Excuses are the poison of the modern society.

When I write about Obesity someone writes me saying how I dare tell black and Latino’s they shouldn’t eat fried food it’s their heritage and their right.

Yet HIV and diabetes are two of the biggest killers of the African American and Latino Communities

So by the reasoning of my writers, they have the right to eat themselves to artery exploding cholesterol levels till they drop dead of a myal cardial infarction because 300 years ago the only thing that was left for slaves to eat was pig fat and chicken so fried chicken became easy to make.

 Conclusion: death from heart disease was good enough for my great grandfather, I demand the right to die the same hideous way at an early age.

When I write about the laziness of this generation and I repeat the statistic that this generation will be the first in recorded history to live  shorter lives than their parents because of food related illnesses and diabetes, some quack writes to me calling herself a “SIZE ACTIVIST” sprouting that it is a breach of her human rights and it is a biased hate crime to demand she lose weight. She believes science will discover the obese are normal and healthy they were just from a different genetic base than the rest of society,  so she fights for the right to be morbidly obese. She believes doctors need to use different standards of normal .

I have some wonderful friends who doctors would call overweight and obese, but the people I know and care about are honest about it they do something and when they fail they don’t hide behind excuses, this is not about them.

 Translation: life is too hard, I have eaten myself into a gelatinous mess and the best way to avoid change is declaring myself a different breed that has a version of normal that we the oppressors call morbidly obese.

Hollywood writes a so called reality show about drop dead gorgeous young women in blinged out custom chairs worth more than most people’s Toyota cars, and they declare it a “normal cross section of American disabled society”?

Translation: it is easier for America to be sold a prettier version of the disabled community with great Hollywood lives, than it is to go to the trouble of mass re-education of the able bodied public to treat the disabled  with respect and decency no matter what they look like or how unpleasant to the general population’s sensibilities they are.

So you say big deal we have push girls so we are recognizing your community? No your only recognizing four women. When the severely cerebral palsic in a 4oolb electric wheelchair who cannot do anything for themselves including bodily functions enters your life in some way, you treat them with bigotry and disdain because they’re not disabled they look nothing like push girls. Push girl are what disabled people look like, TV told me so!

Simplistic you say? Well I am sorry folks most of you are that simplistic. If our wheelchairs don’t look like your grandmas or cousins Louis from the VA your confused because that is the only way chairs should look.

 If we don’t look like the character in the Lou Gehrig’s story then we can’t be disabled because  we don’t look like the life time TV character. Don’t you get it folks? you have traded the development of your children’s minds and ideas of decency to TV to computers to internet sites so if we don’t look hot like push girls  or ugly like the old veterans in horror movies or have no legs like men and women on the news then we don’t have to be tolerated, Because they know what disabled looks like the electronic baby sitter showed them.

Until we stop living behind our easy excuses and handing over the responsibility of the development  of our children’s idea of right wrong decent and how to identify who people are and how they are treated  to laptops and flat screens,  nothing will change in how society accepts and treats those not in the mainstream of society.

Next time your child asks a question, discuss it face to face before they ask Google, or even worse reality TV.

 If you wonder why your teen wears skirts so short they double as belts, and why they wear tops so low they look like they are on backwards  see how many seasons of jersey shore they are up on. When the school says your child called another faggot or retard check their iPod, to see who they listen to.  When you are brought up  before a head master or worse a Childs services agent, check yourself for how often you trade your parenting for relaxation and tell them to look it up on line.  The way just we the disabled a micron of society are being so institutionally discriminated against, by the majority of society  one has to question what they used for reference material.

 So stop the excuses, you’re not big boned your obese.

It’s not genetic it’s gluttony,  yes your great-grandparents ate fried chicken but they worked 18 hours a day on a plantation. You eat KFC and spend 18 hours on your ass .

Your child is a bully not misunderstood, and your phoning In your parenting responsibilities so stop crying “I have no idea where he learned that we don’t act that way at home” you do. Your child is a mirror of you, and unfortunately society is a mirror of your collective laziness and who gives a fuck attitude as a society in general so get over yourself. If its broke fix it before it’s so badly broken that someone else’s life is ruined because of your excuses.

Author: disabledaccessdenied

I am a disabled woman who through no fault of my own has wheels under my ass. I rely on the decency and common sense of local, state and federal goverments, as well as the retail community to abide by the disabled access laws and provide adequate ramps, disabled toilets, and not use them as store rooms or broom closets. This blog exists to find the offenders and out them, inform them, and report them if necessary and shame them into doing the right thing when all else fails.

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