Where’s Clancy when you need him?

In days gone by when a country was in turmoil, ordinary men were inspired to do great things and heroes stepped out of the population when their country  cried foul and said we will not stand for this injustice.

Sometimes these heroes are imaginary, created by poets and story tellers who were present at pivotal moments  in history and saw so many great acts by ordinary people at such a necessary time that to honor lust one in prose would do a injustice to so many that a  character was needed that was mixture of them all.

In Australia we have Clancy of the overflow and the man from snowy river,  these great characters were written by  A.B.(BANJO) PATTERSON Australia’s  greatest historical  story teller.  Banjo lived as a journalist in Australia at the end of the colonial convict time, when great men were breaking  barriers  making trails and opening up our great country to great things. These men were  building agricultural empires taming the mountains and being born into a time when a man didn’t just wonder what was over the hill he set out and found a path over that mountain. These pioneers  built roads and brought whole populations with them, this was done because out of necessity to control the convict population the British jailers of the day had kept everyone within sight of the coast and the population was out of control.

At this time politics was corrupt, places of power were not voted  on, more often they were given as presents to people with money who could help each other. The small man the true Australian who was born to convict parents who the first free generation were standing up and they were thinking and they wanted their place in history.

At this time gold was being discovered and the Victorian fields of bendigo eagle hawk and ballarat, these towns  were becoming metropolises and local rulers saw a place to extort money so they changed the price of a mining license over night from the modern equivalent of 20 cents to 20 dollars. So the stand  at eureka stockade became the Australian version of the Boston tea party, and many say on that hill under the southern cross shoulder to shoulder the aussie spirit was born.

Today with Gillard and her cronies in power, and  every front page of every second news paper exposing corruption or fraud in government of all levels  we need Clancy from the overflow to come down and lend a hand.

 We need our peter Laylor,  where is the mountain boy on a horse three parts pony undersized  as is prized by mountain men? If history has shown us anything it is that this time when government is spilling over with corruption, when our youngest and brightest are being sent to die in wars we have no part being in that ordinary men are driven to step up and do great things.

 America has their Davey Crockett and Daniel boon and Sam Houston and so many more.

Whether you catch the 6 train from Harlem to Manhattan, or the Brisbane train from nambour to fortitude valley now is the time to gather , now is the time to ask yourself how much more are we as a people as a nation prepared to lose before we stand and cry “Under the southern cross I stand” before we throw  tea into a harbor before we cry “ NO taxation without representation”

Once we had men prepared to walk across a nation to rule the country, now they fly in million dollar jets and have interns to scratch their ass. Once we had farmers who stood and said I’ll stand because I’m tired of not knowing where breakfast is coming from or if they would even have enough to feed and clothe their children. Now we have Billionaires who think low income is falling off the Forbes list of world’s richest.

 When we allow ourselves to be ruled by heartless dolts with no idea of the common condition, we have no one to blame but ourselves. When we won’t stand because we have allowed ourselves to be pushed down, then we lose the right to  complain  When those who do the pushing  walk over us while were down.

Ordinary men who worked 20 hours a day in the bowels of the earth, were proud enough to stand at eureka stockade and say no to a rise of 1,000% in mining licenses. Ordinary men were brave enough to meet in new England inns and plot the Boston tea party and Paul reveres ride so why can’t you stand? Are you happy to live under the Camerons and the Gillard’s and the Romney’s? Because if you allow these people to gain power and you don’t vote you don’t get a say. If you allow them to spew their rhetoric in the town square and you don’t gather to drown out their poison, you don’t get to complain.

We still have our Banjo Patterson’s, and thanks to the modern internet once they have something as legendary as the man from snowy rivers ride or the stand at eureka stockade or the Boston tea party or the Alamo to share with the world they literally can share it with the world with the push of the send button. All they need is the population to give them something to write about.

Young black men and women talk about their grand ma’s and grand pa’s sitting them on their knees and telling the story of the freedom riders, in Australia we have breaker morant and the man from snowy river and In England they Guy Fawkes and the heroes of the Irish struggle and the Scots have William Wallace. What has this generation  glorified and placed on a pedestal? Flo-rida and fifty cent? and Chris brown, a woman beating second rate rapper. We have built a generation who will protest the abuse of a dog they have never met, in a country they have never been to and circulate a petition they didn’t write to people they have never met.  When those same people find out the elderly disabled woman was found dead on her apartment floor and had been there for 5 days, they didn’t even know her name and had never spoken to her because someone in their own building of their own ethnicity and religion in their own country was” none of their business”

Imagine if the freedom riders had said”Birmingham Alabama who cares I’m white their black none of my damn business”

America ,Australia England it’s time to stop whining, it’s time to put down the keyboard and pick up the protest sign it’s time to get off the couch and spend a week camped out on parliament houses front steps on the steps of congress.  Where is the modern day guy Fawkes because if there was ever a time when the collective houses of government of this globe need fireworks under their asses to get up and act it is now.


Author: disabledaccessdenied

I am a disabled woman who through no fault of my own has wheels under my ass. I rely on the decency and common sense of local, state and federal goverments, as well as the retail community to abide by the disabled access laws and provide adequate ramps, disabled toilets, and not use them as store rooms or broom closets. This blog exists to find the offenders and out them, inform them, and report them if necessary and shame them into doing the right thing when all else fails.

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