Pistorius, a double amputee, is proving he can compete with the world’s best sprinters.
file/apSouth Africa’s Oscar Pistorius, a double amputee, is proving he can compete with the world’s best sprinters.

Editor’s Note: Dr. Geier is director of MUSC sports medicine and an orthopaedic surgeon. He writes a sports medicine column for The Post and Courier.

Normally a sprinter beating an Olympic qualifying time would not generate much interest outside of die-hard track and field enthusiasts. But when Oscar Pistorius broke 45.30 seconds in the 400 meters recently, the sports world started to notice. If the sprinter considered South Africa’s sexiest celebrity breaks that mark again in the adidas Grand Prix next month and qualifies for the Olympics, casual sports fans everywhere will pay attention. Why? Oscar Pistorius has no legs.


The 25-year-old sprinter was born without fibulas, which are the long bones on the outside of the legs. His parents were forced to make a difficult choice to have a surgeon amputate both of his lower extremities 0below the knees when he was just 11 months old. They decided early amputation would allow him the best chance to learn to walk normally.

Pistorius not only learned to walk on prosthetic limbs within the first years of his life, but he ultimately became an elite athlete. Competing with carbon-fiber blades called Flex-Foot-Cheetahs, he is a four-time gold medalist at the Paralympic Games in the 100, 200, and 400-meter distances. In 2005, he began competing against able-bodied sprinters and challenging their times.

In 2007, the International Association of Athletics Federations asked Pistorius to undergo a series of tests. Dr. Peter Bruggemann at the Cologne Sports University reported that Pistorius’s prosthetic limbs gave him a “bouncing” locomotion that required a lower metabolic cost than able-bodied runners. Consequently the IAAF banned him from able-bodied competitions.

Pistorius underwent a second series of tests at Rice University and appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport. The arbitrators ruled that the data showed Pistorius used the same amounts of oxygen and “fatigued normally” over the course of an entire 400-meter race. He won the right to compete against able-bodied sprinters despite his Cheetahs.

Unfortunately, that ruling did not end the debate over whether Pistorius has a competitive advantage. The second team of scientists had dissenting opinions. One of those scientists, Peter Weyand, a professor of applied physiology and biomechanics at Southern Methodist University, has publicly argued that Pistorius does, in fact, have an advantage.

Weyand points out that the team of scientists at Rice only had to refute the original finding of lower oxygen consumption. He argues that they did not have to disprove what Weyand claims is Pistorius’s biggest advantage — namely the ability to reposition his limbs more quickly. The Cheetah blades weigh about 5.4 pounds, compared to the approximately 12.6 pounds that a similar-sized runner’s leg weighs. He claims Pistorius’s “swing times” therefore are significantly faster than those of sprinters with legs. Shorter limb repositioning times theoretically decrease the time spent in the air and the force needed to push off and propel his body forward.

The lead researcher who challenged the IAAF, Hugh Herr, argues that Pistorius’s prostheses, without muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves, offer no advantage. He compares running on the Cheetahs, whose technology is 10-20 years old, to running on a mattress.

Pistorius contends that amputee sprinters on the same Cheetahs cannot approach his dominance in the 400 meters. He also points out that a few sprinters who suffered injuries requiring amputation never again matched their previous able-bodied times.

There is likely not an option that will satisfy everyone. If we allow amputee sprinters wearing Cheetahs to compete, should the sport allow prostheses with newer technology as well? Since the limbs are lighter, should the weight be equalized to match those of normal limbs? Right or wrong, the CAS might have opened a Pandora’s box of issues by allowing him to compete.

Pistorius and amputee sprinters like him have different running mechanics than able-bodied ones. With those differences come advantages and disadvantages. But even if they provided a competitive edge, would many athletes permanently sacrifice their healthy legs to race with carbon-fiber blades?

If Pistorius, nicknamed “Blade Runner,” beats 45.30 seconds for the third time June 9 in New York, he will become the first amputee track and field runner to qualify for the Summer Olympics. If he does earn the right to compete against able-bodied runners, it will be fascinating to see how the media and public regard him. Is Oscar Pistorius an inspiring role model, an athlete with an unfair competitive advantage, or both?

Dr. Geier is an orthopaedic surgeon and Director of MUSC Sports Medicine. For more on the scientific arguments mentioned here, go to Dr. Geier’s blog at drdavidgeier.com

Video: Fox News’ Martha MacCallum Laughs at Woman’s Wheelchair Accident

Mia’s thoughts-  Fox news has long been outed as a voice for the republican parties vomitus rhetoric, the fox news has a great way of saving budget they have no research and verification department for news stories they just put to air what ever lies they are fed down through the republican machine.
So why are we surprised that the inane bigoted discriminative rants of a news  anchor, are tolerated by them?. If this was any reputable news service, she would have been suspended pending dismissal and been forced to put to air a public apology if she wanted any chance of keeping her job.

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Submitted by Michael Allen on Jul 18, 2012


By Michael Allen, Wed, July 18, 2012

Fox News’ Martha MacCallum laughed at a handicapped woman who tried to drive her wheelchair onto an escalator in a Boston subway center (video below).

While reporting on it this morning, MacCallum said: “I’m not sure how she thought she was going to successfully get up there. Over the poor lady went.”

Then MacCallum began laughing: “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to laugh. It’s not funny. I hope she’s okay. She’s okay, right, you guys?”

MacCallum laughed again: “She was not seriously hurt, she walked down the stairs at the end of that. And it’s one of those, you have to wonder how she thought it was going to work out

Australian politician Ted Baillieu has backed the right of priests to keep private what is said in the confessional.

Mia’s thoughts- as a survivot of severe molestation

I don’t care if the man is dressed as a priest or riff raff from rocky horror it is the Moral duty of every citizen on the planet to report the abuse and molestation of women and children. Why should a group who they themselves rank among the worst offenders collectively get a pass ? are they looking after their own! 


A parliamentary committee will consider forcing priests to reveal reports of abuse heard during confession. Source: Supplied

The Herald Sun revealed that a parliamentary committee would consider forcing priests to reveal reports of abuse heard during confession.

Mr Baillieu pointed to an earlier inquiry, headed by Justice Philip Cummins, that came out against the requirement.

He said members of that inquiry “all concluded that the sanctity of the confessional should remain”.

“I think that’s a powerful argument,” Mr Baillieu said.

Labor MP Frank McGuire, the deputy chair of the parliamentary committee, yesterday said the inquiry should be conducted by a retired judge or eminent senior counsel.


“This is an inquiry into whether heinous crimes against children have been covered up, and what laws, policies and procedures need to be changed,” Mr McGuire said.

“The inquiry is too important for politics.”

Australian Catholic University law professor Fr Frank Brennan said the move would be a restriction on religious freedom.

“I am one of the priests who, if such a law were enacted, would disobey it and, if need be, I would go to jail,” Fr Brennan said.

Melbourne Victims’ Collective co-ordinator Helen Last welcomed the proposal.

“Priests need to be mandated to report from within the confessional and without the confessional, and they urgently need to be trained about appropriately referring victims,” Ms Last said.

The Cummins Report called for a new law for mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse in religious organisations.

“An exemption for information received during the rite of confession should be made,” the report said.

Convicted sex offender arrested for 169th time


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Reposted from a news story on   Eyewitness News

NEW YORK (WABC) — A New York City man who is a convicted sex offender has been arrested for the 169th time.

Police say 61-year-old Gian Verdelli, of Brooklyn, groped two women on the PATH train earlier this month.

An undercover sting operation was put together after the two women reported being harassed.

 Verdelli’s arrest record dates all the way back to 1970.

 Police identified him by using a cell phone photo one of the victims, 28, took of her alleged attacker after a July 3 incident. She said the same man had also groped her on June 30.

Verdelli is charged with two counts of criminal sexual misconduct and possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Verdelli was being held without bail, and it’s not known if he has retained an attorney.

Tell the hotel associations to stop trying to weaken the ADA!


In 2010, the U.S. Department of Justice issued a proposed rule that would require hotels with pools and other pools open to the public to provide lifts or sloped entries to make the pools accessible to people who use wheelchairs or have other mobility disabilities.  The rule was set to go into effect on March 15, 2012, giving these pool owners two years to install pool lifts.  Instead of urging their members to comply with the rules and provide access, the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AH&LA) and the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) launched a campaign to overturn the access requirement and weaken the ADA.

The hotel industry has used many excuses to avoid installing pool lifts, including:

* Installing pool lifts are too expensive;

* Fixed pool lifts are unsafe for other guests and their children;

* People with disabilities don’t go to hotels; and

* People with disabilities will make pools unsanitary.

They said actually we’d poop in their pools!  Seriously.

The Disability Community has attempted to work with these hotel associations to resolve this issue, but the hotel associations have made it clear that they will keep fighting the requirement to install fixed pool lifts.

This attack on the ADA isn’t just an assault on our right to access pools.  It lays the groundwork for other groups to seek exemptions from making their programs, services and facilities accessible.  This is an attack on the entire Disability Community.  Ultimately, we could not just lose our access rights, but other rights under the ADA, including our right to live in the most integrated setting as affirmed by the Olmstead decision.

TAKE ACTION NOW so that the hotel industry, including the AH&LA and the AAHOA, understands we won’t let them continue to discriminate against people with disabilities and will not let them weaken our civil rights protections!

Monster alert, pedophile rapes 6 month old daughter while wife takes pics!

Judge rules Alisha Hall competent to stand trial for allegedly photographing husband sexually assault infant daughter

Published: Tuesday, July 17, 2012, 12:20 PM     Updated: Tuesday, July 17, 2012, 12:23 PM
Gary Ridley | gridley@mlive.com  Reposted from a story By Gary Ridley | gridley@mlive.com The Flint Journal
FLINT, MI — A judge ordered today that a Mt. Morris woman is competent to stand trial for allegedly photographing her husband sexually assault their infant daughter.

Daniel and Alisha Hall.jpgGenesee County SheriffDaniel and Alisha Hall, of Mt. Morris, are facing multiple charges in Genesee District Court. Police believe Daniel Hall sexually abused his six-month-old daughter while Alisha Hall photographed the abuse.

Genesee District Judge Christopher Odette ruled today that Alisha Hall is competent to stand trial after hearing testimony from two forensic psychologists.

Hall, 27, is charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct and possession of child pornography after authorities say she photographed her husband sexually assault their then-infant daughter.

Although the doctors ruled that Hall is competent to stand trial, Candyce Shields, a forensic psychologist at the state Center for Forensic Psychiatry who examined Hall, said Hall may have difficulty staying engaged during a possible trial.

Shields said Hall suffers from intellectual limitations and some trouble processing verbally- and orally-presented language.

Hall could benefit from taking extra breaks during court proceedings and using visible cues, such as pictures, to help her better-process information, Shields said.

Allen Bellamy, a clinical and forensic psychologist who also examined Hall, said he agreed that Hall had minor difficulties.

Bellamy said Hall may have trouble keeping up with the pace of a trial, but he added she was able to comprehend basic legal terminology during his exam.

Hall previously gave birth to the couple’s second child while in custody at the Genesee County Jail.

Doctors ruled previously that Hall’s husband, Daniel Hall, is also competent to stand trial. 

Daniel A. Hall, 26, is charged with multiple counts of sexual misconduct after police discovered child pornography, including photos of his then-infant daughter.

Mt. Morris Police Chief Keith Becker said previously that authorities are sorting through 5,000-8,000 images found on Hall’s computer. Some of the images showed Daniel Hall allegedly engaging in sexual acts with his then-six-month-old daughter.

The couple will be back in court for a pre-trial hearing July 24.